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As you read this we are generating an exact quote for the design you submitted – including everything you need to create your dream outdoor kitchen… finished island structure, countertops and luxury outdoor-rated appliances.  But in the interim, we wanted to give you a rough idea of the typical pricing for an RTA outdoor kitchen – here is how the three primary layouts stack up.

Linear Layout

$3,795 -$8,500 + Appliances

L-Shaped / Galley Layout

$8,500 - $12,500 + Appliances

U-Shaped Layout

$12,500 - $18,000 + Appliances

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Our expert designers can help maximize the quality and functionality of the outdoor kitchen you get at each price point – getting you the most bang for your buck!  More than 95% of our customers end up improving their initial design and saving money based upon our Design Consultation.  If you would like to schedule a more in-depth free 30-minute virtual Design Consultation – schedule below:

Watch the video above for an overview of the different factors that go into determining the price of your outdoor kitchen project.
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