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An Unexpected Outdoor Kitchen Cost | Change Orders

When you work with a contractor for your project… One of the first things you ask them about is the outdoor kitchen cost. It only makes sense! You’re not going to sign anything without knowing the price tag first.

The trouble is…

You aren’t always told the true cost. Sometimes things get left out here and there. Other times… Things get changed in the middle of your project. This is what is known as a change order. Now, we’ll let you watch the video to get the whole story!

But we’ll talk a bit about this unexpected outdoor kitchen cost here as well. As already mentioned… There are two things that can cause a change order to occur. For one, sometimes elements of your project are left out of the initial quote. Maybe your contractor didn’t include the cost of countertops, or appliances, or the finish.

Obviously, you need these components to complete your project! So the true cost is discovered later on through a change order.

Frustrating, indeed!

Now, what about changes in the middle of your project? These situations tend to be more benign… But still can be a source of aggravation! Sometimes, there are unforeseen circumstances that occur in your project. Maybe there’s a need for more materials, or something didn’t go exactly as planned. This can sometimes justify a change order.

Although often reasonable… It’s still an outdoor kitchen cost you weren’t prepared for! The point of all this? If you’re working with a contractor… Make sure the final outdoor kitchen cost is crystal clear upfront. This will ensure you don’t get hit with the unwelcome surprise of a change order.

You deserve fair and transparent pricing. Don’t be afraid to demand it!

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