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What Grill Size do I Need? | How to Decide

It’s time to decide… What grill size do you want? Oftentimes, it’s not immediately apparent what size you need. So, how do you figure it out? Well… There’s a couple ways. Let’s discuss the easiest way first.

Do you already have a grill? This may seem like a silly question… But it’s truly not! You may be replacing an old grill… Or you’re deciding on a grill for your outdoor kitchen Either way, you’ll have an idea of how well that grill size worked for you.

Was it too small?

Was it too large?

If you’re happy with your current grill size… Just stick with what works! What if you don’t have a grill already? Don’t worry… It’s still quite simple. You have to think about how you’ll realistically be using your grill.

First of all… How many people will you be cooking for most often? Is it just one or two… Or around 4-5 people? Another point to consider is how often you’ll be hosting a barbecue. How often will you be hosting gatherings?


How many people will be attending them? If you’re cooking for only a couple people at home, but you’re often hosting large gatherings… You’re going to want to size up your grill! Here’s our general rule of thumb. If you’re unsure… Size up! No one is disappointed by purchasing a grill that’s a bit too large. But a grill that’s too small?

That’s an annoyance you’ll constantly be confronted with. And there you have it. The straightforward way to determine the grill size you need.

Still unsure?

Feel free to reach out! We are always overjoyed to assist with your outdoor kitchen needs.

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