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RTA Reviews | Dolores Catania’s Family-Style Island

Recently, we worked with Dolores Catania for her outdoor kitchen… And we are honored to share her RTA outdoor kitchen reviews! You’ll have to watch the video for all the details… But let’s hit on some of the main points here.

If you’re a fan of the Real Housewives of New Jersey… You’ll know that Dolores’ home has been a work in process for some time. Catania says, “The easiest project of them all was my outdoor kitchen.”

High praise, indeed!

Dolores Catania first got interested in RTA through Margaret Josephs’ RTA outdoor kitchen. After having a few meals seated at Margaret’s island… Dolores knew it was time for her own outdoor kitchen! But she wanted to take a different approach. Growing up in an Italian family, she remembers everyone being seated at a large square table.

She wanted to replicate this nostalgic memory in her grill island design. And replicate it, she did! This outdoor kitchen is a stunning example of what you can accomplish with outdoor cooking. Dolores isn’t just cooking up grills. She’s making full-on Italian meals right outside!

This is an important point to highlight. Many homeowners believe that an outdoor kitchen is solely reserved for grilling.

Not so at all!

With the addition of a power burner and/or side burners… You have access to the full range of cooking techniques. Whether it be meatballs in sauce, sausage and peppers, or a pasta dish… All can be accomplished with an outdoor kitchen like Dolores Catania’s. If you’re wanting to create your own backyard oasis… Reach out to us!

We’d be honored to deliver the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

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