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Grill & Appliance Options

RTA has proudly partnered with Coyote Outdoor Living to offer a best-in-class outdoor kitchen system. Please take a moment to learn more about Coyote’s diverse line of grills, appliances and storage options.

Coyote C-Series Grills

The Coyote C-Series grills are available in 28″, 34″, 36″, and 42″ sizes for our outdoor grill islands. These grills are available in both natural gas and propane. The C-Series grills are durable, made to last, and designed for grill enthusiasts of all types.

Some features include 875-1275 square inches of cooking area, up to 80-100,000 BTU of output, cast burners, and complete 304 stainless steel construction.

Coyote S-Series Grills

The Coyote S-Series grills are available in 30″, 36″, and 42″ sizes for our outdoor kitchens. These grills, like the C-Series are also available in natural gas or liquid propane. The S-Series grills spare no expense and satisfy even the most demanding outdoor gourmet chef.

Some features include an infrared rear burner, a Coyote RapidSear™ infrared burner, and high performance Coyote Infinity Burners™.

Pellet & Charcoal Grills

Coyote Pellet and Charcoal grills offer more flexibility if you’re looking for options other than gas.

Coyote’s 36″ charcoal grill offers a slower, more artistic approach to grilling. This grill offers 875 square inches of cooking space, adjustable fuel tray, and adjustable dampers.

Coyote’s 28″ and 36″ pellet grills are a more high-tech offering with a digital touch screen. These grills offer you supreme control over temperature, akin to an indoor oven. Some features include a digital touch control, front loading pellet hopper, and built-in timer.

Electric Grills

Coyote’s electric grill is perfect for those looking for a unique offering. This grill is powerful, durable, and stylish. Great for urban dwellers with charcoal and gas restrictions.

Some features include a ceramic flavorizer, 550 degrees Fahrenheit maximum temperature, and a 60 minute safety timer with surge protector.

Asado Smoker

Coyote’s Asado cooker is a powerhouse for all your outdoor cooking needs. The Asado is a ceramic cooker that uses charcoal for fuel and has amazing heat retention properties. Due to this, the Asado is capable of grilling, baking, smoking, and searing.

Some features include a heat-resistant ceramic construction, adjustable venting to maintain precise cooking temperatures, and 254 square inches of cooking area.

Specialty Cooking Options

If you’re looking for even more versatility, Coyote offers specialty burners to use with your outdoor kitchen. You can choose from a single side burner, dual side burner, or a power burner. These burners keep food warm, simmer sauces, and more. The power burner is great for a full-on lobster boil too if you need more heat. Specialty burners are a great choice for a well-rounded outdoor grill island.

Sink & Refrigeration Options

Outdoor kitchen sinks make hand washing and cleaning up more convenient. RTA’s G6, G8, and B-Series can accommodate an outdoor kitchen sink. Coyote offers two options for sinks you will see below.

Outdoor kitchen refrigerators offer great convenience to keep drinks cold and nearby. RTA’s G6P, G8, G8P, and B-Series kitchens can accommodate an outdoor refrigerator. The B-Series can also house a drop-in cooler. See these options below.

Outdoor Kitchen Storage Doors & Drawers Access and Storage

An often overlooked aspect of an outdoor kitchen is storage. Having everything you need on hand makes outdoor grilling a more pleasurable experience for all. Coyote offers a wide range of doors, drawers, and dry storage.

RTA’s G4, G5, G6, and G8 series all come standard with access doors. The G6, G6P, and G8 series have the option to upgrade to door/drawer combinations. The B-Series can include drawers, dry pantry, and other storage options.

If you are looking for more features for your outdoor kitchen, there are plenty of choices. You may consider a spice rack, a designated paper towel holder, or a pull out trash unit found standard in our G8 series. Maybe you want ventilation. Whatever your design needs, RTA and Coyote have a solution.

Whatever your design needs, RTA and Coyote have a solution.

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