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The Spark

It all started with a trip to the Azores of Portugal. RTA’s co-founder went there to meet his wife’s family… And had his first encounter with an outdoor kitchen. The charm of that kitchen went far beyond providing meals. It served as an inviting gathering space, and offered moments to break bread together.

The inspiration from that outdoor kitchen was bottled up and shipped back to the US. Unfortunately, there was a lack of accessible options in America in the early 2010’s. Someone needed to rethink the conventional approach of construction. Thus began the journey, with a goal of remastering the outdoor kitchen.

The Spark

The Solution

The Solution

Traditionally, outdoor kitchens were made with a multi-layered frame system (typically metal or concrete block). Being a tedious, labor-intensive, and expensive process… We were inspired to improve efficiency through panelized “tilt up” construction techniques and Thomas Edison’s work on single-pour concrete homes. To improve the longevity and resilience of our islands in any climate, we leveraged high performance concrete technology to create a better performing solution.

Using this high performance concrete… We invented structural panels with the masonry finish fully incorporated. The result? A monolithic (single-layer) panel that simplified assembly with no construction experience necessary. So simple, only a power drill is needed. There’s no finishing work, affordability over a contractor, and durability in any climate. So in 2017, RTA was officially born.

A Pivot To You

After a few years of working through contractors and appliance retailers… We realized there was a disconnect between us and you. We lacked the connection to provide you the service and experience you deserved. So, we pivoted to a Direct-to-You model.

There’s no more middlemen, contractors, distributors, or retail stores to separate us. We work directly with you from design, to purchase, to shipping… And even support you through assembly. We personally ensure your outdoor kitchen is…

Our Brand Promise

Custom Design, Democratized

Custom Design, Democratized

Even though we modernized outdoor kitchen building methods, materials, and installation… There was still something missing. You wanted the ability to personalize and customize your outdoor kitchen without the hassle. Thus, we democratized outdoor kitchen design through the launch of our free-to-you 3D design tool. With zero design expertise needed and just 5 easy steps… You’ll create a 3D rendering of your custom design in minutes!

Where We Are Today

Fast forward to today… The dream of making your outdoor kitchen accessible to you has been achieved. Not only are we able to ship across the entire continental US, we now employ over 60 incredible team members! With their help, RTA serves thousands of homeowners each year and are favored by some of the biggest names on HGTV and the Magnolia Network. And of course, enjoyed by several thousands of happy hosts across the country.

Where We Are Today

Future with You in Mind

Future with You in Mind

Still, we acknowledge there are challenges you face when ordering an outdoor kitchen online. It’s not a perfect solution. So, we continually strategize to minimize these concerns. Here’s what we’re working on to make the process easier than ever:

Customer Showrooms

The advent of "customer showrooms". This will allow you to see real RTA outdoor kitchens in real customers' backyards! You'll also see how our kitchens perform over time... Not just sitting in a retail showroom.

Learning Hub

Our ever-expanding Learning Hub will continue to grow. By providing more high quality information to guide your decision… Our ultimate goal is to become the “WebMD” of outdoor kitchens.

Contractor Network

We’re continuing to expand our network of highly vetted contractors for those who want local assembly support. And if there isn’t a contractor nearby, we’ll find one for you!

Our Technology

We're committed to further investments in technology to vastly improve your experience. Between augmented reality visualization tools, 3D assembly instructions, and personalized customer portals... We will leverage available technology to intuitively simplify outdoor kitchen ownership.

Want To Learn About Our Technology?

Every RTA outdoor kitchen is designed with convenience in mind. But it’s only made possible through the use of technology! Click to learn how personalized convenience, innovative tools, and thoughtful engineering come together to create your dream outdoor kitchen solution.

Want To Learn About Our Technology?

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