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Built In Grill Ideas: Key Considerations & 11 Inspiring Designs

By Jayme Muller

June 8, 2023


You’re outside, getting ready to cook on your favorite grill.

You have a gorgeous outdoor kitchen… And you have the meat you marinated for hours sitting on the countertop beside you.

You need some sauce… And it’s right there beside you in your outdoor fridge.

You don’t even have to reach to grab some clean utensils… They’re in your drawer!

And your friends and family are sitting right there at the outdoor bar.

Sound like a dream come true?

The best way to make cooking outside easy is with an outdoor kitchen… But it doesn’t make sense to have a separate grill!

If you want the total experience… You’ve got to have a built-in grill.

But first, what is a built-in grill? And what should you think about when you’re getting one?

Once we tackle the three top considerations… We’ll look into some built in grill ideas, so that your outdoor cooking area will be durable and well-designed.

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What Is a Built-In Grill?

tamara day cooking on built in grill

Before we dive into considerations and built-in grill ideas… Let’s cover our bases!

What is a built-in grill?

A built-in grill is a durable BBQ grill that has been crafted specifically to be built into an outdoor kitchen grill station.

Built-in grills will be labeled… So you won’t have to guess which is meant to be built in or not.

They can be natural gas, propane gas, charcoal, or pellet grills.

You may still have a few questions about finding a built-in grill… So let’s address three important considerations!

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Three Considerations for Built in Grills

When you’re investing in a grill… You want to make sure it works well.

Here are three expert considerations to choosing the best outdoor grill for your cooking space.

1. Built-In Grill vs Standalone

cooking food on a c series grill
man cooking at standalone gas grill

So a built-in BBQ grill is designed to be put in an outdoor kitchen… But what actually separates it from a standard grill?

First of all, built-in grills are usually a much higher quality than your average grill… So they’ll last a lot longer with less maintenance.

The venting system is designed to ensure proper airflow since a lot of your grill is covered by the island.

This will keep your grill from overheating in your outdoor grill station.

And on top of that, you won’t have to modify your built-in grill to make it fit (like you would with some standalone grills).

But is it worth it? Can you put a standalone grill in your outdoor kitchen regardless?

Can You Put A Standalone Grill In Your Outdoor Kitchen?

While you could technically get some standalone grills to fit inside an outdoor kitchen… We would never recommend it.

The biggest issue is the safety hazard.

The venting on a standalone grill could heat up the outdoor kitchen materials around your grill and cause them to catch fire…

Or if your grill can’t circulate the air well enough… It could even explode!

On top of that… If you have to modify your grill to make it fit, you’ll likely be voiding your warranty.

It’s simply not worth the hassle.

So what size of grill should you be getting?

2. Grill Size

This purchase should last a lifetime… (Or close to it!) So you want to get the size right the first time!

You’ll want to think about how many people you want to invite to your biggest gatherings.

While you can always use less of your grill for small dinners… It’s a pain when you run out of room during a party.

A typical three burner gas grill will have between 450-500 square inches of cooking area. This is enough room for most households.

If you entertain often or have a large family, you may want a grill that has five or six burners. These will usually have between 550-650 square inches of cooking area.

You could also consider building in two separate grills of different types… Or even installing a side burner or flat top grill if you think you’ll want more room.

Next… You’ll want to make sure that your grill matches your cooking style! You’ll want to explore the features you can get.

3. Choosing the Right Features

When you’re cooking outside… Your number one goal is to make great food.

Simple as that.

But which features would make your experience more enjoyable?

Believe us, there’s no wrong answer… But some grills may better suit your needs than others.

Great Built-In Grill Features

In addition to the built in grill itself… 

Here are a few great features you may want to keep an eye out for!

coyote s series grill with rotisserie attachment
Integrated rotisserie

If you enjoy cooking chicken… There’s no better way than with a rotisserie! You can find grills with different motor speeds… As well as different positions for the spit rod, so you can keep your chicken closer or further from the grill.

Built-in lights

Nighttime grilling is an absolute treat… But how will you grill with a flashlight in one hand? Built-in lights make cooking all day (and night) long a breeze!

coyote sear burner
Sear burner

If you like your meat perfectly cooked on the outside, and still juicy on the inside… A sear burner is for you. They use a large number of small flames to heat a ceramic plate to very high temperatures. Then, this plate emits infrared radiation. This very quickly sears your meat!

Ceramic briquettes

These are special flame tamers made of ceramic that go on top of your burners… But under the grates you put your meat on. They hold and radiate heat extremely well… So they’re a perfect way to make sure your grill heats evenly and consistently. They prevent flare-ups as well, since juices drip on them instead of your hot burners!

You’ll want to make sure that your outside kitchen is exactly what you’re hoping for before you start buying… So here are some beautiful built-in barbecue grill ideas!

Backyard Built-In Grill Ideas

Everyone needs inspiration before they get started… So these gorgeous built-in grills are sure to kickstart your outdoor kitchen journey!

Up first is a classic outdoor grill built-in design…

Built in BBQ Grill Ideas

This beautiful Coyote S-series gas grill is perfectly polished… And it matches all of the other outdoor kitchen appliances.

The S-series has a few excellent upgrades like ceramic briquettes and a sear burner.

The side burner is a great touch that brings even more utility to your outdoor kitchen design.

Small Grilling Area with Stainless Steel Grill

small linear grill island with refrigerator and built in grill on patio

If you want the perfect entertaining space, but don’t have much room…

A small outdoor kitchen is the way to go.

And despite its diminutive size… There’s quite a few features packed in here!

First and foremost, the 36” S-Series grill from Coyote. 

Additionally, you’ll find a built-in trash can, double access doors, and an outdoor refrigerator!

There’s plenty of counter space for food prep… So you can transfer it directly to the grill!

Built-In Grill with Counter Space on Both Sides

reclaimed brick outdoor kitchen on patio with built in pellet grill

This is a nice little 28” built-in grill… And these homeowners are cooking all kinds of delicious foods right in a cooking pan!

Wait… They’re using a grill for casseroles? 

Why, yes! This isn’t any old built-in grill. It’s a Coyote pellet grill, in fact!

This grill is extremely versatile, as you can see. In addition to smoking and grilling… This grill can be used much like an oven!

And there’s even a top rack to leave extra room for appetizers or hors d’oeuvres.

Perfect Grilling Station

Create the perfect outdoor kitchen with a coyote built in grill using our free 3D design tool. Get started today!

L-Shaped Outdoor Bar with Built-In Grill

This L-shaped outdoor kitchen has everything.

An outdoor refrigerator… Plenty of storage… A nice seating area at the outdoor kitchen bar… And an outdoor pizza oven!

But the massive gas grill really takes the cake here for cooking al fresco.

What you’re looking at is a 42” Coyote S-Series grill

This upgraded grill offers a whopping 955 square inches of cooking area, rotisserie kit, infrared sear burner, and ceramic briquettes.

Two Built-In Grills for Your BBQ Area

two built in grills in outdoor kitchen

If you read about the three types of built-in grills and just can’t pick one… We don’t blame you!

Here’s an excellent idea for you.

These homeowners opted for a built-in gas grill and charcoal grill for their cookouts!

When you build an outdoor kitchen… There’s no limit to what you can do. And after-all, two is always better than one! 

Simple Outdoor Kitchen Ideas with Built in Grill

linear outdoor kitchen with built in grill and side burner

Sometimes, it’s better to live simply.

This linear BBQ island has all of the essentials… And no clutter.

If you want a minimalistic grill island… This design idea might be for you.

You’ve got the cooking, counter space, and the outdoor kitchen storage all covered.

But let’s not forget the grill and side burner!

This island features a 36” Coyote S-Series grill and side burner. So you can grill burgers and steaks… While also whipping up a sauce or side dish on the burner!

Natural Outdoor Kitchen with Modern Built-In Grill

natural outdoor kitchen with modern built in grill

Here’s an idea for all the charcoal grill lovers out there. 

If you’re dedicated to that classic, smoky barbecue flavor… This built-in charcoal grill is a shoo-in for your cooking station.

The aesthetic is nothing to scoff at, either!

This stone outdoor kitchen hits all the right notes to make this built-in grill look inviting and beautiful!

Kamado Cooker and Built-In Grill Combo

Linear Outdoor Kitchen with big green egg and outdoor kitchen combo drawers

If you don’t want to lock yourself into a single grill option… Why not get more than one?

It’s always better to have more cooking space… And versatility in flavor!

This island allows you to get the convenience of a gas grill… And the addictive flavor of a charcoal smoker. 

This Big Green Egg and built-in gas grill combo will make the outdoor dining experience twice as great!

mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Built in Gas Grill Ideas

built in gas grill with power burner and combo storage

If you have a deck… You might be wondering if you can put an outdoor kitchen on top.

The short answer… Yes! An outdoor kitchen on a deck is the perfect way to enjoy your outdoor living space!

With enough room… You can turn it into a DIY dining area as well. And the whole space will look cohesive!

But let’s get back to the grill. Here, you’ll find the 36” Coyote C-Series grill and power burner

The C-series is a workhorse… And the power burner is, well…. A powerhouse!

You can cook pastas, sauces, or even have a giant lobster boil. All just a few steps away from your house!

Built-in Pellet Grill Ideas

built in pellet grill in moks

One thing that every grill master needs?

A beautiful built-in grill!

This lovely pellet grill from Coyote has you covered. As we mentioned earlier… You can grill, smoke, sear, and even bake with this grill!

This design of the outdoor kitchen overall is simple. You can enjoy a bite to eat from the grill… And a cold drink from the outdoor refrigerator all in one with this built-in grill outdoor kitchen design.

Small Built in Grill Ideas

small built in grill in new york

We all know that the real star of the show is your built-in grill… But a portable Ooni pizza oven on the side can’t hurt!

This built in grill is on the smaller side, being a 28” Coyote C-Series… But it still packs plenty of power! 

This little grill will throw out up to 40,000 BTUs of heat! 

We also love how the modern concrete finish of this island contrasts with its surroundings.

The gray of the kitchen island and concrete countertops matches perfectly with the rooftop industrial look… And the stainless steel grill brings this out even more!

Built in Patio Grill Ideas

hybrid grill built into a linear grill island

We’ve talked about getting two grills before… But what if, instead, you got one hybrid grill?

This hybrid grill from Coyote has a whopping 1,200 square inches of cooking area.

The coolest part? One side is a gas grill… And the other side is a charcoal grill!

It’s truly the best of both worlds.

And because this outdoor kitchen is long… They were still able to fit in a side burner, fridge, and outdoor kitchen sink!

At this point… You’re probably itching to get started with your own outdoor kitchen area!

Allow us to share with you a simple solution.

The Best Way to Get Your Own Built-In Grill Island

An outdoor kitchen with a built-in grill is one of the most useful backyard features you can get… But how do you get started?

This is often intended to be a life-long purchase… So you want to pick wisely!

At RTA, quality and longevity is of the utmost importance.

Quality of an RTA Outdoor Kitchen and Built-In Grill

mike pyle at his rta outdoor living grill station equipped with a pizza oven

First things first. The built-in grill.

We are proud to partner with Coyote Outdoor Living to provide you with their full line of premium grills and appliances.

For the built in grill, your fuel options are pellet, gas, and charcoal… And there’s plenty of sizes as well!

But one thing that’s consistent between all Coyote grills is the undeniable quality of their product.

We’re talking complete 304 stainless steel construction… The best grade of stainless steel for an outdoor grill.

It’s extremely rust and corrosion resistant… And it can handle the harshest weather with ease.

Of course… Your BBQ island also needs to be durable to the elements.

Our outdoor kitchens are a perfect fit for Coyote Grills… Literally and figuratively.

The high performance concrete we use in our panels is rated for 100 years. So you’re set for life!

Not to mention… 

There’s no rusting, corroding, or any of the other potential pitfalls that stand in the way of a long-lasting outdoor grill island.

Speaking of… Let’s talk about longevity. 

Longevity of an RTA Outdoor Kitchen and Built-In Grill

The quality of our outdoor kitchens speaks for itself… But we also stand behind our product.

Good news for you. There’s lifetime warranties all around!

Coyote offers lifetime warranties on their appliance line… And we at RTA offer a lifetime structural warranty. 

And with how durable our products are… It’s likely you’ll never need to worry about it anyway!

Sounds good so far… But what if you want to customize your island? 

RTA Outdoor Kitchen and Built-In Grill Designs

close up of grill with popular grill food items being cooked on it

If you liked any of the ideas we shared above… We can make it happen!

At RTA, we offer the option of a custom-built outdoor kitchen.

That’s everything from the layout, sizing, configuration, appliances, finish, and outdoor kitchen countertops.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an expert.

We have an easy-to-use, free Design Tool for you to use! You can pick and choose exactly what you want… And then you’ll have a free 3D rendering of it at the end.

Want to make it a reality? With the click of a button, your design will go straight to our team of Design Experts. 

You’ll get expert one-on-one advice to create the perfect outdoor kitchen and built-in grill combo.

So what are you waiting for? Go explore!

We look forward to helping you with your project!

Need Help With Your Plans?

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A built-in grill is absolutely worth it! A good built-in grill will be made out of 304 stainless steel (or better), and come with a lifetime warranty. This means that your built-in grill will last for decades. While they may be pricier than a standalone grill at the start… The higher performance and lower cost of maintenance (as well as the fact that you won’t need to replace them!) makes up the difference.

A built-in grill made from long-lasting materials and that comes with a lifelong warranty is usually somewhere between $1,500 and $4,000. However, the price can rise over $10,000 if you want all the latest and greatest features. In addition, the outdoor kitchen surrounding your built-in grill will cost several thousand dollars more. The average outdoor kitchen cost, grill included, is about $12,000.

While you technically could build a regular grill into an outdoor island… This can void your warranty and cause safety issues. A regular grill is not made to vent in the same ways as a built-in grill should. A regular grill is typically not made to last as long as a built-in grill… Which can cause issues when you try to replace it.

An outdoor kitchen with a built-in grill adds significant value to the home! An outdoor kitchen with a built-in grill has the potential to return between 100 percent and 200 percent of its cost!

This should be a lifetime purchase… So you want to get the size right the first time! It’s a pain trying to cook on a grill that’s too small… But it never hurts to have more room than you need.

A typical three burner gas grill will have between 450-500 square inches of cooking area. This is enough room for most households. If you entertain often or have a large family, you may want a grill that has five or six burners. These will usually have between 550-650 square inches of cooking area.

You can find built-in grills at any grilling store. They will have a variety of brands and be able to instruct you on which built-in grill will best meet your needs. They can also be found at big box stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot, but they will likely not be as high quality.

There are several cost-effective ways to install a built-in grill while making sure you aren’t skimping on the grill! First, build your outdoor kitchen near your house. This will make utility installation cheaper. Next, consider getting accessories that can make your built-in grill more versatile, rather than splurging on multiple cooking appliances.

Most grills are between 34 and 40 inches. This will be between about 450-500 square inches of cooking area, and be able to feed your average family. A gas grill of this size will usually have 3 or 4 burners.

There are all kinds of great benefits to a built-in grill!

The use of an outdoor kitchen helps make cooking easier, more fun, and gives your guests a place to sit. It increases the value of your home. You’ll save money on grill costs in the long-run because a built-in grill will typically last longer with less maintenance than a standalone due to the high quality materials used.


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