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Full Cost Breakdown on Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

Believe it or not… The cost of outdoor kitchen appliances makes up about 50% of the cost of your outdoor kitchen! Therefore, it’s important to know how said appliances will fit into your budget.

Of course… The amount you spend will depend on a couple factors: how many appliances you choose and their quality. Speaking of quality…

How does that affect outdoor kitchen appliance cost? While it mostly refers to built in grills… There are three classes of outdoor appliances: economy, premium, and luxury. Economy appliances are going to be your most affordable option. However… This also means that economy appliances tend to be made with low quality materials.

So yes, that price will be easier to swallow upfront. But you won’t get much longevity out of your outdoor kitchen appliances! The next step up are premium appliances. These are made with higher quality materials, come with additional features, a better warranty… And are a bit more expensive. Generally speaking… Appliances in the premium class will fit the needs of most homeowners.

Finally, we have the luxury class. By far, these will be the most expensive appliances available. They match the quality and warranty of premium appliances… But come with far more bells and whistles. If you have an unlimited budget… Luxury outdoor kitchen appliances may be the choice for you.

That said… How much do these things actually cost? Well, you’ll just have to watch the video to find out! If you want to know the exact price of a built-in grill, outdoor refrigerator, outdoor ice maker, outdoor kegerator, and outdoor storage options… You’ll find it all in this video on outdoor kitchen appliances!

We won’t delay you any longer. Get to watching!

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