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Outdoor Kitchen Budget – 8 Tips to Help Determine Yours

outdoor kitchen budget blog - featured image

If you’re reading this, you’re likely in the beginning stages of planning your outdoor kitchen. How exciting! Of course, one of the first areas you’ll want to address is your outdoor kitchen budget. What are you willing to spend on your outdoor kitchen project? It’s a big question. There are so many outdoor kitchen costs … Read more

Modular Outdoor Kitchens: 7 Pros & Cons + Best Options

When considering an outdoor kitchen project… Ease of assembly plays a large role in the decision making process. In our ever-increasing desire for instant gratification, you don’t want to wait. The ideal outdoor kitchen project is quick, easy, and satisfying. For this reason, many homeowners gravitate toward modular outdoor kitchens. But… What are they, exactly? … Read more

The U.S. States with the Best and Worst Party Guests

Title image for a survey on American party guest behavior

Parties are a fun way to connect with friends, family, or neighbors and meet new people that are sure to become fast friends. Or will they? We’ve all been to parties where the guests are less than hospitable. In fact, it’s likely that we’ve all encountered at least one person that seemed to be set … Read more

The Most Popular Milkshake Flavor in Every U.S. State

the most popular milkshake flavor in every us state blog post featured image

Have you ever wondered if your state’s favorite milkshake brings all the boys to the yard? If this thought has been on your mind lately, you are not alone. At RTA Outdoor Living, we love milkshakes and wanted to figure out what the most popular milkshake flavors are across America. To do this, we investigated … Read more

21 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas – Best Designs for Inspiration

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas Blog Post Featured Image

Have you been daydreaming about an outdoor kitchen project? With all the benefits an outdoor kitchen has to offer… We don’t blame you. We obsess over it too! Time outdoors… Memories with friends and family… Delicious, fresh-grilled food… It’s an experience most of us cherish every summer. But we don’t need to remind you why … Read more

The Best and Worst U.S. Cities for Stargazing

The Best and Worst U.S. Cities for Stargazing - Featured Image

Whether wishing upon a shooting star or dialing in a high-powered telescope to make out the Andromeda constellation, stargazing is a backyard activity we can all enjoy. It’s an awe-inspiring activity that slows time to a crawl, allowing us to enjoy good food, company, and the glittering sky—now, that’s what we call dinner and a … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Planning? – Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Planning an Outdoor Kitchen - Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid - Featured Image

Imagine how glorious it will be to have an outdoor kitchen in your backyard. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and fresh burgers are sizzling on the grill. You’ll finally be equipped to host all your friends and family for a barbecue. It’s probably been a long time since you’ve had a gathering … Read more

U Shaped Outdoor Kitchen – 3 Amazing Benefits

U Shaped Outdoor Kitchen - 3 Amazing Benefits - Featured Image

If you’re reading this, you’re probably researching u shaped outdoor kitchen ideas. Before we dive into the details, let’s imagine your outdoor living space. What does it look like now?  Probably pretty bare, right? There’s a lot of potential to be had. Now, imagine your backyard fitted with an outdoor kitchen. Really picture it. The … Read more

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