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Grills, Smokers, And Side Burners

Coyote’s impressive line of gas grills, charcoal grills, pellet grills, smokers, and side burners promise a world-class, high-performance outdoor cooking experience.

Gas and Charcoal Grills

RTA Designer Recommended

30" Flat Top Grill

This 30″ flat top grill provides a hibachi-like cooking experience for your guests, excelling in preparing dishes such as tacos, pancakes, and smash burgers.

28" C-Series Grill

This 28″ built-in grill offers an impressive grilling experience in a petite footprint.

30" S-Series Grill

This 30″ built-in grill is excellent if you’re looking for a modest size, but still want a luxury experience.

34" C-Series Grill

This 34″ built-in grill is a no-frills, yet impressive option for those wanting to grill for small gatherings & family meals.

36" C-Series Grill

This 36″ built-in grill is an excellent all-rounder for family meals and medium to large gatherings alike.
RTA Designer Recommended

36" S-Series Grill

This 36″ built-in grill provides an incredible luxury experience, with flexibility for medium to large gatherings.

42" C-Series Grill

This 42″ built-in grill offers solid grilling performance, with capacity for even the biggest BBQ parties.

42" S-Series Grill

This 42″ built-in grill offers a top-notch grilling experience, with plenty of space for your largest parties.

36" Charcoal Grill

This 36″ built-in charcoal grill offers that classic smoky, charcoal flavor with the convenience of modern design.

50" Hybrid Grill

This 30″ flat top grill provides a hibachi-like cooking experience for your guests, excelling in preparing dishes such as tacos, pancakes, and smash burgers.

Pellet Grills & Smokers

28" Pellet Grill

This 28″ built-in pellet grill may be petite, but it offers a staggering amount of wood-fired cooking versatility for baking, smoking, grilling, and even searing.

36" Pellet Grill

This 36″ built-in pellet grill offers powerful wood-fired smoking, baking, grilling, and searing in a size accessible for most gatherings.

Asado Cooker

RTA Designer Recommended
This Coyote Asado cooker is a ceramic kamado-style smoker providing the pinnacle of charcoal-smoked flavor in your dishes.

Specialty Burners

Single Side Burner

This single side burner is a convenient addition for home cooks wanting to whip up side dishes or sauces outdoors.

Dual Side Burner

This double side burner is excellent for grillers wanting to cook multiple side dishes for a complete meal outdoors.

Power Burner

RTA Designer Recommended
The Coyote power burner is an impressive appliance for pasta and lobster boils, and can be converted into a flat top or use with a wok with a couple simple accessories.

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