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Pizza Ovens Countertop: 8 Expert-Tested Recommendations, Reviews, & Essential Considerations

By Gabrielle Desmarais

January 5, 2024

Restaurant-quality homemade pizza is one of the most satisfying meals… But historically, it hasn’t been easy to achieve!

In recent history, if you wanted a high performance pizza oven… You would have to build your own stone or brick pizza oven. (Talk about backbreaking work!)

Some countertop ovens were available… But they were either severely underpowered indoor versions, or large and unwieldy outdoor versions. (Not everyone has that kind of space!)

But we’re seeing a true renaissance in the pizza ovens countertop space.

So if you’re in the market for a high-performance, reasonably priced, and comfortably sized countertop pizza oven… You’re jumping in at the right time.

pizza oven countertop featured image

What is a Countertop Pizza Oven?

It might seem obvious… But the term “countertop pizza oven” is actually quite broad.

To guide us through the topic… We’ve enlisted the assistance of Derek Gaughan, over at Pala Pizza.

He’s a dedicated countertop pizza oven reviewer, and unlike many blogs you’ll see… He actually tests out the mettle of these ovens!

At this point, he’s tested over 20 unique ovens, and has been cooking pizza at home for nearly 15 years.

With that level of expertise… There’s no one better to educate us on the topic.

So, what’s a countertop pizza oven?

“Countertop pizza ovens in general are broad, and do refer to indoor or outdoor ovens”, Gaughan shares.

And as you’ll discover in a moment… Indoor and outdoor pizza ovens are extremely different!

Yet, there are some similarities.

Generally speaking… A countertop pizza oven will be lightweight, relatively small, and portable.

You can easily put them on your countertop for pizza night… And stow it away when you’re done cleaning up.

And unlike a pizza oven kit… Countertop ovens are fully prefabricated, and ready to use out of the box.

So far, so good? Now, let’s get into the differences between indoor and outdoor countertop pizza ovens.

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Indoor vs Outdoor Countertop Pizza Ovens: What’s the Difference?

ooni karu mult

Both of these ovens make pizza… What could be so different about them?

Quite a lot, actually!

Indoor countertop ovens will come in a variety of shapes and sizes… And even function slightly differently.

Some operate like a convection toaster oven or air fryer with glass doors and baking pans… While others look like a panini press, but are shaped with a non-stick “pizza stone” instead.

No matter what they look like… All indoor ovens will have electric heating elements.

Let’s contrast this with an outdoor countertop pizza oven.

Again, designs can look fairly different across the board… But they won’t function much differently.

All outdoor ovens will come with a pizza stone, and they will have a small opening to insert your dough into.

Fuel options will be wood or gas… And depending on your needs, many ovens can be converted to be fueled by both. (These are considered hybrid ovens.)

Either way… A hot, open flame will bring forth searing high heat to cook your pizza.

Got the basics down?

From our perspective… 99% of the time, you’ll be far happier with purchasing an outdoor pizza ovens countertop.

Here’s why.

Why Outdoor Ovens are Your Best Bet for Success

Any appliance you decide to purchase for your home should pull its weight.

And while you can spring for an indoor pizza oven… It’s generally not worth your while.

What makes an outdoor pizza ovens countertop better?

They Get Way Hotter

alfa ovens stone outdoor gas pizza oven gauge

As soon as you start sorting out the specs… It becomes abundantly obvious that indoor pizza ovens are lacking in the temperature department.

For a fantastic Neapolitan style pizza… You want your oven capping out at around 900°F.

An indoor countertop oven simply can’t keep up with that! Most models max out at 500°F.

“Honestly, it’s no different than using your home oven. It reaches a similar 500° temperature. So to me, why buy that when you can just get a pizza steel in your oven?”, Gaughan explains.

What can we say… The logic is sound.

This is especially true if you’re specifically gunning for a Neapolitan pizza.

“Neapolitan style pizza is what traditionally has been the most difficult for someone to make at home. If you try to make it in a kitchen oven, it tends to come out dense with not a good bite at all. Whereas in a 900° oven, it’s the complete opposite. The crust comes out airy, fluffy, and bakes within 60-90 seconds”, Gaughan continues.

An indoor oven just won’t cut it here. But what about other styles of pizza?

NY style pizzas are optimally baked at 600° – 700°…  Which most indoor pizza ovens will once again fall short on.

Detroit style pizzas can work in a wide variety of temperature ranges… But again, a higher temperature range is often preferred.

Another area where indoor ovens can lack is size.

They Can be Much Larger

large pizza oven at outdoor kitchen

As we’ve already established… Indoor pizza ovens are limited. And those limitations extend to sizes, as well.

Since they’ll have to sit neatly on your kitchen countertop… These appliances can’t be too big.

Therefore, the vast majority of indoor pizza ovens can only fit a 12” pie.

If that’s all you need… That’s great! Many outdoor ovens have the same capacity.

However, outdoor ovens are far more flexible in the size department. Many outdoor ovens can accommodate a 16” pizza while maintaining a small footprint.

If you have extra outdoor space… You could even spring for a larger outdoor oven that can hold 2+ pies at a single time.

But no matter what outdoor pizza oven you choose…

No Indoor Space is Wasted

This is likely one of the most understated benefits of an outdoor countertop pizza oven.

The space inside your home comes at a premium… And every appliance you add to your kitchen clutters it up just a little more.

Plus, an indoor pizza maker is a “unitasker”, as Food Network host Alton Brown likes to call them.

It’s a kitchen tool/appliance that can only do one thing… Taking up precious space that could be better used elsewhere.

And considering that most indoor pizza makers are functionally no different than your conventional oven… You might as well save yourself the space.

An outdoor pizza oven will add to the functionality of your backyard… And you’ve got some great options to choose from!

You’ve Got More Cooking Options

man putting pizza into outdoor pizza oven

While all outdoor pizza ovens are crafted to create an impeccable pizza… You also have some unique fuel options.

Unlike indoor ovens (which are all electric)… An outdoor pizza oven can be fueled with wood or natural gas. Some ovens can run on liquid propane, too.

Of course, gas and propane are convenient to use. Similar to electric, you turn the dial and preheat immediately!

But if you want a more rustic experience… Wood fired pizza ovens are the way to go. It’s an experience that fully engages the senses.

Many outdoor pizza ovens can be converted to run both fuel types, allowing you optimal flexibility.

You simply can’t do that with an indoor oven. It’s electric… Or bust.

Better (and More Delicious) Results

We’ve somewhat touched on this in the temperature section… But it’s absolutely true.

An outdoor countertop pizza oven makes better pizza. Period.

Outdoor ovens will give you that thin, crispy crust… Perfectly bubbling, molten cheese… And a satisfying bite an indoor oven can’t replicate.

And not to beat a dead horse, but it really comes down to the temperature!

If you’ve ever tasted a fresh, wood-fired pizza yourself… You’ll know this truth to be self-evident!

So if you’re going to take the leap… You may as well go for the gusto.

That said, let’s review the best countertop pizza ovens out there.

Perfect countertop pizza ovens

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The Best Countertop Pizza Oven Reviews of 2024

Time to do some window shopping. This roundup includes the best-of-the-best countertop ovens for 2024… At least one of these will be calling your name!

Best Indoor Oven: Breville Pizzaiolo

Product Highlights

Max Temperature: 750 F

Pizza Size: 12″

Warranty: 2 years

Price: $999.95

While we generally don’t recommend an indoor pizza oven… If it’s a non-negotiable, Breville’s Pizzaiolo is the one to get.

Also known as “the Smart Oven”… Gaughan tested this indoor oven back before he was originally posting reviews. For an indoor option, it performs fairly well!

The Breville countertop pizza oven reaches a maximum temperature of 750°F… Which is a good deal hotter than most indoor ovens! This can bake a commendable 12” New York style pizza.

Breville also advertises the Element iQ system. This functionality is supposed to create the ideal baking environment for “New York, Pan, Thin & Crispy and Frozen pizzas”.

There’s even a cordierite pizza stone inside… Serving to further replicate that brick oven cooking surface.

You can get a brushed stainless steel finish or “black truffle” finish. And weighing only about 2.64 lbs… This oven is super easy to maneuver around the kitchen.

Breville’s Pizzaiolo is warrantied for 2 years… And is currently priced at $999.95 on Amazon.

Best Countertop Electric Pizza Oven: Ooni Volt

ooni volt pizza oven
Product Highlights

Max Temperature: 850 F

Pizza Size: 12″

Warranty: 2 years

Price: $999.00

Next up is a brand-new release!

Ooni is paving the way for a countertop oven that can be used both indoors… And outdoors.

Gaughan hasn’t been able to get his hands on this model to test it quite yet… But the specs look promising.

This electric countertop pizza oven can reach a groundbreaking 850°F maximum temperature! This is approaching the realm of a good Neapolitan style range.

This oven has several knobs to tightly control how your pie is cooked. There’s a timer, temperature control knob… And a third knob to control the top and bottom heating elements as well.

This offers excellent versatility during your bake. If you need more heat on the top… You can easily make adjustments on the fly.

The Ooni Volt comes with a 13” cordierite pizza stone for 12-inch pizza pies… And is constructed with powder-coated carbon steel and stainless steel for durability in the outdoor environment.

This oven is, of course, fantastic for indoor use… But if you live in an area that prohibits open flame appliances, this is an excellent solution for outdoor use as well.

When unboxed, the Ooni Volt weighs almost 40 lbs… Which has some heft, but is not unmanageable to transport.

Ooni offers a 2 year warranty for this oven… And it’s currently priced for $999.00 on Ooni’s website.

Best Dual Fuel Option: Solo Stove Pi

solo stove pi gas fueled pizza oven ready to use
Product Highlights

Max Temperature: 900 F

Pizza Size: 12”

Warranty: Lifetime

Price: $624.99

The rest of this roundup will include strictly outdoor ovens… Starting with the Solo Stove Pi.

What’s unique about this oven is the potential for a hybrid upgrade. Most countertop ovens are equipped for a single fuel type only.

But if you want to alternate between wood or gas… Solo Stove offers a gas upgrade kit (sold separately) to make this a formidable hybrid oven.

With its unique shape, cordierite stone, and solid stainless steel construction… The Solo Stove performs well, and was able to preheat to over 900°F in a half hour.

“I like the Solo Pi, that was good with Neapolitan, but it didn’t do quite as well with NY. The size is smaller so you are limited with what you can make”, Gaughan shares.

And despite the seemingly-large opening… It’s true. The Solo Stove can fit a 12” pie comfortably, but nothing more.

This stainless steel countertop pizza oven weighs 30 lbs, which offers great portability! It would be simple to haul this oven onto your next camping trip.

Solo Stove offers an impressive lifetime warranty on their oven… And multiple bundles are available if you want to include some premium accessories.

The countertop wood burning pizza oven is offered at a $624.99 MSRP, and if you add the gas burner… That will run you $894.99. (Sales are run frequently, so be sure to check their website!)

Most Beginner Friendly: Ooni Koda 16

ooni koda pizza oven
Product Highlights

Max Temperature: 950 F

Pizza Size: 16”

Warranty: 5 years

Price: $599.00

If you’re just looking to dip your toes into the world of pizza making… The Ooni Koda 16 is a safe bet for beginners.

“The Koda is what I consider to be one of the most beginner friendly options. It’s the most user-friendly for someone who’s new to pizza making. There’s a wide cooking area, and the L-burner doesn’t burn up one spot of the crust quite as quickly as the Karu can”, Gaughan explains.

We’ll get to the Karu in a moment… But the Koda 16’s L-burner is a smart innovation, allowing a larger portion of the pizza to be cooked at once.

This requires less turning on your part… Which can be difficult to get the hang of as a newbie.

True to the name, this gas-powered oven can fit a 16” pie. It also has a cordierite baking board, which is easy to remove and clean.

The Ooni Koda can take a little longer to heat up… But it’s worth the wait, and reaches a scorching hot 950°F.

This countertop gas pizza oven weighs just shy of 40 lbs… And is constructed from a powder-coated carbon steel shell.

As you’ll see in Pala Pizza’s 2 year update video… The Koda’s exterior did struggle in the outdoor environment, and showed signs of wear. So be sure to keep this oven covered, and possibly even stow it away indoors during the winter months.

Ooni warranties the Koda 16 for a period of 5 years… And is listed on Amazon for $599.00.

Top-Notch NY Style: Halo Versa 16

Product Highlights

Max Temperature: 805 F

Pizza Size: 16”

Warranty: 5 years

Price: $549.99

If New York Style pizza is your absolute favorite… The Halo Versa will reliably dish out perfect pie, after perfect pie.

What’s unique about this oven is it actually has a rotating cordierite pizza stone. It can be turned on or off at any point during the bake.

This propane-fueled oven has a dual-burner system. There’s an infrared burner under the stone… As well as the primary heat source in the back.

The Halo Versa doesn’t get quite hot enough for Neapolitan style pizzas… Which coincidentally makes it a fantastic option for NY style. (In Pala Pizza’s test, the stone temperature maxed out at 805°F after 35 minutes.)

“The Halo Versa 16 worked awesome for NY style pizza, honestly one of the best”, Gaughan recalls.

The longer cooking time and rotating stone create the environment for an impeccable 16” NY pizza.

This countertop pizza oven outdoor is on the heavier side… Weighing in at just over 43 lbs.

The Halo Versa 16 is constructed with powder coated 430 grade stainless steel… Which is not optimal. (When specified, we strongly prefer 304 grade for appliances.)

Halo offers a 5 year warranty for this oven… And is available for $549.99 on Amazon.

Impeccable Neapolitan: Gozney Roccbox

Product Highlights

Max Temperature: 900 F

Pizza Size: 12”

Warranty: 5 years

Price: $499.00

Now let’s take a look on the flip side.

If you want some of the best Neapolitan pizza a countertop pizza oven can offer… The Gozney  Roccbox is calling your name.

This mailbox-shaped pizza oven is equipped with an insanely-hot torch burner in the back. When on at full blast, this little oven preheats to over 900°F in as little as a half hour.

“If you’re strictly looking to cook Neapolitan, the Roccbox is absolutely the best oven you can get. You can’t do NY style, as the heat is just way too intense. The torch burner is huge, and one of the fastest to preheat to 900 degrees”, Gaughan states.

Fueled by either wood or gas… Gozney’s Roccbox can accommodate a single 12” pie.

This home countertop pizza oven features complete 304 stainless steel construction, which is fantastic to see!

It also comes equipped with a silicone “safe-touch” jacket on the exterior. This is a great safety measure, especially if little ones will be around.

The cordierite pizza stone is not removable, which can be challenging if it needs to be replaced.

And like the Halo Versa… This pizza oven is on the heavier side, sitting at 44 lbs.

Gozney covers the Roccbox with a 5 year warranty… And it’s available on Amazon for $499.00.

Pala Pizza’s Top Choice: Ooni Karu 16

ooni karu pizza oven
Product Highlights

Max Temperature: 840 F

Pizza Size: 16”

Warranty: 5 years

Price: $799.00

Alright. Let’s get to Pala Pizza’s top choice… The Ooni Karu 16.

This oven is an absolute powerhouse… And excels at baking all three types of pizza.

“The Ooni Karu 16 right now is one of my top picks because it is able to produce NY, Neapolitan, and Detroit style pizzas at a professional level”, Gaughan explains.

The full-view glass oven door does an excellent job of trapping heat in… And the included chimney improves airflow.

You can cook with wood, charcoal, or gas… But the gas burner attachment will be sold separately.

The pizza stone only got to about 840°F in Pala Pizza’s review… But that didn’t stop it from baking an incredible Neapolitan pie.

The Karu 16 will reliably pump out 16” pizza pies… And is constructed with powder coated carbon steel and stainless steel. (This will likely have the same durability challenges as the Koda 16.)

Weighing in at just over 62 lbs, this is the heaviest oven on the list so far. It’s less portable… But worth the effort!

The Ooni Karu 16 will come paired with a 5 year warranty… And is available on Amazon for $799.00.

Our Top Pick: Alfa Moderno Portable

Product Highlights

Max Temperature: 1000 F

Pizza Size: 12”

Warranty: 2 years

Price: $1,299.00

Let’s wrap up the list with our top pick.

Alfa is well-known in the industry for their professional, Italian-made pizza ovens… But most of them are huge!

Most ovens in Alfa’s line can cook 2-5 pizzas… And that takes up a massive amount of space.

But Alfa has just released a brand-new countertop oven, the Moderno Portable. It’s petite, can cook a 12” pizza… And fits comfortably on an outdoor countertop.

Pala Pizza has reviewed Alfa’s previous iteration, the Alfa Nano… And offers glowing praise in this snippet: “The Alfa Nano is an excellent oven with simple usability, rapid heating and cooking times, and an elegant, innovative design.”

Gaughan will be getting his hands on an Alfa Moderno Portable oven soon… And we expect the performance (and feedback!) to be quite similar.

This oven is loaded with Alfa’s proprietary system for a restaurant-grade Neapolitan pizza.

There’s the high-performance HeatKeeper(TM) firebricks… The DoubleDown Ceramic Superwool Insulation (most countertop ovens have no insulation)… And the Patented Full Effect Full Circulation Flue system.

These features combine to create an oven that can push to a screaming hot 1,000° max temperature in as little as 30 minutes.

Fueled with liquid propane… This oven will be made available in Antique Red and Slate Grey finishes.

This Italian countertop pizza oven is the heaviest yet, weighing in at 77 lbs… So hauling it around will be a commitment.

The Alfa Moderno portable is solidly constructed with powder coated 304 stainless steel… And will be extremely hardy to the outdoor environment.

Alfa warranties this oven for a period of 2 years… And is currently available for $1,299.00 on BBQGuys.

Where Will Your New Countertop Pizza Oven Go?

rta outdoor kitchen with pizza oven

Alright, we have talked about a ton of countertop pizza ovens… But what’s the best way to bake pizza with your new oven?

If you’re springing for an outdoor oven (smart choice)… Pairing it with an outdoor kitchen is a no-brainer!


You can prepare and work with your dough right next to the oven! You won’t have to constantly run in and out of the house to check on the oven… Then check on your dough… Then check on your oven again… You get the picture.

Everything is in one, single place.

Your counter space will be the perfect height for working the dough… And you can simultaneously keep an eye on your oven.

Not to mention… You won’t make a mess of your indoor kitchen!

You can also include storage options to keep wood fuel and accessories neatly stowed away… And right where you need them.

Really, it just makes sense.

You could even go all-out. Why not throw in a gas grill with a rotisserie, refrigerator, or other appliances? Make it a complete outdoor cooking station!

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