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Never Cook Indoors Again

Take control, skip all the frustration, and make your backyard dreams come true with RTA

Trying to find a single trustworthy solution for your outdoor kitchen is frustrating.

No one wants an outdoor kitchen that loses its durability within the first 2 yearsNo one wants to pay an expensive contractor who learns on the job and makes you pay for their mistakesNo one wants to be blindsided with unexpected costs and hidden fees
No one wants their project to run over several weeks (or months!)No one wants to spend dozens of hours being a general contractor

You should not have to compromise. That’s where we come in.

We Reinvented Your Experience. Now You’re The VIP

Design your own outdoor kitchen with our self-serve 3D design tool. It is simple to use. Get excited to take control of your project!
Buying an RTA outdoor kitchen is simplified and convenient. Between superior service and minimal markups, you come out on top.
Get matched with an Outdoor Kitchen Expert Designer that will see your project through and provide guidance without additional charge.

With RTA, You Create Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

You Design

Design your dream outdoor kitchen with our 5 step 3D design tool, in under 5 minutes.

You Personalize

Work one-on-one with an Outdoor Kitchen Design Expert to personalize your setup even further and plan for every step of your project.

We Deliver

All RTA outdoor kitchens are made to order and shipped from Cambridge City, Indiana. We make your design a reality and deliver everything needed to you, including the countertop and appliances! Nothing like made in the USA.

Assemble Seamlessly

You won’t need more than one afternoon. Our assembly method means it’s 95% done for you. An RTA outdoor kitchen comes together as easily as a piece of furniture. You’ll barely break a sweat.

Cook, host, and get
the party started!

Need we say more?

Skip a few steps with quick ship kitchens

You can skip the entire design and personalization process if you want to receive your outdoor kitchen sooner.

Our most popular designs are delivered to your door in as little as 2 weeks. A fast and simple way to buff your backyard.

Like You, Compromise Makes Us Cringe


Make Your Outdoor Kitchen Project A Breeze

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