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Built In Grill: 4 Helpful Buying Tips & Best Brands of 2024

By James King

January 5, 2024

So, you’ve decided to start on an outdoor kitchen project. That’s exciting!

Just imagine the parties you’ll be hosting in the near future.

Actually… Let’s visualize for a moment.

You’re having the first cookout at your new BBQ station… Friends and family are enjoying a drink… The sun is shining… And fresh burgers are sizzling on the grill.

Speaking of the grill… Do you have one in mind?

There are tons of decisions to make when planning an outdoor kitchen… And the built in grill you choose is one of the most important!

coyote built in grill in rta outdoor kitchen

After all, it’ll be the centerpiece of your new kitchen.

But with such a wide variety to choose from… It can be difficult to know where to start.

That’s why in this buying guide, we’ll give you all the info you need to help you choose the right type of built in grill.

Let’s begin!

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Grill Classes: What Are They, and Which is Right For You?

When planning an outdoor kitchen… Your ideas should fit within your budget!

So, let’s kick things off with the various outdoor built in grill classes.

Economy Grills

grill cart with side burner

Economy grills can be found at your local box store… Like Lowes, Home Depot, or Costco.

These grills can cost anywhere from $100 to $1,500… Depending on the type you’re looking to buy.

If you’ve never invested in a built in grill before… It’s likely that your current freestanding grill is an economy model.

While economy grills are excellent starter options… They’re not the best long-term.

These grills are constructed with lower quality materials, (like 430 stainless steel!)… And honestly, most aren’t cut out to last.

More than likely, your economy grill will rust, corrode, and break down in just a few years.

Further, this type of grill is often paired with a shorter warranty. So when something goes wrong… You’re left to foot the bill.

What’s more… Economy BBQ grills tend to have limited features and unreliable heat distribution, which translates to a mediocre grilling experience at best.

It’s for the above reasons that we don’t recommend building an economy grill into your BBQ island.

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Premium Built in Grills

linear outdoor kitchen with built in grill and side burner

Now, let’s talk premium built in outdoor kitchen grills.

This type of grill is usually found at specialty appliance stores or online retailers.

Generally, expect to spend between $1,500 and $3,000 on a premium grill.

Unlike economy BBQ grills… Premium grill inserts are actually designed to be built into kitchen islands (they’ll have proper ventilation for built in use!)… And they should last long term.

In most cases, you can expect durable, 304 stainless steel construction… For superior rust and corrosion resistance!

Many premium built in BBQ grills also come with a lifetime warranty… To give you peace of mind that construction is solid.

When building a grill into a BBQ station… This is especially crucial!

If something goes wrong, you can take a deep breath and know that you’re covered.

As far as features and accessories go… Premium grills bring a bit more to the table, and should give you a more reliable grilling experience.

Not only will you get more reliability… But your BBQ grill should also give you more consistent results (and consistency is key!).

Luxury Grills

luxury built in rta outdoor kitchen

Finally, let’s talk about luxury grills.

Exactly as they sound… These are the high end option! Expect to spend over $3,000 on a luxury built in grill.

If you’re looking to splurge on your project… A luxury built in grill may be just what you’re looking for.

These grills spare no expense when it comes to accessories and features. You’ll see things like grill heads with spring assist hoods, LED lighting, digital control panels, and integrated smoker boxes, to name a few special add-ons.

In terms of material quality and warranty… It’ll be much the same as premium grills! Expect to see high quality, durable 304 stainless steel grills (and lifetime warranties!). .

The main difference here? Luxury BBQ grill brands put forth a lot of effort to make their product stand out.

So, these grills tend to look the most exotic, as well.

While it’s true that luxury grills have the nicest look and most features.. Think about what your budget allows.

If you’re not a chef looking to splurge… A luxury grill is likely going to be too much.

If you have the money… You can’t go wrong.

But in most cases, a premium grill should be more than sufficient!

With Built in Outdoor Grills, Size Matters

Size plays a big role when choosing a built in grill.

But how do you determine what size is right for your outdoor cooking?

Well… When planning an outdoor kitchen, you’re most likely preparing to host more cookouts.

In this case… You’re going to need a bigger grill!

To best gauge exactly how large your built in grill should be… Think about what you’ll be cooking…

Who you’ll be cooking for most often…

And consider how often you’ll be throwing larger BBQ parties!

To give you a better idea of which size is right… You should typically allot about 100 square inches of cooking surface for each person you’ll be cooking for.

Still in doubt? We’d suggest sizing up!

While it never hurts to have too much cooking space… It’s painful to not have enough.

But in addition to your grill’s size and cooking space… It’s also important to consider your cooking style.

So, let’s talk about what type of built in grill will best suit your needs.

Built in Grill Types

When grilling… Is convenience more important than flavor?

Or, is max cooking versatility what you’re after?

To help determine where your preferences lie… Let’s discuss the different built in grill fuel types.

Built in Gas Grills

built in gas grill with power burner and combo storage

Gas built in grills are the kings of convenience. For those looking for a plug and play option… A gas grill head is the perfect choice.

Built in natural gas grills and liquid propane grills alike offer by far the most cooking efficiency… Coupled with the lowest maintenance.

Just know that what you gain in convenience… You’ll sacrifice in flavor.

If you hold rich, smoky BBQ flavors near and dear in your grilling… A built in gas grill is likely not the right choice for you.

Unlike pellets, wood chips, or charcoal… Gas imparts no unique flavors to your outdoor cooking!

That said… The undeniable convenience and efficiency of most built in grills is still well worth it for many homeowners.

The best built in gas grills will heat up fast and hot… For unmatched searing capabilities!

With just the turn of a knob… A built in gas grill can reach temps pushing 500 degrees and hotter in mere minutes.

So if you have your heart set on a built in gas grill… You should spend a moment to determine which fuel type is right.

Built in Natural Gas Grills

Natural gas built in barbecue grills are an excellent choice!

Well, if you already have easy access to a natural gas line, that is.

When your outdoor kitchen is hooked up to a natural gas line… Your built in gas grill will have a constant, reliable fuel supply.

It’d certainly be nice not to worry about swapping out or refilling a propane tank time and time again…

But if you don’t already have natural gas lines run in your outdoor living space… Getting things set up can prove to be challenging (not to mention, it’ll be an added expense!)

If you’re willing to put in a bit more money… You’ll be rewarded with more convenience down the line.

And if you already have natural gas lines run… We’d say a built in natural gas grill is the obvious choice for your space!

Built in Propane Gas Grills

woman showing her propane tank in her outdoor kitchen

Built in propane gas grills are the other standard option.

For many… Using portable, 20 pound propane tanks is a more practical option than having natural gas lines run.

The only downside is that you’ll have to refill your tanks as they run out. Otherwise, a propane gas grill will work much the same as natural gas!

But if you’re not sold on a built in gas grill… There are a few other contenders that are worth your attention.

Built in Charcoal Grills

built in charcoal grill

If you’re big into savory, smoky, rich, and charred fare… A charcoal drop-in grill may be best for you!

With a charcoal grill… Flavors are dialed up to 11.

But inversely to built in gas grills… That superior smoke flavor comes at the cost of convenience.

There’s more work involved with charcoal. It’s not as simple as turning a knob and having your grill come to temp in a matter of minutes!

You’ll have to light lumps of charcoal, adjust airflow, and spend extra time getting the grill up to temperature.

Charcoal churns out a lot of soot and ash… So there’s also more maintenance required!

If flavor is your primary objective… These inconveniences will be easy to overlook.

But before you finalize any decisions… There’s one more type of built in grill to discuss!

Built in Pellet Grills

pellet grill rta outdoor kitchen

Compared to charcoal and built in gas grills… Pellet grills are fairly new to the scene.

But, they’re still taking the market by storm!


It comes down to their outstanding cooking functionality and versatility.

For grillers looking to amp up their outdoor cooking… A built in pellet grill can do it all!

With a high quality model, you can grill, bake, slow cook, smoke, roast, and even sear!

And you won’t have to sacrifice those great grilling flavor we all love. Since these built in BBQ grills are fueled by wood pellets, your food will have a smoky, wood-fired flair.

Regarding convenience… There’s nothing quite like operating a pellet grill!

Using a digital control panel… A pellet grill can reach your desired temperature quickly and precisely. Then, it’ll maintain that temp for you throughout your cooking!

So, just set it and forget it… Because pellet grilling is pretty effortless!

This all sounds amazing… What’s the catch?

Generally, the only downside to pellet grills is maintenance. These do require a bit more effort to clean than a gas grill, since wood pellets can produce some ash buildup.

Further, pellet grills require an electrical outlet to function… Which may pose a challenge if you don’t already have access to electricity in your outdoor space.

But there you have it… Those are the main grill types!

And now… It’s time to consider accessories.

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What Add-ons or Accessories Do You Need For Your Built in Grill Outdoor?

We’ve covered the grill classes… Took size into account… And hashed out the different types of outdoor built in grills.

But do you want your new grill to have tons of bells and whistles?

To take your grilling up a notch… Some built in grills will come with additional features right out of the box.

Here are a few popular ones to consider…

Drop-in Griddles

drop in griddle on coyote grill

There are few things more satisfying than a home cooked breakfast.

But, what if you could be cooking that breakfast outside?

A drop-in griddle attachment allows you to make the most of your new built in grill, whether it be gas, charcoal, or pellet.

With a flat cooking surface… You can cook so much more than you can on traditional cooking grates!

And who wouldn’t love making eggs and pancakes on the grill?

Infrared Sear Burners

coyote sear burner

Infrared sear burners allow you to crank up the BTUs, for maximum cooking power on a propane or natural gas built in grill.

With a designated searing station incorporated into your built in gas grill… You’ll always be able to achieve the perfect sear marks when cooking!

Rotisserie Kit Attachments

Rotisserie attachments add awesome functionality to any type of built in grill.

It’s not just about searing steaks and flipping burgers… What about chicken, prime rib, and lamb?

A rotisserie provides you even, indirect heating. It’s perfect for slow-roasting, for those juicy, rich flavors.

Though you can certainly use a rotisserie kit on charcoal or pellet grills… Some built in gas grills will even come with a rear infrared burner (also known as a rotisserie burner), for an incredibly even cook.

Smoker Box

smoker box built in bbq grill

Want a built in gas grill, but don’t want to miss out on classic smoky flavors?

Look no further than a smoker box!

This’ll allow you to add wood chips to your built in propane or natural gas grill… So you can still get those trademark BBQ flavors, even when cooking with gas!

Charcoal Tray

Charcoal trays are also a great accessory for taking those classic smoky flavors further.

These trays allow you to turn your built in gas grill into a pseudo-charcoal grill…

But they can also be used when pellet grilling, to add a depth of flavor to your wood-fired foods!

So, now you have a better idea of what type of grill you’re looking for… And what features to consider to amplify your outdoor cooking.

But where can you find the best built in grills?

Who Offers the Best Built in BBQ Grills for 2023?

Today, we’ll be spotlighting a few of the top, premium built in grill brands… But that said, there are so many other brands out there that offer great products!

So, if you want to dig deeper on any specific types of built in grills, check out the following articles for more great options.

Blaze Built In Grills

blaze professional lux 34 inch 3 burner bult in gas grill with rear infrared burner

Let’s get things started with Blaze.

Blaze offers a range of built in gas grills, as well as a built in charcoal grill!

All of their grill inserts are constructed with high quality, 304 stainless steel… Except for their Premium LTE gas grill, which boasts durable 316 stainless steel.

To back up quality… Blaze grills are covered under a lifetime warranty.

So, what cooking power does Blaze bring to the table?

Well, their built in charcoal grill is a straightforward option. It has an adjustable height charcoal tray for easy temp control, plus a double lined grill hood for superior heat retention!

On the other hand… Their extensive selection of built in gas grills offers up a bit more functionality.

For each of their propane or natural gas built in grill models (which span from a smaller grill at 25” to larger grills at 44”)… Expect double-lined hoods, flame tamers to prevent flare ups, heat zone separators, and BTUs between 14,000 and 18,000 per burner.

Their higher-end Premium and Professional built in gas grills also boast rear infrared searing burners, for rotisserie!

As for price, you’ll currently spend between $1,359.99 and $6,879.98 on Blaze’s built in grills.

Coyote Built In Grills

36 inch s series coyote grill

Coyote’s premium appliance selection includes built in gas, charcoal, and pellet grills All of which are made with full 304 stainless steel construction!

What’s more… All Coyote appliances are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Now, let’s get into a bit more detail on each of their built in grill offerings…

Coyote has two great built in gas grills: Their C-Series and S-Series models.

These are available from 28” to 42”… So whether you have a small outdoor space or larger backyard accommodations, there’s a model to meet your needs and cooking space!

The C-Series and S-Series grills are much the same, with cast stainless infinity burners, heat control grids, a push and turn ignition system, and internal and external lighting.

With the S-Series… You’ll also get an infrared rotisserie burner, as well as ceramic briquette trays for incredible heat distribution!

For Coyote gas grills… Total BTU heat output will be between 40,000 and 90,000.

Leaning towards charcoal?

Coyote’s 36” charcoal grill includes an adjustable fuel tray… A warming rack to keep food warm… A drip tray for easy cleanup… And a knob to easily adjust airflow.

Finally… Coyote offers 28” or 36” built in pellet grills.

A digital control panel allows you to set temps between 175-600 degrees Fahrenheit on the 28”… While the 36” can get as hot as 700 degrees.

So, these grills can be used for low and slow smokes, grilling, baking, roasting, and searing!

Now, how much will a built in Coyote grill set you back?

Currently, expect to spend between $1,599.00 to $3,499.00.

Bull Outdoor Products Built In Grills

bull 30 inch gas grill

Like the other brands, Bull offers a range of outdoor appliances… Including built in charcoal and gas grills!

All of Bull’s built in grill models feature durable, 304 stainless steel exterior construction… And, you’ll get a lifetime warranty on the housing.

Bull’s built in natural gas grills and propane grills are available in a range of sizes… From three to six main burners.

All of their gas grills feature double-walled hoods, BTUs between 15,000 and 17,500 per burner… And the larger models also have rear rotisserie burners.

For those who prefer charcoal… The Bull built in charcoal grill has an easy-to-use vent system for temp control, as well as a built in charcoal box.

Concerning price, Bull’s built in grills cost between $1,469.00 to $3,959.00.

Summerset Built in Grills

summerset Sizzler 40 inch Built-in Grill

If you’re looking for a built in gas grill… Summerset has plenty of options!

Specifically, Summerset offers three different built in gas grill lines.

Their Sizzler series is their economy option…

But they also offer premium built in grills in their TRL and Alturi lines.

For a high quality built in gas grill… We’d suggest going with the latter options!

These are constructed with 304 stainless steel… Are backed by a lifetime warranty… Have higher BTUs (between 18,000 and 26,000 per burner)… And have rear rotisserie burners!

Summerset’s built in grills are also available in a range of different sizes, from 26” up to 44” models.

And at the time of writing, expect to spend between $1,454.00 and $6,520.00.

Cal Flame Built in Grills

cal flame built in charcoal grill

Like many of the other brands on our list… Cal Flame offers both built in gas and charcoal grills in their G and P series. (They also offer built in convection grills!)

The G series is their more economical option… This includes a built in charcoal grill and three sizes of built in gas grill.

On the other hand, the P series is their higher end option.

This includes 4, 5, or 6 burner built in gas grills.

For Cal Flame’s P series built in gas grills, expect 304 stainless steel construction, 15,000 BTU apiece burners, grill lights, and infrared back burners.

As for the warranty, Cal Flame covers the structure of their built in grills for 10 years.

And concerning price, you’ll have to request a quote from Cal Flame to confirm how much their built in grills will cost you!

But, that concludes our built in grill review.

Now, what’s the final verdict?

The Overall Best Built in Grill Brand

coyote 36 in s series grill built into a moks outdoor kitchen

Of the built in grill brands we discussed… They’re all fairly similar!

But if we had to pick an overall best… We’d single out Coyote.


For starters… They have the most product diversity!

They offer built in gas, charcoal, and pellet grills, while the other brands we discussed only offer one or two types of grill inserts.

And of course, the quality of Coyote’s built in grills is undeniable. Not to mention, you’ll get tons of great features for an extremely fair price!

But, these aren’t the only reasons why Coyote is our top pick.

It’s also because Coyote’s built in grills are the easiest to build into an outdoor kitchen!

The Best BBQ Island For Your New Built In Grill

linear grill island on beach in

Getting a perfectly-fitting built in grill can be difficult…

But fortunately… RTA outdoor kitchens are specially designed to fit Coyote appliances, regardless of which built in grill model you choose!

When working with RTA, you have the comfort of knowing that your perfect outdoor kitchen design will work with the appliances and accessories of your choosing.

Of course, our pre designed Quick Ship kitchens make this process as convenient as can be…

But even if you want to get creative with a custom outdoor kitchenIt’s still simple!

Our partnership with Coyote allows you to seamlessly select a premium grill products for your custom island, to best fit your space and grilling needs.

And our free online design tool makes this a breeze! In minutes, you can have a 3D rendering of your dream outdoor kitchen.

Now, planning an outdoor kitchen is no small thing. If you still have questions… Our Learning Hub likely has the answers!

Or, just reach out! We’re more than happy to help you get started.

Need Help With Your Plans?

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A built-in grill is absolutely worth it! You’ll have your grill installed right into your outdoor kitchen… Which gives you the ultimate outdoor cooking experience!

Regular grills simply aren’t designed to be put into an outdoor kitchen!

Modifying your regular grill to fit in an appliance cutout can compromise its structural integrity… And will likely void its warranty.

You may also run into safety issues such as blocked vents, which can lead to explosions! It’s always better to purchase a true built-in grill instead.

Our overall top recommendation is Coyote Outdoor Living. They offer a high quality selection of built-in gas grills, charcoal grills, and pellet grills.

Coyote constructs their grills with 304 stainless steel, protects them under a lifetime warranty, and they all boast some great features!

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