Wood Fired Pizza Oven Stand

Material High-Performance Concrete

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Wood Fired Pizza Oven Stand


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The RTA Wood Fired Pizza Oven Stand is the perfect way to bring the flavors and aromas of Italy right to your backyard. It’s an experience you and your guests will love!

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Free Shipping

Made in USA*

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Quick & Easy Assembly

Dimensions / Specifications

Included Specifications:

  • Weight
    415 lbs
  • Island Dimensions
    34″ W x 37″ H x 28″ D
  • Countertop Dimensions
    38″ W x 1.25″ H x 32″ D
  • Island Material
    Multi-Component Proprietary Concrete Composite
  • Oven Dimensions
    32″ W x 23″ H x 26″ D
  • CA Residents

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Fire Up the Oven. Literally!

The RTA Wood Fired Pizza Oven Stand is not just a conversation piece – it’s an experience. You’ll be able to make authentic pizzas that can easily serve 8-18 people! And for the pizza oven? This stand features an authentic Italian pizza oven you are bound to love. This Italian-made pizza oven from ALFA is an incredibly innovative design. It’s so efficient, you’ll be ready to cook in 5 minutes, hence the name “5 Minuti”. Get the best wood fired pizza you crave, and quickly. Not to mention everything else you can cook in here! Here’s the specs:

  • Refractory oven floor
  • Stainless steel dome
  • Reach operating temperature in 5 minutes
  • Ceramic fibre insulation maintains heat for long periods
  • Stainless steel door with ergonomic wooden handle
  • Pyrometer to easily measure temperature
  • Max temperatures of up to 1,000°F
  • 3.2 ft² cook surface

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