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Gas Pizza Oven Outdoor: Surprising Benefits & 9 Reviews of 2024’s Top Brands

By James King

January 5, 2024

If you asked a room of 20 people what their favorite food is…

How many do you think would say “pizza”?

Probably more than you’d expect!

In fact… 40% of Americans eat pizza at least once a week.

Truth is, we can’t get enough of those carby, cheesy, and crispy triangles of heaven.

And of course… It’s that fondness for pizza that’s got you thinking about getting your own pizza oven!

More specifically, a gas pizza oven outdoor.

Well, you’re off to a fantastic start!

The next question is… What are the benefits of a gas pizza oven? And how do you know which brand is best to buy?

This article will answer both questions in detail… And more.

Let’s get started.

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Benefits of a Gas Pizza Oven over Wood

In the pizza oven world… You have a choice between a wood burning or a gas powered outdoor pizza oven.

Since you’re considering a gas oven… Why would you choose gas over wood?

Beginner Friendly

If this is your first outdoor pizza oven… There’s no doubt that gas fired outdoor pizza ovens are more beginner friendly.

Temperature control is far easier as you simply turn the knob! You don’t need to fiddle with burning the appropriate quantity of wood… And getting the oven to the right temperature.

With a gas oven… It’s set it and forget it.

If you don’t have much experience with homemade pizza, this will be far easier for you. It’s one less thing to worry about! (Just focus on getting your dough perfect!)

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man assembling pizza by gas pizza oven

On the same token… A gas oven’s innate temperature control makes it more convenient for cooking pizza.

You don’t have to light a fire… Wait for the oven to preheat… And make adjustments on the fly.

You turn it on, wait a few minutes, and it’s good to go.

There’s nothing for you to maintain and adjust between bakes… So you can focus on the best part — eating fresh pizza!

Easy Cleanup

people preparing a pizza outside by their solo pi pizza oven

It’s a small point… But gas ovens make for quicker cleanup after dinner.

Think about it.

There’s no wood chunks or ashes for you to brush out of the oven.

This also means you don’t have to concern yourself with soot accumulation.

Gas ovens are a clean-burning, low-maintenance option for your backyard.

Everything sound good so far?

Now, let’s take a peek at some outdoor pizza gas oven brands.

Gas Pizza Oven Outdoor Best-Of 2024

If you’re just beginning your research… You might be surprised by how many gas pizza oven outdoor options there are!

But don’t fret. We’ll go through each option in detail!

Ooni Natural Gas Pizza Oven Outdoor

ooni koda 12 gas powered pizza oven

Ooni is one of the most popular portable pizza oven brands on the market. And while they have a few different lines… We’re only focusing on their gas powered oven.

That’s right, the Ooni Koda!

There are two sizes offered, the Koda 12 and Koda 16. They’ll cook a 12” pizza and 16” pizza, respectively.

Both ovens should reach the peak temperature of 950°F in about 15 minutes. (This high heat leads to a crispy crust and gooey cheese!)

Maximum BTU output in the Koda 12 is 13,648… And 29,000 BTUs on the Koda 16.

Both sizes will have a powder-coated carbon steel shell and cordierite pizza stone.

While we can’t confirm the type of burner in the Koda 12… The Koda 16 is reported to have an L-shape burner. (This will provide more coverage in your oven.)

All Ooni pizza ovens come with a standard 1 year warranty… But it is extended to 3 years if you register your oven with them.

For cost… The Koda 12 is listed at $338.56 and the Ooni Koda 16 is listed at $597.00.

Let’s take a peek at what pizza oven gas outdoor Gozney has to offer.

Gozney Roccbox Outdoor Pizza Oven Gas Fired

Gozney offers some of the most innovative pizza oven options on the market! This is evidenced by the Gozney Dome, which won special mention in Time Magazine’s best inventions of 2021.

But we’re focusing on gas-only pizza ovens… And from Gozney, they have the Roccbox.

While there is a dual fuel option for this model… We’re just going to look at the gas burner option here.

Reminiscent of a mailbox in appearance… The Gozney Roccbox delivers a 950°F maximum temperature powered by a 14,330 BTU burner

Although it isn’t clear what size pizza you can bake… Based on the cooking floor dimensions, you can fit a 12” pie in the Roccbox.

As far as materials go… The Roccbox comes with full 304 stainless steel construction for any metal parts. (Love to see it!)

The cooking floor is made from 19mm cordierite stone, the insulation is calcium silicate, and there’s a silicone outer jacket. This outer jacket keeps your oven comfortable to the touch.

The Roccbox will also come with a built-in thermometer.

Similar to Ooni… Gozney’s pizza ovens come with a 1 year standard warranty. If you register your oven within 60 days of purchase… Your warranty is upgraded to 5 years.

For price, the Gozney Roccbox will run you $499.00 for the propane gas model.

Now, let’s turn our attention to Bertello.

Bertello Wood Fire and Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven

If you’re a fan of Shark Tank… There’s a good chance you’ve heard of Bertello from there!

Bertello’s founders forged a deal with Kevin O’Leary (also known as Mr. Wonderful), and the rest is history.

Currently, Bertello offers a 16” outdoor pizza oven. They also offer a 12” version. However… It is only available as part of a bundle with a pizza peel on their website.

Of course, the fuel source is propane gas for both! The 16” can burn wood and gas at the same time if desired… And the 12” can use gas, wood, charcoal, and even wood pellets for fuel.

For the sake of simplicity… We’re going to focus on the 16” model here. (It’s also primarily fueled by gas.)

And yes… The 16” size means you can bake 16” pies in this oven.

The Bertello Grande reaches high temperatures of over 900°F in less than 15 minutes. This is all made possible with the 27,000 BTU burner!

Materials are where the information gets a little murky. Amazon lists the outer materials as stainless steel… But there’s no indication of the grade. We also can’t confirm what the black outer coating is made from.

There’s no indication of insulation, either. However… We can confirm that the cooking surface is a cordierite baking stone.

Bertello offers a 3 year warranty for their ovens… And the Grande 16” currently goes for $549.99 MSRP.

What does Alfa bring to the table?

Alfa Nano and Brio Gas Fired Pizza Oven Outdoor

nano gas pizza oven

Alfa is well-known for their authentic, Italian-made pizza ovens. And while they offer a range of wood-fired pizza ovens… We’re going to focus solely on the gas powered ovens.

In your search for a gas fired pizza oven… The Nano and Brio will be the most popular offerings from Alfa.

You can choose a wood-fired or gas powered Nano… (We’ll stick with gas!) And the Brio comes as a hybrid option.

The more petite Nano has a 19” cooking surface. The larger brio will come with a far bigger 27” cooking area! (That’s a large outdoor gas pizza oven!)

Both ovens have a 1,000°F maximum temperature and come with extremely powerful burners!

The Nano and Brio come equipped with 27,280 BTU and 71,655 BTU burners, respectively.

Their outdoor pizza oven natural gas materials are nothing to scoff at, either.

The Alfa Nano and Brio come with a 304 stainless steel, double powder coated exterior.

For insulation, these ovens come with Alfa’s DoubleDown Ceramic Superwool®. This ceramic fiber offers double the heat resistance of traditional rock wool insulation.

Another neat feature of Alfa’s gas ovens is where the burner is located. Most brands will locate their burners in the back… But Alfa puts theirs on the side.

By doing this, the heat of the gas burners simulates where the wood heat would be coming from. This improves the convection and allows heat to flow across the oven more naturally.

Alfa covers their ovens under a 2 year warranty.

For cost… The Nano sits at $1,399.00 and the Brio at $3,899.00. 

On to Mont Alpi!

Mont Alpi Portable Propane Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven

mont alpi pizza oven

Primarily known for their built-in grills and outdoor kitchens Mont Alpi has made a foray into the outdoor pizza oven market.

Mont Alpi’s portable outdoor pizza oven can cook pies up to 12” in diameter.

The U-shaped, 12,000 BTU burner reaches a maximum temperature of 620°F.

This lower temperature does mean you won’t quite get to a traditional Neapolitan-style pizza… And it will take 5 minutes to cook, rather than 90 seconds at 900°F.

This also means your pizza crust may not get as crispy as you’d like.

For materials, Mont Alpi utilizes full 304 stainless steel construction. There’s no indication of insulation… So this oven might not be insulated at all!

The pizza stone is a 12” “chef style” stone.

Mont Alpi’s warranty covers this pizza oven for one year, and will cost $223.99.

Now, let’s take a peek at Summerset.

Summerset Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven

summerset pizza oven

Like Mont Alpi, Summerset is also known for their grills, refrigerators, and other outdoor appliances!

And of course, Summerset also offers a gas pizza oven.

Summerset’s oven can cook pies up to 14” in diameter. It includes a 16,000 BTU burner with an ambient temperature range of 200-450 degrees Fahrenheit. At maximum temperatures… The pizza stone can get up to 700°F.

Like Mont Alpi, the Summerset oven does fall on the lower end for maximum heat output.

Materials in this oven feature complete 304 stainless steel construction. Once again, there’s no indication of insulation here. A food-safe, 15 inch pizza stone is included as well.

Summerset offers a lifetime warranty on the construction, cooking grates, burners, burner covers, valves, and temperature gauge. All other components are covered for 3 years.

For price… The countertop model costs $1,499.00.

Let’s move on to Lynx!

customize your outdoor kitchen

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Lynx Napoli Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven

Once again, Lynx is primarily in the grills and appliance market!

Their gas pizza oven is known as the 30” Lynx Napoli. While marketed as more of a general outdoor oven… It can also be used for baking pizzas specifically.

For capacity, this oven can bake up to an 18” pie! The 40,000 BTU double burners shell out a maximum temperature of 800°F.

The shape of this oven lends itself well to baking breads, casseroles, and other dishes as well.

Like many of the other pizza ovens… The Lynx Napoli features 304 stainless steel construction. The interior dome and cooking surface are made from refractory concrete.

Lynx’s warranty on this oven is interesting as well! They cover the steel body and burners for a lifetime. The manifolds, gas valves, refractory dome, and base are covered for 5 years… And all other parts are covered for 2 years.

Currently, you’ll pay $6,489.00 MSRP for the Lynx Napoli oven.

How does Alfresco stack up?

lynx pizza oven

Alfresco Outdoor Natural Gas Pizza Oven

Alfresco is well known for their artisan grill line and outdoor appliances.

But of course… We’re honing in on their gas pizza oven!

Similar to the Lynx Napoli… Alfresco’s outdoor oven is 30” wide.

However, the capacity is a bit different. Alfresco’s oven is equipped to handle a pizza up to 14” in diameter. The 40,000 BTU burner will reach peak temperatures of 1,000°F!

Once again, we see 304 stainless steel construction with the Alfresco oven. (Love to see it!)

We don’t see any indication of an insulation material… But the cooking surface is made from refractory ceramic.

What about the warranty?

alfresco pizza oven

Alfresco’s warranty can be a bit unclear, so you’ll have to confirm with them! Depending on the parts in question… You’ll get coverage anywhere from 2 years, 5 years, to a lifetime.

For cost… The Alfresco oven is currently listed at $6,999.00.

Finally, let’s turn our attention to Solo Stove.

Solo Stove Natural Gas Outdoor Gas Pizza Oven

solo stove pi gas fueled pizza oven ready to use

Unlike many of the other brands we’ve featured… Solo Stove is most recognized for their portable camp stoves!

Recently, they’ve jumped into the pizza oven game with the Solo Stove Pi. There’s a wood-only, and hybrid option with gas available… So of course, we’re focusing on the option equipped for gas.

This petite oven can fit pies up to 12” in diameter. Maximum temperatures will reach 900°F… But we don’t know how powerful the gas burner is!

Materials are right in line with many of the other brands… The Solo Stove Pi has a complete 304 stainless steel body. The insulation is ceramic, and the stone is a cordierite ceramic pizza stone.

As far as the warranty goes… Solo Stove provides a lifetime warranty on the Pi ovens. It’s excellent to see!

When equipped with a gas burner… The Solo Stove will cost $599.00. 

Okay, we’ve discussed a ton of pizza ovens! Which one is the best?

Best Starter Natural Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven

After reading through the listings… You’ll notice that these pizza ovens have a wide price range!

If you’re just getting into the hobby… You might not want to drop a couple grand right away.

Lucky for you, we have a recommendation for beginners!

It’s the Solo Stove Pi pizza oven.

Of course, it has a beginner-friendly gas burner… But it’s also equipped for wood!

So if you want to experiment with wood as your confidence grows… The option is there.

Additionally, the Solo Stove is made with excellent materials compared to other entry-level options. The 304 stainless steel construction will endure well outdoors.

You will pay a bit more than some of the other budget options… But the lifetime warranty on the Solo Stove Pi makes it worth the cost!

But what if you’re a veteran pizza maker?

solo stove pi pizza oven with a pizza being inserted in to cook

Best Outdoor Gas Pizza Oven Overall

brio pizza oven on outdoor kitchen

If you’re looking to jump into a restaurant-quality pizza oven… The best outdoor natural gas pizza oven is from Alfa!

Whether you choose the Nano or the Brio… Both will bring you a true taste of Italy. (And truly great pizza!)

It goes beyond Alfa’s top-notch materials.

Their professional grade ovens are designed for peak performance from every angle!

In particular, there are three aspects of all Alfa outdoor pizza ovens worth showcasing.

First, it’s the HeatKeeper™ Firebrick.

These firebricks provide superior radiant heat compared to lava or ceramic pizza stones.

There’s also the aforementioned DoubleDown Ceramic Superwool®.

The more insulation there is, the better your pizza oven will maintain heat. And with double the heat resistance of regular rock wool… Alfa pizza ovens stay plenty hot between bakes.

Finally, Alfa has their Full Circulation Flue System®.

Rather than just letting hot air escape the flue uninhibited… Alfa’s flue system harnesses this heat!

It gets recirculated through the oven once more before exiting the flue.

This further keeps your oven piping hot at all times.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your pizza making journey… There’s no better option than Alfa gas pizza ovens!

But no matter what oven you choose… You’ll need the perfect place to put it!

The Easiest Way to Enjoy Your New Outdoor Gas Fired Pizza Oven

modern concrete outdoor kitchen by rta for mike pyle

Alright. Your new gas pizza oven kit is delivered, shiny and new!

Where are you going to place it?

While it’s simple enough to have a basic stand for it… That doesn’t exactly leave you room to work with the dough and prepare your pie.

The perfect solution?

Why, an outdoor kitchen of course!

You get all the versatility you could want!

There’s a permanent resting place for your new oven… Plenty of counter space for rolling out dough… And possibly a bar island for eating your fresh pizza!

You could even include other appliances such as a built-in grill, outdoor griddle, refrigerator, sink, and more.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

An outside kitchen makes preparing pizza far easier. It also makes the process cleaner!

You don’t have to worry about flour falling all over your kitchen floor. When you’re outside, it’s not even a concern. All you need to do is wipe down the countertops after you’re done baking!

Easy as pie. (More specifically, a pizza pie.)

Ready to take your pizza party game to the next level?

We’d be honored to help you design the matching outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

Check out our free online design tool to create your custom design… And we’ll be in touch to create your backyard pizzeria!

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Using a gas pizza oven for outdoor cooking couldn’t be easier. You simply turn the oven on, set your temperature, wait for the oven to heat up… And put your prepped pizza inside to cook! If your oven reaches around 900°F, it will take only about 90 seconds to cook your pie.

The fuel your pizza oven uses depends on the option you choose. Most will come equipped for wood-burning or gas. Some pizza ovens can also be fueled by wood pellets or charcoal.

You certainly can use your outdoor pizza oven in the winter… Barring the occasional blizzard, of course! You’ll just have to experiment with cook times and temperatures during the winter. Also be sure to keep the interior of your oven nice and dry!

The cost for a gas pizza oven varies widely. You can find budget models as low as $300… And higher end models as high as $7,000+. That said, you can easily find an oven that fits in your budget and needs.

Preheat the oven to around 450ºF, and cook your frozen pizza for about 10 minutes.

There are three primary benefits to a gas pizza oven. One of the most compelling is it’s a beginner-friendly option! You simply turn the temperature dial to get the heat on, no need to fiddle with wood. This also makes a gas pizza oven more convenient. There’s no mid-bake adjustments you need to make… Simply wait for your pizza to be done! Gas pizza ovens also make for easier cleanup, as there’s no wood ash to clean out.

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