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23 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas: Best Designs For Inspiration

By Jayme Muller

September 5, 2023

Have you been daydreaming about an outdoor kitchen project?

With all the benefits an outdoor kitchen has to offer… We don’t blame you. We obsess over it too!

Time outdoors… Memories with friends and family… Delicious, fresh-grilled food… It’s an experience most of us cherish every summer.

But we don’t need to remind you why outdoor kitchens are amazing. You’re already sold on the concept.

You’re just struggling to come up with some outdoor kitchen ideas!

outdoor kitchen ideas

And if you’re looking for inspiration… You’re in the right place.

We’re here to walk you through outdoor kitchen designs crafted by our experts… To help you get the creative juices flowing.

Let’s get inspired!

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23 Best Outdoor Kitchen Ideas For A More Enjoyable Entertainment Space

These outdoor kitchen designs are all real-life examples… Crafted by our Design Experts for our happy customers.

We have a wide selection of outdoor living ideas for your perusal, so let’s take a peek…

1. Outdoor Kitchen Design For A Small Space

outdoor kitchen design for small space

When you think of an outdoor kitchen… There’s a good chance you’re imagining a complete unit.

But this small outdoor kitchen design is an excellent example of how that doesn’t always have to be true!

First, let’s look at what’s in the barbecue grill island.

Obviously, we have a lovely built-in grill.

Below is a combination drawer and door… For some much needed storage!

The drawers are great for keeping any and all cooking utensils… Without cluttering up your small space.

And the attached door allows you full access to the grill.

The final aspect of this grill island is a refrigerator. Refreshing beverages are always in reach!

outdoor kitchen design for small space 1

Now, onto the other island. This features a sink, pull-out trash, and another access door for the plumbing.

This setup is an incredible design idea for those with limited space.

There’s a lot of functionality here… With a grill, sink, refrigerator, and trash receptacle all in a small footprint.

The space was used so efficiently… This homeowner even managed to comfortably fit a dining area on their patio!

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2. Outdoor Cooking Space Under Cover

This straight island is great for those whose primary focus is cooking excellent food.

Like the previous design… This outdoor kitchen design is useful for those with limited space.

Let’s list the appliances from left to right. We have a double side burner, double drawer, built-in grill, double access doors, and pull-out trash… All from Coyote Outdoor Living (and all durable, 304 stainless steel!)

These appliances are truly built for the outdoors.

Okay, back to the design!

The double side burner is an excellent choice to boost cooking capacity. You can have two pots or pans going while you are grilling burgers… And easily make sauces and side dishes to complement the main component of your meal.

Below we have our double drawers. Again, the perfect place to store all your utensils and accessories.

Next to that, the double access doors allow you to easily get to your ever-beautiful Coyote built-in gas grill.

Finally, the pull-out trash. As we’ve established earlier… This makes cleanup a breeze.

This covered outdoor kitchen idea is perfect for those who want to optimize their space for grilling potential… No matter the weather. 

Just add a dining table to sit at, and there’s nothing more you need.

3. Open-Air Outdoor Bar and Kitchen

galley outdoor kitchen with bar seating and a tv

This space is nothing short of absolutely stunning…

If you’re looking to create a stylish, at-home outdoor bar setup… We’d suggest taking a page from this homeowner’s book!

This space is under a full-roof cover, equipped with ceiling fans and recessed lighting for that indoor outdoor space feel.

Tucked away in the corner is a dining set… To sit and enjoy meals hot off the grill.

And after dinner, you and your friends can retire to the detached bar seating area.

With a refreshment center, kegerator, refrigerator, and an outdoor TV to boot… This kitchen island truly brings the bar experience to the comfort of your own backyard.

4. Mid-Century Modern Outdoor Kitchen

Even if you don’t have a spacious backyard… That doesn’t mean you can’t have an L-shaped outdoor kitchen.

A shorter grill island paired with a longer bar island can be the perfect compromise in a limited space.

Even with the outdoor sink… There’s still plenty of space on the countertop to rest beverages and plates.

small outdoor kitchen with outdoor seating under a pergola

While the functionality of this island is undeniable… The style is also show stopping.

The wooden pergola, plush patio furniture, and bright yellow bar stools give this kitchen a mid-century modern ambiance… Plus a welcome pop of color!

5. Rustic Stacked Stone Grilling Station

rustic stacked stone grilling station

This rustic stacked stone grill station design isn’t only beautiful… It’s also the ultimate in outdoor cooking and entertaining!

If you want outdoor kitchen ideas that get you to be the envy of the neighborhood, this custom design is where it’s at.

For appliances… We have a gas grill, double side burner, pizza oven, fridge, and refreshment center.

The refreshment center is much more than a regular old sink! Attached is a drop in cooler, cutting board, and a convenient towel hook to keep hands clean and dry!

Other features of this kitchen are two sets of double access doors and a pull-out trash/recycling drawer… 

And, we can’t forget about the bar seating area, for keeping guests close by as you cook. 

6. Outdoor Pizza Oven Kitchen Island

Some people aren’t grill masters… And that’s okay!

You don’t need a grill to enjoy the outdoor cooking experience.

Take this outdoor kitchen, for example. Instead of a grill, the homeowner has opted for a pizza oven.

And of course, there’s also a fridge for refreshments.

Back to that wood fired pizza oven, though…

This one in particular is an authentic Italian-handcrafted oven from Alfa.

Imagine how wonderful it would be to have fresh, authentic pizza… Whenever you want!

7. Outdoor Kitchen Space With Double The Cooking Area

charcoal and gas grill island

Can’t decide between a natural gas and a charcoal grill?

Well, why not include both?

It’s the best of both worlds. Sometimes you want the convenience of a built-in gas grill… Other times you’ll want the rich, smoky flavors that charcoal brings to the table.

And with this design, you’ll never have to choose one or the other!

linear island with gas and charcoal grill and outdoor seating

And speaking of choosing… You don’t have to make any compromises when it comes to layout, either.

This extra-long island is a non-traditional setup that may be perfect for your backyard.

When it comes to design, the sky’s the limit.

8. Kitchen Area and Outdoor Living Room

an rta summer kitchen under a covered patio with a fireplace

If you’re looking to factor a basic outdoor kitchen into an intricate outdoor living room design… This idea is worth your attention.

With a rustic stacked stone finish… This kitchen island can fit in with pretty much any home aesthetic!

We have an outdoor refrigerator… A massive gas grill… And combo storage, which is great for those who need access to the grill, while also wanting a place to store accessories.

The kitchen flows seamlessly with this indoor outdoor room backyard design… And really pulls all of the separate components together.

From the outdoor dining area and kitchen… To the fire feature… To the wall-mount TV… We’d have a hard time going inside!

9. Cozy Patio Kitchen With Seating Area

This cozy paver patio kitchen design is the pinnacle of outdoor relaxation.

We certainly wouldn’t mind sitting in the shaded seating area… Chatting with friends… And enjoying authentic, wood-fired pizza.

And even when the sun goes down… Outdoor string lighting makes this the ideal nighttime hangout spot.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the kitchen itself.

The pizza oven stand offers convenient open-faced storage space, for easy access to your wood supply.

And off to the side, this island features a refreshment center, double access doors, and an outdoor refrigerator… Plus some extra counter space!

This is yet another design that proves you don’t need an abundance of outdoor space to make the most of it. 

10. L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen With Fire Pit

l shape outdoor kitchen idea with fire pit

Outdoor kitchen ideas like this one make your yard the optimal summer hangout.

It truly doesn’t get much better than an outdoor kitchen with a fire pit… And this one’s perfectly located beside the large, L-shaped island.

As for other features, there’s a grill… Power burner… Refrigerator… Pull-out trash… And access doors.

outdoor living space with outdoor kitchen, firepit and gazebo

There’s also an expansive outdoor countertop… Including a bar corner unit with plenty of space for guests to gather.

And once dinner’s over… Relax under the nearby pavilion, or grab a chair and keep warm around the fire pit!

11. Pellet Grill BBQ Island With Outdoor Fireplace

pellet grill outdoor kitchen on patio with lighting

Remember when we said it doesn’t get much better than an outdoor fire pit?

Well, an outdoor fireplace is another fantastic option.

While this stone fireplace is a stunning addition to this homeowner’s outdoor living space… It’s merely complementing the main focal point: The sleek pellet grill kitchen.

If you’re looking to add some fresh technology to your space… You’ll definitely want to check out Coyote Outdoor Living’s high quality built-in pellet grill.

It has digital controls, making it just as easy to use as the oven in your indoor kitchen!

Imagine the pellet grill like a combo of a smoker, oven, and grill wrapped into one appliance.

This means you can smoke, sear, grill, and even bake… All in one unit.

This straight island also showcases plenty of counter space for food prep on each side of the grill…

As well as copious storage room, and a handy pull-out trash.

12. Tamara Day’s Outdoor Kitchen Oasis

tamara day l shaped outdoor ktichen with refreshment center power burner and combo storage

If you’re a fan of Bargain Mansions on HGTV… You know and love Tamara Day!

Recently, Tamara worked with us to create this beautiful outdoor kitchen. It’s got everything she needs to feed and entertain her family of four, outdoors!

Included is a huge stainless steel grill insert and power burner for full cooking capacity…

A refreshment center and pull-out trash to keep everything tidy…

A refrigerator to keep beverages cool… And storage for keeping BBQ tools on hand.

And we can’t forget about the raised island for bar seating… Perfect for hosting.

It’s a dream come true!

13. Mina Starsiak’s Ultimate Entertainment Space

mina starsiaks outdoor kitchen with bar and pizza oven island

Tamara Day isn’t the only HGTV star to entrust RTA with her outdoor kitchen.

Mina Starsiak of HGTV’s Good Bones just installed her own outdoor kitchen setup.

You’ll note that there are actually two separate islands here, each in different locations.

mina starsiaks outdoor kitchen with bar and pizza oven island

There’s a bar island with two refrigerators… And a grill island with a power burner.

This layout proves you don’t necessarily need your outdoor kitchen to be fully connected! In this space, the separation actually creates a beautiful flow.

And we have to say, the clean-cut white finish and stainless steel appliances certainly look striking against the greenery.

14. Modern Plank L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor dining table with l shaped outdoor kitchen

If you’re after modern outdoor kitchen ideas… Look no further.What first catches your eye here is the aesthetic. The sleek, black, plank finish is a standout in any modern space.For features, we have a refrigerator, built-in grill, double access doors, and a pull out trash… All of which will make for convenient outdoor cooking!Situated on a deck, this design is perfect for small gatherings. With plenty of dining space right by the grill island… This is a spot where everyone will want to hang out!

15. Contemporary Outdoor Patio Design

l shaped outdoor kitchen on patio with ample outdoor seating and a fire pit

Not much is missing from this outdoor living space.

Walk out the back door to a massive patio, on which you’ll find comfy outdoor seats around a fire pit…

An umbrella-shaded dining table…

And, of course, the real star of the show. The rustic, reclaimed brick outdoor kitchen island.

This L-shaped design has all kinds of cooking power… In the shape of a kamado grill, built-in gas grill, and pizza oven.

You can smoke, sear, and bake… All at the same time!

And as you perfect your culinary craft, your guests can watch the magic happen from the nearby bar seating area.

We also can’t overlook the refrigerator and double access doors, both of which are seamlessly incorporated into the design.

What better way to get fresh air?

An Outdoor Kitchen Solution

Feeling inspired? Use our free 3D design tool to create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Get started today!

16. Covered Outdoor Kitchen On A Deck

linear grill island with dining table under roof with chandelier lighting

An outdoor kitchen on a deck is a match made in heaven… As evidenced by this beautiful outdoor kitchen idea.

The white finish of the grill island flawlessly meshes with the dark wooden deck and dining table.

And ambient outdoor lighting is provided by way of a hanging chandelier.

But there’s much more to this setup than the pleasing aesthetics…

The lengthy, linear grill station boasts boatloads of storage space… There are two triple storage drawers!

Then, a pizza oven and built-in gas grill work in tandem to bring on all the cooking power you could ever need.

Below the grill you’ll find double access doors… And beside that, a pull-out trash makes it easy as can be to keep your space clean.

17. Large Patio Kitchen Idea

large u shape outdoor kitchen on patio

This U-shaped kitchen design seamlessly optimizes every square inch of space.

So if you’re looking for a large outdoor kitchen idea… Take notes!

To one side is a bar island (it’s only missing a set of bar stools!)

The central island spotlights a built-in power burner, gas grill, kamado smoker, and pizza oven. The more cooking power, the merrier!

Then, the island wraps around to double access doors and storage drawers… Topped off with plenty of open food preparation space.

You may have also picked up on the storage drawers below the power burner, grill, and kamado. How convenient!

You can truly cook for a crowd in this kitchen design… And you probably won’t even break a sweat.

18. Illuminated Outdoor Kitchen Idea

If you want to cook under the stars, and have your kitchen look great while you do… This outdoor kitchen idea may be illuminating (literally!).

The surrounding retaining wall is tastefully lit up, providing the perfect backdrop… And casting just enough light on this large U-shaped setup.

The kitchen itself is something special, as well!

There’s bar seating for guests…

Tons of cooking options, with a gas grill, pizza oven, side burner, and pellet grill…

Plus, pull-out trash… And plenty of storage!

Day or night, you’d certainly get the most from this BBQ island.

19. Shaded Stacked Stone Patio Kitchen With Smoker

l shaped outdoor kitchen with asado attachment refrigerator and umbrella stand

Want outdoor kitchen ideas made for the cooking enthusiast in you? This idea is it!

There are three cooking appliances featured in this kitchen… The asado smoker, double side burner, and Coyote gas grill.

The gas grill serves for convenience and volume… The smoker for that depth of flavor… And the double side burner for additional cooking capacity and versatility.

We also have a refrigerator for easy access to refreshing beverages… And other features include the double drawers, double access doors, and pull-out trash.

This homeowner also incorporated an umbrella into their design… So, you can catch some shade as you grill, and your guests don’t have to sit in the blistering hot sun at the bar island.

20. Poolside Outdoor Kitchen

poolside l shape outdoor kitchen

Want to build an outdoor kitchen by the pool? Let this idea inspire you.

Just steps away from the cool, refreshing pool… Is a convenient L-shaped kitchen island!

The roof covering keeps this kitchen and bar island cast in shade… For some additional comfort.

And though this may not be the largest design, it sure is functional.

There’s a sink, refrigerator, access doors and a storage drawer…

And a gas grill and power burner! (To expand your cooking even further… You could use a griddle or wok attachment with the burner.)

21. Landscape Design and Outdoor Cooking Area

Linear outdoor kitchen with landscaped garden surrounding it

If you’re after landscape decor ideas to complement your summer kitchen… Here’s a unique example of what’s possible!

The island itself is simple yet functional… With a gas grill, double access doors, double storage drawers, and an outdoor refrigerator.

This kitchen blends cleanly into the back retaining wall… Like it was always meant to be there.

The tiered landscape design creates an exemplary backdrop… With lots of natural greenery filling out the space.

If you want to feel like you’re grilling in the garden… This outdoor kitchen idea is worth remembering!

22. Backyard Kitchen With Backsplash

outdoor kitchen with backsplash and vent hood

This setup is on the simpler side… It’s another great idea for those with a smaller space!

The island features refrigeration, access doors, and pull-out trash…

Then, a built-in grill and sink sit soundly on the countertops.

Really, this is more than enough functionality for convenient outdoor cooking!

Though it’s hard to miss… We’d also like to call out that stunning backsplash.

It really makes the kitchen pop… And is a great way to add some decor to your setup, without crowding limited patio space.

23. Al Fresco Prep Area Under Pergola

Wondering how to maximize space under a shaded structure? Look no further than this design.

The extra long island abutting the house provides the perfect serving area.

Buffet-style serving makes hosting so much easier!

Also on that island is a Traeger pellet grill, seamlessly incorporated into the design.

The other islands provide a sink, refrigerator, combo storage, and access doors… Plus plenty of seating at the bar island.

A gap between the two islands provides added mobility under the pergola, so you’ll never feel crowded while cooking.

If you love to host.. This is a near perfect setup!

But, that’s the last of our outdoor kitchen ideas for today.

If you’re feeling inspired… What’s the next step?

Feeling Inspired? Here’s How To Bring Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen Ideas To Life

mike pyle with his family at their custom outdoor kitchen with a modern concrete finish

So… What do you think?

We’ve taken a look at many outdoor kitchen ideas.

Hopefully, your creative juices are flowing at this point!

You should also know, when you work with RTA… This is just a small sample of your possibilities.

And if none of these spark the creative spirit for you… Feel free to use our outdoor kitchen design tool. It’s online, free, and takes just a few minutes to create the perfect custom design for you.

You can customize your ideal size, dimensions, layout, finish, and more… To create something truly personalized and tailored to you.

Even if you don’t decide to work with us… This tool is extremely helpful for your research.

And if you’re still in the early stages of planning… Our Learning Hub is another great resource to help you out with your project.

If you do decide to work with us here at RTA… Here’s what you can expect.

Once your design is submitted and finalized… We’ll ship your kitchen island straight to your door, 95% complete and ready to assemble.

It’ll arrive in panels… Which simply need to be bolted together to set up.

Then, the granite or concrete countertops and appliances can be placed… And that’s it! Your new kitchen is up, running, and ready for business.

This can be a DIY project, completed in one afternoon with a few sets of hands…

Or, you can choose to sit back and let one of our Pro-Installers (Future Blog Link) do the work, if you’d prefer.

Then, you can enjoy your new outdoor entertaining area for life… Because that’s how long Coyote’s 304 stainless steel appliances and our reinforced concrete kitchens last! (Our limited lifetime warranty backs up this claim!)

As always, we are happy to help! If you’re looking for more guidance on your outdoor kitchen project, just reach out.

There’s nothing we love more than helping homeowners like you obtain the outdoor kitchen of their dreams.

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