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Outdoor Kitchen Vent Hood: When it’s Necessary, Key Considerations, & Top 7 Brands

outdoor kitchen grill with hood

When planning an outdoor kitchen project… Safety isn’t always the first thing we think about. But it’s essential! Of course, you don’t want to put your family or friends at risk. Which has likely led you to wonder… Do you need an outdoor kitchen vent hood over your island? It’s a worthy question to ask. … Read more

Mont Alpi Outdoor Kitchen: Complete Product Walkthrough & Reviews

Mont alpi black stainless steel outdoor kitchen

When you’re buying an outdoor kitchen… The brand you choose needs to check a lot of boxes! It has to look nice, be made well, be easy to install… And the price has to be right. There’s more to it, of course! But these are the primary areas homeowners look at. And for the above … Read more

Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen: In-Depth Guide & 5 Best Brands

stainless steel modular outdoor kitchen

Picture this… You get a brand new outdoor kitchen. It looks sleek and modern… And it’s clean and shiny. The cabinets and appliances match perfectly… And everything just looks good. If that image resonates with you… You might be looking for a stainless steel outdoor kitchen. While we can’t blame you… There are a few … Read more

Danvers Outdoor Kitchen vs Urban Bonfire: 7 Essential Considerations, Prices, & Reviews

danver vs bonfire graphic

If you’re reading this, it’s no secret you’re interested in an outdoor kitchen. But the question is… What brand should you purchase? The answer depends on your needs! Currently, you might be thinking about a modular grill island offering. And in your research… You’ve likely come across Danver and Urban Bonfire outdoor kitchens. There are … Read more

Traeger Smoker: An Expert Reviews the 10 Best Pellet Smoker Options

rta outdoor kitchen with built in traeger

If you’re looking to add a wood pellet grill to your backyard… You’re likely considering a Traeger smoker. It’s no surprise why! Traeger is one of the most popular smoker brands available. Specializing in pellet smokers… They bring unique features and conveniences to the table. There’s a challenge, though. How do you decide which Traeger … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Roof: Starter’s Guide & 4 Breathtaking Ideas

custom galley rta outdoor kitchen under metal roof structure

There’s no better time to use an outdoor kitchen than during the summer! Warm air and a soft breeze… Fourth of July celebrations… And cookouts by the swimming pool! …But let’s pause for a moment. Is that actually what it’s like cooking outside? Or do you find yourself dripping sweat while you’re trying to cook … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Smoker: The Top 11 Built In Pellet & Kamado Options

You’re in the middle of planning an outdoor kitchen… And it has come time to decide what smoker you want for your island. It’s a huge decision! You may have experience with standalone smokers… But for an outdoor kitchen, it’s a different realm. There’s a lot to consider. Today, we’ll cover those considerations… Reveal the … Read more

Lynx Grills vs Twin Eagles Grills: Top Reviews & Comparison

Lynx Vs twin eagles graphic

Grilling outside in the fresh air is always a great time… But it’s even better when you love your grill! When cooking is your thing, you want to make sure you have all the best tools… Including a high-quality grill. In this blog, you’ll learn all about two fantastic grill brands… Lynx Grills and Twin … Read more

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