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The Benefit of Outdoor Kitchen Packages

After scrolling through these outdoor kitchen packages, you may be wondering…

“How do they benefit me?”

It’s a fair question to ask.

If you’re not familiar with outdoor kitchen bundles… You may not be sure how it makes the process easier.

The truth is… Outdoor kitchen packages can be an excellent choice for most homeowners’ needs.


Allow us to explain.

What is an Outdoor Kitchen Package?

Before jumping into why a bundle is a good idea… It’s important to understand what they are.

Unfortunately, the term isn’t always straightforward. Different brands have different definitions of what an outdoor kitchen package includes.

You can infer that an outdoor kitchen package includes a set of items that create a full kitchen.

This is correct! A true outdoor kitchen kit should include everything you need to create a particular layout.


What is actually included in said packages can be a different story entirely!

Let’s look at the difference between other top brands and RTA.

Other Grill Island Brands

What do you imagine when you think of an outdoor kitchen package?

We’d venture to guess the appliances are included in the bundle.

When it comes to other grill island manufacturers… This often isn’t the case with a package!

More often than not… Their definition of an outdoor kitchen package features the structure only.

That means you’re on your own to search for and source outdoor kitchen appliances.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing! However… It’s going to cost you more money than the list price of the bundle. You have to purchase appliances separately, after all.

It can be an unwelcome surprise that causes you to adjust your expectations.

We take a different approach than other top brands.

small outdoor kitchen setup on patio with built in grill and sink

The RTA Approach

In all areas… We want to match (and exceed!) your expectations.

This concept is no different when it comes to outdoor kitchen packages.

That’s why our bundles don’t just include the island structure.

We offer complete outdoor kitchen appliance packages.

So you’re not just receiving the island structure… And wondering where the rest of your kitchen is!

You get the whole enchilada.

With no confusion or false expectations… You can feel confident that what you see, truly is what you get.

At this point, you may hesitate to go all-in on an outdoor grill island bundle. Perhaps you’re more interested in a DIY offering.

Let’s compare and contrast.

Outdoor Kitchen Packages vs. Full DIY

Although there are many ways to construct a grill island… You’ll also have to consider if you want a package or DIY experience.

Of course… There are pros and cons to each method.

Let’s discuss.

Pros and Cons of Outdoor Kitchen Packages

We won’t be shy in saying it.

There are many benefits to outdoor kitchen grill packages.

Let’s get into the advantages in store for you!

The planning process can be a huge detractor for some homeowners.

When you’re responsible for creating the design, shopping for appliances, and handling the logistics… It’s a lot to juggle!

If just reading that got you overwhelmed… You may be a great candidate for an outdoor kitchen bundle.


It takes all of that mental heavy lifting out of the process. This will save you a ton of time… (And stress!)

You’re free to select the design you want… And you receive what you ordered!

Pretty simple.

There’s little to no risk involved. With a bundle, you know exactly what components you’re getting. (Plus, you know the quality of your outdoor kitchen materials!)

Plus, everything’s accounted for. You don’t need to worry about sourcing appliances or creating the design. No other added items to search for and purchase…

That’s already been done for you.

Aside from the many benefits… There are some disadvantages to outdoor kitchen appliances packages.

When it comes to an outdoor kitchen bundle… There’s one primary disadvantage.


When you purchase an outdoor grill island package… You’re getting a predesigned layout.

For some homeowners, this is not a problem!

However, many of you want to customize your BBQ islands.

You’re already investing a decent amount of time and money… Why not add some personal flair?

Whether you want multiple refrigerators, a side burner, extra storage, or any other accessories you can think up… A DIY outdoor kitchen can check every box on your wish list.

The ability to do so is either limited, or not possible with a kit.

So if you have your heart set on a fully customized outdoor kitchen… A bundle may not be the right choice for you!

Let’s see how interested you are in a DIY option!

Pros and Cons of DIY

Now let’s compare packages with a DIY option.

Of course… The primary benefit of a DIY outdoor kitchen is personalization.

You get to ensure every aspect of your project matches the specifications for your new cooking area.

Not only can you create the most elaborate design you want… You also control how the kitchen is constructed.

Everything can vary based on your needs. So there is no compromise here!

If you’re a homeowner that wants complete control over your project… DIY is going to have strong appeal.

However, all this control can come at a cost!

contractor in Florida building an outdoor kitchen

When it comes to DIY… It’s a double-edged sword. The advantage is also the disadvantage!


Well… Here’s the thing with having complete control over your project.

You also have all the responsibility on your shoulders.

In short, there’s a lot more work on your plate.

Just think about it.

You have to research design, construction methods, appliances, materials… And then actually build it!

If you want to pursue a DIY project… You need to seriously consider if you want to take on that amount of work.

If you do, that’s fantastic!

But for most homeowners?

Most people can’t be bothered with the amount of time and effort required of a DIY option.

Not to mention… Fully customized BBQ islands tend to be far more expensive.

If you’re working with a tight budget, it’s something to account for!

Starting to get curious about purchasing an outdoor kitchen package?

Here’s why you should consider it.

contractor in Florida building an outdoor kitchen

Why Consider an Outdoor Kitchen Bundle

Here’s the thing.

Unless you’re dead set on a fully customized project… An outdoor kitchen bundle is an excellent option for most homeowners.

In our modern age, convenience carries a lot of weight.

We simply don’t want to start from scratch on every single project.

With so much that needs to get done… There’s not enough hours in the day to begin from a clean slate every time.

That’s the true beauty of an outdoor kitchen kit.

The Done-for-You Solution

You have a foundation to work off of.

First of all, the design has been done for you. No need to agonize over how everything is laid out. You just pick what you want!

Outdoor kitchen kits are also designed for easier installation. Since most of the work has been done already… You’re not spending much time and effort on the construction.


You don’t have to deal with every excruciating detail of your project.

When you purchase an outdoor kitchen package… What you’re really buying is peace of mind.

With that said… Let’s take a peek at RTA outdoor kitchen bundles.

RTA Outdoor Kitchen Packages

After scrolling through our predesigned outdoor kitchens on this page… We wanted to provide a bit more detail about our bundles.

There are tons of outdoor kitchen packages for sale… So, what’s so great about ours?

It’s important to note that these layouts weren’t created willy-nilly.

They were driven by data.

Since 2020, our free online design tool has been used over 20,000 times.

That’s a lot of samples!

Based off of this data from our customers… We were able to compile a list of the most popular designs you shop for. A best hits list, if you will.

This has manifested itself in our G-Series. This collection features the best of what predesigned outdoor kitchens have to offer.

And by selecting a layout already done for you… You can avoid the common mistakes made when buying an outdoor kitchen.

Alright, back to the G-Series!

There are three distinct categories within this to cover.

Let’s begin with the grill islands.

G-Series Outdoor Grill Islands

When we’re talking about the G-Series grill islands… We’re referring to linear island designs with a grill component.

These can be found in either a 5′ long, 6′ long, or 7′ long size.

How can you tell?

Look if the listing says “G6” or “G7”. The number indicates the length!

While these layouts have a variety of Coyote grills and appliances… The common thread is that they all include a grill. (Fuel options are gas, wood pellet, or electric.)

From there, it’s up to you to decide your preference!

Perhaps you want a waste bin, side burner, Asado smoker, sink, storage drawers, access doors, power burner, or refrigerator.

Maybe you’re just looking for outdoor kitchen and sink packages.

No matter what you decide… There’s an option for you!

But it doesn’t end there. Maybe you want to create a galley style outdoor kitchen. Or maybe, you don’t want a grill island!

A bar island may be of interest to you.

G-Series Bar Islands

The concept here is pretty straightforward.

This collection is full of various outdoor bar islands!

You may be wondering how they differ from grill islands.

Aside from not having a grill… Bar islands are a bit taller. This is more comfortable for seating guests or standing nearby.

For available sizes… The G-Series bar islands are available in 7′ only.

These islands are paired with stainless steel appliances to further optimize the functionality of your space.

You could opt for an island with a waste bin, refrigerators, sink, refreshment center, storage drawers, access doors… Or a combination of these!

If you want an outdoor space but don’t necessarily want cooking appliances… A bar island is a great way to enhance your experience outdoors.

At the same time… A grill and bar island paired together can create a beautiful galley layout!

That’s what is so fantastic about these outdoor kitchen packages. You know you’re getting a fully functional design… Without all the legwork.

Now, there’s one category left that the G-Series has to offer.

G-Series L-Shapes

It’s no doubt that L-shaped outdoor kitchens are some of the most popular layouts.

So, it was a no-brainer to add the most popular to our series!

If you’re not familiar with these layouts… They are comprised of a grill island and bar island arranged in an L-shape.

Point is… L-shapes are extremely functional!

You can be grilling hibachi-style while your guests are seated at the bar. And when you’re done, everyone can eat and enjoy beverages together.

So, what are the options?

Well, they are the same as our grill and bar islands… Just smashed together!

It’s important to note that not every single combination is available. We’ve limited it to the most popular.

Between refrigerators, a grill, storage drawers, access door, trash, sink, or all of the above… You’ll be set up for a blockbuster barbecue season!

Whether you design your own outdoor kitchen or purchase a package, we provide you with…

The Perfect Solution for Your Backyard

When you’re researching an outdoor kitchen package… What you’re really after is convenience.

And convenience?

That’s something we offer in spades.

In fact, you won’t find a more convenient outdoor kitchen solution on the market.

Yes, even compared to another brand that offer grill island kits!


They all require some level of extra effort. Whether it be labor or logistics… What was supposed to be easy quickly becomes a thorn in your side!

Not so with RTA.

Aside from the fact that ordering your kit takes only a few minutes…

We’ll ship your RTA outdoor kitchen 95% complete.

No need to fuss with finishing the exterior… Bringing in a crane… Or hire and manage a contractor.

Our assembly process couldn’t be more simple.

You’ll remove the parts from the crate, hand-carry to the backyard, and assemble in as little as two hours. (Talk about time savings!)

All you need is a power drill and a friend to assist you.

When it comes to outdoor kitchens… It’s about as foolproof as you could get!

Still have questions?

We’re happy to help!

Contact us through phone or email. We’ll deliver your answers quickly and efficiently. (Talk about customer service!)

Well, what are you waiting for?

Let’s shop for your dream outdoor kitchen!


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