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Outdoor Bar Table: Shopper’s Guide & 13 Excellent Options in 2024

By Daniel Cdebaca

January 5, 2024

If you’re looking to spend more time outdoors… Sometimes, you have to get creative!

You could add a fire pit or grill to your backyard…

But if you just want to enjoy a drink with your friends, an outdoor bar table is the way to go!

They’re an easy, no-fuss addition to your outdoor space.

But if this is your first time buying an outdoor bar table… You may be intimidated by all the options out there.

In this article, we’ll cover what you need to know about buying a bar outdoor table… And share some of the best options currently available.

Let’s get started!

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small l shaped outdoor kitchen with bar seating and bar table with umbrella on patio

Considerations for Purchasing an Outdoor Bar Table

Before you begin to browse and scroll endlessly… It’s important to know exactly what you’re looking for.

So first, define your purpose.

Purpose of Your Patio Bar Table

small outdoor kitchen with outdoor seating under a pergola

While it may seem obvious… There are a few ways you can utilize your outdoor bar table.

It comes down to a few questions about your outdoor living plans.

Are you planning to use your bar table just for seating?

Do you want a functional table to make drinks at?

Or a little of both?

If you just want outdoor seating… A plain, simple bar table will meet your needs best.

If you want a fully functioning bar, you’ll need to seek more involved options.

And if you want a little of both… You’ll need an outdoor bar table large enough to accommodate both purposes!

Make sense so far?

Let’s discuss aesthetics.

Want to bring your idea to life?

Use our free 3D design tool to bring the outdoor kitchen of your dreams to reality in just a few minutes.

Outdoor High Top Bar Table Aesthetic

bar seating on deck

You’ve selected your purpose, check!

Now you have to consider how you want your bar table to look.

In other words… What’s the aesthetic you’re going for?

You could opt for a tiki-style bar… A classy, upscale bar style… Rustic… Or even modern! (That would go great with a modern outdoor kitchen!)

No matter what you choose, your desired aesthetic will help narrow down the options.

It will also help dictate the materials you choose!

High Top Bar Table Outdoor Materials

So, what should your bar table be made from?

Well, there are a dizzying amount of options out there!

Broadly speaking… There are four material types you’ll commonly see in outdoor bar tables: wood, metal, glass, and concrete.

While we won’t get into the nitty-gritty here… There are considerations for each type.

For now, we’ll give you a quick overview of each!

Wood Outdoor Bar Tables

When browsing for an outdoor bar table… Most homeowners will be considering a wood table.

And as you’re aware, there’s quite a bit of variance in wood!

There’s eucalyptus, solid acacia wood, teak finishes… The possibilities are endless!

Depending on where you live, this might work okay for you outdoors. More specifically… If you live in a dry, arid climate like the southwest United States.


Generally speaking, wood products don’t last long outdoors… Especially in the presence of humidity.

Whether you live in a subtropical environment like southern Florida or a frigid climate like Minnesota… Wood outdoor bar tables run into problems quickly. (Same goes for a wood outdoor kitchen!)

Namely swelling, warping, rot, and even termite damage!

This doesn’t mean you can’t purchase a wood outdoor bar table. However, recognize that it may not last outdoors as long as you’d like!

Due to this… Many homeowners switch their attention to glass.

Glass Outdoor Bar Tables

glass outdoor table with bar seating

If you’re looking to avoid the pitfalls with a wood table… You might be after a bar table with a tempered glass top.

The rest of the table will usually be made from metal… But we’ll get to that!

For now, let’s focus on the glass.

Compared to wood, glass tends to perform far better outdoors. Swelling, warping, rot, and termites aren’t a concern at all!

Glass tops also tend to give off a classy, upscale look.

However, glass isn’t entirely problem-free.

There’s always a chance of spontaneous glass breakage. And yes, that’s a real term!

This can come into play in a few scenarios.

For one, you could have been unlucky and got a poor quality glass table. Hopefully, there’s a warranty to cover this! But that’s not always the case… And can happen years down the line.

The same may also happen if you damage your table. Little nicks and dings over time will increase the chance of your glass top shattering.

And of course… The fluke hail storm could also break your glass table into a million little pieces.

If you’d rather not bother with the risk… You might prefer a metal table.

Metal Outdoor Bar Tables

metal bar table with seating

Alright. Metal doesn’t have any of the problems associated with wood or glass… So they must be bulletproof, right?

Well, not quite!

Again, this depends on where you live. In the dry and arid southwest… Metal is less of an issue.

But in coastal climates or freeze/thaw climates… Metal outdoor bar tables are highly susceptible to rust and corrosion.

This is especially true if you purchase a table with poor quality metals!

Commonly, you’ll see steel frames, cast aluminum, and powder-coated tables… But that doesn’t actually tell you much.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers don’t divulge the quality of metal used in their tables.

But if you’re willing to do some sleuthing… Your best option is to find 304 stainless steel, or a marine-grade steel or aluminum. (We also recommend this for outdoor appliances.)

This will ensure the metal in your table is highly resistant to rust and corrosion… And keep your table in tip-top shape for as long as possible!

Even still, you might be looking for a material that’s completely out of the box.

Concrete Outdoor Bar Tables

Now this is a bulletproof outdoor bar table material!

Concrete tables won’t warp, swell, rot, rust, corrode, or shatter… But they are harder to come by!

Most of the time, you can’t find a bar table made from 100% concrete.

That’s the hurdle here.

You’ll either have to hire a contractor to make your table… Or do it yourself!

And while DIY concrete countertops aren’t the most complicated task… Making an entire table from concrete is quite involved.

Especially if it’s a material you’re not used to working with.

But if you’re up to the challenge or willing to hire someone… Your concrete outdoor bar table will truly last a lifetime!

That said… Let’s take a look at some bar tables.

Best Outdoor Bar Tables

Before you settle on a table and matching bar stools… You need to know what’s out there!

Shall we take a look?

Polywood 48” Round Farmhouse Bar Height Table Outdoor

We’re going to kick off the list with a selection from Polywood.

This 48” bar table has a simple design, that will fit most anyone’s needs! You can easily enjoy a meal… Or just relax outdoors with your family. (It’s no surprise why this is one of their best sellers!)

Polywood offers this farmhouse table in 7 different colors… However, you may have to pay extra depending on the color you choose.

What’s special about Polywood tables isn’t so much the design… But what they are made from.

This environmentally-conscious brand utilizes recycled plastic for all their outdoor furniture!

Not only does this redeem plastic doomed for landfills… It also makes Polywood’s bar tables incredibly durable!

Their weather-resistant formula performs well, no matter your climate. Whether it’s hot sun or a snowy, icy winter… These tables won’t splinter, crack, chip, peel, or rot.

Polywood truly stands behind their claims… This outdoor bar top table is protected by a 20 year warranty!

Depending on the color you choose, you’ll pay anywhere from $559.00 – $639.00.

Red Barrel Studio Wicker/Rattan Outdoor Bar Table with Storage

If you’re looking for something a bit lighter… You might like this offering from Red Barrel Studio.

This outdoor wicker bar table is perfect if you’re looking to serve drinks and cocktails for your guests!

It won’t be ideal for guests to be seated at… But it can serve as a side table with plenty of storage.

The only downside here is longevity.

Wayfair claims that the material forming the rattan pattern is made from polyethylene… So if this is true, it will fare better than a plant-based wicker.

However, it’s still lightweight! If the weather turns for the worse… You’ll want to keep this bar table out of harm’s way.

Red Barrel Studio offers a 6 month warranty for this table. Currently, the price is listed on Wayfair for an MSRP of $239.99.

Darlee Cast Aluminum Patio Bar Set

What if you want a full dining set, complete with swivel dining chairs? Well, this product from Darlee might be the perfect fit!

This bar height patio table set features a decorative design, with the look of wrought iron.

Both the table and chairs are made from cast aluminum… And then powder-coated to create the antique finish.

Aluminum is naturally impervious to rust, which is a good sign! However, it can still corrode outdoors.

Darlee’s powder coating should help protect the aluminum… But over time, it can chip and leave the interior unprotected. (Same goes for outdoor kitchen frames!)

That said, this is a solid option if you’re set on purchasing a metal bar table and chairs.

Darlee offers a 5 year warranty on the frame, and 3 years on the powder coated finish. This bistro set is listed for $2,028.99 MSRP on BBQGuys.

Beachcrest Home Eucalyptus Bar Height Outdoor Table

If you’d prefer an outdoor wooden bar table… This selection from Beachcrest Home may be preferable!

It’s a simple, outdoor round bar table made from solid eucalyptus.

Compared to other types of wood… Eucalyptus is a bit better equipped for the outdoor environment.

It’s somewhat resistant to rot and decay… And has a high oil content, which makes it better at repelling moisture.

However, eucalyptus can still crumble rather quickly! This is especially true if you live in a cold climate. If you experience harsh winters… You’ll want to select a material with more durability.

That said, this outdoor wood bar table from Beachcrest Home comes with a 1 year warranty.

For cost, you’ll pay $245.99 on Wayfair.

marsily solid wood bar table

Homecrest Concrete Bar Table Outdoor with Umbrella Hole

If you want some extra durability… You might like this concrete square bar table from Homecrest!

There’s still an aluminum metal frame… But the concrete top will offer weather-resistance for the long haul.

You don’t have to deal with rust, rot, swelling, warping, or even corrosion. (Corrosion is a risk with the frame, though!)

This table provides a minimalist look for modern homes.

When it comes to warranty… Homecrest does have a detailed and extensive warranty, which we won’t spell out by the letter here.

Some parts may be covered for 1 year, while others are covered for 15 years. So you’ll want to double-check this for yourself!

For price, current MSRP for this outdoor bar high table is $2,553.00.

homecrest 42 inch square bar table

Red Barrel Studio Square High Bar Outdoor Table

Here’s another offering from Red Barrel Studio!

This pub table gives off a chic bistro feel for your outdoor patio.

The black tempered glass top and steel frame fits right in with nearly any aesthetic!

In terms of material durability… This table fares quite well!

Just proceed with caution if you’re in an area where the glass might shatter more easily.

Red Barrel Studio offers a 6 month warranty for this outdoor patio bar table, and is priced at $136.99.

Darlee Cast Aluminum Outdoor Bar Table Set with Bar Stools

Looking for a different patio dining set? You might prefer this version from Darlee.

The cast aluminum table still has a wrought iron look… But it’s paired with bar stools instead of bar chairs.

So if you want a more casual aesthetic for outdoor entertaining… You might like this set better!

The cast aluminum, powder coated frame is quite durable. You’ll only have to worry about corrosion over time.

Like Darlee’s other patio furniture set… There’s a 5 year warranty on the frame, and a 3 year warranty on the powder coated finish.

This set is listed for a $1,570.99 MSRP on BBQGuys.

darlee classic 5 piece bar set

Terra Concrete & Acacia Modern Outdoor Bar Table

terra bordeaux bar table

Not a fan of the other concrete bar height dining table? You might like this version from Terra!

It’s not only a stunning design that will elevate your outdoor living space… It’s quite durable as well!

The concrete countertop is made with glass fiber reinforced concrete. This makes your concrete even more resilient to the outdoor environment.

The only downside is the acacia wood base. Although it’s commonly used for outdoor patio furniture… It’s susceptible to cracking and warping in the heat.

The concrete top will likely far outlive the base… So just keep this in mind!

Terra covers both the acacia and concrete under a 3 year warranty.

Current MSRP for this tall outdoor bar table is $2,132.00.

Polywood 24” Round Farmhouse Bar Bistro Table

Need an outdoor small bar table? Here’s a great option from Polywood!

It has the same exact properties as the previous example from Polywood… It’s just smaller!

The 24” diameter works well as a bar height coffee table for two people!

This table is available in 7 different colors, and price will vary depending on the hue you choose.

And remember, Polywood tables are made with recycled plastic! And with a 20 year warranty behind it… It’s no secret that these products are built to last.

Depending on the color you choose for your outdoor living space… This bar top table will cost anywhere from $319.00 – $369.00.

Red Barrel Studio Outdoor Metal Bar Table with Slats

Here’s another bar height table from Red Barrel Studio!

Even though it’s made from metal… The slats on top give the impression of a wood bar table.

This offers you more durability, without the downsides of wood!

Red Barrel Studio uses steel for their table frames… But the grade of steel is unspecified! (If possible, we’d like to see 304 grade for outdoor use.)

They offer a 1 year warranty for this outdoor tall bar table… And it’s listed at $189.99 on Wayfair.

red barrel studio patio square bar height table

Red Barrel Studio Small Outdoor Bar Table

Red Barrel Studio has made a great showing on this list… And here’s the final option we’re showcasing from them!

This high top outdoor bar table is great if you just need room for two.

This little round outdoor bar table has an interesting mix of materials, too.

The frame is made from powder coated steel… But what’s interesting is the top.

Although it looks like wood, this high top is made from ceramic!

Ceramic can perform quite well in the outdoors. It won’t fall victim to rust, corrosion, rotting, swelling, or warping… But it can crack fairly easily. (Just like outdoor kitchen tile.)

Red Barrel Studio offers a 1 year warranty for this table. Currently, it costs $149.99 on Wayfair.

red barrel studio bar table with footrest

Convenience meets cocktail hour

Design an outdoor kitchen with a bar island to host all of the best cocktail parties! Use our free 3D design tool to get started today!

Latitude Run Iron Narrow Outdoor Bar Table

Perhaps you need a counter height bar table that’s a bit on the narrow side. Latitude Run has just the thing!

This counter table can easily be used for serving drinks or food at your gatherings.

The narrow nature of this table also makes it an easy fit for small spaces.

For materials… This table is made from iron. While it appears there is some form of coating on it, we cannot confirm this.

As you well know… Iron is highly susceptible to rust! If there is a coating on this table, that certainly will improve the longevity.

Since we cannot confirm this… Be aware that this table may not last as long as you’d like!

Latitude Run offers only a 60 day warranty for this table. For price, this outdoor narrow bar table costs $200.49.

Polywood Farmhouse 37” x 72” Outdoor Bar Height Table

polywood farmhouse bar table

There’s one more table on this list left to discuss… And it’s another offering from Polywood!

If you need a long outdoor bar table… This will be one of your best options!

This 6’ bar table provides plenty of room for everyone!

As with the other Polywood tables… This farmhouse table is available in 7 colors, with varying prices.

You’ll also get the same, ultra-durable recycled plastic material base.

And of course, this outdoor rectangular bar table comes with a 20 year warranty!

The farmhouse table starts at $699.00… And goes up to $799.00, depending on the color you select.

At this point, you have seen a ton of bar tables!

You might be wondering… What brand is best to buy from?

Best Outdoor Table Bar Brands

It’s no secret that there are an endless number of outdoor bar table brands to choose from. It’s also no secret that some are better than others!

If you want your new table to last as long as possible with as little maintenance as possible… There’s only one solution in our minds.

Can you guess?

Yes, it’s Polywood!

There’s no other bar furniture brand we’ve found offering a product of the same caliber.

Their recycled plastic blend goes beyond being environmentally friendly. It’s made to last for decades!

Hot sun, ocean air, snowy winters… None of these are a match for Polywood’s furniture.

Additionally, their line is made to last for decades with minimal maintenance. It’s easily cleaned with soap and water. No need to paint, stain, or waterproof!

As if that wasn’t good enough… Polywood’s Color-Stay technology ensures the color of your new bar table won’t fade over time.

It’s true that you’ll pay more for a Polywood table compared to other brands. But when you factor in all the benefits and peace of mind… It’s well-worth the extra upfront investment!

Even still, you might be thinking you want your bar table to be something more functional.

Let’s discuss what that might look like.

Take Your Outdoor Bar Table to the Next Level

l shaped outdoor kitchen with sink and bar seating

A bar height outdoor dining table is great for enjoying a meal with loved ones… But what if you want to get more out of it?

What if you could use your bar table to store drinks, have a cocktail station, and be able to seat guests?

Sounds great, right?

In this case… You might want to consider adding an outdoor bar to your backyard!

It can provide all of the above functions, and more.

An outdoor bar provides the perfect housing for a refrigerator, ice maker, or drop-in cooler… So you always have easy access to refreshing beverages!

And if you’re a fan of cocktail parties… A cocktail station with a small sink is the perfect complement to your bar island!

You can play the bartender… While your guests watch, impressed by your skills!

Or, you can simply make a nice drink for yourself after a long day… And be rewarded by enjoying it outside, right at your bar.

And of course, an outdoor bar serves as a built-in dining area! Line the island with stools… And everyone has a seat at the table.

Speaking of dining… You could even turn your outdoor bar, into an outdoor kitchen bar.

Combine a bar island with a grill island, to get a complete cooking station!

But perhaps we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Browse through our Learning Hub to see what an outdoor kitchen project might be like… And if you’re interested, let us know!

We’ll be here when you’re ready to elevate your outdoor space!

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The standardized height for an outdoor high bar table is anywhere from 40” – 42”.

The weight of the average bar table depends on the materials used and size of your table. Aluminum will generally be lightest, wood in the middle, and concrete the heaviest. For example, a small 24” eucalyptus table weighs only 25 lbs… But a 60” long bar table with a wood frame and concrete top weighs 157 lbs.

The best materials for an outdoor bar top are the ones most resilient to your environment. If you want the best of the best… A material like concrete or granite will perform beautifully in all climates. They are resistant to freeze-thaw cycles and will not rot, rust, corrode, warp, or swell.

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