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Outdoor Pizza Oven: The All-Around Best Products of 2023

By James King

March 17, 2023

pizza oven on linear rta outdoor kitchen

Let’s open this up with a simple question.

Who loves pizza?

The answer is… Everyone. Absolutely everyone loves pizza.

So it’s no mystery that outdoor pizza ovens have surged in popularity recently.

The prospect of having fresh wood fired homemade pizza pie… Whenever you want?

Some would say that’s a slice of heaven on Earth.

And we would have to agree.

But before you sink your teeth into bubbling cheese and a crispy crust with that oh so delicious authentic taste…

pizza oven on linear rta outdoor kitchen

You have to decide which outdoor pizza oven you want.

This can prove to be a formidable task in and of itself!

Lucky for you… You’re in the right place.

Today we’ll be reviewing the most popular outdoor pizza ovens out there. By the end, you’ll know which ovens make the cut… And which fall short.

Let’s begin.

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What Makes a Good Pizza Outdoor Oven

Before we review specific brands… It’s important to know what actually makes a good pizza oven.

There are quite a few categories to consider!

And at the top of our list?

It’s quality of materials.

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Quality of Materials

If you’re familiar with our content… You’ll know that we’re always emphasizing the importance of quality outdoor kitchen materials.

The same is true for your home pizza oven outdoor!

If you want your backyard oven to last a long time… It needs to have good bones.

And by good bones, we mean top notch materials.

There are two primary materials to consider for your pizza oven.

What are they?

The interior/exterior material and the insulation.

Interior/Exterior Materials

When considering outdoor pizza ovens… You want to see full stainless steel construction.

Stainless steel provides superior resistance to rust and is extremely durable.

The grade of stainless matters as well. 304 stainless is always our preference for the exterior.


It’s the most durable and rust resistant!

Being such a low maintenance material… You’ll have years of enjoyment (and delicious pies!) without worry.

Insulation Materials

There’s also the outdoor pizza oven insulation to contend with.

This an interesting topic because some brands do not utilize insulation at all. (We’ll share why this is important in the next section).

For the outdoor pizza ovens that do use insulation… You’ll most commonly find ceramic fiber.

This is a lightweight and more efficient alternative to the traditional concrete and vermiculite or perlite combo.

Some companies have created their own insulation for even better efficiency.

Point is… A heavily insulated oven is a good thing to look for! This indicates a high quality oven.

Now, let’s see how that relates to performance.


There are a few things to look for when it comes to pizza oven performance.

You want it to get scorching hot…

You want it to retain heat well…

And you want it to happen quickly.

How well your pizza oven accomplishes the above speaks volumes about the quality.

Let’s begin with temperature.


If you’re a fan of Neapolitan style pizza pie… You’ll understand exactly why searing hot temps are essential.

That’s what gives you the beautiful puffed, charred crust you crave.

Scorching heat allows for a perfectly cooked crust… Without overcooking the rest of your pizza.

We like to see a max temperature of around 900-950 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heat retention is another important factor when it comes to performance.

Heat Retention

a man putting fresh wood into pizza ocen to start warming up

If you’re making personal pies for everyone at your pizza parties… You don’t want to constantly re-fire the outdoor oven.

Efficient heat retention solves this problem. Good insulation will prevent the temperatures from dropping too quickly… So you can make pie after pie without constant adjustment while pizza making.

Finally, there’s speed.


When you bake pizza pie… You want it done quickly!

Therefore, you’ll want a pizza oven that can reach very high temperatures fast! Some brands are able to accomplish this in about 20-30 minutes.

The faster pizza is served… The happier everyone is.

Next, let’s look at versatility.


As technology improves… We expect more out of our outdoor kitchen appliances.

For household use… Instant Pot’s air fryer and pressure cooker combo is a classic example of this.

It’s true there’s nothing quite like a fresh slice of pizza pie.

At the same time… You want to make more than just pizza in your outdoor oven.

The versatility of your outdoor pizza oven for non pizza items comes down to size.

If you have space for a larger oven… You can make casseroles, bake breads, roast meats, and even cook vegetables.

If you want to make the most out of your pizza oven… This is certainly something to consider!

Customer Service

While often overlooked… Great customer service should be top of mind when selecting an outdoor pizza oven brand.

The brand you’re considering may check all of the above boxes… But if they have subpar customer service?

You’ll simply be left with a sour taste in your mouth.

You want to know you’ll be taken care of if something goes wrong.

So before you hit “Pay Now”… Make sure your brand’s customer service is ready to help if need be.

Let’s say you find a good brand.

How do you choose one?

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Choosing an Outdoor Pizza Oven

Once you’ve vetted brands… It’s time to choose the perfect outdoor pizza oven for your needs.

Here’s what you need to consider.

Fuel Source

There are two primary fuel types when it comes to outdoor pizza ovens: natural gas and wood.

Just as with built-in grills… There are advantages and disadvantages to each option. Some brands also have a duel fuel oven available.

Some models utilize wood pellets for fuel… But we’re sticking to wood vs gas for this section.

Pros and Cons of Gas Pizza Ovens

There’s a lot to love about a gas outdoor pizza oven. They’re easy to fire up, quick to preheat, and simple to maintain.

There’s no doubt that this fuel source is more convenient than wood.

However… The disadvantage here is what you sacrifice on flavor.

A gas burner just can’t give you the same deep, smoky flavor that wood can.

Also note that a gas oven will require gas lines… Or a propane tank for those using liquid propane gas. Utility lines will be an added expense you may not have been expecting!

Pros and Cons of Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

As you could guess… The pros and cons of wood are inverse to gas.

A wood-fired outdoor pizza oven is simply unmatched when it comes to flavor.

At the same time… It requires more effort to use.

You have to monitor heat, throw in wood chunks, and there’s more cleaning involved.

Our preference?

Despite the extra work involved… An outdoor wood pizza oven is more than worth it!

That’s not to say an outdoor gas pizza oven is bad. (Not at all!)

It comes down to your preferences and what fuel type is better for your needs.


What size should your outdoor pizza oven kit be?

It’s a good question.

Again, it depends on what you’ll be using it for.

Will it mainly be used for just yourself… Or are you going to be hosting many large parties?

Do you just want pizzas cooked… Or do you want more versatility?

If you fit in the former scenarios… You’ll likely prefer a smaller pizza oven.

If you fall in the latter scenarios, spring for a large pizza oven!

And if you’re not sure?

There’s only a teeny, tiny chance you’ll regret sizing up.

Now, there’s only one consideration left when choosing a pizza oven.

Outdoor Pizza Oven Designs

What’s the aesthetic you’re going for?

While some homeowners are a sucker for the classic brick oven style… Most outdoor pizza ovens today have a modern, European chic feel.

You can certainly go for the traditional style if you prefer! However… These methods are generally built from scratch and quite costly.

Contemporary designs are more readily available and cost-effective. This is great if you’re looking for a modern outdoor kitchen with pizza oven.

And for the purposes of this article… The outdoor pizza ovens we’re covering fall neatly into this modern aesthetic.

Speaking of brands… Let’s start the review portion of the article.

Outdoor Pizza Oven Brands

Following the surge of popularity… There are a ton of outdoor pizza oven brands around to meet the demand.

Today, we’ll be reviewing only the best outdoor pizza ovens out there.

Is there one pizza oven out there to rule them all?

You’ll just have to read on and see the best models!

Ooni Outdoor Pizza Oven

We’re kicking off the list with Ooni outdoor pizza ovens. This brand has taken the market by storm in recent years.

Their low profile and affordable price make Ooni a popular choice for homeowners.

So let’s take a deeper look.

Ooni offers pizza ovens fueled by gas and wood pellets. They also offer a multi-fuel model which allows you to use charcoal, wood, or gas… All in one unit!

Some models feature a digital temperature control and hinged glass door.

It’s important to note that the gas models do not have a door… So you will lose a lot of heat there!

Speaking of heat retention… Some Ooni pizza ovens have ceramic fiber insulation. The Ooni 3 is an example.

If you choose a model without insulation… Know that you will lose heat a lot quicker.

As far as materials go, we can’t complain! Ooni utilizes stainless steel construction throughout. The exterior utilizes powder coated steel for a colorful finish.

Overall, this is a solid portable outdoor pizza oven. You will want to purchase a pizza peel though as they are sold separately.

So… What does Sole Gourmet have to offer?

Sole Gourmet

Sole Gourmet makes one type of pizza oven and they make it well!

This brand offers an outdoor wood fired pizza oven in two sizes. Both are on the larger side… So smaller spaces, be aware! These outdoor ovens have a large pizza outdoor cooking space.

Sole Gourmet utilizes rock-spun wool insulation for improved heat retention. The remainder of the construction utilizes stainless steel.

What’s a little different here is the use of Corten steel for some areas of the oven.

This steel is designed to oxidize over time to prevent rust at a deeper level. Areas of the pizza oven that utilize this steel will turn brown… So just be aware of this!

These pizza ovens also feature a damper for more accurate temperature control.

And with a heat up time of about 15 minutes… You won’t be waiting long to enjoy a great pie!

Did we mention these pizza ovens are manufactured in Italy? It doesn’t get much more authentic than that. (Neapolitan pizza pie, anyone?)

Now let’s turn our attention to Chicago Brick Oven.

Chicago Brick Ovens

chicago brick pizza oven kit that is ready to be used

When it comes to this brand… There is no shortage of options!

Not only can you choose from wood fired and hybrid fuel for the heat source… You can get a tailgater or DIY kit. The DIY kit allows you to build an outdoor brick pizza oven.

We won’t discuss the latter options here, but just know that is a potential!

Like our other contenders… Chicago Brick Ovens are well built. They feature powder coated steel construction with refractory cement insulation. (Also made in the USA for those who prefer to buy local!)

Chicago Brick Ovens take about 45 minutes to reach high temperatures of around 1,000 degrees. So you will be waiting a bit longer to use your pizza stone!

Another note to consider is the aesthetic. Particularly with the hybrid model… The design is a bit more blocky in nature.

To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with this! Some homeowners may simply prefer a more streamlined aesthetic.

Overall, Chicago Brick Oven is a solid contender for your pizza oven outdoor kitchen.

Let’s see what Tuscan Chef has to offer.

Tuscan Chef

built in chicago brick pizza oven for outdoor kitchen

The wood burning pizza oven is Tuscan Chef’s specialty.

In fact… There are 7 models to choose from! Tuscan Chef also offers built-in models if you want that traditional wood fired pizza oven aesthetic.

The brick oven look would be great for a stone or rustic outdoor kitchen with pizza oven.

But we digress.

With a max temperature of 950 degrees… There’s plenty of heat for your perfect pizza!

Wondering about materials?

Tuscan Chef utilizes 304 stainless steel for their construction. (That’s great!) There’s no indication of insulation… But if you decide to build in your oven, you can incorporate it yourself.

Alright. What does the Lynx pizza oven look like?

built in chicago brick pizza oven for outdoor kitchen


lynx luxury pizza oven with LED knobs

Well known for their appliances and flat top grills… Lynx is a mainstay in the outdoor appliance industry.

As for their best outdoor pizza ovens?

Lynx’s outdoor pizza oven offering is quite unique. It’s actually presented as a multipurpose oven… Not necessarily for just cooking pizza.

This oven is designed to be a bit easier for roasted meats, vegetables, baking bread, and other delicious meals. There bottom slides out for easy insertion and removal.

The Lynx Napoli is fueled by a gas burner for easy temperature control. There is no wood burning option available… So keep this in mind if you’re set on wood!

As for the construction?

We have no complaints. The Lynx Napoli features stainless steel construction and a refractory cement interior.

This pizza oven is easy on the eyes, too. With illuminated knobs and a sleek aesthetic… This oven will fit in any modern outdoor space.

The only downside you may find is temperature. The Lynx Napoli can only get the oven hot up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit.

For true pizza connoisseurs… This is where the Lynx oven may fall a bit short.

Let’s move on to Gozney.


Just by taking one look at Gozney’s product line… You know you’re seeing something different.

This brand offers 4 outdoor pizza oven options. Built-in brick pizza oven offerings are available for UK residents only.

Gozney’s most popular pizza ovens are the Roccbox and Dome models.

The Roccbox is the smaller, portable pizza oven. You can purchase it in either gas or hybrid for fuel type.

While it doesn’t look much larger than a mailbox… This little unit can still hit peak temperatures of 950 degrees.

The Roccbox does feature insulation, and is coated with silicone on the exterior. The remaining construction is 304 stainless steel.

The Gozney Dome is the Roccbox’s bigger, more versatile brother.

The Dome can be fueled with either pure wood, or as a hybrid with gas. It will reach the same peak heat as the Roccbox… But on a larger pizza cooking surface.

As far as materials go… We can’t 100% confirm them. However, we do know that the exterior is coated in ceramic. There is also insulation for improved heat retention.

Now let’s see the next contender.

Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven

Some of you may be familiar with this brand from ABC’s Shark Tank!

Bertello offers portable outdoor pizza ovens with a hybrid fuel system. You can use wood, gas, charcoal, or wood pellets in this oven.

Like many of the other contenders… This outdoor pizza oven can hit a high temperature around 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wondering about materials?

Unfortunately, we were unable to find any information about it! Bertello does mention insulation. But beyond that… We don’t have a clue!

The bottom line on Bertello?

If you’re looking for an inexpensive portable outdoor pizza oven… This could be an option for you.

Let’s compare with Solo Stove.

Solo Stove

While well-recognized for their iconic camp stoves and fire pits… Solo Stove is a newcomer to the outdoor pizza oven game.

But don’t let this newness deceive you!

Solo Stove’s new pizza oven is an excellent and affordable portable pizza oven option. (Ready for a camping trip, anyone?)

There’s something to be said about the versatility here. Being a perfect match withy our stainless steel outdoor kitchen appliances… This oven is a great conversation starter.

Alternatively, this little oven is easy to pack up for travel. You’ll be ready to go for your next camping trip or tailgating party!

solo stove pi pizza oven warming up to temp

Cleverly named “Pi”, this petite pizza oven comes equipped with a hybrid fuel source. Whether you prefer wood or gas… It can be done both ways! (You can also select a wood-only model.)

Wondering about construction?

The Pi pizza oven features a stainless steel body, ceramic insulation, and a cordierite pizza stone.

Peak temps are competitive as well. For wood burning, max ambient air temperatures reach 850 degrees Fahrenheit. For gas, high heat is 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

All in all… The Pi pizza oven is a great choice if you’re looking for a well-rounded, affordable option. You can even purchase as a kit which will come with everything else you could need like a pizza peel.

How about our last contender on the list?


alfa nano pizza oven

It doesn’t get much more authentic than Alfa. Handmade in Italy… This line of best outdoor pizza ovens truly honors the history and tradition of pizza.

Yet, there’s much more to Alfa than authenticity!

This line of pizza ovens feature some of the quickest heat-up times on the market. You’ll be ready to bake in as little as 20 minutes!

And with the cooking time being only about 90 seconds… You’ll be rewarded with great pizza in a flash.

There’s plenty of options to choose from, too. Whether you want to cook 1 pizza at a time or 5… Alfa has an outdoor pizza oven to meet your needs.

While the wood fired oven is Alfa’s specialty… They also offer gas outdoor ovens.

Alfa doesn’t skimp on quality, either.

Their pizza ovens feature a 304 stainless steel, double powder coated exterior. This means your wood fired pizza oven is built to last… No matter what the elements throw at it.

For insulation, Alfa utilizes DoubleDown Ceramic Superwool®. More efficient than typical rock wool or ceramic insulation… You’ll get high temperatures and fantastic recovery between bakes.

And can we just say… These ovens feature a beautiful aesthetic that fits in virtually any backyard. With Alfa, the outdoor kitchen with pizza oven ideas are virtually endless.


We’ve reviewed a ton of pizza ovens at this point!

The thing is… What is the best outdoor pizza oven?

While there’s no way to calculate what the best outdoor pizza ovens are… We do have a couple recommendations for you!

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Best Economy Pizza Oven

Here’s the thing.

Not everyone wants a top-of-the-line pizza oven. Sometimes… You just want a simple, portable outdoor pizza oven for home and travel use.

Lucky for you, there’s a great option available!

What do we recommend?

solo stove pi pizza oven with a pizza being inserted in to cook

Solo Stove’s brand new outdoor pizza oven.


It’s no secret that Solo Stove has made waves in the outdoor living industry. Their fire pits and other products have gained a cult following in recent years.

Their excellent quality and unmatched innovation is also found in their Pi pizza oven.

For one, the price point is hard to turn down. The low barrier to entry makes it easy for you to achieve your perfect pizza dreams.

Oftentimes, a lower price point means quality is sacrificed in some way. With Solo Stove… That’s not the case!

We’ve been impressed with the amount of value packed into such an affordable oven. There’s not doubt this is the best pizza oven for the price!

What We Love

  • Stainless Steel Construction

  • Heat Source Available in Wood or Gas

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Unique Convection Design (not common with other entry-level options)

  • Easy to Transport for Travel

  • Unique, Trendy Design

What May Not be Ideal for You

  • Not Large Enough for Your Needs

  • Permanent Opening Reduces Heat Retention (not as energy efficient)

  • You Want More Features

Now that you’ve seen our recommendation for the best economy outdoor pizza oven…

What is the best overall?

The Overall Best Pizza Ovens

It’s tough to quantify what makes the best overall outdoor pizza oven.

Ultimately… We all have different needs and tastes.

Yet, there are crowd-pleasers that truly are great for nearly anyone.

For us, that’s Alfa pizza ovens.

Full Disclosure: We do have a partnership with Alfa. However, there’s a reason we do! And it’s because we firmly believe they offer the best pizza ovens on the market.

Why are they our ultimate recommendation?

We could go on forever… But let’s just hit the high points.

Alfa pizza ovens are inspired by professional, restaurant-grade ovens. This means you’re getting all of the benefits of a professional pizzeria oven in a household footprint.

There are three aspects of Alfa’s technology that create this professional quality.

The Perfect Trifecta

Alfa takes a multilayered approach to creating the best outdoor pizza oven possible.

What is this technology, exactly?

For one, there’s the HeatKeeper™ Firebrick.

Compared to lava stone or ceramic pizza stones… These firebricks provide superior radiant high heat. This translates to a crispy pizzas crust without getting burned.

Next is the DoubleDown Ceramic Superwool®.

This type of insulation provides double the heat resistance of regular rock wool. This translates to even better heat maintenance. So when you’re cooking multiple pizzas… You’re not waiting long for the interior temperature to recover.

And for the perfect trifecta?

pizza being inserted into alfa pizza oven on an rta outdoor kitchen kit

Alfa brings it all together with their Full Circulation Flue System®. Most pizza ovens allow heat to escape the flue uninhibited. This heat doesn’t have to be wasted!

Alfa’s flue system doesn’t just let the high heat escape. Hot air actually gets driven back down to heat the firebrick and pizza. Once all that trapped air has been efficiently used… It jumps up and out through a heat escape.

Pretty clever, right?

It’s easy to see that every aspect of an Alfa pizza oven has been perfectly optimized. And now that you’ve heard us sing their praises…

Let’s break it down a bit further!

What We Love

  • Durable, Made to Last Construction

  • Beautiful Modern Aesthetic, Italian-Made

  • Professional, Restaurant-Grade Experience

  • Unmatched Customer Service

  • Rapid Heat Up Time

  • Wide Variety of Models and Sizes

  • Superior Insulation and Heat Retention

What May Not be Ideal for You

  • Price Point May be Prohibitive

  • Aesthetic May Not Fit Your Preference

If you’re looking for the overall best pizza oven out there… It’s our opinion there’s no better choice than Alfa!

That said, you may still be…

On the Fence?

Still not sure about this whole outdoor pizza oven thing?

It’s understandable. Even though you’re in the middle of your research…

You may not be quite sure you want an outdoor pizza oven.

Allow us to provide you with some reasons why a pizza oven is a fantastic addition to your backyard.

Most importantly… Who doesn’t want access to fresh, wood fired pizza whenever you want?

You may think you won’t use your pizza oven that much.

But once you take your first bite into that impeccable, crispy crust?

You’re going to be cranking out pizzas for the whole neighborhood!

The thing is… There’s so much more to an outdoor pizza oven than the end product.

Enjoyable for All

mina starsiak and her family cooking pizzas in their alfa pizza oven

It’s an experience you can’t recreate anywhere else.

You get to participate in a living tradition. Kneading the pizza dough… Applying the toppings… Cooking pizza to perfection…

All of these actions directly tap you into an authentic tradition. Whether you’re Italian or not… You can feel how meaningful such an experience is.

Not to mention, it’s fun for the whole family! Everyone can make a pizza tailored to their preferences. (Although divisive, even pineapple might be allowed!)

Point is, when everyone is engaged and involved… Those are the memories you’ll always hold dear.

Now that your interest in a pizza oven for outdoor kitchen has officially been piqued…

What’s the next step?

The Perfect Pairing: An Outdoor Kitchen Pizza Oven

While you could just have a standalone pizza oven in your backyard space…

Why not go all the way?

rta outdoor kitchen paired with an alfa pizza oven that is ready to enjoy

An outdoor pizza oven kitchen will truly take your backyard to the next level.

You’ll have a fully equipped station to make preparing pizzas incredibly easy… And make whatever else you’d like!

The possibilities (and benefits!) truly are endless.

First of all, the added countertop space is nothing to scoff at. When you’re cooking pizzas outside… There’s nothing more annoying than having to do most of your prep indoors.

It’s messy and inefficient!

Of course… An outdoor grill island with pizza oven gives you far more appliance variety. Grills, power burners, sinks, refrigerators… You name it, you can add it!

Perhaps you’ll want a bar island so everyone can enjoy their slice together outdoors.

An outdoor bbq kitchen with pizza oven is a whole new world!

Curious on how to get started?

Aside from the rest of our blog being a treasure trove of information… You may have questions best served with a phone call.

If so, why not schedule a call with one of our Design Experts? (You might also want to create your own outdoor kitchen designs with pizza oven.)

There’s no one better to speak to for guidance on your potential project.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Well… Do you enjoy pizza making?

Do you enjoy baking other food items outdoor?

If yes… Then an outdoor pizza oven is a no-brainer for you! You will get years of frequent use and incredible food. What more could you ask for?

Absolutely! Simply ensure that your oven is designed for outdoor use.

Outdoor pizza ovens can vary widely in cost. A premium oven will generally run you $1,300 or more.

It depends on where you live! Check with your town or city office for confirmation.

Absolutely! As long as you purchase a high quality outdoor pizza oven… You’ll be enjoying gourmet-style pizza for years to come.

Technically, yes! However, you won’t want to leave it outside all the time. If you know you’ll be having severe weather, it’s a good idea to bring your Ooni inside.

Do you love wood fired pizza? Then yes, of course! A well made wood fired pizza oven will last for years to come.

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