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Dolores Catania’s Outdoor Kitchen Tour

If you’re a fan of the Real Housewives of New Jersey… You can’t miss this tour of Dolores Catania’s new outdoor kitchen! It truly is a beauty to behold.

Right off the bat… You’ll notice how unique this layout is. It’s not a straight, l shape, u shape, or even a galley island. It’s a spacious square! There’s a reason behind this design twist, too. Dolores Catania loves to have Sunday dinners with her family. What better way to host than to have the entire family seated at the island? Especially in Dolores’ backyard!

We’re secretly hoping that we get invited over for dinner one day. Let’s look into the appliances Dolores chose. First, you’ll find the massive Coyote grill! There’s plenty of space for grilling fish, burgers, or your other preferred protein. Underneath, you’ll see there’s a warming drawer. This feature is excellent if you frequently host large gatherings!

You can grill continuously… While keeping everything at a perfect serving temperature. Now let’s take a look at the power burner and dual side burners. You can whip up all manner of side dishes on these burners… But Dolores Catania has a couple favorites she uses them for.

First of all, that classic Sunday gravy is a must! She also uses these burners to prepare sausage and peppers. It’s also the perfect place to get pasta boiling! Point is… There is a lot to love about this outdoor kitchen. If you’re looking for an outdoor kitchen like Dolores Catania’s…

Reach out to us! We’d be honored to bring the outdoor kitchen of your dreams to life.

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