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Our Approach to Island Finishes & Countertops

RTA takes great pride in our island finishes and countertops. Most prefabricated outdoor kitchens come with a low cost stucco finish or cheap manufactured stone veneer. These prefabricated kitchens also do not come with a countertop in most cases. We at RTA have an eye for detail and quality so that your outdoor kitchen is designed for perfection and made to last.

Our Island Finishes

Each RTA outdoor kitchen is handmade. This begins by collaborating with exterior designers and master craftsmen to make a “standard” profile. This standard offering includes finishes in Stone, Wood, Brick, and Modern Concrete. We offer these finishes in many colors for more variety.

Our Countertops

Since RTA is a provider of complete outdoor kitchens, we have to ensure every component is top-quality. RTA has developed an outdoor concrete countertop solution that works in all climates. This solution is our Engineered Concrete Composite (ECC) and Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC). This type of concrete is durable and exclusive to our kitchens. To learn more about ECC and UHPC, visit our Technology & Approach page. See below to view our countertop options.

2" Chiseled Edge Countertops

Our stone, wood, and brick outdoor kitchens come standard with a 2" chiseled edge concrete countertop. We manufacture these countertops with Engineered Concrete Composite reinforced with composite rebar. There is a high density foam in the core of our countertops that reduce heat absorption from the sun, providing a surface that is useable all day. This foam core also reduces the weight, making this countertop a breeze for two people to handle and install. Our chiseled edge countertops are factory sealed with a water based, food safe sealer.

1.25" Clean Edge Countertops

Our clean edge countertops come standard on our Modern Concrete outdoor kitchens. The clean edge countertops are also available as an upgrade on our stone, wood, and brick outdoor kitchens. We manufacture these countertops with Ultra High Performance Concrete reinforced with steel fibers and composite rebar. Three to four people are required for proper handling, placement, and installation. Our clean edge tops are factory sealed with a quartz nano-coating.

3 cm Granite Countertops

RTA also offers granite countertop options for customers. We work with a granite distributor and local fabricator to provide several options of 3 cm granite. Granite countertops are special order items, adding 1-2 weeks on standard delivery. These countertops require three to four people for proper handling and installation. Granite countertops must be sealed upon placement and before installing the grill or appliances.

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