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Built In Traeger Grill: How-To Guide & Your 3 Best Options

By Jayme Muller

June 8, 2023

There’s nothing quite like smoking ribs on your Traeger grill. (Or any other protein, for that matter!)

That tantalizing smoky flavor… Just the thought of it is probably making your mouth water!

Whether your Traeger grill is brand new or well-loved… It’s become a staple in your backyard cooking space.

So naturally, you want to take your experience to the next level!

You’re in good company, too.

Many Traeger fans want to build their grill into an outdoor kitchen.

It would be a great way to add convenience and versatility to your backyard space.

rta outdoor kitchen with built in traeger grill

But can it be done? Is it a good idea? What’s the best way to go about it?

All are important questions.

We’ll answer all of the above about a built in Traeger grill… And more!

But first, let’s begin with a background on Traeger smokers.

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Traeger Company History

traeger grills logo

You know them, you love them… But you may not be familiar with the origins of the Traeger grill!

Let’s meet the man behind the name, Joe Traeger.

Joe invented the pellet grill back in 1985… And quickly patented his invention in 1986.

This moment served to expand the outdoor cooking industry as a whole!

Since the patent expired in 2006… Many companies have jumped onto the market with their own pellet grill variations.

Recently, in 2021, Traeger went public. Around this time, manufacturing moved from Oregon to Asia. This allowed Traeger to continue providing pellet grills at an affordable price.

And despite some fans being disappointed by this shift…

Traeger has built a cult following over the past three and a half decades.

This is clearly expressed in the Traegerhood. The Traeger community thrives here with cooking classes, TraegerTV, and even ambassadors!


Traeger is a great brand that has helped to expand the outdoor cooking niche. In fact, they’ve even helped to increase interest in outdoor kitchens!

Speaking of which…

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Can a Traeger Grill be Built In?

Before you figure out how to put a Traeger into an outdoor kitchen…

You need to know if that’s even possible!

In order to understand this… We have to define the difference between a built in and non built in grill.

Built In

Since you’re looking to build a Traeger into your backyard island… You’re wanting a built in grill!

But what is that, exactly?

Well, it’s a grill that is designed to be built into an outdoor kitchen. It’s that simple.

It will be designed for easy installation… And with proper ventilation in mind.

Non Built In

Naturally, a non built in grill is just the opposite.

They’re not designed to be built into a grill island. These are typically cart model grills.

This also includes Traeger grills.

Yes, by our standards… Traeger does not offer built in pellet grills!

With the way Traeger grills are designed… It’s actually impossible to truly build one into your island.

However, there are still options at your disposal.

You can modify an existing Traeger grill… Or choose a newer, pseudo built in option. (We’ll explain that later!)

It’s important to note that we don’t recommend using a non built in grill for your outdoor kitchen.

However… It can still be done. Let’s see what that would look like.

How to Build In a Traeger Grill

First and foremost… Know that your Traeger grill won’t be fully “built in” to your outdoor kitchen. It won’t be able to sit in the interior of the island.

So when we’re talking about building in a Traeger grill… What we’re really talking about is creating a stand for the grill to sit on.

This stand is what will be incorporated into the island as a whole.

There are two ways to create a scratch-built Traeger grill island.

So let’s dive in!

Wood Traeger Built In Grill Island

If you’re looking for homemade examples online… You’ll find that most people create a wooden stand for their Traeger.

This involves starting with a wooden outdoor kitchen frame. You’ll have to design, measure, and cut the pieces yourself of course!

For a comfortable cooking height… Make the Traeger stand about half the height of the rest of your island.

Once the frame is done, it’s time to cover it!

The correct next step would be to wrap your island in cement board. Some DIYers will finish their frame at this stage with wood.

Once the cement board is attached… The next step is to finish your island.

There are multiple finish options at your disposal. You could opt for outdoor kitchen tile, stone veneer, brick, or stucco.

You’re nearly done! Now you need a countertop surface.

Most often, homeowners will make their own concrete countertop. Some will also use a wooden, butcherblock style countertop.

Finally… It’s time to place your Traeger!

If you have an older model, the legs will have to be cut off. While you can do this… It’s not recommended!

You might cut it improperly, which causes your smoker to no longer be level. You will also likely void your warranty with Traeger if it’s still valid.

With new models… You can simply remove the legs and place on your stand.

Let’s look at another DIY method that requires a bit less elbow grease.

RTF Traeger Grill Island

RTF outdoor kitchens are also built utilizing a frame system.

These outdoor kitchen kits have the frame and cement board already done for you!

This is a great time-saving measure that reduces the skill cap of the project.

It’s important to note that generally speaking… RTF kits will come with metal frames. These will be a bit more resilient than real wood.

Since RTF options are offered as modular units… You can customize your layout quite easily.

To ensure your Traeger is at a comfortable cooking height… Make sure to purchase a drop base cabinet

The actual installation process is relatively straightforward.

First, place your cabinets in the desired layout arrangement.

Then, you’ll apply your finish. The finish options are the same as listed above. Consider outdoor kitchen tile, stone, stucco, or brick.

Placing countertops will be the next step. You can choose to DIY this with concrete… Or you could consider a natural stone like granite.

The last step is to place your Traeger smoker! It’s exactly the same process as outlined earlier.

While you still need to have skill for applying the finish… An RTF project is a bit more streamlined than scratch-built.

Unfortunately, there are issues with both build methods!

Problems with a Built In Traeger Grill

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should… As they say.

If you want to pursue one of the above build methods… Know that there are some difficulties you will encounter!

Let’s discuss.

Island Quality

First and foremost, island quality will be a concern.


Well, it all comes down to the grill island materials.

Neither wood, nor metal frame systems will provide you great longevity… If you plan on enjoying your island for a long time.

We’ll briefly overview the issues with each.

Wood Frame

wood frame rotting out on an outdoor kitchen after a few years

Let’s cut to the chase here.

While you can save some money… Barbecue islands made from wood are never recommended.

While wood can be a great construction material for indoor use… It just cannot perform in the outdoor environment.

Between rot, swelling, warping, splitting, and possibly even termite damage… Your DIY grill island will be nothing more than a giant liability.

Not to mention, wood is a flammable material!

And where there’s smoke… There’s fire.

Placing a freestanding pellet grill on a wooden base is just flirting with danger.

Moral of the story?

Avoid wood construction at all costs!

Metal Frame (RTF)

The actual installation process is relatively straightforward.

First, place your cabinets in the desired layout arrangement.

Then, you’ll apply your finish. The finish options are the same as listed above. Consider outdoor kitchen tile, stone, stucco, or brick.

Placing countertops will be the next step. You can choose to DIY this with concrete… Or you could consider a natural stone like granite.

The last step is to place your Traeger smoker! It’s exactly the same process as outlined earlier.

While you still need to have skill for applying the finish… An RTF project is a bit more streamlined than scratch-built.

Unfortunately, there are issues with both build methods!

prefab outdoor kitchen frames rusting

Grill Quality

a traeger grill being cleaned out and prepared for winter

You may be a bit confused at this point. As Traeger owners, you love your grill!

And it’s true… They are an excellent option!

At the same time, there are some quality concerns when putting one on your BBQ island.

This primarily has to do with the exterior material used.

Traeger smokers come with a powder coated steel exterior.

For optimal longevity… Outdoor appliances should be constructed with 304 stainless steel. This will provide superior rust and corrosion resistance.

Traeger grills are a bit lacking in this department, opting for 430 stainless steel.

Compared to 304, you will have less corrosion and rust resistance.

While the powder coating does provide a bit more protection… Any damage to this coating will open you up to problems over time!

Since a Traeger grill can’t be fully built in… Replacing your grill isn’t a tragedy should the need arise!

Just understand that when it comes time to replace your Traeger… They might not offer the exact size you initially had.

Why is this a problem?

Well… You might not be able to fit your new Traeger on your existing stand!

Again, it’s unlikely that this will occur. However, it is a possibility to be aware of.

Traeger Grill Warranty

The final point of concern when building in a Traeger grill?

It’s the warranty.

First of all… You’ll likely void your warranty if you cut the legs off of an older model.

More important is the warranty term itself.

Traeger covers their pellet grills for 3, 7, or 10 years… Depending on the model. (The 3 year warranty applies to grills manufactured prior to October 2021.)

And when you’re spending so much time and money on creating an island for your Traeger… Do you really want to be stuck replacing it every few years?

Likely not!

Again, this is not to say you should never incorporate your Traeger into an outdoor kitchen.

Just consider longevity of your appliances before pursuing such a big project! Built in pellet grills with a lifetime warranty are always a safe bet.

Alright. Now that you’ve seen some of the potential problems…

What are the workable solutions?

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Best Built In Traeger Outdoor Kitchen Options & More

While there are many ways to build in a Traeger that are not recommended… There are still a few options at your disposal!

If you’re set on using a Traeger for your BBQ island… Consider the following options.

Timberline Series

The Timberline Series is Traeger’s newest offering in the world of pellet grills.

This is the pseudo built in option mentioned earlier.


You’ll notice that the grill is directly incorporated into a cart. There’s storage underneath as well for accessories!

Situated on casters… You can slide the Traeger Timberline in between two island cabinets.

This will allow you to have a complete BBQ island… Without having to modify your smoker!

The Timberline series also comes with a 10 year warranty. This is the best Traeger offers, so keep this in mind as well!

Ironwood Series

traeger ironwood 885 series grill

You could also consider the Ironwood series.

These pellet grills look much more like the traditional offering from Traeger!

The difference?

You can easily remove the legs from this grill. This will allow you to put your built in Traeger grill on a stand.

The Ironwood series is more affordable than the Timberline… So this may factor into your BBQ island budget as well.

Coyote Pellet Grill

coyote built in pellet grill

You’re probably scratching your head at this title!

Yes… We’re talking about a non-Traeger option!

There are a couple reasons for this.

For one, you might want a truly built in pellet grill. That’s exactly what the Coyote pellet grill offers!

You can fully build these grills into your outdoor kitchen.

Here’s another benefit.

The Coyote grills feature full 304 stainless steel construction… And a lifetime warranty!

So you can feel secure that your stainless steel pellet grill is made for the long haul.

Now that you’ve seen some solutions for the grill aspect of your project… What about the BBQ island?

The Easy Solution for Your Traeger Pellet Grill Built In

Now that you know wood and metal frame islands are not optimal…

What’s the alternative?

The easiest solution for your Traeger… Is a ready to assemble outdoor kitchen!

The structure of RTA islands are formed by high performance concrete panels.

There’s no concern of rust, corrosion, rotting, warping… And it’s a non-combustible material.

And backed by a lifetime warranty, longevity is not a concern here!

An RTA island is also far easier to install than scratch-built or RTF. All you have to do is bolt the panels together, place the countertop, and slide in the appliances. No finishing work!

And for all you die-hard Traeger fans… We can create a custom stand that’s perfect for your Traeger grill!

Built In Traeger Ideas

rta outdoor kitchen with built in traeger grill

Here’s an example of what the RTA Traeger outdoor kitchen stand looks like in action.

As you can see… It’s a lowered stand that offers plenty of space for your Traeger!

This homeowner opted for a sizeable island to go right next to the stand. This offers plenty of room for prepping and serving your incredible food!

We think it’s time to smoke some ribs!

DIY Traeger Outdoor Kitchen (JOHN GRIffin youtube)

Folks, this is as close to a Traeger built in pellet grill as you can get!

In this island, the Traeger is the star of the show!

Not only is the recessed stand a beautiful feature… It also allows room for storage!

It’s the perfect place to store wood pellets and other cooking utensils.

You’ll also find ample counterspace… And even an outdoor pizza oven!

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that John invites us over for dinner one day.

Now that you’ve seen how you can get a Traeger grill built in kitchen…

What are the next steps?

Your Built In Traeger Grill Outdoor Kitchen

rta outdoor kitchen with built in traeger

Your new outdoor kitchen is not far out of reach!

If you’re ready for all the details on your project… There’s a simple place to start.

Schedule a call with someone on our Design Expert team!

They’ll be able to answer any and all questions you have about your RTA outdoor kitchen project.

Throughout the entire process… They’ll work with you personally to ensure your needs are addressed.

And of course… They’ll help you incorporate your Traeger into the design!

We’re sure you’re excited to jump into your project. So we won’t keep you any longer.

Get started with creating your dream outdoor space!

Have Any Questions? Were here to help.

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Traeger does not make a built in grill in the traditional sense. You cannot fully build a Traeger grill into your BBQ island.

A Traeger cannot be fully built into an outdoor kitchen.

However, you could consider a model from the Timberline or Ironwood series. The Timberline series offer a cart grill that you could slide in-between two islands.

The Ironwood series allows you to remove the legs from the grill… And place on a stand adjacent to your island.

Absolutely! Recently, a few grill brands have started releasing built in pellet grill options. Coyote Outdoor Living is an excellent brand to consider for built in pellet grills!

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