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Gifts for the Outdoor Cooking Enthusiast who has Everything

By Jayme Muller

January 10, 2022

It’s that time of year again. 

You know what that means!

Time to rack your brain for gift ideas that just never seem right.

After so many years of gift-giving you would think there’s less pressure to come up with an inventive idea. 

Not true!

Expectations remain high, and you’re feeling the pressure as December approaches… And you’re no closer to an idea.

But that’s why you’re here!

Finding a gift for the grill-master in your life can be especially difficult. There’s only so many witty aprons and utensil sets they can use, after all.

Let us share with you some gift ideas they almost certainly don’t have.

We’re kicking off the list with a versatile grilling set from Wüsthof.

You’ve likely heard of them for their knives, and for good reason. Wüsthof offers some of the best knives on the market. Their reputation for quality extends to this BBQ set.

Every outdoor cooking enthusiast needs the tools of the trade, so why not get them the best?

This set includes a turner, meat fork, brush with two silicone heads, and a set of tongs. 

All items are made from stainless steel and feature a heat-resistant high-density handle construction to keep cool at all times.

Equip your loved one with reliable tools that will create a beautiful meal, again and again.

You may be scratching your head a bit at this one. 

I understand that the average person uses their blender for smoothies and juices.

There is a lot more to a blender, and yes, it is helpful for the outdoor chef!

Especially the Vitamix Professional Series 750, which is an absolute workhorse. You can blend a wide variety of foods including hot soups, frozen desserts, purees, sauces, and marinades. All of which will be blended to absolute perfection – the mixture will be perfectly homogenous.

This blender, therefore, is a great asset to the outdoor chef. They can prepare beautiful marinades and sauces ahead of time to serve with the meal. They could even make a nice gazpacho as an appetizer and keep guests satisfied until the main course.

Needless to say, the Vitamix Professional Series 750 is the perfect appliance to add to the outdoor chef’s arsenal.

Yep, you read that right.

The Looft Lighter X uses only super-heated air to light charcoal.

It’s fast, it’s clean, and it’s safe.

What more could you ask for?

Gone are the days of smelly lighter fluid and praying that your fire stays lit.

Get consistent results every time, and in only 60 seconds.

The outdoor cooking enthusiast in your life will be thanking you for such a thoughtful and time-saving gift.

Light up their life with the Looft Lighter X.

Let’s be honest.

Lighting the charcoal grill is a bit of a chore.

There are so many variables that have to be just right in order for that fire to light. It can be quite frustrating trying to appease that goldilocks of a fire, especially when you’re cooking on a specific schedule.

While many of us resort to lighter fluid, it’s not the most ideal option.

Enter the Looft Ligher X.

This is a cordless, battery-operated lighter that will get your charcoal grill started in 60 seconds.

Without fuel.

I’m willing to bet that cleaning is the least enjoyable part of your loved one’s outdoor cooking experience.

I mean, their passion is for outdoor cooking… Not outdoor cleaning.

So how can you help?

Give the gift of Grill Daddy’s Platinum Grill Brush.

This grill brush is unique in that it utilizes steam to clean off grill grates.

Steam is much more effective than a brush alone when it comes to removing burnt-on food and residue. 

This tool will save your loved one a ton of time cleaning, which leaves more time for what they love… Grilling.

The grill master in your life will be ‘grateful’ to have this grill brush in their toolkit!

Design Your Outdoor Kitchen in Minutes

Seriously, its fast and easy.

As anyone with a passion for cooking is well-aware, it can be quite difficult to cook proteins to the correct temperature.

Especially when grilling, it can be difficult to know if the grates are too hot or too cool to properly sear a steak.

If you put your protein on the grill at the wrong temperature, it can easily ruin the entire dish.

Therefore, it can be helpful to have an infrared thermometer to remove all doubt

With the Williams Sonoma Infrared Thermometer, you can gauge exactly what temperature your grill is at to ensure the perfect sear every time.

It’s a small price to pay for the best steak possible.

Your loved one will be glad to have such a reliable tool in their rotation.

A mortar & pestle is wonderful for the grill master who wants to level up their cooking expertise.

While it is a simple tool, it is incredibly versatile.

You can use it to grind fresh spice blends, make a marinade, pesto, guacamole, curry paste, sauces, crush nuts for toppings/salads, and more.

A mortar & pestle allows the chef to truly connect with their ingredients and create synergistic flavor profiles.

The Mortar & Pestle from Magnus Design in particular would be an excellent addition to your loved one’s toolkit. 

This mortar & pestle can be purchased in marble or black granite. It also comes in a variety of sizes ranging from small to extra large. 

The simplicity in design also makes this piece suitable to leave out for display and will match perfectly with any style.

The Magnus Design Mortar & Pestle will spark your loved one’s creativity to craft beautiful sauces and marinades to elevate their cooking.

You may notice that this cooler looks much like a certain well-known and expensive brand.

Rest assured, this is not a knockoff! Far from it, in fact.

RTIC prides themselves on making durable, luxury quality coolers without the price tag

Whether meant to keep hot or cold, you can rely on their products to underpromise and overdeliver on their performance.

It’s for this reason that the RTIC Hard Cooler is a smart gift for the outdoor cooking enthusiast in your life. Especially if they entertain often.

When hosting a party, the last thing your loved one wants to have to worry about is:

  1. Having cold drinks available
  2. Having enough cold drinks available

The RTIC 65 Quart Hard Cooler completely eliminates both of these concerns. This cooler can fit 64 cans of beer, and keep those beers ice-cold for days. (Up to 10 days, specifically).

The chef can have peace of mind that when it comes time to serve, everyone has a perfectly chilled refreshment to pair with the meal.

Best of all, the RTIC Cooler has a streamlined and simplistic design that will fit right into any backyard space.

This cooler is an incredibly handy piece of equipment your loved one will be sure to appreciate.

The portable grill from Coyote Outdoor Living is for the adventurous grilling enthusiast.

This product is a match made in heaven for the chef who is also passionate about travel, camping, boating, tailgating, etc.

This propane portable grill features 200 square inches of cooking area, 316 marine grade stainless steel, ceramic head control grid, and a removable drip tray for quick cleanup.

Is it powerful?

Don’t judge this grill by its compact size, it packs a punch. 

The Coyote portable grill can reach a max temperature of 700 degrees fahrenheit and can output up to 20,000 BTU’s. No matter where you are, you can achieve a perfect sear with this grill.

Give the gift of travel, versatility, and excellent meals in the Coyote portable grill.

coyote portable grill

A pizza oven is an item that many outdoor chefs desire, but never purchase for one reason or another. 

It’s never due to a lack of desire, but more so that something else always comes first.

The gift of a wood fired pizza oven is one that your loved one will be absolutely elated to have.

Especially the Allegro wood fired pizza oven from Alfa.

What makes this pizza oven so special? 

Well first of all, it hails from a family-owned business in Anagni, Italy. Nestled in-between Roma and Napoli, these pizza ovens are made just a stone’s throw away from the birthplace of pizza.

The Allegro is as authentic as they come and will be sure to impress.

In addition, this pizza oven has a gorgeous and clean design. Its modern European aesthetic is inviting, bringing a warmth to your loved one’s outdoor cooking area.

So, how well does it actually cook pizza?
The Allegro is intentionally designed to store and transmit heat, allowing it to reach temperatures of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Proprietary firebricks, the stainless-steel dome, and ceramic fiber insulation combined create this effect.
And as we know, it’s that high heat that produces the perfect pizza every time. 
The Allegro is also an excellent choice if your loved one hosts large gatherings. This oven is the largest in Alfa’s Forninox line, capable of feeding 15-30 people.
Needless to say, this pizza oven would be a welcome addition to your loved one’s outdoor cooking space.

In fact, the Allegro would be an excellent add-on to our final item on the list…

Now this…

This is the pièce de résistance.

If you want to send a message to your loved one that you appreciate them and their passions – this is the most resplendent way to do so.

The gift of an outdoor kitchen is the ultimate in showing that special someone you deeply respect, and enjoy, their passion for outdoor cooking.

There are a few key reasons why RTA outdoor kitchens in particular are the best offering available:

Built to Last

Where many other companies cut corners on quality, RTA doubles down.

RTA outdoor kitchen components and material are selected and tested for performance and longevity even in the harshest of climates. 

Their structural panels and countertops are made from engineered concrete composite and ultra high-performance concrete, respectively. These types of concrete are particularly durable and are made to last. A harsh New England winter is no match for ECC and UHPC concrete. 

This concrete is so durable that RTA outdoor kitchen island kit enclosures are backed by a lifetime structural warranty.

The grill master in your life can be sure they will get enjoyment out of their outdoor kitchen for many years to come.

Installed In Hours

RTA’s unique system for assembly makes it easy to give the gift of an outdoor kitchen.

Fully finished panels, countertops, and appliances from Coyote Outdoor Living are shipped straight to your door.

All you need is a power drill and a friend to assemble. A few hours later, the outdoor kitchen will be fully put together and ready to use.

How’s that for almost instant gratification?

It gets even more convenient.

RTA has a free online design tool that allows you to design an outdoor kitchen in a few clicks. All it takes is a few minutes for a design, and you’ll have a quote on the way as well.

The free design software is especially helpful for the chef with particular needs, so you can be sure that they receive the exact outdoor kitchen they desire.

Best-In-Class Appliances

RTA Outdoor Living is partnered with Coyote Outdoor Living for their incredible line of appliances.

The most important consideration for a chef when purchasing an outdoor kitchen is the cooking equipment. Therefore, RTA has taken careful consideration in the appliances designed to fit their outdoor grill islands. After all, what’s the point in an outdoor kitchen if the appliances are poor quality?

Coyote’s appliances are all constructed from premium-grade 304 stainless steel. These appliances are sleek, durable, and made to last. Unlike many competitors, these appliances won’t rust after one year of use – they won’t rust at all.

Coyote offers a wide range of appliances that will please even the most discerning outdoor chef. From charcoal grills to digital pellet grills, they have it all.

For all the reasons above, RTA outdoor kitchens are a strong contender to gift to your loved ones this holiday season.

We’ve all been through a lot in 2020.

Make this holiday season one your loved ones will look back on fondly.

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