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5+ Reasons You’ll Use Your Outdoor Kitchen More Than Other Backyard Upgrades

By James King

August 17, 2023

It’s important to spend time outside… And your backyard is a great way to do so!

You can enjoy the weather… And it’s a wonderful place to spend quality time with family and friends.

But if you don’t put anything in it, it might start to feel… empty.

You want something that’s eye-catching… Is practical… And that you’re really going to use.

You may be thinking about getting a pool or hot tub… Or perhaps something new for the kids.

But what’s the point if you aren’t going to use it that often?

new jersey outdoor kitchen by rta at night with lighting

A pool is only practical during the summer… In a few years, the kids will outgrow the playground… And you won’t want to use a hot tub in warm weather.

There are all kinds of great additions to your backyard… But there’s something else that you’d use way more: an outdoor kitchen.

That’s a big claim… So we’re going to go into some of the basic reasons how… And a few of the more unique ways that an outdoor kitchen can shine!

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1. Outdoor Kitchens Are More Useful

Everyone loves a pool or hot tub…

But compared to other options, an outdoor kitchen is just more practical!

How so?

First of all… You can use it every single day!

An Outdoor Kitchen Isn't Only for Special Occasions

people sitting at an outdoor kitchen table on covered patio next to rta outdoor kitchen

You have to eat every day… So you’ll have to cook every day!

You eat (roughly) three meals a day… So you have a lot of opportunities to get out there and use your outdoor kitchen.

Seem like a bit of a hassle to grill for every single meal?

Really, it’s no more trouble to grill outside than it is to cook inside.

It takes about 15 minutes for your grill to heat up. That’s about how long it takes for an oven to preheat. And since it’s hotter… Your food will cook faster on the grill than in an oven.

We have this idea that grilling outside is a special-occasion activity… But it shouldn’t be.

There are all kinds of outdoor kitchen ideas centered around making your backyard as convenient and functional as possible.

Use an Outdoor Kitchen Like Your Indoor Kitchen

tamara day cooking breakfast on her coyote griddle built in her rta outdoor kitchen

The next reason is that with the right appliances, if you can cook something in your indoor kitchen… Then you can cook it in your outdoor kitchen!

For example, aside from how much you can already cook on a grill… You can use a power burner like a stove and make things like beans or pasta…

Or an outdoor flat top grill and make bacon and eggs in the morning!

If you’re going to cook something anyways, you might as well just cook it outdoors!

Besides appliances… You can also make your outdoor kitchen just as useful as your indoor kitchen by adding a fridge, an ice machine, a dry pantry, an outdoor kitchen sink, and more.

You won’t have to run in and out to grab supplies. Your entire kitchen is all right there… And out in the fresh air!

Why wouldn’t you want to use it all the time?

But that’s not all… While it can do everything an indoor kitchen can do… An outdoor kitchen can also do more!

You Can Cook Anything and Everything with an Outdoor Kitchen

a man putting fresh wood into pizza ocen to start warming up

The third reason is that it can cook a huge variety of food!

In addition to everything you could normally cook inside… You can also make foods that you couldn’t cook inside!

If all you picture are burgers and steaks when you think about an outdoor kitchen… Then we can see where the hang-up might be.

Just think about how amazing an authentic pizza (or even fresh bread) will be from an outdoor pizza oven… And we all know that a steak on the grill is better than on the stove!

You don’t have a smoker in your house… So if you want the best ribs, you’ll need to cook outside.

Or, if you want to cook some of the juiciest meats you’ll ever eat… You can get a Coyote Asado cooker for your outdoor kitchen! An oven just can’t do what a kamado cooker can.

With all of these different options… You can cook anything you want.

Basically, an outdoor kitchen is as functional as it gets with all the different things you can cook on it and how often you’ll be using it.

Another reason you’ll be using it more than your other options? It isn’t seasonal like they are!

Want to bring your idea to life?

Use our free 3D design tool to bring the outdoor kitchen of your dreams to reality in just a few minutes.

2. You Can Use an Outdoor Kitchen All Year Round

Imagine trying to swim in your pool during the dead of winter…

Or using a hot tub during a scorching hot summer.

No thanks!

Most things you might buy for your backyard are dependent on the seasons… But not an outdoor kitchen!

An Outdoor Kitchen Is Still Great During Cold Weather

an rta outdoor kitchen in the snow with coyote fridge

When you think of grilling… You might think of warm, sunny days… But imagine how much fun it would be to cook your Thanksgiving turkey in your outdoor kitchen next November!

If you cover your outdoor kitchen… You can use it no matter what the weather is like. An awning or gazebo really makes a big difference for wind and snow.

You will need to prepare your sink for winter… And maybe unplug your refrigerator… But your grill will always be good to go.

A simple space heater or beautiful fireplace near your outdoor kitchen will make it more comfortable for you when it gets cold.

It’s also great when it’s warm out!

Outdoor Kitchens Keep the Heat Outside During the Summer

a beautiful summer kitchen next to a covered pool

As nice as the AC is… No one likes a big utility bill.

With warm summer weather… The last thing you want to do is make your house even hotter by cooking inside.

If you want to prevent a miserably hot house and high electric bills… There’s a simple solution. Just cook outside!

You’ll get to enjoy a nice summer breeze… And if it’s too hot to enjoy the weather, no worries! You can just set some meat to cook for a few hours and come back out when it’s all done!

Rain or shine, summer or winter… You can always use your outdoor kitchen!

Unfortunately, that just isn’t something you can say about most other things you can buy for your backyard.

Its year-round usefulness is also important when you want to host!

3. You'll Use It for Hosting

group of friends gathered around modern outdoor kitchen

You may have friends and family over to enjoy your pool or hot tub…

But you create a different type of experience with an outdoor kitchen.

Even when you have a pool party… You aren’t just thinking about swimming. You’re imagining the burgers and hot dogs that come with it.

With beautiful outdoor kitchen countertops and a good grill, an outdoor kitchen is an attraction all on its own… But it also makes everything else that you do outside so much better.

You’re able to truly host people.

An outdoor kitchen is a place where you can store refreshments for your guests to enjoy outside. You can mix drinks with a beverage center… And refrigerate the appetizers in the fridge.

You can cook all kinds of food for your guests. Many BBQs have grill dividers that separate the areas on which you can cook so you can roast juicy chicken on one part… And delicious veggies on another.

It’s also somewhere people will want to gather. They can sit at the bar and enjoy food that you’ve cooked right there.

Coming together to enjoy a meal is a beautiful thing… And an outdoor kitchen can give you that!

It’s not only a great place to gather… But it’s very convenient to do so at an outdoor kitchen!

Outdoor Kitchens Make Hosting Easier

a woman grabbing a drink out of her electric fridge built into an outdoor kitchen

We get it… You can always throw a pool party instead. Why bother with an outdoor kitchen?

First of all, you won’t have guests coming in and out of the house to enjoy the party.

With a pool party, they’ll need to go inside to change… Grab a drink from the kitchen… Get food from the countertop… When you multiply that by how many guests you have, you’re going to have a lot of people coming in and out.

With outdoor kitchen cabinets, everything people need is already outside. Their food and drinks are all right there, ready to go.

This means that during the summer… You can keep the heat (and bugs) out of the house by leaving the doors closed.

That also makes clean-up easier, too!

You can keep decorations outside where the party will be held.

On top of that, you won’t be tracking down plates from all over… Instead, people can use disposable utensils and plates, and they’ll be in one place… Your outdoor kitchen patio!

You can also get a pull-out trashcan in your outdoor kitchen, so really, what’s there to clean-up afterwards?

Most grilling foods tend to just use a few pans, so you won’t have a mountain of dishes.

Basically, an outdoor kitchen helps you host parties without all the fuss.

And it’s no wonder! After all, it’s a second living room… But more fun because it’s outside!

make hosting easier

With RTA's free 3D design tool you can design an outdoor kitchen that will fit your needs.

4. It's an Outdoor Living Room

linear outdoor kitchen under a covered patio

If you’re spending time at home… It doesn’t have to be inside. It can be in the comfort of your outdoor kitchen.

And why not? You don’t need to cook to use it!

Your outdoor kitchen is an extension of your home… An outdoor living room!

So even if you don’t want to grill… You can still spend time out there, especially during warm weather.

You can read a book at the bar… Or eat there when you prepare your food inside.

Some people even hook up a TV so they can just sit back and watch the game in the comfort of their outdoor kitchen living room!

Regardless what you like doing… You’ll get to enjoy a nice breeze and warm sunlight while you do activities you’d normally be cooped up inside your house for!

When you plan out your outdoor kitchen design… You can make it into the perfect outdoor living room by thinking about how you like to relax.

In a nutshell… You can think of your outdoor kitchen space as your outdoor living room… Your own restaurant… Or both!

It’s also so much more.

5. There Are Different Ways to Use an Outdoor Kitchen

You can make a pool more unique to your backyard by selecting a different shape or color… But at the end of the day, a pool is always just going to be a pool. You’ll be swimming or lounging in it, and not much else.

With an outdoor kitchen kit, you can truly make it your own. The possibilities for what you can use it for are endless.

We’ll give you some tips on how to make the most of your outdoor kitchen!

Canning Foods

l shaped rta outdoor kitchen with fire pit

If you have a garden… You know that sometimes, you’ll have way more produce than you need.

If you don’t want your food to go bad… You can preserve it by canning it!

Cans of your own produce will be a healthy (and cheaper) alternative to any canned goods you’ll find on the grocery store shelf… And they make for fantastic gifts.

Many people who enjoy canning food will even plant extra just for this purpose!

However, there is a downside to canning… Most of your harvest will be in July and August, the hottest months of the year.

Anyone who cans food will tell you that especially during the warmer months… It can really heat up your house. After all, you could be boiling water anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours!

By doing that outside instead… Your summer kitchen can keep the hot air and humidity out of your house.

So, if you enjoy canning… Or want to start… An outdoor kitchen is the ideal place to do so!

Usually, all you need is an outdoor kitchen sink and a power burner… In addition to your standard canning supplies.

Pizza Parties

tamara day cooking a pizza on a coyote asado smoker

Pizza parties aren’t just for kids’ school parties.

They’re perfect for every age group!

With an outdoor pizza oven… You can make authentic pizzas that everyone will love.

If you have some picky eaters… They can make their very own pizza!

It’s always more fun to build your own pizza and choose your toppings… And you’ll never get pizzas like these in your indoor oven.

It’ll also save you from making a mess in the house. You won’t get flour and toppings all over the floor, so it’s a lot less stressful to do it outside… Especially with kids!

Bar Center

bar seating at a small outdoor kitchen with bright yellow stools

Why go out to a bar… When you can have your very own in your backyard?

You can get cool lighting… Set up some fun music… And serve homemade cocktails straight from your refreshment center.

For example, Coyote’s refreshment center comes with a towel hook, bottle opener, sink, cutting board, faucet, and a condiment tray that can double to hold liquor!

Basically, this is the perfect setup for something with a lot of condiment options (like hot dogs) during the day… And the coolest bar in town by night.

If someone just wants a beer instead… That’s what a kegerator is for!

Movie Nights

movie projector on rta outdoor kitchen counter

Who doesn’t love watching a great movie with the family?

But what if you could watch it on a big screen… Outside?

You can find a movie projector and screen… Then put the projector up on your outdoor kitchen bar!

If you set up electricity for your outdoor kitchen… You can put a popcorn maker right on your countertop.

Or, if you have a side burner… You can make stove-top popcorn with fun flavorings.

It’s all the fun of a movie theater… But in your own backyard!

Gardening Help

adding flower beds around patio and outdoor kitchen

If you’re a gardener… Just think about how much help an outdoor kitchen could be!

Of course, you’ll also be able to cook meals there… But while you’re working outside… It could double as a gardening bench with a sink!

It can have plenty of storage… So of course, you’ll be able to store your gardening tools

And you can wash your fruits and veggies off before you come inside. That way, you aren’t dirtying up your indoor sink!

You’ll also be able to pull off any leaves and throw them into the outdoor trash can… So your harvest will look like it came straight from the grocery store before it ever gets inside!

If you want to store some of the produce outside… That’s fine, too! You can get an outdoor kitchen fridge.

And if you have more than you know what to do with… Like we said before, a side burner is a great option for canning the leftovers!

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Teach Your Kids How to Cook

Mike Pyle showing his daughter how to cook at an rta outdoor kitchen

You don’t need to bring your kids on an expensive day trip to create moments they’ll always remember.

You can connect with your kids simply by teaching them how to cook their favorite foods!

Like we said before… You can cook literally anything in an outdoor kitchen that you can cook inside… Plus all kinds of special foods that you couldn’t make inside!

It doesn’t matter what your kids’ favorite foods are… You can always make it with the right outdoor kitchen appliances.

If you’re having trouble getting them interested in cooking in general… Doing it outside can make this activity feel more special, so they may be more inclined to learn if you’re using an outdoor kitchen!

That’s helpful for bonding and teaching important life skills!

Catering and Hosting Events

friends celevratin at their outdoor kitchen

Everyone loves a cookout… But with an outdoor grill station, you can take it to the next level.

If you want your backyard to be the go-to venue for work banquets, mini concerts, weddings, your kids’ graduation parties, or more… Then you need an outdoor kitchen!

It’s the way to elevate your events from a backyard party into something more professional and extravagant. They look beautiful and blend seamlessly into any backyard setting.

As you already know, they give you all kinds of different food options, too! Decadent meats, juicy vegetables, and beautiful side dishes are all in order.

Outdoor kitchens also save you money.

Two of the biggest expenditures for events like these are the venue and catering… But with an outdoor kitchen, you’ll be transforming your space into the perfect venue and keeping the food costs down!

Your Own Cooking Show

tamara day cooking on built in grill

If you have a passion for cooking and teaching… An outdoor kitchen is the perfect spot to launch your own DIY cooking show!

With the rise of social media and YouTube, all you need is a phone and Internet… And you can teach people around the world how to cook.

While you could do this inside… It’s always better in an outdoor kitchen. You’ll have perfect lighting, scenery, and a much cooler setup!

With an outdoor kitchen, you can get all kinds of cool outdoor kitchen appliances… So your teaching opportunities are limitless.

A New Hobby

guests sitting at l shaped outdoor kitchen

If you just enjoy cooking, building an outdoor kitchen is the best way to take it to the next level.

You’ll still have all the convenience of an indoor kitchen… But with the fresh air of the outdoors.

It’s relaxing for you… And your family will love the food you make!

People with hobbies tend to be less stressed and happier overall

So whether cooking is already your hobby, or if you want to start making more time for it… It’s always a good idea to invest in things that you enjoy!

Now you’ve seen a ton of different ways that you can use an outdoor kitchen… And there are probably so many more that we haven’t even thought of!

…So you might be wondering how you can get your own! Great question.

RTA Outdoor Kitchens

dolores catanias outdoor kitchen in new jersey by rta outdoor living

If you want your own outdoor kitchen… RTA can help!

Our kitchens are built to last and come with a lifetime warranty… So you’ll get to enjoy them for years and years to come.

They’re also customizable, so you can decide on the best features for you and your guests… And what your outdoor kitchen will look like!

With 12 beautiful choices for finishes and 10 options for outdoor kitchen countertops… You can get an island that will match your backyard aesthetic and house… Whether it be a natural or modern outdoor kitchen.

You can optimize the layout and size to be perfect for hosting gatherings… And spending quality time with your family.

Finally, you can pick your appliances… So you decide how you want to use your outdoor kitchen.

We’ve partnered with Coyote Outdoor Living so that you can truly bring your indoor kitchen outside.

They offer all kinds of different appliances so that you can cook anything you want in your outdoor kitchen! You’ll find grills, side burners, and more.

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