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Outdoor Flat Top Grill Review: The 9 Best Products in 2024

By Jayme Muller

January 5, 2024

When considering appliances for your outdoor space… Most people focus on the grill as the star. 

It makes sense.

Hardly any of us could imagine a cookout without a BBQ grill!

At the same time… There is so much variety in the world of outdoor cooking.

An outdoor flat top grill is an excellent example.

Little known and massively underrated… It’s time to bring these amazing appliances to light!

Let’s dive in. 

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breakfast cooking on a coyote flat top grill built into MOKS outdoor kitchen

Flat Top Grill vs. Flat Top Griddle

Oftentimes, the term flat top grill is used interchangeably with flat top griddle. 

So when researching outdoor flat top grills… It’s likely that you’ll come across both griddle and grill options. 

To an extent, this makes sense! Both griddles and grills feature open, flat grill cooking surfaces. 

However… There are some fundamental differences. 

Let’s discuss. 

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Flat Top Grills

moks grill island with flat top grill

Traditional gas grills feature cooking grates that allow grease and oil to drip off food as it’s cooking. They are usually intended to cook at temperatures over 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and have a lid or cover. 

On the other hand, Flat top grills are rectangular appliances heated by two or more burners, with a gas or electric power source. 

They feature fully accessible, flat cooking surfaces as opposed to traditional grill grates… Which means grease and oil won’t drip away from the food. 

Unlike traditional grills, they don’t have a cover or lid (so they can’t be used for smoking or slow cooking). 

Flat top grills look similar to tabletop griddles, but there are really no portable flat top grill options. Instead, they are usually designed to be built into an outdoor kitchen.

So what’s a gas griddle?

Flat Top Griddles

blackstone 28 inch griddle with hood

Outdoor griddles are quite similar to flat top grills. 

The griddle surface also features a flat metal plate with a heat source underneath.

So how do they differ?

A flat top gas griddle is generally a standalone appliance with side shelves on casters… There are portable options, which make them popular choices for camping or tailgating.  

Another difference is temperature control.

Most griddles feature separate cooking zones to better control heat output… And they work best at temperatures below 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

In addition to multiple heat zones, standalone griddles tend to have more burners. Depending on the size, they can have four burners or more (while built-in options tend to top out at two burners).

Even with these distinctions… Some manufacturers will use the terms interchangeably. So it’s important to know what you’re looking for! 

Today… We will be reviewing the best of both built in flat top grills and standalone griddles.

So, how do you choose one?

How to Choose a Flat Top Grill

cooking zones on flat top grill

When it comes to buying a flat top grill or griddle… There are some important factors to bear in mind. 

First, consider your needs and how you plan to use your flat top outdoor grill.

Whatever delicious recipes you plan to cook… You need to think about temperature output.

Will you be searing protein like steaks at a high temp… Or will you mainly cook food like eggs, pancakes, bacon, stir fry, hot sandwiches, etc.?

If you’re in the latter category… You’ll want a flat top that’s capable of holding temperatures under 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also consider cooking zones.

If you plan to cook a variety of food on your flat top… Having separately controlled cooking zones will be incredibly helpful.

And don’t overlook size!

The more you host… The larger you’ll want your outdoor flat top grill to be. Consider how many people you will typically cook for.

Lastly… Consider materials.

If you’re looking for a flat top grill to be a permanent addition to your outdoor kitchen… You’ll want to be sure it’s made with materials that will last. Particularly with steel, you will want a grade that will prevent rust.

With these considerations in mind… Let’s talk about brands.

Starting with freestanding griddles! 

Freestanding Flat Top Griddle Brands

Freestanding griddles are an easy alternative to an outdoor kitchen with flat top grill… Simply place on a deck or patio, and you’re ready to cook!

Since they’re not intended to be part of a permanent structure… Freestanding outdoor griddles tend to be a cheaper, lower quality alternative to built in flat top grills.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, impermanent appliance that’s easy to pack up and put away… You may be in the market for a flat top griddle.

If that’s the case… Let’s discuss some of the most popular freestanding outdoor griddles.

Blackstone 36” Flat Top Griddle

blackstone 36 inch standalone griddle with hood
Product Highlights

Price: $349.00

Size: 36”

Cooking Surface: 769 Square Inches

No. of Burners: 4

Total BTUs: 60,000

  • High heat output.
  • Four independent cooking zones.
  • Large cooking surface.
  • Short warranty on product.
  • Made with materials prone to rust.

Let’s begin with Blackstone’s freestanding 36” flat top cooking station. 

It comes on a cart with four casters, dual side shelves (to place a cutting board or utensils), folding legs, and a shelf to hold a propane tank.

This gas outdoor griddle with 769 square inches of cooking area has four separately controlled, stainless steel H-shaped burners. Each burner has a 15,000 BTU output (for a total of 60,000 BTUs).

The four burners create independent heating zones make cooking a variety of foods easy!

As for materials… This griddle has a black powder coated steel frame with a rolled steel cooking surface.

We normally like to see full 304 stainless steel construction… The powder coated steel frame runs the risk of chipping and inviting corrosion to the structure, while the rolled steel cooking surface will be highly susceptible to rust with even minimal exposure to moisture.

There’s a one year warranty covering this flat top.

This griller is currently listed at $349.00  on Blackstone’s official website (but you can usually get Blackstone products on Amazon for a slightly lower price)!

Royal Gourmet 4-Burner Flat Top Gas Grill and Griddle Combo

royal gourmet portable gas grill and griddle combo
Product Highlights

Price: $279.99

Size: 36”

Cooking Surface: 606.27 Square Inches

No. of Burners: 4

Total BTUs: 48,000

  • Combo design for cooking versatility.
  • Collapsible legs for easy transport.
  • Grease management system makes for easier cleaning.
  • Slightly smaller cooking surface.
  • Lower heat output.
  • Limited warranty on griddle.
  • Made with unknown grade of materials (may be prone to rust).

Next up… Royal Gourmet’s 4-burner portable griddle and grill combo.

This 36” griddle is a multipurpose appliance…

There’s a cooking zone with traditional grill grates, and another for flat top grilling.

It has 606.27 square inches of cooking space controlled by four independent stainless steel tube gas burners… Each with a 12,000 BTU heat output (48,000 BTUs total).

Royal Gourmet’s grill/griddle combo has four collapsible legs, making it easy to store and carry.

Also included is a grease management system (a draw-out grease tray and removable grease cup).

The griddle grill top is made with a thick, pre-seasoned steel, while the grill grates are porcelain enameled cast iron.

The control panel, burners, and frame are made with an unknown grade of stainless steel.

Again, we like to see 304 stainless steel construction…

If their griddles aren’t made with 304 stainless steel… They will eventually rust. It’s worth confirming these details with Royal Gourmet.

Royal Gourmet’s flat top griddle is covered by a full one year warranty, and the stainless steel burners are covered by a five year limited warranty.

Pricing varies on this model… But it’s available at most retailers for around $279.99 

Cuisinart 22” 360 Outdoor Cooking Station

cuisinart griddle cooking center
Product Highlights

Price: $226.80

Size: 22”

Cooking Surface: 380 Square Inches

No. of Burners: 2

Total BTUs: 30,000

  • Hood gives more cooking versatility.
  • Circular design for 360 degree cooking.
  • Smaller cooking surface.
  • Lower heat output.
  • Limited warranty.
  • Made with materials susceptible to rusting. 

This circular option is a bit different!

With a 22” diameter and 380 square inches of cooking space… This easy-to-move flat top gas grill from Cuisinart has two independent burners, each topping out at 15,000 BTUs (30,000 BTUs total).

Though smaller… This may be the most versatile freestanding flat top!

It has a vented lid for roasting, steaming, baking, or smoking on the 360 degree flat top griddle surface.

Plus… It includes a 360 degree grease cup to make cleaning easy… As well as a shelf for food prep and a paper towel holder.

The cooktop is made with cold-rolled steel for even heat distribution.

The lid and frame are made with an unknown grade of stainless steel (you’ll need to confirm with Cuisinart to see if it’s 304)!

Cuisinart offers a 3 year limited warranty on this grill.

The current price is $226.80.

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The Best Economy Flat Top Griddle

So we’ve gone over three of the most popular freestanding flat top griddles.

If you’re looking for a portable appliance that you’ll be able to get (at most) a few years of use out of… One of these economy options may be a good fit!

When it comes to the best economy griddle… It’s difficult to choose! All of these griddles have their ups and downs.

If you want increased cooking space and a high heat output… Blackstone will be the way to go.

But for additional cooking versatility… Royal Gourmet’s grill and griddle combo is a solid contender!

And though smaller… The Cuisinart griddle has the longest warranty and is the least expensive.

Ultimately… The best option will come down to your needs. Any would be acceptable starter options! 

But we want to reiterate that freestanding options won’t last nearly as long as a built in flat top grills.

So if you’re willing to spend a bit more money on a quality flat top made to last longer and perform better… Read on for the best built in options.

Built in Flat Top Grill Brands

There are so many built in outdoor flat top grill brands out there…

It’s truly endless!

Let’s discuss the most popular built in flat top grills for your outdoor kitchen.

Blaze Premium LTE Outdoor Griddle

blaze outdoor griddle
Product Highlights

Price: $2,299.00

Size: 30”

Cooking Surface: 485 Square Inches

No. of Burners: 2

Total BTUs: 36,000

Models: Built in or With a Cart

  • 304 stainless steel construction.
  • Robust warranty. 
  • Large cooking surface. 
  • Shorter warranty on electric components. 

First up… This 30” flat top from Blaze. This gas grill has two individually controlled U-shaped burners with a 36,000 BTUs total heat output.

At 495 square inches, the cooking surface provides plenty of space. 

Blaze uses complete 304 stainless steel construction for their appliances, which is great! 

There are two configurations for this flat top: built in, or freestanding with a cart. 

As for warranty… There’s a lifetime warranty on the lid, stainless steel frame, burners, cooking surface, and valves. Electric components are covered for one year. 

The current price is $2,299.99. 

Le Griddle 30” Outdoor Flat Top Grill Built In

le griddle outdoor flat top built in grill product image
Product Highlights

Price: $1,979.00

Size: 30”

Cooking Surface: 465 Square Inches

No. of Burners: 2

Total BTUs: 18,000

Models: Built in, Countertop, or With a Cart.

  • 304 stainless steel construction.
  • Dual plate system for even heat distribution.
  • Lifetime warranty on dual plate system.
  • Low heat output.
  • Shorter warranty on other parts.
  • Smaller cooking surface.

Next… Le Griddle’s outdoor built in flat top grill. 

These French propane gas grills come in three sizes… 16”, 30”, and 41”.

Le Griddle’s 304 stainless steel flat tops are also offered in countertop or freestanding cart models.

Their Original 30” flat top has a 465 square inch cooktop and two U-shaped burners with a total output of 18,000 BTUs.

Due to the lower heat output… Le Griddle is best for low temperature cooking.

What sets Le Griddle apart is their dual plate system… A stainless steel cooktop with a cast iron plate underneath ensures even heat distribution!

While there’s a lifetime warranty on their dual plate system… The stainless steel gas burners are only warrantied for five years, and other parts are only warrantied for one.

At the time of writing, this model goes for $1,979.00. 

Turbo Grills 32” Built in Teppanyaki

turbo grill teppanyaki 22
Product Highlights

Price: $1,799.00

Size: 32”

Cooking Surface: 457 Square Inches

No. of Burners: 2

Total BTUs: 40,000

Models: Built in, Freestanding

  • 304 stainless steel construction.
  • Higher heat output.
  • Affordable premium option.
  • Small cooking surface.

Teppanyaki is the Japanese term for flat top grill… So Turbo’s 32” Teppanyaki is a perfect fit for our list!

This outdoor propane flat top grill has two individually controlled U-shaped burners with a 40,000 BTUs total heat output to heat the 457 square inch cooktop.

The flat top is full 304 stainless steel construction (this gets a thumbs up)!

There’s a lifetime warranty on the main burners, exterior construction, and griddle plate. The valves are covered for 15 years, and all else is covered for one.

Currently, this flat top is $1,799.00. 

Evo Affinity 25G Outdoor Gas Flat Top Grill

evo affinity flat top grill
Product Highlights

Price: $4,695.00

Size: 25”

Cooking Surface: 490 Square Inches

No. of Burners: 2

Total BTUs: 31,600

Models: Built in

  • Circular model.
  • Slightly larger cooktop.
  • Even heat distribution.
  • Pricey for what you get.
  • Lower heat output.
  • Limited warranty.
  • Made with an unknown grade of steel.

Evo Affinity’s flat top grill for outdoor kitchens is a circular model!

Aside from this novelty… It comes with a stainless steel hood (so you can indirectly boil, braise, poach, or fry).

This natural gas flat top has two separately controlled circular burners.

With 490 square inches of cooking space… This grill tops out at 31,600 BTUs.

Evo claims that the circular shape provides even heat distribution.

The cooktop is made with a pre-seasoned non-stick steel… But the grade is unknown.

This model has a 25” diameter… Though there is also a 30” model (as well as a 30” freestanding model).

There’s a limited lifetime warranty on the grill. A one year warranty covers remaining parts.

The price is currently $4,695.00. 

Fire Magic Echelon Built-in Flat Top Grill

fire magic echelon built in steel griddle product image
Product Highlights

Price: $4,104.90

Size: 30″

Cooking Surface: 540 Square Inches

No. of Burners: 2

Total BTUs: 45,000

Models: Built in

  • Large cooking surface. 
  • 304 stainless steel construction.
  • High heat output. 
  • On the more expensive side. 

Next we have a propane or natural gas built in flat top from Fire Magic Echelon.  

Fire Magic’s 30” grill features full 304 stainless steel construction! 

With two stainless burners and two independently controlled zones… This grill boasts 45,000 BTUs of heat output to its 540 square inch cooking area. 

Fire Magic offers a 10 year warranty on all components but the ignition system, which is covered for one year. 

The current price is $4,104.90. 

Lynx Asado Built In 30” Outdoor Kitchen Flat Top Grill

lynx asado built in griddle product image
Product Highlights

Price: $5,449.00

Size: 30”

Cooking Surface: 495 Square Inches

No. of Burners: 2

Total BTUs: 46,000

Models: Built in

  • Trident infrared burners for great temperature response and control.
  • Full 304 stainless steel construction.
  • High heat output.
  • Larger cooking area.
  • Expensive option.
  • Shorter warranty on most parts.

The Lynx Asado is a bit different…

It includes two independently controlled Trident Infrared Burners, which are great temperature regulators for the 495 square inch grilling area.

Each Trident burner has a 23,000 BTUs output, for a total of 46,000 BTUs.

The 30” flat top is full 304 stainless steel construction. No material quality concerns here!

The stainless steel Trident burners are covered by a lifetime warranty. The gas valve panel is covered for five years, and all other parts are covered for two (there’s also a limited one year warranty for defective parts).

Lynx does offer portable stainless steel carts for freestanding grills… But you’ll have to purchase it separately.

Currently, the Asado is firmly in the luxury class at $5,449.00. The Trident burners are largely responsible for that elevated cost!

Twin Eagles Teppanyaki

twin eagles built in teppanyaki griddle product image
Product Highlights

Price: $5,049.00

Size: 30”

Cooking Surface: 482 Square Inches

No. of Burners: 2

Total BTUs: 40,000

Models: Built in

  • 304 stainless steel construction.
  • High heat output.
  • Limited lifetime warranty on most parts. 
  • Slightly smaller cooking area.
  • More expensive.

Like Turbo Grills… Twin Eagles was inspired by the teppanyaki.

This 30”, 304 stainless steel flat top grill has a 482 square inch cooking area.

Two separate cooking zones are powered by two U-shaped burners at 20,000 BTUs each (totaling 40,000 BTUs).

Twin Eagles offers a limited lifetime warranty on the stainless steel burners and all fabricated stainless steel components. Drip pans are covered for five years, and all other components are covered for two. A one year full warranty covers any defects.

As for price, Twin Eagles’ Teppanyaki is $5,049.00.

For a few hundred more dollars… Twin Eagles offers a freestanding Teppanyaki cart.

Coyote 30” Flat Top Grill Outdoor

30 in coyote flat top griddle
Product Highlights

Price: $2,099.00

Size: 30″

Cooking Surface: 503 Square Inches

No. of Burners: 2

Total BTUs: 34,000

Models: Built in, Freestanding

  • Large cooking area.
  • Great value for the money.
  • Robust warranty.
  • 304 stainless steel construction.
  • Slightly lower heat output.

Last but not least… Coyote’s 30” flat top grill.

It looks very similar to the other brands we’ve discussed. In many ways… This is true!

Coyote utilizes complete, heavy duty 304 stainless steel construction… It’s available in liquid propane and natural gas… And it’s available in both built in and freestanding models.

This grill features two U-shaped burners… Each dishing out 17,000 BTUs for a total of 34,000 BTUs.

Two knobs allow you to fine tune the temperature on each separate cooking zone.

At 503 square inches, you get a good amount of cooking area.

As for the warranty… The lid, frame, burners, cooking surface, and valves are covered under a lifetime warranty. The electric components are covered for 2 years.

For the price… Coyote offers a seriously robust warranty!

Speaking of price… This outdoor flat top grill costs $2,099.00. 

The Overall Best Outdoor Flat Top Grill Built In

tamara day cooking breakfast for her daughter on coyote flat top grill in moks outdoor kitchen

So we’ve given you an overview of a lot of different brands.

You may be wondering which is the best brand…

At the end of the day… Everyone has unique needs.

The best flat top grills come down to personal preference!

But there is a flat top grill that is an excellent overall recommendation.


For full disclosure: We work with Coyote for our outdoor appliances.

And for good reason! There are a ton of factors that make Coyote’s appliances great.

Let’s speak specifically to Coyote’s flat top grills.

You’ll notice that in many ways… Coyote’s flat top grills are similar to the other built in brands we discussed (304 stainless steel construction, U-shaped burners, 36,000 BTU output, 30” size, natural gas and propane availability, and two individually controlled knobs).

So what makes them different?

Coyote Outdoor Living provides luxury quality appliances at premium level price.

You get the best value (and warranty) for the money!

Don’t just take it from us!

Make your own comparisons (the reviews will speak for themselves).

So, what’s next?

The Outdoor Kitchen Solution for your Flat Top Grill

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Even better… Our virtual design process means you don’t have to lift a finger.

You’ll be able to design, order, and assemble your outdoor kitchen… All from the comfort of your own home.

This includes top of the line Coyote appliances and grill accessories (gas, pellet, or charcoal grills, sinks, refrigerators, and more!) countertops, storage… And, of course, their flat top grills (a best seller here at RTA)!

And when housing your flat top grill… You’ll want an outdoor kitchen that will hold up.

RTA kitchens will do just that! They’re made with high performance concrete panels that will withstand the test of time.

If you have any questions or concerns… We’re here to support you.

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If you’re looking for versatility… You will love a flat top grill.

You can cook a full breakfast, hibachi, or any of your favorite grilled foods like traditional burgers. 

If this sounds good to you… A flat top grill is certainly worth adding to your outdoor space!

The primary benefit of a flat top grill is versatility…

The solid cooking surface will prevent food pieces and drippings from falling through the grates. So you could cook so much more than you can on a traditional grill!

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