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Grillnetics vs Bull Outdoor Kitchen: An In-depth Review & Comparison

By Daniel Cdebaca

October 21, 2022

If you’re reading this… You’re in the depths of your outdoor kitchen research.

You already know you want an outdoor kitchen. (Great idea!)

You may even know what outdoor kitchen design you want and where you want to place it.

The next question is… What outdoor kitchen brand should I choose?

It’s yet another big decision in the process. And of course… There are so many brands and companies. The prospect quickly becomes overwhelming.

We’re often asked questions about other brands and how we compare. Two of which we hear from time to time are Bull Outdoor Products and Grillnetics.

In this article… We’ll put these two head-to-head.

And just to be clear… We will not be declaring a “winner”. Whether you are considering Grillnetics or a Bull Outdoor Kitchen, both are established brands with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Ultimately… It comes down to which product is best for your project and budget. You may even decide on another brand entirely!

For now… Let’s take a bird’s eye view at each company.

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DISCLAIMER: Note that RTA Outdoor Living is in no way affiliated with Grillnetics or Bull.

Grillnetics Company Overview

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and founded in 2017… The Grillnetics team offers both prefabricated and ready-to-finish (RTF) outdoor kitchens. 

What sets them apart?

Grillnetics was founded in the desire to “revolutionize the luxury outdoor kitchen world”. They wanted to create a new method of design and development to deliver outdoor kitchens to you.

What is this method, exactly?

We’ll get there!

For now… Just know that Grillnetics has a stated desire to be on the cutting edge of the outdoor kitchen market.

Wondering where to find Grillnetics products? Their RTF and finished islands are sold on the Grillnetics website. You’ll also find ready-to-finish cabinets sold on BBQGuys.

Let’s move onto Bull.

Bull Outdoor Products Company Overview

Based in sunny California… Bull got its start with an idea in 1992. More specifically… Founder Mark Nureddine thought of a deliverable outdoor kitchen concept.

Fast forward to the present day… Bull has over “900 dealers and distributors throughout the United States, and Canada.”

Needless to say, Bull has been around since the inception of prefab outdoor kitchens

Bull prides themselves on understanding the industry and providing quality outdoor kitchens through their dealer network.

You’ll find Bull BBQ islands sold by many online retailers. Woodland Direct, and Kickass Grills are just a couple examples. 

Bull also has national dealer relationships with companies such as Pool Corp.

Now that we’ve got the overview down… Let’s review the nuts and bolts of these outdoor kitchens.

Have your own Outdoor Kitchen Idea?

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Grillnetics Product Building Method

This section will be a bit longer as the Grillnetics team offers two different methods.

There are both finished and ready-to-finish islands offered.

Let’s take a look at the ready-to-finish options first.

Grillnetics RTF Islands

RTF outdoor kitchens are going to be your DIY option.

Grillnetics outdoor kitchens are constructed from a bolt together frame system. More specifically… An aluminum frame system.

If you’re not familiar with how these outdoor kitchens are constructed… Check out our outdoor kitchen frames article!. It will tell you everything you need to know and more.

Back to the islands.

Grillnetics offers RTF unfinished cabinet modules. These are combined to create your outdoor kitchen design.

The sky is pretty much the limit here! You can create a modest island… Or you can go all out and create a massive grill station.

So, what is included in a Grillnetics outdoor kitchen cabinet?

You’ll get frames and cement board precut to the correct size.

From there… It’s up to you to finish the island. You source your own materials and apply the finish yourself. If you have a particular vision in mind… This can be a positive!

You have the option to purchase appliances and countertops through Grillnetics… Or you can source them on your own.

Not sure what design you want to create?

Grillnetics also offers grill cabinet packages. You can purchase a kit that features a premade outdoor kitchen design. This takes some thinking out of the process!

With these packages… Know that appliances are not included. There’s no mention if countertops are included or not.

There are currently 6 cabinet packages available on the Grillnetics website.

Next up… We have their finished islands.

Grillnetics Finished Islands

For those who are unsure about a complete DIY outdoor kitchen… A finished option is available.

Grillnetics finished islands are simply their RTF frames… But with the stone finish pre-adhered and appliance openings precut.

These islands will arrive to your door in pieces. Parts of the frame will be adhered to cement board and the finish. From there, you just have to install the framed panels. There’s no need to finish the exterior… That’s already done for you.

Speaking of finishes… There are 7 colors of dry stack stone to choose from.

If you are looking for a stucco, tile, or more modern style… You’ll want to stick with the traditional RTF offering.

Despite this… Grillnetics Finished Islands are still customizable.

In fact, there’s a configurator tool available to create your layout. You can play around to get ideas and see what options are possible.

Another perk of finished islands is that countertops are included. Grillnetics offers granite countertops in 9 different options.

Know that granite is the only countertop material Grillnetics offers! To understand the pros and cons of granite more… read all about outdoor countertop materials.

Are appliances included?

It depends.

Grillnetics may be able to furnish appliances depending on what brand you want. They sell some grills from luxury brands. Otherwise… You’ll be responsible for sourcing your appliances.

Well, that covers it for Grillnetics offerings! What does Bull outdoor kitchen products bring to the table?

Bull Product Building Method

Compared to Grillnetics… Bull takes a different approach to their outdoor kitchens.

They offer only a line of prefabricated outdoor kitchens.

These grill islands are pre-built. You just have to install the appliances yourself.

While this may seem more convenient… The delivery can pose quite a challenge.

If your backyard access is limited… Your Bull outdoor kitchen may have to be placed by a crane. Yikes!

There’s no need to worry if your backyard has good access. Otherwise… Just know there’s a possible logistical nightmare on your hands.

As far as the design goes… There are only a few layout styles available. Bull offers 12 pre-designed options to choose from. You also have 13 tile countertop colors and 8 finish styles to select from.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing! If you like the options available… That’s great!

Some homeowners prefer limited choices. However, if you’re looking for a custom outdoor kitchen… Bull outdoor kitchen packages won’t be the pick for you. Other companies will be able to provide custom designs.

That’s not to say there is no potential for customization… Bull does offer an online design configurator like Grillnetics. You select a predesigned layout and adjust the appliances you desire.

As far as the construction method… Bull outdoor kitchens also utilize a metal frame system. We’ll circle back to the topic shortly.

Alright. Let’s get to the actual materials.

Grillnetics Materials

As we mentioned earlier… Grillnetics utilizes a frame system for their outdoor kitchen cabinets.

The aluminum frames are bolted together and come with cement board sheathing.

This forms the basis of both the RTF and Finished Island options.

The finish itself is where the difference between RTF and prefab come in.

With RTF options from Grillnetics… You are responsible for providing the finish. So materials really come down to what you choose.

The finished islands from Grillnetics will come with a dry stack stone finish.  The step of adding the stone veneer is done for you.   

As mentioned earlier, finished islands also come with granite countertops.

If you live in an area with a mild climate… These materials should work just fine!

However, if you live in the frigid north country… You may want to take pause. A frame system with cement board sheathing can spell trouble for you.

Even though Grillnetics uses weather-resistant materials… Freeze thaw cycles, moisture, and salty air can have a long term negative impact.  

Stone attached with a glue-like adhesive is vulnerable to the elements as well.

It’s not a given this will happen… But we’ve seen it enough times to know you should be aware of the potential.

Let’s move our attention over to Bull outdoor kitchen islands.

Bull BBQ Island Materials

The materials used in a Bull outdoor kitchen island is quite similar to Grillnetics.

Whereas Grillinetics uses aluminum for their frames… Bull outdoor kitchens are constructed from welded galvanized steel frames.

Like Grillnetics, Bull covers the frame with cement board. This is true of most prefab / RTF outdoor kitchens.

Bull frame systems fall victim to the same problems as Grillnetics. Particularly in seasonal climates and coastal areas exposed to the harsh elements.

The finishes are where Bull is slightly different. For their prefab islands… Two finish styles are available. You could choose from a manufactured stone or stucco rock. Manufactured stone offers 3 colors and stucco in 5 colors.

Additionally… We of course have to mention countertops. Bull utilizes tile for their countertops, which is quite different from Grillnetics.

We won’t dive into the pros and cons of tile here. Just know that we normally do not recommend tile.

So, what are grills and appliances like?

Great question.

We only use the best materials available

When you invest in an outdoor kitchen, you want it to withstand the elements. Design an outdoor kitchen that will last a lifetime.

Grillnetics Grills and Appliances

Appliances are one of the largest considerations in the buying process. After all… Most of you are purchasing one to grill outdoors!

Appliance brands can make or break your decision to work with an outdoor kitchen company.

When it comes to Grillnetics… You have options.

Grillnetics does not have a proprietary grill line that they sell. Due to the nature of the RTF system… These outdoor kitchens can be adjusted to fit most appliance brands.

On their FAQ… Grillnetics notes that most homeowners opt for a higher end grill brand. Lynx, Twin Eagles, Hestan, and Blaze are a few example brands.

But you can outfit your Grillnetics outdoor kitchen with any appliances you desire.

What about Bull?

Bull Grills and Appliances

Again, there are some differences with Bull. Unlike Grillnetics… Bull offers their own appliance line.

All Bull outdoor kitchens come with their branded grills and appliances. You can’t swap out with a different appliance brand. Know this if you are set on another company’s appliances!

So what we really have to consider here is… What are Bull outdoor kitchen appliances like?

Let’s take a closer look.

Bull offers quite a few grill options… Primarily from the “Economy” and “Premium” classes. 

Although Bull grills aren’t distinctly associated with a particular class… We can get a general overview of the differences. 

“Economy” offerings are not made from complete 304 stainless steel. A lower grade stainless steel is more susceptible to rust and corrosion. This means you’ll have to make repairs / replacements more often. 

For the “Economy” Bull grills… This is true of the grates and burners as well. They are not made from 304 stainless steel. So you’ll also have to worry about rust here.

Since grates and burners are subjected to the most wear and tear… Expect to make replacements in the near future.

Now… This doesn’t mean you have to buy an “Economy” grill! Bull also offers “Premium” options. These will be made with higher quality materials. 

Premium Bull grills are made with 304 stainless steel. This is generally what we recommend for built-in grills… So this is good to see!

The “Premium” grills also feature 304 stainless steel grates and burners. This is important to note… As many grill manufacturers skimp out here. 

To find out which grills are made with complete 304 stainless steel… Simply ask! 

Curious to learn more about grill classes? Check out our guide on how to shop for a built-in grill.

All Bull grills also include a heavy duty thermometer and warming rack. Some come with a twin lighting system and rotisserie motor.

Other appliances include a pizza oven, kegerator, storage, ice maker, refrigerator, access doors, sink, power burner, side burner, bar center, and ventilation.

Quick word of caution on Bull refrigerators… There’s a standard unit that comes with their outdoor kitchens. This is not an outdoor rated fridge. 

For longevity and protection of your investment… You may consider upgrading to their outdoor rated unit.

If you have any doubts… Always ask before you buy!

In terms of appliances… Bull can likely accommodate your outdoor kitchen needs!

Next… We have to address the elephant in the room.


Grillnetics Pricing

This is where things can get a bit complicated.

Budget is often the limiting factor in your project. You can’t purchase an outdoor kitchen you can’t afford!

Why is it complicated?

It depends on which Grillnetics solution you purchase.

Grillnetics RTF Pricing

If you decide to purchase RTF island cabinets… There is no determined price tag. You’ll be sourcing your own appliances and finishing options.

These two factors can significantly affect the ultimate cost of your project. If you choose expensive materials and appliances… Obviously your project is going to cost more.

What about the Grillnetics cost on the products themselves?

Unfortunately, there are no prices listed online for their modular cabinets. We don’t know what the price is when ordering directly from Grillnetics. 

However, you can get an idea of the cost through BBQ Guys. They sell Grillnetics outdoor kitchen frame cabinets.

According to BBQ Guys… Grillnetics RTF cabinets start at around $740. Remember, it’s going to take multiple cabinet size frames to create your outdoor kitchen. The largest unit tops out at $1,375. 

By the time you’ve figured out all the elements you need… You’ll be in for at least a few thousand.

Naturally, the price will vary anyway depending on your desired layout. In order to understand an estimated price… You’ll just have to reach out to Grillnetics themselves. 

Let’s look at the finished islands…

Grillnetics Finished Island Pricing

As with RTF… Prices will vary depending on your choices. However, we do have some base pricing on Grillnetics predesigned finished islands. 

The smallest “Isla” layout starts at $5,799. The largest layout, “The Grand Cayman”, begins at $10,999. 

Note that these prices do not include appliances. Grillnetics finished islands only come with the prefinished frame panels and countertops. You choose the appliances… So the sky is the limit with total cost! 

Also keep in mind that these prices were listed in 2021. As with all products… They could be subject to price increases.

You can learn more about how much grill islands cost in general here.

Alright. Let’s move onto Bull.

Bull Outdoor Kitchen Prices

As usual, Bull takes a slightly different approach than Grillnetics.

Bull Outdoor Products has transparent pricing on their website. Since their islands are predesigned… It makes sense that Bull is able to do this.

Prices for a Bull outdoor kitchen start at $5,538.00 and top out at $12,188.00. 

It’s important to note that this price range is for outdoor kitchens fitted with “Economy” appliances and a non-outdoor rated refrigerator. 

Most homeowners will want to upgrade their appliances to the “Premium” option. If you choose to upgrade… Naturally, your outdoor kitchen is going to cost more. 

Take the Gourmet-Q Grill Island, for example. This is the most expensive outdoor kitchen on Bull’s website. 

If you choose to upgrade all your appliances… Your cost will go from $12k to nearly $20k. Big difference! 

This price range is typical for mid-range outdoor kitchen companies. The lower end of the range covers linear islands… While the upper end covers L-shape layouts (There are no u-shape layouts available).

Of course, appliance upgrades will impact your final cost. 

Otherwise… You know what to expect from Bull when it comes to price.

So perhaps the price is right… What about the warranty?

Grillnetics Warranty

Let’s face it.

An outdoor kitchen is a huge investment. Therefore, you want it to last as long as possible.

Warranties are going to be an essential component of the decision making process. A company with a good warranty is a company that stands behind their product.

Enough background… What does Grillnetics offer for a warranty?

Grillnetics offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on their aluminum frames.

To protect the structure of your outdoor kitchen, this is good to know! If something goes wrong with the structure of your grill island in the future… You know it will be protected.

For the finished islands… We were unable to find warranty information on the remaining components. The finish, countertops, etc. You’ll have to contact Grillnetics for details there.

And of course… The appliances will not be covered under warranty. That is up to the grill brand you choose.

Now, let’s move onto Bull!

Outdoor Kitchen Island with a Lifetime warranty

Our outdoor kitchen structures are backed by a lifetime warranty. Design an outdoor kitchen you can believe in.

Bull Warranty

Warranty information is a bit tricky when it comes to Bull products.

Bull does offer a warranty on their outdoor kitchens. However, there’s no information to be found on their website.

Thankfully, we were able to glean some information from Woodland Direct.  

According to Woodland Direct… The warranty for a Bull grills outdoor kitchen is one year. 

You’d be right in thinking that’s not a long time. 

If you feel comfortable with a short warranty… That’s great! Just know that you are going to be responsible for anything that goes wrong in the future. 

As far as Bull outdoor kitchen appliances go, you can check the warranties right on the Bull website. This is a plus!

At this stage… We’ve covered all the basics about Grillnetics and Bull.

What do the customers have to say?


Just to be clear… We aren’t going to be taking a stance on Grillnetics or Bull!

We could pull out a cherry-picked review here and there… But that’s just not fair.

We’ll let the reviews speak for themselves.

Here’s a quick overview of Grillnetics reviews and Bull outdoor kitchen reviews.

Currently, Grillnetics has 9 Google reviews with a 4.7 star rating. Bull has 18 Google reviews with a 4.8 star rating.

Pretty neck and neck!

Additionally… You could check out companies where you can shop for both products. Woodland Direct and BBQ Guys are examples.

Again, we’ll leave it to you to see what the customers think.

What if you’re not sure about Grillnetics or Bull? Is there alternative ideas?

Why yes… There is!

Quick Summary






Building Method:

RTF or Pre Finished Frame Kit

Pre Built Frame

Structure Material:

Aluminum Bolted Frames

Welded Galvanized Steel Frames


RTF: Your Choice ; Finished Islands: Granite



Your Choice

Bull Brand Only


Limited Lifetime on Frames

1 Year on Frames ; Check Appliance Manuals for Individual Coverage

Google Rating:



An Alternative Solution

You may not be interested in an RTF or prefab outdoor kitchen.

You also may not want to hire a contractor to build your grill island… You want something DIY friendly.

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Ready-to-assemble American made outdoor kitchens, delivered nationwide and fast, easy assembly by RTA Outdoor Living

RTA Outdoor Living.

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Speaking of design experts… Our virtual sales process couldn’t be more convenient. Your outdoor kitchen will be designed, manufactured, and shipped… All from the comfort of your home.

You don’t need to be a contractor to assemble it, either. There’s no specialized knowledge required. In fact… Assembling your RTA outdoor kitchen is just like a piece of furniture.

If you’re not confident… You can always hire someone to assemble it for you.

Another common issue with grill island kits is durability. If you live in an area with perfect weather… You can often get away with it. But for the rest of the country…

This poses a real problem.

You don’t want your investment to fall apart in a couple years. With all the time and money you’ll be spending… There’s nothing more frustrating.

RTA takes a different approach. Our outdoor kitchen panels and countertops are composed of high performance concrete. Whether it be sun… Sand… Ocean air… Frost… Snow… Wind… Our outdoor kitchens will persist.

Your RTA outdoor kitchen will look just as good on Year 5 as it does on Year 1.

And if you can believe it… It gets better!

Personalize Your Outdoor Kitchen to You

RTA outdoor kitchens are customizable. Through our free online design toolYou can personalize your grill island layout.

There’s something special about owning an outdoor kitchen with your personal touches. Built exactly to your specifications… An RTA outdoor kitchen can quite literally be the grill island of your dreams.

If you’re curious to learn more about RTA… Feel free to browse our website! There is a ton of information for you to review.

If you’re ready to take it a step further… Schedule a call with one of our expert designers. Our team is extremely passionate about outdoor kitchens. We would be honored to help you with your project!

No matter what company you decide to work with… We are so excited you’re adding a grill island to your backyard. There’s no better way to spend time outdoors and with loved ones.

Enjoy it!

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While we may be biased… The answer is a resounding yes!

When considering if an outdoor kitchen is a good investment… You have to think about the benefits you’ll receive.

Yes, there is often a financial reward when it comes to selling your house.

Even more importantly… Consider the great memories you’ll gain.

An outdoor kitchen allows you to host gatherings with friends and family. Yes, we know that seems obvious! However, it means you will be seeing your loved ones far more often than before.

And to us… You can’t put a price on time with loved ones.

Unfortunately… There isn’t a clear cut answer here.

Outdoor kitchen cost can vary widely. This depends on the appliances and materials you use.

You can find far more detail on our outdoor kitchen budget article… (link to article). But for now, here are a few price ranges to expect.

For a modest budget, expect to pay around $2,000-$7,000.

A mid-range outdoor kitchen will run you $10,000-$25,000.

For a luxury outdoor kitchen, the price starts at $30,000. It can go up as high as $70,000+!

There’s no limitation on what an outdoor kitchen can cost. Ultimately… It comes down to what you are willing to pay.

Bull Outdoor Products has a facility in Lodi, CA and Athens, TN.

You may be surprised to find that Bull grills are not made in the USA! They are actually manufactured in China.

There’s not much consensus on the topic of outdoor kitchen ROI.

Some sources place the ROI at 55%, others at the 100%-200% range.

We suspect this discrepancy has a lot to do with the quality of the outdoor kitchen.

If you’re purchasing a low-quality grill island from a big box store… It just makes sense you won’t get a high ROI.

If you invest in a high quality outdoor kitchen… You can expect to receive an ROI on the higher end of the scale.

It depends on what you’re looking for!

For homeowners looking for a grill in the economy or premium range… Bull BBQs are quite good.

There’s a reason they’ve been popular for over 25 years!

The weight will depend on what model you purchase. Taking an example from HVAC Direct… A straight island model weighs 1,000lbs.

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