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Blaze Grills vs Summerset Grills: Reviews & 6 Key Comparisons

By Daniel Cdebaca

July 29, 2022

You can already picture your lovely backyard (or maybe even an outdoor kitchen) adorned with a brand new grill…

But you don’t want just any grill.

You want one that you can trust to work well for years to come… With cool features that will make your friends a little jealous… And, of course, that can cook some fantastic food!

If you’re looking for a high-quality grill that comes in a variety of options to suit your specific grilling needs…

You’ve come to the right place.

blaze vs summserset

In this article, we’ll be comparing Blaze Grills and Summerset, two brands that we just know you’ll love…

So let’s dive in, starting with an overview of the companies themselves!

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Blaze Grills Company Overview

Blaze Logo

These days, Blaze Grills makes grills, outdoor kitchen accessories, fridges, and cabinets… But they didn’t start out that way.

In 1998, Michael Hackley and his wife, Ladina, opened their very own store called The Grill Store and More.

The economy was struggling, so Michael moved it all online in the early 2000’s and quickly closed his three brick-and mortar locations. This new website was called

This site continued to distribute grills and other outdoor products, just like their old store… But they didn’t make their own.

Michael founded a spinoff company that would manufacture their own products… Blaze Grills.

Now they make many outdoor products you might need for an outdoor kitchen.

Including three different lines of natural and propane gas grills. Each with different features.

Michael sold ShoppersChoice (now called and Blaze Grills to Brand Velocity Partners, a private equity firm, in August 2020.

Summerset Company Overview

summerset grill logo

Summerset was founded in 2002 by president and CEO, Jeff Straubel.

Where are Summerset grills made?

They have two factory locations in California.

Originally, they only imported grills… But in 2015, they began to produce their own in Huntington Beach, California! Their lower-level lines are still imported from Asia.

They have four different Summerset gas grills available, ranging in quality and features.

Summerset sells just about all the outdoor products you could need for a summer kitchen: stainless steel grills, fire pits, doors, drawers, and even islands themselves.

Their islands have even been featured on HGTV’s Property Brothers!

Before you see what they offer, let’s define a few terms!

An easy way to figure out the best grill for you is to look at grill class!

This will also help you determine your outdoor kitchen budget.

There are three classes: economy, premium, and luxury… And each has its own perks.

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economy grill cart made with 430 stainless steel

Economy grills are your entry-level option. Unfortunately, we don’t actually recommend them for an outdoor kitchen.

Economy grills are inexpensive, typically between $500 and $1,500… But they just don’t last long. They are usually constructed of 430 stainless steel, which is susceptible to rust and corrosion.


straight outdoor kitchen island with combo storage on deck

Next up is premium. This is the best class for most homeowners who want a built-in grill.

They’re made with better and more reliable materials, such as 304 stainless steel. This is superior to 430 stainless steel, which is common in economy grills… And they usually have a lifetime warranty.

They’re more expensive than economy (about $1,500 to $4000)… But it’s worth it to know that they are built to withstand the elements.


luxury built in rta outdoor kitchen

Finally, we have luxury. These grills are usually made of the same materials (304 stainless steel) as premium grills and also have a lifetime warranty.

What makes them stand out are their exotic designs and additional features. You’ll often find spring-loaded hoods, laser-etched grill grates, and more. They are also more expensive than premium grills… The price for a luxury grill starts at about $5,000, and it rises from there.

Now let’s explore what Blaze has to offer!

Blaze Grills Options

There are three different categories of Blaze natural gas and propane grills: Prelude LBM (a premium grill), Premium LTE (what we would call “premium-plus”), and Professional LUX (a luxury grill).

While they come as either a portable grill or built-in… We’ll be looking at the built-in versions.

Let’s get into each of these outdoor kitchen appliance options.

Prelude LBM

The Prelude LBM line is Blaze’s more economical built-in option… But it’s still fantastic quality! We would consider this to be a premium option since it is made of 304 stainless steel.

This is a good model if you want something durable… But you don’t need all the bells and whistles.

Their cooking grates are made up of 8mm stainless steel rounded cooking rods.

The commercial-quality stainless steel tube burners sport 14,000 BTUs apiece.

You’ll find two great options in this line: A 25″ 3-burner and a 32″ 4-burner.

In this series, the smaller option has 558 square inches of cooking space, and the larger has 740 square inches. The BTU outputs are 42,000 and 56,000.

Their grills include heat zone separators to divide the cooking surface into individual temperature zones… and flame-stabilizing grids to minimize flare-ups. Their lids are also double-lined to keep the heat in!

Not bad at all!

Let’s get into the next line.

Premium LTE

Blaze Marine Grade 316L 4-Burner Premium LTE

The Premium LTE line is a step up from the LBM.

It’s what we would call a “premium-plus” option… So not quite a luxury grill, but still a step up from the Prelude LBM (a true premium option).

This line has two models… A 32″ 4-burner and a 40″ 5-burner.

These Blaze built-in gas grills are similar to the LBM models.

The big differences are illuminated control knobs and interior lights… A rotisserie burner… And heavier-duty triangular cooking grates that are 9mm thick instead of 8mm.

They are made of 304 stainless steel.

Both use linear burners that are rated for 14,000 BTUs each, plus a 10,000 BTU infrared back burner for the rotisserie.

In this series, the cooking area is 715 square inches for the smaller grill, and 915 square inches for the larger. The BTU outputs are 66,000 and 80,000 BTUs.

That’s a significant increase… But there is another option.

Professional LUX

blaze professional lux 34 inch 3 burner bult in gas grill with rear infrared burner

The third option we’ll go over is the Professional LUX… It’s a step up from the LTE. This gas grill is considered luxury class.

This option from Blaze has a 304 stainless steel exterior. Their cooking grates feature 12mm stainless steel hexagon cooking rods… And the grill has a removable warming rack.

And you can’t forget about the rotisserie with a waterproof motor!

Each 304 stainless steel H burner has 18,000 BTUs… Plus a 10,000-BTU infrared burner at the back for rotisserie.

The Professional Lux has two size options: the 3-burner 34-inch (816 square inches of total cooking space and 64,000 BTUs) and the 4-burner 44-inch (1050 square inches of total cooking space and 82,000 BTUs).

But how do these stack up against Summerset’s grills?

Summerset Grill Options

Summerset offers a range of natural gas and propane outdoor grills!

They have a range from economy all the way up to professional class grills… So you have the freedom to select the best option for you and your grill island!

Summerset has three grill lines: Sizzler, TRL, and Alturi… Let’s start with the Sizzler series!

Sizzler Series

These imported grills are Summerset’s most economical grill series.

Built of 443 stainless steel, they aren’t the sturdiest line that Summerset offers. This series of grills would be considered an economy option.

There are five Summerset grill models in this series: A 26″ with 3 burners, a 32″ with 4 burners, and a 40″ with 5 burners… Plus the Pro series models, which are 32″ and 40″.

The classic Sizzler is a basic gas grill line. They feature 12,000 BTU stainless tube burners, plus a 15,000 BTU back burner. Not many actual features.

The hoods are all double-lined to maximize heat retention… It has an easy-clean briquette system… And a 3″ built-in temperature gauge.

In this series, cooking area ranges from 537 square inches to 871 square inches depending on your grill size. The BTU output ranges from 36,000 to 60,000.

Sizzler Pro

summerset Sizzler 40 inch Built-in Grill

The Sizzler Pro has more features than the classic… but is still considered economy plus. These include exterior LED lights, heat zone separators, interior cooking lights, LED lit control knobs, and cast stainless burners (instead of stainless tubes in the classic Sizzler).

Inside, the cast burners each have a 14,000 BTU output, plus a 15,000 BTU back burner.

The smaller model has 740 square inches of cooking surface and a total of 56,000 BTUs, and the larger has 871 square inches and 70,000 BTUs.

If you’re looking for a premium-grade grill instead… Look no further. Up next is the TRL series.

TRL Series

The TRL series is Summerset’s other imported series. This gas grill would be considered premium!

The TRL series has been upgraded from the Sizzler series and is made of a higher-quality stainless steel… 304 stainless steel! This is great for durability. Its burners also have higher BTUs.

It does not have heat-zone separators like the Sizzler Pro did, but it still has the interior lights and exterior LEDs… Plus a full rotisserie burner and kit!

Summerset offers a 32″ 3-burner classic, a 38″ 4-burner classic, and a 44″ 4-burner deluxe model in this series.

The big difference between the classic TRL options and the deluxe is that the classic has 18,000 BTUs per burner, while the deluxe has 20,000.

The TRL still has a 15,000 BTU back burner.. but comes with a heavy-duty rotisserie kit that holds up to 50 pounds!

In this series, the cooking area ranges from 825 square inches to 1158 square inches depending on your grill size. The BTU output ranges from 69,000 to 95,000.

If you want to search for an American-made grill instead…

Alturi Series

summerset Alturi 42 inch Built-in Grill

The Alturi series is one of Summerset’s nicest grills. They would be considered a luxury grill and range from 30 inches to 42 inches.

Of course, this series is also made out of 304 stainless steel.

Some of the features include angle mounted interior lights, a heavy-duty rotisserie kit with a storage bracket for the rotisserie spit, and a spring assisted hood… As well as the previous grills’ other features!

It’s made in the USA and uses U-shaped burners at 26,000 BTUs each. It also has a back burner that has 26,000 BTUs!

In this series, the cooking area ranges from 741 square inches to 1066 square inches depending on your grill size. The BTU output ranges from 78,000 to 104,000.

That’s a lot of power!

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Blaze vs Summerset Grill Features

Blaze’s and Summerset’s grills have all kinds of features.

We’re going to compare some of the most important ones so that you know what you’re getting!

Flame Tamers Vs. Ceramic Briquettes

Have you ever had to deal with flare-ups while you tried to grill? Or that one side of your grill is hot and the other isn’t? These are common issues… But they aren’t fun.

Blaze Grills and Summerset handle them differently… So let’s see how Blaze fights flare-ups and uneven heating first!


Blaze’s 14-gauge “Flame Stabilizing System” is crafted from 304-grade stainless steel with full-width, perforated grids.

They are essentially stainless steel flame tamers that spread the flame from the burners across the cooking area. This also results in fewer flare ups!


summerset alturi burner cover briquette

Summerset uses an alternative route: briquette trays.

Their locked-in briquette trays distribute heat evenly across the grill!

Briquette trays are even more effective than flame tamers at providing even heat distribution…

However, they require more maintenance. If you don’t flip them over and clean them off after using them… You could end up with flare-ups while you cook due to the grease!

Keep them clean, and you should be good to go.

Rotisserie Setups

Chicken is great on the grill… But awesome on a rotisserie!

This frees up room for other grilling options while the chicken (or other rotisserie food) cooks.


The LBM (the premium model) options do not include either the burner or the kits.

Moving up, the LTE (premium plus model) grills have burners in the back… But the rotisserie kits are sold separately.

If you want a rotisserie kit to come with your Blaze barbecue grills… You’ll be looking at the Professional LUX models (luxury model). They come with the burner and a kit!

Blaze Rotisserie Kit For 40 Inch 5-Burner Gas Grill


The Sizzler series (economy model) has a rear burner, but the rotisserie kit is sold separately.

All of the TRL (premium model) and Alturi (luxury model) options have both the kit and burner.

In addition, the Alturi grills offer a storage bracket for that rotisserie spit!

Between Blaze and Summerset… It’s a bit easier to get your hands on a rotisserie if you choose Summerset. Even if the kit is sold separately for the Sizzler, all of their grills have a burner.

summerset TRL 32 inch Rotisserie Kit

Gas Grill Burners

The heart of the grill is the burner.

Your burners are responsible for how much heat your grill gives off. They’re measured in BTU’s. The higher the BTU, the more heat.

Both Blaze and Summerset use “tube burners” for their economic options.

Tube burners are long, stainless steel cylinders.

They have holes running down them through which gas flows. These burners can be made into different shapes, which can help make the temperature more even throughout the cooking surface or to produce more BTUs.

For their other grills… Blaze and Summerset use “cast burners.

These are burners made from one piece of metal… Rather than pieces of steel welded together like the tube burners. Cast burners are typically a higher quality than tube burners, and they resist rust better.

This method increases the lifespan of the burner and makes them easier to clean.


Starting with the premium and premium plus options… The LBM series uses linear tube burners.

They are the common, basic option for burners.

Next is the LTE, which uses cast stainless steel linear burners.

When we get to the luxury option… We find that the LUX grills have cast H burners.

This is a step up! While similar… These larger burners provide even more coverage.


summerset sizzler burners lit

Summerset’s economy option, the Sizzler, also uses linear tube burners.

However, the Sizzler Plus uses cast linear burners instead.

Moving up, both the premium-grade TRL and the luxury-grade Alturi use cast U-burners.

r mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Summerset vs Blaze Grills Materials

The materials your grill is made out of will help determine how long it will last!

Just like you have to be careful with which materials you choose for your outdoor kitchen… Not all metals are made for outdoor use.

Let’s start with Blaze.


blaze 32 grill open

On every Blaze model, their exterior body, lid, and burners are all made of 304 stainless steel.

Their heat zone separators, removable drip pan baffles, flame tamers, the inner lining of the hood, and the interior walls of the firebox are all 443-grade stainless steel in the LBM and LTE models.

The firebox, flame tamers, searing rods, control panel, drip pan, and the inner walls of the hood are all 304 stainless steel in the Pro LUX model. It is unclear what the heat zone separators are made from.

While you may need to occasionally replace any features that aren’t made of 304 stainless steel… The grills themselves will hold up very well.


The classic and Pro Sizzler series have 443 grade stainless steel exteriors.

Their burners are made out of 304 stainless steel, however.

The Alturi and TRL are both made from 304 stainless steel… Which is a fantastic quality material for a grill! This is in line with Blaze’s!

The Alturi and TRL series have burners made from 304 stainless steel.

Their cooking grates and other features, such as the heat zone separators and the rotisserie kits, are made from an unspecified grade of stainless steel.

Again, anything that isn’t made of 304 stainless steel may need to be replaced occasionally.

However, your Alturi and TRL grills’ bodies are made to last!

Cost Comparison of Blaze vs Summerset

We’ve established that these are some pretty great grills… But how much do they cost?

We’ll explore Blaze first.


When you’re looking for Blaze BBQ grills… You’ll be able to find all kinds of different price points to suit your needs… Plus free shipping!

First up, we have the Prelude LBM series. Their 24″ 3-burner option is $1,699.99, and their 32″ 4-burner is $1,962.49.

This is on the low end of the regular price range for a premium grill… Which is perfect for the LBM series.

Next, we have the LTE series. The 32″ 4-burner model is $2,874.99 and the 40″ 5-burner costs $3,437.49.

This is pretty average for a nice, premium grill. Again, this suits the LTE series well.

Finally, we have the LUX series. The 34″ 3-burner option is $5,374.99 and their 44″ 4-burner is $6,624.99.

This is on the lower end of what you might expect for a luxury grill. Again, the market price is spot on!

As you can see… There’s a big range! However, these are all within the range of what you would expect from a premium or luxury grill.

Let’s see how these prices compare to Summerset grill’s.


people grilling on a summerset sizzler series grill

Summerset prices also vary depending on their sizes and features… But you can find free shipping through BBQ Guys.

Their Sizzler series is their least expensive. The smallest version they offer is the 26″ 3-burner for $1,454… And the largest in the Pro series is the 40″ 5-burner Sizzler Pro for $2,665.

The smallest option is on the higher end of the range for economy grills… And the largest is in the range for a premium grill. This is important to note since the Sizzler and Sizzler Pro built-in grills are economy class.

Next is the TRL series. The smallest is the 32″ 3-burner, which costs $2,665. The largest is the 38″ 4-burner for $3,510.

For a premium grill, this price checks out! It’s in the normal range of $1,500 to $4,000.

Finally, we have the Alturi series. The smallest is the 30″ 2-burner for $4,605. The largest is the 42″ 3-burner for $6,520.

Again, this is right on point! The Alturi is a luxury grill… The price of the smaller grill is somewhere between what you would expect for a premium or luxury grill. This is actually a pretty special price-point.

The range is actually very similar to the Blaze gas grills. The lowest is teetering around the $1,500 mark, and the best luxury option is at about $6,500.

Now, that’s still quite an investment… Will Blaze and Summerset stand behind their products? Let’s see through the warranties.

Blaze vs Summerset Warranty

How will the warranties compare? Let’s start with Blaze.


Blaze Grills offers a reliable warranty on their products!

All of their grills have a lifetime warranty for defects in the manufacturing and workmanship on the control valves, cooking grids, frame, and all other stainless steel components.

The electrical components and ignition system parts are covered for 1 year.


Summerset also offers a great warranty for their products!

They offer a lifetime warranty on construction and manufacturer’s defects on the frame and housing, grates, burners, and valves.

They cover five years for the briquettes, and three years for the electrical components and all other parts.

Online Reviews

Blaze Grills and Summerset Grills are both well-known brands with excellent reviews!

However, we won’t be picking and choosing reviews to share with you here. It would be best for you to research this yourself.

Truthfully, one of the best places to look at Summerset grills reviews and Blaze grill reviews online is through BBQ Guys.

Since they’re connected to Blaze Grills, this may seem a bit biased… But we trust them to report the feedback they receive accurately.

Just be aware when you’re researching.

If you’re looking for a Summerset Grills review… Not all of their grills have ratings… But the ones that do are typically 4 to 5 stars on BBQ Guys.

Blaze Grills reviews have roughly the same ratings…

But which would be better for your DIY outdoor kitchen?

Which is the Better Option for You?

blaze outdoor kitchen

You’ve seen all the stats… Now, you’re probably wondering which is best!

Well, they are actually both great.

We might not recommend Summerset’s economy option. Both companies offer some great premium and luxury grills!

In the end, it’s what’s best for you. You really can’t go wrong with 304 stainless steel and a lifetime warranty.

On the other hand… Maybe you’re liking what you’re seeing… And maybe you’re looking for a complete solution for your custom outdoor kitchen.

We have the answer for you!

Quick Comparison Summary



*For standalone gas grills

$1,699.99 – $6,624.99

$1,454.00 – $6,520.00


25″ – 44″

26″ – 44″


Complete 304 stainless steel

Sizzler is 403 stainless steel; All others are 304 stainless steel



All of their grills have a lifetime warranty that will cover the control valves, cooking grids, stainless steel housing, stainless steel burners, flame tamers, heat zone separators, and all other stainless steel components. The electrical components and ignition system parts are covered for 1 year.


All of their grills have a lifetime warranty on construction and manufacturer’s defects for the frame and housing, grates, burners, and valves.

You Chose Your Built-In Grill, What's Next?

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Want a little more information before you jump in? We have reviews of other grill brands and more at our Learning Center!

We can’t wait to talk to you!

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No, Blaze grills are not made in the USA. Although the company is based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Blaze grills are made in China.

BBQGuys founded Blaze Grills. They are now both owned by Brand Velocity Partners, a private equity firm.


Are Blaze grills good? Blaze BBQ grills are all built to last with 304 stainless steel, have a lifetime warranty, use a flame thrower ignition, and are reasonably priced. They are quality barbecue grills!

Summerset’s lower-end grills, the Sizzler and TRL, are imported from Asia. However, their Alturi is made in California.

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