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Best Pellets For Smoking: 8 Tantalizing Flavor Pairings & How to Choose

best pellets for smoking with 4 types

Your pellet grill is sitting in the backyard right at this very moment, begging for your attention. Whether you’re a seasoned pellet grill operator, or a newbie just learning the ropes… Your pellet grilled creations are only as good as the pellets you use. It’s this exact curiosity that brings you here today… And why … Read more

Smoker vs Pellet Grill Showdown: 7 Advantages, 7 Disadvantages, & What to Buy

smoker vs pellet grill

You’re in the market for a shiny new smoker… But you’re not entirely sure which one to get. Hence, why you’re on the hunt for some comparison blogs. Namely… A smoker vs pellet grill blog. Because ultimately, you know you want a smoker of some sort. You’re just not exactly sure which one appeals to … Read more

Pit Boss vs Traeger: Which is Best? 11 Important Points Compared

Pit Boss vs Traeger featured image

So you’ve heard that pellet grills are a prime choice for outdoor BBQ… And you want one for your own backyard, stat. Whether you’ve been browsing online or scoping out the stock at your local hardware store… You’ve probably noticed two brands dominating the pellet grill scene. Pit Boss and Traeger. Both of these big … Read more

BBQ Kitchen: 5 Leading Brands & Detailed Buyer’s Guide

Man grilling at outdoor bbq kitchen

There’s nothing quite like outdoor cooking over an open fire. Bouquets of savory smoke… Melt-in-your-mouth flavors… The sizzling sound of searing meat… There’s so much to love! But we probably didn’t have to tell you that. Because if you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance that you already consider yourself somewhat of a BBQ-buff… … Read more

Infrared Gas Grill: Buying Guide & 6 Best Brands Of 2024

Gas grills have long been the reigning champions of the outdoor cooking scene, and are often celebrated for their exceptional convenience and efficiency. But what if we told you there was a way to take that convenience and efficiency even further? Allow us to introduce you to infrared gas grills. With lighting-fast preheat times and … Read more

Outdoor Wok Burner: Buyer’s Guide & The 6 Best Picks Of 2024

outdoor wok burner featured image

If you love to push the boundaries of your culinary creativity… Wok cooking is a worthwhile pursuit. It’s ultra-efficient and easy to learn (you might even say it’s a wok in the park)… And the end result is smoky, fresh, and delicious. If this has your taste buds tingling… There’s no better way to master … Read more

Why Freestanding vs Built In Appliances Aren’t Interchangeable: 7 Top Safety Concerns

freestanding vs built in featured image

You’re planning to build a BBQ island, and have been browsing through all the different outdoor appliance options. At this point, you’ve likely noticed that there are both “freestanding” and “built-in” models available. But… Does the configuration you choose really matter? Built-in appliances tend to sport a bigger price tag… And it may be tempting … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Texas: 3 Key Considerations & A Top-Tier Solution

customers outdoor kitchen space in texas

As the land of Texas BBQ… It’s clear that outdoor cooking is a deeply valued custom in the Lone Star State. Sure, you could always hit up your local BBQ joint to get that smoky fix… But what if you’re looking to try your own hand as a true Texas pitmaster? Well, with an outdoor … Read more

Lynx Outdoor Kitchen: 4 Important Points & Insider Tips

Lynx Outdoor Kitchen Featured Image

You’re on the hunt for high quality appliances for your outdoor kitchen… And Lynx has crossed your radar. We’ll cut straight to the case… Lynx is an all-around solid choice for built-in grills and other accessories. But before you can fully commit… It’s important to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. More specifically, what … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Components: 6 Must-Haves For A Perfect Island

Outdoor Kitchen Components Featured image

Are you ready to start planning an outdoor kitchen? How exciting! Your backyard will soon become the envy of the neighborhood. But while fresh-grilled food and unforgettable summer cookouts are in your future… Right now, you’re just getting started. And to begin your project in earnest… You’ll first need to familiarize yourself with the essential … Read more

Austin Outdoor Kitchen: Cost, Buying Tips, & 5 Best Builders

greetings from austin

To you, Austin is far more than just the capital of Texas… It’s home. And as you’re reading this… You’re thinking about how to make your Austin home even better than it already is. More specifically, with an Austin outdoor kitchen. And we must say… It’s an excellent idea. But inevitably, you’ll have a lot … Read more

Kamado vs Pellet Grill: Which Is Best? 5 Shocking Differences

Not sure what type of smoker is best for you? If you’re after unrivaled versatility and a flavorsome, smoky flair… It’s likely down to two top contenders: Kamado vs pellet grill. Kamados have been around for over 3,000 years… For good reason! And though pellet grills may be a much newer invention… These innovative appliances … Read more

Kamado Joe Outdoor Kitchen: 4 Key Considerations & The Best Options To Make It Happen

kamado joe outdoor kitchen featured image

Kamado smokers are visually stunning, outstandingly versatile, and all-around incredible outdoor cooking appliances. And one of the absolute best kamado smokers on the market is none other than the bright and bold Kamado Joe. Of course, a Kamado Joe smoker is a grilling powerhouse on its own… But what if we told you there was … Read more

Hibachi Grill For Outdoor Kitchen: What It Is, Plus Your 5 Best Options For A Hibachi Grill Station At Home

steak and scallops on hibachi grill

If you’re passionate about backyard grilling… There will inevitably come a day when you’re ready to test the limits of your culinary creativity. For many, this means stepping beyond the bounds of cooking on a traditional gas grill… And finding an appliance that can do more. And while there are plenty of innovative outdoor cooking … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Installers: What They Are, Plus 4 Tips To Find The Perfect Installer For Your Project

two people easily putting together a ready to assemble outdoor kitchen grill island

When planning an outdoor kitchen project… It’s easy to get caught up in all the small details. But amidst it all… There’s one major question that you certainly don’t want to lose sight of. How is your kitchen going to come together in your backyard? Inevitably, this question then gives way to others… Is this … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen San Antonio: Review of Top Builders in Your Area & 6 Key Points to Consider Before You Buy

greetings from san antonio

As home of the Alamo and many other historical buildings… San Antonio is well-known around the world. But for you… San Antonio isn’t just a tourist destination. Far from it! It’s home. And you’re looking for a way to bring your outdoor living space to the next level. Considering most of the year is comfortable … Read more

Small Gas Grill: The 5 Best Options of 2024, Plus In-Depth Shopper’s Guide

coyote portable grill

Don’t have room on your patio to squeeze in a gargantuan grill? Well, don’t worry! Limited space doesn’t mean you have to swear off outdoor cooking. With a small gas grill, you don’t need an enormous backyard to enjoy the BBQ season to its fullest! And with a king-sized selection of small gas grills out … Read more

Charcoal vs Pellet Smoker: Which Is Better? A Detailed Look At 6 Major Differences, Plus The Pros & Cons Of Each Grill

PELLET VS charcoal featured image

Hot on smoky flavors? Or, are you all about a wood-fired flair? Are you a hands-on griller… Or would you prefer a grill that can do the brunt of the work for you? The type of grill that’s right for you comes down to your personal outdoor cooking style… And when you’re looking for a … Read more

Pellet Grill vs Gas Grill: Which Is Better For You? 6 Considerations To Help You Decide

pellet vs gas grill

Pellet grill vs gas grill: Which is the better choice for your backyard? While gas grills are a tried and tested favorite for high heat searing… There’s no denying that pellet grills offer outstanding cooking versatility. But is that increased versatility reason enough to swap out your old gas grill? In this article, we aim … Read more

Side Burner: How To Buy For Your BBQ Island, And The 6 Best Brands of 2024

dual side burner in reclaimed brick outdoor kitchen

There’s no denying it… BBQ grills are the star of the show when it comes to summer cookouts. But… Are grills enough to get the job (well) done? Sure, you can grill and rotisserie without a hitch… But as with most things, there is a limit to an outdoor grill’s greatness! For instance… What if … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Cover: The 2 Best Options To Keep Your Island Protected Year-Round

l shaped outdoor bar under gazebo

Does an outdoor kitchen need to be covered? If you want every component of your grill station to last as long as possible… The answer is yes. An outdoor kitchen cover is a necessity for maintaining your backyard BBQ setup. If you’re unsure of how to cover an outdoor kitchen… Don’t worry! We’ve got you … Read more

Thor Outdoor Kitchen: Are They Right for You? This In-Depth Review Will Help You Decide

thor outdoor kitchen

Having trouble finding an outdoor kitchen that matches the aesthetic and quality of your indoor kitchen? If so, it makes sense why you’re interested in a Thor outdoor kitchen! (Especially if you already own their indoor appliances.) While Thor is primarily known for their indoor ranges, cooktops, ovens, and refrigerators… They’ve made a foray into … Read more

What Is A Kamado Grill? 7 Must-Know Facts About These Superb Smokers

small outdoor kitchen with kamado smoker

If you’ve done any research on outdoor cooking appliances… There’s a good chance you’ve stumbled across kamado grills. These unique grills are certainly attention grabbing! They’re often quite large and shiny… And their distinct egg-shape is really unforgettable. So, you may know what they look like. But… What is a kamado grill, exactly? It’s a … Read more

Outdoor Pizza Oven Table: The 7 Best Brands of 2024, Plus Picture-Perfect Pizza Oven Stand Ideas

outdoor kitchen with wood fired pizza oven and fridge

Your brand new outdoor pizza oven just arrived… And you can’t wait to fire it up and enjoy authentic, homemade pizza! But wait…  You don’t have a place to set it. No need to worry, there’s a simple fix for this. You need an outdoor pizza oven table! Today, we’ll go over everything you need … Read more

Is an Evo Flat Top Grill Worth It in 2024? Expert Review of 6 Key Features

person cooking on evo flat top grill

If you’re in the market for a flat top grill, you’ve probably noticed just how many options are out there. Whether you’re a flat top novice or a seasoned outdoor cooking pro… There’s likely a griddle that’ll meet your needs! In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at an option on the luxury … Read more

Outdoor Stone Pizza Oven: 3 Types, Pros & Cons, and Your Best Option

cooked pizza taken out of stone pizza oven

Did you know that the average American consumes 46 slices of pizza each year? This fact alone isn’t all that surprising… We’d honestly expect to see a higher number!  But perhaps what you didn’t know is that over half of America’s pizza lovers prefer to eat their cheesy pies from the comfort of their own … Read more

Pellet Grill Outdoor Kitchen: 3 Major Benefits & The Best Options for Your Space

pellet grill rta outdoor kitchen

There are so many details to consider when planning an outdoor kitchen project… And the type of BBQ grill you choose is perhaps the most important one of all. It’s a major decision! Maybe you’re leaning towards a pellet grill outdoor kitchen… That’s a fantastic choice!  Pellet grills are one of the most versatile appliances … Read more

Outdoor Bar on Deck: Expert Recommendations for Installation & 10 Inspiring Ideas

bar island with seating under an umbrella on deck

You’re in the market for a backyard bar… And the best location for your new outdoor oasis will be on the deck! It’s a smart idea. But before you build an outdoor bar on deck… There’s quite a few things you’ll need to keep in mind. This is especially true if your deck is already … Read more

DIY Pizza Oven Outdoor: How To Build Guide, Advantages, & 5 Staggering Drawbacks

diy outdoor pizza oven featured image

Being able to have fresh, wood-fired pizza on demand is a tantalizing prospect! So it’s no wonder that you’re considering building a DIY pizza oven outdoor. Of course, being able to make gourmet pizza whenever you like is the primary motivation… But you’re also after the satisfaction of completing this project yourself. That’s an honorable … Read more

Grill Inserts for Outdoor Kitchen: Important Considerations & 9 Best Brands of 2024

coyote 36 in s series grill built into a moks outdoor kitchen

One of the most important considerations when planning an outdoor kitchen project is which grill insert you choose. After all, the grill will be the star of your BBQ island! If you’re in the market for gas grill inserts for outdoor kitchens… That’s an incredible choice! Gas grills are an incredibly easy and convenient solution … Read more

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