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Louisiana Pellet Grill: Detailed Review & 3 Key Points

By Jayme Muller

January 5, 2024

Looking for a grill that can do it all?

Well, since you’re looking into a Louisiana Pellet grill… We can tell you’re already on the right track.

As you’ve surely heard, wood pellet grills are incredibly versatile.

They can smoke, grill, bake… And if you play your cards right, they can even sear quite beautifully. (You just need to choose the right model!)

Inevitably, your research has led you to investigate Louisiana Grills in particular.

featured image for Louisiana grills

What are your options? Is there anything special about these pellet grills?

These are excellent questions… And we’ll be sure to answer both in detail.

Starting now.


Louisiana Grills Company Background

Louisiana Grills Logo

To get you more acquainted with the Louisiana Grills brand… It’s important to know where they got started!

Now, the brand is actually a subsidiary of Dansons Corporate. They also manage Pit Boss, Country Smokers, and several other brands unrelated to grilling.

It’s claimed that both Dansons and Louisiana Grills were founded in 1999, by Dan Thiessen and two of his sons.

Their vision was to utilize sawmill waste… And transform it into a viable source of energy. Thus, Danson expanded into animal bedding and pellet fuel, in addition to pellet grills.

And since the Theissens live in southern Manitoba, Canada… They were driven to create a pellet grill solution that can be used year-round in harsh climates.

Hence, where Louisiana Grills come in.

Over the years, Louisiana Grills has released 7 unique pellet grill categories for you to choose from.

So let’s dive in!

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Louisiana Grills: Complete Product Overview

Since Louisiana Grills has piqued your interest… It’s key to understand all the options on offer.

We’ll start with the Founders Premier Series.

Louisiana Grills Founders Premier Series

Louisiana Grills Founders Premier 800 Pellet
Product Highlights

Price: $1,199.00 or $1,495.00

Temperature Range: 180 – 600 degrees Fahrenheit

Materials: 304 stainless steel

What We Like
  • Impressive 1,000 degree open flame searing
  • Large hopper for low-maintenance refills
  • WiFi and bluetooth capabilities
What’s Not Ideal
  • Would like to see more robust materials

The Founders Premier Series is touted as a culmination of “over 20 years of an unyielding passion for excellence, an unrivaled dedication to the pellet grill industry, and an endless devotion to the craft of high-end outdoor cooking”.

Sounds impressive, right?

Well… Some of these specs are quite impressive!

The Founders Premier Series utilizes their innovative SearTech(Tm) technology. This allows for both direct and indirect cooking on your Louisiana Grills pellet smoker.

So for indirect cooking… Your temperature range will sit at 180°F to 600°.

But if you want to crank up the heat with open flame searing… You can max out at a temperature of up to 1,000°F! This is insanely hot for a pellet grill. (For comparison, most Traegers cap out at 500°F).

This grill is also available in 2 sizes, the 800 and the 1200. The 800 will give you 864 square inches of cooking area, and the 1200 will give you 1,205.

Both sizes will come equipped with a 29 lb pellet hopper… So you won’t have to refill too often!

These grills are also WiFi and bluetooth enabled for temperature control at a distance through the Smoke It app.

Plus, you’ll get two meat probes to keep track of temperatures as you’re cooking.

Louisiana Grills claims to use a “heavy-duty steel construction” on these grills… But the grade of steel used is left ambiguous.

This is a bit concerning… As we like to see 304 grade stainless steel on all outdoor appliances. This material provides superior resistance to rust and corrosion, especially in harsh environments.

This steel is layered with a high temperature powder coated finish… But if this chips (and the steel is poor quality), you’ll be opening yourself up to rust and corrosion.

Point is… You’ll want to check in with Louisiana Grills on the exact grade of steel used here.

As for price, you’ll find both the 800 and 1200 listed on Amazon for $1,199.00 and $1,495.00, respectively.

Louisiana Grills Founders Legacy Series

Product Highlights

Price: $1,899.00 or $2,199.00

Temperature Range: 180 – 600 degrees Fahrenheit

Materials: 304 stainless steel

What We Like
  • Same benefits as the Premier Series
  • Material quality upgrade with 304 stainless steel construction
  • Griddle plate for more versatility when cooking
What’s Not Ideal
  • A bit of ambiguity on whether construction is 100% 304 stainless steel or not

Here we have a twist on the Founders Series… It’s the Legacy Series.

And if you’re just focused on the specs… There’s not a whole lot of difference here!

You get the same 180°F to 600°F temperature range, 1,000°F open flame searing, 29 lb pellet hopper, WiFi and bluetooth, two meat probes, and size options. (There’s a 800 and 1200 version.)

So… What’s the difference?

There are a couple distinct quality of life upgrades on these Louisiana smoker pellet grills.

For one, the digital control panel is upgraded with LG’s Smart Control Touch Pad. This system is a bit more streamlined and easier to use.

Further, the Legacy Series will come with a griddle insert… Allowing you to turn your pellet grill into a flat top griddle.

For us, the best upgrade is in the construction. Louisiana Grills advertises 304 stainless steel construction here… Which is significant for resilience in the outdoor environment.

However, still proceed with caution! We didn’t see mention of “complete” 304 stainless steel construction anywhere… So you’ll want to confirm with Louisiana Grills that this smoker is fully 304.

You’ll find the Legacy 800 listed for $1,899.00 and the Legacy 1200 for $2,199.00.

Louisiana Grills Black Label Series: Freestanding Pellet Grill

Louisiana Grills Black Label 1000
Louisiana Grill Founders series premier 1200
Product Highlights

Price: $999.00, $1,099.00, or $1,199.00

Temperature Range: 180 – 600 degrees Fahrenheit

Materials: 304 stainless steel

What We Like
  • A decent beginner-friendly option that won’t break the bank
  • Higher temperature range than most pellet grills for the price (Hits 600°F instead of just 500°F)
What’s Not Ideal
  • Build quality is questionable for long term use
  • Smaller pellet hopper may not be ideal for longer smokes

Now, let’s take a look at a slightly different Louisiana grill pellet smoker.

The Black Label Series actually has several unique grill options (including a vertical smoker)… So we’ll break this down into two separate sections, starting with the freestanding pellet grills.

The Black Label Series includes three size options: the 800, 1000, and 1200. As you would expect… These grills have 809, 1,028, and 1,180 square inches of cooking space, respectively.

These pellet grills offer the same temperature range you’re already familiar with, being 180°F to 600°F.

And while there’s options for cooking with direct and indirect heat… There’s no capability for open flame, super-high heat searing.

The Black Label grills come with an 18 lb hopper, which is a bit of a downgrade from the Founders Series… But still a decent size for a freestanding pellet grill.

You’ll still get a digital control panel with WiFi and bluetooth capability… As well as 2 programmable meat probes.

Once again, material quality is left a bit ambiguous. Louisiana Grills states that they use 14 gauge steel construction with a high temperature black sand powder coat finish… With no mention of the grade of steel itself.

All in all… The Black Label Series freestanding options appear to be a beginner friendly and no-frills solution.

These BBQ grills are quite affordable as well… So you won’t suffer a great loss if something goes wrong.

The 800 Series will go for $999.00, the 1000 for $1,099.00, and the 1200 for $1,199.00.

Louisiana Grills Black Label Series: Portable Grill

Louisiana Black Label Portable Grill
Product Highlights

Price: $499.00

Temperature Range: 180 – 500 degrees Fahrenheit

Materials: “Heavy duty” stainless steel and powder coated finish

What We Like
  • It’s a truly portable pellet grill for grilling when traveling
  • Includes a smoke rack if you want to smoke on-the-go
What’s Not Ideal
  • Material quality leaves more to be desired

Also in the Black Label Series… You’ll have access to a portable grill.

So if you’d like to bring pellet-grilled goodness with you on a tailgating or camping trip… This little unit could be right up your alley. (As long as you have access to electricity!)

And despite its petite size, the Black Label 300 portable grill’s features are quite good.

This pint-sized grill will provide you with a 300 square inch cooking surface… As well as a temperature range of 180°F to 500°F.

You lose a little bit of heat on the high end… But it’s not much cause for complaint, all things considered!

This Louisiana pellet grill smoker will come with a single programmable meat probe, and built-in smoke rack. It also comes equipped for WiFi and bluetooth connectivity.

The hopper size is 10 lbs, which is a decent amount for such a small footprint.

The construction on this portable grill is the same as the other Black Label Series grills… You’ll get a “heavy-duty” stainless steel construction, and black sand powder coated finish.

So as we’ve mentioned previously… You’ll want to check in with Louisiana Grills on the grade of steel here.

The Black Label Series 300 portable grill is available for $499.00 right on Louisiana Grills’ website.

Louisiana Grills SL Series

Louisiana SL Series 1000
Product Highlights

Price: $974.00 or $1,174.00

Temperature Range: 180 – 600 degrees Fahrenheit

Materials: Unknown

What We Like
  • Similar features to the Founders Premier Series, at a slightly more affordable price
  • Capacity for 1,000°F searing
What’s Not Ideal
  • Material quality appears to be lacking
  • No WiFi or bluetooth connectivity

Moving right along… Let’s get to the SL Series from Louisiana Grills.

What’s interesting about this series is that it’s designed exclusively for Costco. (Although, it is available for purchase on Louisiana Grills’ website.)

So unless you order online directly from the brand… You’ll have to make a trip to your local Costco.

And overall, the features are nearly identical to the Founders Premier Series. The sizes are just a bit smaller, lending to a more affordable price.

The SL Series offers a 700 and 1000 size option… Leading to a 698 square inch and 1,014 square inch cooking area, respectively.

You’ll get the same SearTech(tm) technology as the Founders and Legacy Series… Allowing for both direct and indirect cooking.

The temperature range is also sitting at 180°F – 600°F, with open flame searing capacity up to 1,000°F.

You’ll also get the standard digital control panel, two meat probes, and an 18 lb hopper capacity… Which is a good deal smaller than the Founders Series.

One key difference here is that there’s no WiFi or bluetooth connectivity with these Louisiana wood pellet grills. If you prefer your grills to be analog… This won’t be an issue.

But if you want the convenience of remote control… This will be a pretty significant ding on the SL Series.

As far as construction goes… The main materials are actually not described. However, it’s likely safe to assume that this grill features the same ambiguous steel construction. (Of course, check with Louisiana Grills on this.)

What’s the price on this pellet grill & smoker?

You’ll pay $974.99 for the 700 Series, and $1,174.99 for the 1000 Series.

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Louisiana Grills Estate Series

Louisiana Grills Estate Series Built-In
Product Highlights

Price: $2,499.00 or $2,499.99

Temperature Range: 180 – 600 degrees Fahrenheit

Materials: 304 Stainless Steel

What We Like
  • Complete 304 stainless steel construction
  • Built-in option for outdoor kitchens
  • Cart model offers storage capacity
What’s Not Ideal
  • Built-in model is constructed without flanges
  • Lack of WiFi and bluetooth connectivity

Getting dizzy from all the Louisiana Grills pellet grill options yet? Don’t worry, we’re nearly through.

Next in line, we have the Estate Series.

In this line, you’ll have access to a built-in pellet grill, and a freestanding cart option.

And just from the looks of it… Surely, you can tell there are some differences here.

For one, the pellet hopper is right next to the grill, but fully integrated into the design. This creates a sleek aesthetic… Perfect for a luxury outdoor kitchen.

A single size is on offer here, being the 860. As you could guess, it’s an 860 square inch grilling area.

The temperature range is right in line with previous options… Settling in at 180°F to 600°F.

Hopper capacity here will be an ample 28 lbs… And a single meat probe will be included.

Like the SL Series, there is no WiFi or bluetooth functionality. So keep this in mind before you make a final decision.

That said, the construction on the Estate Series is excellent. Finally, we have a grill with complete 304 stainless steel construction! It’s great to see… And we have no quibbles on the high quality construction here.

However, there is something else to keep in mind if you opt for the built-in model. There are no flanges on this grill… Which is a challenge when installing it into your outdoor kitchen.

The flanges are designed to support the weight of your built-in grill. Without these… You’ll have to build your island specifically to support the grill from below.

This is not ideal… And can pose some safety challenges if not handled correctly.

But if you go for the freestanding cart, you’ll have no such concern. It’s self supported, has built-in storage, and side shelves for convenience.

As for price… The Estate Series freestanding cart is available for $2,499.00, and the built-in model for $2,499.99.

Louisiana Grills Elite Series

Product Highlights

Price: $1,199.00

Temperature Range: 180 – 600 degrees Fahrenheit

Materials: “Heavy duty” stainless steel

What We Like
  • Offers both direct and indirect cooking functionality
  • No-frills option for the simple home griller
  • Bottle opener, storage, and grease bucket are convenient additions
What’s Not Ideal
  • Construction quality leaves more to be desired
  • No WiFi or bluetooth functionality

Last, but certainly not least… We have the Elite Series from Louisiana Grills.

And this one will be quite easy to cover! There’s only one grill on offer.

Also known as the 800 Deluxe, this grill has 838 square inches of cooking area.

As you might expect… Most of the features are quite similar to Louisiana Grills’ other models.

Once again, you get a 180°F to 600°F temperature range, a programmable meat probe, and the capacity for direct or indirect cooking. (This is accomplished with a sliding broiler plate.)

The 21 lb pellet hopper has a similar design to the Estate Series… Offering a sleek look on the exterior.

There’s no mention of WiFi or bluetooth connectivity here… So you’ll just have to do without.

Looking at the cart itself, you’ll get a bottle opener, side shelves, door storage, and grease bucket… All on top of caster wheels.

And as with most of the other grills we’ve mentioned… The construction on the Elite Series isn’t much to write home about.

We get the same unspecified heavy-duty stainless steel construction… And high temperature powder coated finish.

That said, this Louisiana pellet smoker grill is a decent option if you’re uninterested in bells and whistles.

Currently, the Elite Series 800 Deluxe is available for $1,199.00.

Are Louisiana Pellet Grills any Good?

After everything you’ve seen so far, you may be left wondering…

Are Louisiana Grills worth it? Are they any good?

It’s a fair question to pose.

And in all reality… The answer depends on what you’re looking for.

Some grills have high quality construction and impressive performance… While others may be better suited to a short term solution.

So in order to parse out whether a Louisiana pellet grill is right for you… Let’s take a closer look at several categories.

Tech Features are a Mixed Bag

temperature feature on louisiana grill

These days, if you’re purchasing a pellet grill… Most people assume that there will at least be some form of WiFi connectivity to an app.

This functionality greatly increases the convenience of a pellet grill… Offering one of the most hands-off grilling and smoking experiences there is.

As you’ve seen, Louisiana pellet grills are a mixed bag in this category. Some models offer WiFi and bluetooth… Others not.

And as consumers continue to move away from a solely analog pellet grill… This is a bit of a miss on Louisiana Grills’ part. So if this is important to you, stick with the Founders Series and the Black Label Series.

Aside from this, the Founders Series and the SL Series offer that impressive 1,000°F open flame technology… Which is quite unique in the world of pellet grilling.

That capability alone does a lot of heavy lifting if you want to pull off high temperature cooks in a pellet grill.

So overall, Louisiana Grills is a bit uneven in the technology department. The Founders Series includes some of the better tech… While other options lag behind.

Materials are Hit or Miss

Louisiana Grills materials close up

In a similar spirit… The material quality in Louisiana pellet grills is hit or miss.

The vast majority of Louisiana Grills’ line is constructed with an unspecified grade of heavy duty stainless steel… And then coated with a high temperature powder coated finish.

This can be okay as long as the exterior doesn’t chip… But that’s inevitably going to happen at some point.

And at that stage, your grill will begin to rust and corrode.

Same goes for the fact that nearly all of Louisiana Grills’ line utilizes porcelain coated cast iron grill grates. (Estate Series is the exception, using 304 stainless steel instead.)

Again, once those grates chip… You’ll have to order a replacement shortly after.

So if you’re only interested in a short-term solution that requires maintenance… This likely won’t be much of an obstacle for you.

And considering most models are relatively affordable… It’s not a crushing punch to the gut if the structure conks out after a couple years.

That said, there are a couple models from Louisiana Grills that are well-constructed.

The Estate Series offers complete 304 stainless steel construction… And the Founders Legacy Series offers the same, which is great to see. (But you will want to confirm complete 304 on the Founders Legacy.)

At the same time… You’ll want to double-check the warranty before you’ve settled on a Louisiana pellet grill.

Warranty Can be Good... Depending on Your Goals

While often overlooked… Choosing a pellet grill with a robust warranty is one of the best favors you can do for yourself.

When you’re spending $1,000 or more on a pellet grill… You want to know you’ll be covered if something goes wrong.

In the case of Louisiana Grills, they offer a 5 year warranty against defects and workmanship… And 5 year coverage for electrical components.

For pellet grills on the lower end of the price range (under $1,500), this is actually pretty decent. Many grills in this range offer a 1-3 year warranty… So you’re getting a bit more value here.

But for the Louisiana Grills that approach the premium price range ($1,500 or more)… The 5 year warranty is pretty underwhelming.

At that price point, your pellet grill is becoming a more significant investment… And many brands offer higher quality construction, and a lifetime warranty in the same price range.

So if you’re springing for the Estate or Founders Legacy Series… The warranty leaves more to be desired.

And speaking of wanting more… If Louisiana Grills’ spread doesn’t quite do it for you… Perhaps you’ll be open to an alternative.

An Excellent Pellet Grill for Your Outdoor Space

rta outdoor kitchen with weathered wood finish and pellet grill

If you’re after a solid pellet grill that’s solidly constructed, performs smoothly, and offers an incredible warranty… You might be interested in the Coyote pellet grill.

Offered in both a freestanding and built-in setting… The Coyote pellet grill is a formidable choice for your backyard.

This grill offers complete, inside-and-out 304 stainless steel construction, and a 175°F – 700°F temperature range… Outperforming Louisiana Grills in the construction category.

The dual fan convection system ensures perfectly accurate temperature control… And impressive results when grilling, smoking, or baking. (Just be aware that this grill does not offer WiFi functionality.)

Plus, you get access to a lifetime warranty. So on the off chance that something does go wrong… You can rest assured that you’re taken care of.

And if you really want to take your setup to the next level… Consider incorporating a Coyote pellet grill into an outdoor kitchen.

The side and front shelves on a freestanding pellet grill are nice and all… But they simply can’t replace the convenience of having a complete outdoor prep station.

Full sized countertops eliminate the need to run in and out of the house… And you run way less of a risk of knocking things over!

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg on what an outdoor kitchen can offer you.

Give our free online design tool a whirl to see the extent of what’s possible… And we’ll be in touch.

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