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Ready-To-Assemble Panel System

We make RTA Outdoor Kitchens from a patented Engineered Concrete Composite material. Each 1-1.25″ thick panel is engineered to be structural and include a factory finished facing. You assemble these panels using our patent pending alignment channel and bracket system.

We engineer our outdoor kitchens to withstand any climate or environmental stresses it may face. We achieve this by only using materials that are meant to be outside.

1. Prep the Site

2. Build the Surround

3. Install Grill & Appliances

4. Enjoy!

What is Engineered Concrete Composite?

ECC is a cementitious material characterized by its ductile and strain hardening properties. This is a fibrous material with millions of micro-fibers that enhance its flexural and tensile strength. RTA panels and 2" countertops are pre-cast using an ECC material. This provides long-term strength, durability, and structural support for grills and appliances.

What is Ultra High-Performance Concrete

UHPC is a new class of concrete developed in the late 90's known for its strength and durability. This concrete is useful for structural rehabilitation of bridges and infrastructure. UHPC can achieve 30,000+ PSI compressive strength and uses steel fiber reinforcement. We make our RTA Modern Concrete panels and 1.25" Clean Edge countertops from UHPC.

Outdoor Countertops

Outdoor countertops prove a big challenge for homeowners, designers, and outdoor kitchen manufacturers. From cost to performance outdoors, there are several key factors to consider:

Granite or Natural Stone

Framed Tile


ECC or UHPC Concrete

Material There are numerous types and levels of granite. Other natural stone options include lime, soap, and sandstone. Galvanized steel or aluminum frame with cement board and either glued or mortared tile. Powder coated aluminum or stainless steel. Engineered Concrete Composite or Ultra High-Performance Concrete, reinforced with composite rebar.
Cost Between slab cost, fabrication, and installation, granite can cost between $55-$250 per sq ft. Between labor and materials, cost of tile countertops can range between $20-$35 per sq ft. Powder coated aluminum is generally only found in an aluminum base cabinet system. Stainless steel countertops cost between $50-$75 per sq ft. ECC and UHPC countertops generally only available through local concrete specialist. Cost can range between $60 – $300 per sq ft (UHPC being the most expensive).
Strength Natural stone like granite generally has high compressive strength. The weakness is it lacks ductility and tensile strength. Thus, the granite is brittle and prone to cracking. Strength of tile countertops depend on frame quality and strength of the mortar joints. Strength of metal countertops depend on the gauge of the sheet used and how it is supported by bends and welds. ECC & UHPC countertops have exceptional tensile and flexural strengths. Also, UHPC has compressive strengths comparable to granite.
Durability Granite has good durability as long as the seal is maintained. Some other natural stones can be porous and require maintenance. Grout lines, moisture, and freeze/thaw cycles can lead to breakdown. Powder coated aluminum and stainless finishes can/will wear. Both are susceptible to rust in coastal environments. Both ECC & UHPC are non-porous and engineered for outdoor environments.
Maintenance If exposed to the elements, seal 1-2x per year and keep covered while not in use, including wintertime. Seal and maintain grout lines. Keep covered while not in use and wintertime. Use protective coatings 1x per year and keep covered. Seal 1x per year.
Pros/Cons When maintained and protected, granite can be good for outdoor use. The downside is the stone heats up in the sun and reflects sunlight during the day. Tile countertops can be a lower cost option. Not good for freeze/thaw climates and grout lines are a weakness. SS is good for sanitary surfaces. Both metals overheat in the sun. SS reflects sun. Both wear poorly overtime when outside. Durable and easy to maintain. The downside is they can be expensive depending on availability of your local concrete contractor.

Too many outdoor kitchen systems are “value engineered” to meet a price point. RTA commits to only building with the very best materials. Aside from our ECC and UHPC concrete materials, we use the following in building your outdoor kitchen:

Composite Rebar

Non-corrosive, lightweight alternative to steel rebar. Used to reinforce all outdoor kitchen island panels and countertops. Composite rebar adds flexural and tensile strength to support weight and appliances.

Composite Corners

Signature architectural composite fiber corners. These corners allow for slope adjustment in panels while maintaining aesthetic standard. We use the same composite fiber material for trim kits.

Alignment Channels

Patent pending alignment channels made from 6063 aluminum. These channels are the key to the RTA assembly and leveling system.

SS Hardware

304 Stainless Steel brackets used to attach island walls and brace the cabinet to the surface and countertop.

“As a business professional in the outdoor industry, I have extremely high expectations when it comes to quality outdoor products and services. RTA Outdoor Kitchens did not disappoint. They were patient with the many questions my husband and I had throughout the process. RTA customized the kitchen to fit our needs and helped create the outdoor space of our dreams.”
Megan Pierson
VP of Sales, Poly-Wood, LLC
– RTA Customer

The RTA Approach

Making Design Easy

Making Design Easy.

Our aim is to be the best resource in helping you design, select, and order your outdoor kitchen. We work daily with homeowners to design an outdoor kitchen that fits their backyard and budget.

Making it Simple

Making Outdoor Kitchens Simple.

RTA takes a complicated, labor and cost-intensive process and simplifies it for you. Through our engineering and manufacturing process, we are able to reduce this burden.

Making it High Quality

Making High Quality Products.

We select every component and material in your kitchen with care. RTA bases these decisions on performance and longevity of materials in even the harshest of climates.

Making it Quick

Making the Process Quick.

Order today and enjoy next week. Depending on the time of year, orders turn around in as little as 1-2 weeks (more for custom). Once arrived, you or your contractor can complete the project in one afternoon.

Making it Enjoyable

Making your Space Enjoyable.

RTA bases designs on functionality and utility. This allows optimal use and enjoyment of your outdoor kitchen space.

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