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Bar Outdoor Seating: Helpful Buyer’s Guide & 10 Best Brands of 2024

By Jayme Muller

January 5, 2024

A bar on your back patio is perfect for kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying a drink with friends or loved ones in the great outdoors.

And when spending time al fresco… Your outdoor bar and seating area should be flawlessly furnished.

The last thing you’d want is to have happy hour cut short because your bar stools were uncomfortable! 

If you’re searching for patio bar stools to elevate your outdoor space… There’s an abundance of fantastic options. 

We’ll show you some of the best offerings for your outdoor bar seating area…

But first, let’s discuss how to determine which patio chairs will meet your needs.

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Which Bar Outdoor Seating is Best for You? 

Before buying bar outdoor seating… There are some important factors to consider. 

Let’s discuss how to tell which patio furniture is best for you. 

Are your Bar Chairs Comfortable?

tiered outside kitchen countertop with bar seating

It may be obvious, but to enjoy your time at an outdoor bar table… Your bar chairs should be as comfortable as can be!

Don’t overlook comfort in favor of aesthetics. 

Take a moment to think about what comfortable seating means to you. 

We’ll help you get started.

Want to bring your idea to life?

Use our free 3D design tool to bring the outdoor kitchen of your dreams to reality in just a few minutes.

Do You Need Back or Arm Rests?

u shaped outdoor kitchen with bar seating right next to house

First… Determine if back and/or arm rests will enhance your comfort while sitting at an outdoor patio table.

By definition, a stool doesn’t have a back or arms.

Despite this… There are plenty of barstools with back and arm rests available! If this is important to you… Then cut backless bar stools out of your search.

Just remember… When searching for a barstool with armrests, it’s important to make sure the arms will fit under your bar or outdoor dining table! Measuring the height of your bar outdoor table will help you determine accurate dimensions.

Which brings us to our next point…

Make Sure You’re Searching for Bar Height Outdoor Seating

The height of your outdoor bar seats is incredibly important!

You’ll want to make sure you get bar stools that will allow you to sit comfortably at counter height.

You don’t want to be towering over the tabletop (or coming up short)!

Bar tables average between 41” to 43” high… While bar stools typically fall between 28” and 33” (though there are exceptions to this rule).

Confirming the height of your outdoor bar table will help you decide how tall your bar stools should be… And eliminate options that don’t meet your specifications.

If you don’t want to be limited to one set height… You may also consider stools with adjustable height.

Consider Outdoor Bar Seat Cushions

Another point to consider is cushioning.

If soft seating is important to you, you should be searching for patio bar stools with cushions.

Outdoor bar stool seat cushions are designed to be tied to the seat, and are easy to remove and store during inclement weather.

Though you can always buy outdoor bar stool seat covers separately… Searching for bar stools with cushions included will ensure the measurements are exact (and save you some time). 

Alright… We’ve given you some considerations to mull over concerning comfort.

Let’s talk aesthetics. 

seat cushions

Outdoor Seating Bar Aesthetic

outside grill and bar next to pool

It’s important to consider how you want your bar seating to visually complement your outdoor patio.

Perhaps you’re striving for rustic vibes…

Or maybe you’re on the lookout for something minimalist. 

Either way… Knowing your desired aesthetic will help guide your search.

It will also limit materials.

Speaking of which…

Bar Seating Outdoor Materials

There are plenty of outdoor seating materials to choose from!

The most common are wicker, wood, and metal.

Though less popular…  You may also stumble across plastic outdoor bar stools. The quality of these is often hit or miss, but some brands offer durable plastic options (more on these later). 

For now, let’s discuss the more common materials. 

Wicker Outdoor Bar Stools

l shaped outdoor kitchen with pizza oven and bar seating on patio

When searching for bar stools for your outdoor seating area… You’ll likely come across an abundance of wicker options.

Wicker is a style of weaving, and can be done with pliable twigs, rattan, bamboo, or synthetic fibers.

It’s best for casual, bohemian, or coastal aesthetic spaces (though it may also be great at introducing warmth to a modern BBQ island).

Regarding durability… Synthetic wicker is great for year round use. Since it can be waterproof… It holds up well in any climate conditions, and can last outside for years!

Despite this obvious benefit… The truth is that wicker won’t fit everyone’s desired aesthetic for their bistro set.

Let’s move onto a more universal material.

Wood Outdoor Patio Bar Set

l shaped outdoor kitchen with sink and bar seating

We all know that there’s a huge variety of wooden furniture options!

Looking at outdoor bar stools specifically… Common offerings include acacia wood, eucalyptus, and teak wood.

Because of its visual versatility… There are wood outdoor seats to fit a range of aesthetics.

On the other hand… Wood furniture is notorious for not holding up well outdoors (the same goes for wood outdoor kitchens)!

Wood can’t withstand exposure to humidity or precipitation without running  the risk of warping or rotting. 

Plus… Wooden furniture may invite termites or other pests. Yuck!

If you’re dead set on wood for your outdoor bar seating set… That’s fine! Just know that you’ll likely have to replace it in a few years.

Onto the last material…

Metal Outdoor Chairs Set

bar island with seating under an umbrella on deck

Metal chairs can be a great addition to any bar and grill with outdoor seating!

There are so many different colors and styles to choose from.

Unfortunately… A lot of outdoor metal furniture is not properly built to withstand the elements.

This is especially true if you live in coastal climates or climates with freeze/thaw cycles.

When metal is exposed to the elements… It will eventually rust and corrode (which would certainly ruin your aesthetic)!

Most retailers are vague about the type of metal used… But if you’re able to find 304 stainless steel or marine grade steel or aluminum outdoor furniture… It will be great at withstanding the test of time! These specific grades of metal aren’t susceptible to rust or corrosion.

Now… It’s time to take a look at some of the best outdoor bar seats available.

Best Outdoor Bar Seats

There are so many options for bar outdoor seating… It can be overwhelming!

We’ll help you narrow down your search.

Florida Seating Outdoor Bar Stools 30 Inch Seat Height

30 inch patio bar stool

Materials: Powder Coated Aluminum

Size: 46″ H x 17.5 W x 21″ D

Price: $549.99

Let’s start with an option from Florida Seating.

This patio bar stool stands on four legs, with a faux teak slatted back, square seat, and a footrest built into the frame.

It measures 46” H x 17.5” W x 21” D… With a seat height of 30.”

Florida Seating offers four different color options for this chair.

No matter the color… The minimalist design is perfect for a modern outdoor living space!

And the faux teak seat should hold up fairly well outdoors.

As for frame material… This bar stool has a powder coated aluminum frame. Florida Seating describes it as resistant to UV, water, mildew, and rust.

The powder coating should add a layer of protection to the frame! But if it’s chipped or damaged… The aluminum will be unprotected.

It’s not clear what grade of aluminum is used. Unless it’s marine grade, it won’t hold up to corrosion. This is worth keeping in mind if you live in a moist climate.

Aside from that… There’s a two year limited warranty on all Florida Seating outdoor bar stools.

Concerning price… This bar seat goes for $549.99.

Polywood Traditional 30” Outdoor Saddle Seat Bar Stool

polywood traditional 30 inch saddle bar stool

Materials: Recycled landfill or ocean-bound plastics

Size: 29.5″ H x 20.5″ W x 15.75″ D

Price: $179.00 – $209.00

Next up… The Polywood Traditional Saddle Bar Stool.

This 29.75” H x 20.5” W x 15.75” D backless bar stool has a curved, slatted seat sitting on four legs (with a built in footrest).

The design is simplistic… But it’s available in seven colors, making it a great fit no matter what aesthetic you’re trying to create in your open-air space!

What sets this option apart is the material… Polywood lumber is made from recycled landfill or ocean-bound plastics.

Not only does this make Polywood an incredibly sustainable choice… It also means their products are highly durable!

Polywood’s outdoor dining room furniture is not prone to splinter, crack, chip, peel, rot, or get damaged by UV rays.

The marine-grade quality hardware and Polywood lumber will hold up no matter what climate you’re in!

And to back up this claim… Polywood offers a 20 year warranty on all of their products.

The price for their saddle stool ranges from $179.00 to $209.00 depending on color.

Outdoor Bar Solution

Use our free 3D design tool to create an outdoor kitchen with a bar island.

GDFStudio Royer Modern Outdoor Multi Brown Wicker Swivel Bar Stool

gdf studio swivel wicker bar stool

Materials: Iron frame, Multi-brown PE wicker

Size: 43″ H x 24″ W x 22″ D

Price: $181.68

Let’s talk about a brown wicker option…

This outdoor bar stool from GDFStudio is a unique choice for a rustic space!

Both the seat and legs have a brown wicker finish… And the chair is sold with a padded beige cushion.

These neutral colors will look fantastic on any garden patio.

The swivel seat has a full backrest and a footrest for additional comfort…

Plus… It’s our first option with armrests!

The dimensions of the stool measure in at 43” H x 24” W x 22” D, with a 27” seat height.

Multi-Brown PE wicker is built over a “strong iron frame.”

The wicker is treated for outdoor use, and should be sufficient at protecting the frame from the elements.

Though GDF Studio claims the chair will hold up for years… It’s only protected by a 90 day limited warranty.

At the time of writing, the bar stool costs $181.68.

Darlee Outdoor Living Santa Monica Cast Aluminum Antique Bronze Swivel Bar Stool


Materials: Cast Aluminum

Size: 50” H x 21” W x 26” D 

Price: $283.86

Our next option is from Darlee Outdoor Living.

With an aluminum antique bronze finish and padded beige cushion… This swivel bar stool will undeniably make a bold statement for those looking to bring a vintage aesthetic to their outdoor space!

The 50” H x 21” W x 26” D bar stool has a 30” seat height. The seat has a full backrest (with an ornate antique design), and sits on a frame with built in footrests for maximum comfort.

Darlee’s bar stool is fully constructed with cast aluminum. It’s unclear what grade of aluminum is used… So it’s important to be wary of corrosion (especially if exposed to moisture).

Plus… The metal build combined with the dark bronze finish may mean these bar stools will get quite warm in the sun. So unless your outdoor bar is under an umbrella or roof… You should keep this in mind!

Darlee offers a one year warranty for their furniture and the seat cushion.

Currently… You can buy this seat for $283.86.

Outdoor Interiors Eucalyptus Bar Chair

outdoor interiors eucalyptus bar chair with back rest

Materials: Umber brown eucalyptus wood

Size: Outdoor interiors high back chair

Price: $179.00

Let’s turn our attention to a wooden option… Outdoor Interiors Eucalyptus Bar Chair!

This 45” H x 17” W x 17” D bar stool has a 29.5” seat height… With a curved, slatted seat and full lattice back rest.

The chair sits on four legs, with a built in footrest.

The umber brown eucalyptus wood construction gives these chairs a sleek and stylish finish… But how do they hold up outdoors?

Well… Outdoor Interiors finishes these chairs with a UV resistant stain that they claim is “durable in all climates.” However… They also suggest using teak or linseed oil to refinish these stools in the spring or summer. In the winter or other inclement weather… They recommend covering or storing the chairs.

So if you live in a dry, arid climate not prone to inclement weather… These chairs are great!

They could also make a good seasonal addition to your bar with outdoor seating. Just be wary of precipitation so you can take the proper measures to maintain your bar stools.

Outdoor Interiors offers a one year limited warranty on all eucalyptus patio dining sets.

As for the current cost… This stool is $179.00.

AllModern Huron Patio Bar Stool

Huron Patio Bar Stool

Materials: Nylon Cord, Powder-coated steel

Size: 42” H x 24” W x 24” D

Price: $429.00

AllModern’s Huron Patio Bar Stool is a bit different.

The square seat with mid-back height backrest is made entirely of ropes (specifically, UV-coated nylon cords), making it an incredibly comfortable choice for your outdoor sitting bar!

The hand dyed cords come in eight unique colors to match a variety of backyard aesthetics.

As far as dimensions… This bar stool measures in at 42” H x 24” W x 24” D, with a seat height of 30.”

While the nylon cords will hold up to the elements for year-round use… It’s hard to say the same for the frame.

Made of black powder-coated steel… The metal frame will rust and lose its structural integrity if the powder coating is chipped or damaged.

However… AllModern does state that the bar stool is water and rust resistant, so do with that information as you will.

They offer a full one year warranty on their patio bar stools.

If you’re interested… You can currently get this seat for $429.00.

RST Brands Deco Woven Outdoor Bar Stool Set

deco woven barstool

Materials: Resin wicker, powder-coated aluminum

Size: 26″ or 34″ H x 15” W x 15” D

Price: $274.99

Alright, we’ve covered some great options for single bar stools. But if you’re looking to easily buy two or more stools for your outdoor kitchen with bar seating… Let’s turn our attention to bar stool sets!

Kicking off with an option for a rustic outdoor space is RST Brands’ outdoor barstool set.

This set includes two espresso bar stools made of a woven, resin wicker seating surface with a low curved back.

These seats have an activation lever to adjust the chair between 26 inch and 34 inch seat height outdoor bar stools.

The chair itself measures 15” W x 15” D.

A foot rest is built into the powder coated aluminum frame for extra comfort.

Speaking of the frame… The powder-coated aluminum may run into corrosion issues if the powder coating is damaged (especially if the aluminum isn’t marine grade). 

As for the seat itself… RST recommends keeping it covered when not in use and occasionally washing with a mild detergent to keep it in good condition.

There’s a one year warranty on this bar stool set… Which currently goes for $274.99

Christopher Knight Hermosa Outdoor Acacia Wood Barstool with Cushion

christopher knight barstools

Materials: Acacia wood 

Size: 45.75” H x 23” W x 23.23” D

Price: $240.99

Onto a wooden outdoor bar stool set…

Let’s see how Christopher Knight Home’s acacia wood bar stools compare.

These 45.75” H x 23” W x 23.23” D stools with a 29” seat height are made with full acacia wood construction.

Available in two neutral colors with a weather resistant polyester cushion included… These bar stools would look amazing in any outdoor space!

They feature full, slatted backs, footrests, and armrests for maximum comfort.

As you can imagine… The wooden structure likely will not bode well for long term outdoor use (especially if exposed to precipitation or moisture).

To keep these chairs in good condition… It’s probably best to keep them in storage during the off-season.

There’s a 90 day limited warranty covering these bar stools, which you can buy for $240.99.

Belleze Low Back Indoor/Outdoor Stool

belleze modern metal bar stools

Materials: Steel

Size: 31.46” H x 13.58” W x 15.95” D

Price: $165.95

Our next option is a set of four metal bar stools from Belleze. 

These outdoor bar stools 24 inch seat height are on the shorter side (full dimensions measure in at 31.46” H x 13.58” W x 15.95” D). 

The industrial design is offered in silver… Making these stools a great choice for any modern space.

For additional comfort… A low backrest and footrest are built into the stool.

Regarding materials… They are made with full steel construction with a powder coated, scratch resistant finish.

As with the other metal options… The grade of steel used is unclear. Though Belleze claims the metal is durable and heavy duty… It’s worth confirming to see if the material will truly hold up outdoors!

Belleze offers a one year warranty on all of their products, with the option to add a limited lifetime warranty.

Cost wise… This set of four bar stools is by far the least expensive option! Currently, you can buy all four stools for $165.95.

Polywood Captain Bar Chair Duo

captain bar chair duo

Materials:Recycled landfill or ocean-bound plastics

Size: 46.25″ H x 24.25″ W x26″ D

Price: $695.00 – $795.00

Let’s discuss another option from Polywood… 

This offering is a set of two outdoor bar stools.

Measuring in at 46.25” H x 24.25” W x 26” D with a 29.5” seat height… These bar stools have large seats with full, reclined backrests, full arm rests, and built in footrests.

Whether you’re enjoying margaritas by the poolside or relaxing with comfort food under a pergola… These bar stools will definitely boost your comfort!

The design features slatted seats and backrests… And there are three neutral color offerings to choose from. 

Like the other Polywood offerings… This set of two bar stools is made with recycled plastic that will be durable for years to come, no matter the climate!

And as with all Polywood products… These chairs are covered by a 20 year warranty.

Depending on color… This set ranges from $695.00 to $795.00.

At this point, we’ve covered a lot of great options to get your outdoor bar seating ideas flowing.

But before making any decisions… You probably want to know which bar and grill outdoor seating brand is best.

Best Outdoor Bar Seating Furniture

polywood bar stools at an outdoor kitchen

In your search for outdoor bar seating… There are many important considerations.

After all, the seats you choose will be integral to your enjoyment at your outdoor bar!

You’ll want bar seating that’s comfortable… Aesthetically pleasing… Budget friendly… And will last for years to come!

When it comes to the best outdoor seating… One brand checks off all these boxes.


Polywood offers a variety of both single stools and sets… So you won’t be limited by their selection.

Plus… Their bar stools have a minimalist design with many different UV-resistant color options. They will truly elevate the aesthetic of any patio bar!

And the best part is… Polywood bar outdoor seating will last for years. Since the bar furniture is made with heavy duty recycled plastic, you won’t have to worry about rusting, corrosion, warping, or fading.

Polywood by far offers the best warranty, with coverage on their outdoor bar sets for 20 years! And even better… The pricing is on par with other popular brands.

All in all… Polywood stands out as a true winner.

But no matter what brand speaks to you… When it comes to adding bar outdoor seating to your backyard, you’ll want to make sure you have the perfect outdoor bar to sit at.

An Outdoor Kitchen and Bar Solution

outdoor kitchen bar seating on patio by pool

Perhaps you’re looking for bar outdoor seating to enjoy a glass of wine under string lights on a summer evening…

…To deck out your very own outdoor cocktail bar for hosting guests…

Or to create a relaxing spot to enjoy brunch outdoors.

No matter what your plans are… There’s a fantastic solution for getting maximum enjoyment from your outdoor bar stools.

What’s that?

Placing them at an outdoor kitchen bar.

An outdoor kitchen bar is an all in one solution for elevating your backyard!

Just picture it… With a built in grill, outdoor refrigerator, outdoor sink, or other appliances… You can prep, serve, and enjoy food and drinks all at one place… And all in the great outdoors. 

With an outdoor kitchen… There’s never a need to go indoors to keep the party going.

Giving your outdoor kitchen bar full functionality will undeniably give you – and your guests –  the best experience. 

If you want to learn more about how an outdoor grill station can elevate your backyard hosting… Check out our Learning Hub for everything you need to know about adding a grill island to your backyard space.

And if an outdoor grill station sounds like the way to go… We’re ready to help you dive in!

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Bar outdoor seating gives you the chance to enjoy more time in the fresh air! 

Dining outdoors can drastically reduce stress levels by giving you a chance to relax in nature and change up your surroundings.

When your backyard bar is part of a fully functional outdoor kitchen… There’s really no limit on what type of food you can eat!

Whatever you can prep at your outdoor BBQ station, you can enjoy at your outdoor bar.

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