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Char-Broil Outdoor Kitchen: 9 Modular Options & Reviews

By Daniel Cdebaca

November 29, 2022

If you’ve been to Lowe’s outdoor living section… You’ve probably seen Char-Broil modular outdoor kitchens.

They’re affordable, readily-available, and come with an assortment of appliance options.

Char-Broil has also been around for a very long time… But these outdoor kitchens are fairly new!

So what’s the deal with these new modular outdoor kitchen options?

Are they any good?

We’re going to dive in to our Char-Broil outdoor kitchen review so that you can decide for yourself whether or not they’re the right brand for you!

We’ll start with the history of Char-Broil.

hood of a char broil modular outdoor kitchen grill

Char-Broil Company History

CharBroil logo

Char-Broil’s parent company, W. C. Bradley Co., had been around since the 1800’s… But Char-Broil got its official start in the late 1940’s.

Char-Broil was founded over 70 years ago when they made their first ever outdoor cooker in 1948… One of the first charcoal grills on the market!

In 1961, they patented the first grease-handling system for an outdoor grill. This made grilling much safer.

They also invented all kinds of new things in the 1970’s… Char-Broil was the first to package the liquid propane tank and grill in one box…

It was the first major manufacturer to offer electric grills…

The first to sell portable gas grills…

And they were the first mass marketer of table-top portable grills!

From the very start, Char-Broil created award-winning innovative solutions for a market that craved backyard outdoor cooking options!

Finally, in 2018, this award-winning grill company started producing modular outdoor kitchens.

So what options do they offer?

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Char-Broil Modular Outdoor Kitchen Options

You won’t find a full outdoor kitchen island from Char-Broil… Instead, Char-Broil’s BBQ islands are made up of smaller parts.

Basically, you can mix and match parts to create your own modular outdoor kitchen.

A modular outdoor kitchen will accommodate most budgets… As well as large or small outdoor kitchen spaces.

You’ll essentially dream up your outdoor kitchen plan and assemble the individual pieces… Then screw your parts together to make whatever configuration options your heart desires.

They stand at just over 3 feet tall, and come on casters, so you’ll be able to make them level… Even if your outdoor kitchen patio has a tilt.

They currently have eight modules in their series… So you can find all the necessities.

We’ll get into what your options are.

Digital Electric Smoker

First up is the digital electric smoker.

It’s similar to a kamado cooker… But runs off of electricity rather than charcoal.

This smoker has 760 square inches of cooking space inside… And 650 square inches of countertop space on the top!

Its walls are insulated with double-wall construction for better heat retention… And the high-capacity wood chip box gives your meat a smokey flavor.

Last but not least, this smoker has digital controls and an integrated thermometer… So you can control the heat.

deluxe xl digital electric smoker

Entertainment Module

Next up is the entertainment module.

On the countertop, it includes an insulated built-in cooler with a removable lid for drinks… And an outdoor kitchen sink that comes with a cover for the basin which doubles as a cutting board.

This entertainment module provides you with 1,250 square inches of counter space.

Underneath the counter… It has a built-in electrical outlet, storage space, and a pull-out trash bin.

charbroil entertainment module

Bar Top Addition

This bar top hooks onto the back of your entertainment module to give you a bar.

It will add 11 inches of depth to your countertop… Basically creating an extra thick island that doubles as a bar.

It’s 50 inches long and lies about 9 inches higher than the rest of the outdoor kitchen… So you can fit roughly two stools underneath it.

The bar top will support up to 100 pounds.

medallion series modular outdoor kitchen bar top

Dual-Burner Stove Top

Char-Broil also sells a dual-burner stove top.

It has 65,000 BTUs, and it uses either liquid propane… Or natural gas with a conversion kit that’s sold separately.

It has 125 square inches of total cooking area… Which takes up the majority of the counter space on top.

Stainless Steel Griddle

If you enjoy eggs and bacon, or even Hibachi-style food… A flat top griddle might be a good choice for you.

Char-Broil’s griddle has 14,500 BTUs and 250 square inches of cooking space.

It has a large door on the front side to store fuel.

It uses liquid propane… But you can buy a conversion kit separately to use natural gas.

And if you like to cook at night… This griddle has integrated LED and halogen lights.

medallion series modular outdoor kitchen griddle

Energy Star Refrigerator

Char-Broil also has its own outdoor refrigerator.

The shelves are adjustable… So you can use the 2.7 cubic feet of storage space however you want.

In addition, you get 650 square inches of countertop space on the top.

This fridge is both Energy-Star Efficient and UL Outdoor-rated. This means that is will conserve electricity… And is food-safe.

medallion series modular outdoor kitchen refrigerator

Corner Module

The corner module is a necessary addition if you want to elevate your outdoor cooking space from a straight island and into an L-shaped outdoor kitchen or even a U-shaped outdoor kitchen.

There is storage underneath, although the space does not have any shelves.

It also adds about 325 extra square inches of counter space.

Next, we’ll look into the grill options.

Built-In Grills

The Char-Broil built-in grills are modular pieces… Just like the rest of their outdoor kitchen set-up.

These Char-Broil built-in outdoor kitchen grills work with your standard liquid propane tank… But you can use natural gas instead with a conversion kit that is sold separately.

These modules have full-length drawers to store accessories… And have LED illuminated knobs.

Like the stainless steel griddle… They have integrated LED and halogen lights for easy nighttime grilling.

They also use Char-Broil’s TRU infrared cooking technology. It stops flare-ups by keeping any drippings from your food from landing on the fire… And absorbs the heat from the burners and spreads it evenly over the cooking surface.

Char-Broil sells all kinds of freestanding grills… But offer two built-in grills that come as modular outdoor kitchen options.

3-Burner Gas Grill

The three-burner grill module has 565 square inches of total cooking area and 21,000 BTUs.

For the size… This a relatively low amount of power.

For comparison, Cal Flame‘s G-series 3-burner grill is roughly the same size… But has 45,000 BTUs.

3 burner gas grill

5-Burner Gas Grill

medallion series built in 5 burner grill

Your larger option is the 5-burner gas grill.

This option has 880 square inches of total cooking area and a BTU rating of 32,500.

Again, this is surprisingly low. Cal Flame’s 4-burner G-series grill has only 800 square inches of cooking space… And 60,000 BTUs.

Now that we’ve covered all of the module options Char-Broil offers… We should discuss what they’re made of!

Char-Broil Outdoor Kitchen Materials

If you want an outdoor kitchen that will be able to stand the elements… You want to look into what it’s made out of!

Your outdoor kitchen’s materials will affect both the aesthetics and durability.

Char-Broil Outdoor Kitchen Frame

The outdoor kitchen frame is the bones for the entire kitchen… So you need it to be strong!

Each of Char-Broil’s modules are supported by a stainless steel frame. Unfortunately, they do not specify the grade of stainless steel.

The grade is actually extremely important… So it can be a serious issue when you don’t know exactly what you’re buying.

You should always look for 304 stainless steel to prevent rust and corrosion… But anything less than this (like 430 or 443) can break down very quickly and ruin your entire island.

Since the grade of stainless steel isn’t specified… There’s a chance these frames may rust or corrode.

entertainment module with open cabinet and drawer

Char-Broil Outdoor Kitchen Black Exteriors

modular outdoor kitchen

The next part of the outdoor kitchen materials we should discuss is the black exterior.

The exterior is just painted stainless steel sheets. Unfortunately, we were unable to find out what grade of stainless steel is used for these, either.

The paint on Char-Broil’s exteriors will hopefully protect the unspecified metal underneath from rust and corrosion… But watch out, especially if it gets scratched. Because we are unable to confirm what grade the steel underneath is… It might rust very quickly.

Non-304 stainless steel will do best in arid places like Arizona… But it will rust much quicker in more humid climates like Florida. Regardless, it’s always best to have 304 stainless steel.

Another issue is that metal can be a very hot material for a summer kitchen when it’s left in the sun… So you might want to consider putting your outdoor kitchen under a cover.

Char-Broil Outdoor Kitchen Metallic Exteriors

The third part of these kitchens we’ll look at is the polished metal.

All of the shiny metal in their grills, access doors, and more is stainless steel.

Unfortunately, the grade isn’t specified again.

As we said before… 304 stainless steel is best all-around. Non-304 stainless steel might last longer in a dry climate… But it still isn’t a great material to use outside because of how quickly it will rust.

When you aren’t sure what grade your stainless steel outdoor kitchen is… You’re taking a huge gamble.

medallion series 3 piece modular outdoor kitchen

Char-Broil Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

charbroil outdoor kitchen countertop with cooking utensils and food

The outdoor kitchen countertops are made of granite.

Granite countertops are an extremely dense and hard material… So you won’t have to worry about scratches.

This natural stone will last a very long time, which is important!

Cooking Grates

Finally, if you choose to purchase the stove top or a built-in grill…

You’ll find that the cooking grates are porcelain-coated cast-iron.

Cast-iron typically has good heat retention… Which is always good when you’re cooking!

You’ll want to be very delicate with them to avoid chipping the coating… If the coating peels, you could have issues with rust because you can’t season them!

Next, let’s discuss how you’ll receive your outdoor kitchen kit.

close up of a charbroil outdoor kitchen

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Delivery Options

So what happens if you decide that you want to buy a Char-Broil outdoor kitchen?

What will delivery look like? After all, this is a big shipment!

We’ll look at the three main places you can buy these islands from… Char-Broil’s website, Lowe’s, and Wayfair!

Char-Broil Delivery

If you buy a Char-Broil outdoor grill station from the source itself… It will take about 3 to 4 business days to process the order… Then 7 to 10 business days to arrive.

Their deliveries are only made Monday through Friday.

Some of the outdoor kitchen modules fall under “Basic Truck Delivery.”

This means that your items will be shipped curbside. You’ll be responsible for unloading your items from the truck.

Others will fall under normal shipping. These items can be left at your doorstep.

Depending on where you live and which items you order… Shipping may cost you, but it’s usually free.

Lowe's Delivery

man unloading truck with lowes order

Lowe’s has two options for delivery… Pickup, and truck delivery!

Because Lowe’s has so many physical locations… You might want to opt for in-store pickup! You may have to wait a few days for availability… But you’ll be able to bring it home yourself.

If you’d prefer your outdoor grill station be delivered to your house… Lowe’s offers truck delivery if your location is within 75-miles of a fulfillment location.

The usual Lowe’s shipping fee of $79 will be waived if you purchase even one module because of how much they cost… So your delivery will be free!

If you’re using Lowe’s truck delivery… You’re required to sign for it, unless you’re a Pro Member.

You’ll be able to schedule a delivery time when you check out online.

Wayfair Delivery

wayfair delivery truck

Wayfair offers free delivery.

It will take a few weeks to arrive… But you won’t have to unload it yourself.

They also won’t require that you sign for your modules.

For some people, this is a positive. Others might prefer to sign for them to ensure that they arrive at the correct location.

Now, let’s talk about the price for these outdoor kitchens.

Char-Broil Outdoor Kitchen Price

The price of your kitchen will depend on which modules you purchase. This will help you stick to your outdoor kitchen budget.

For example, their 3-burner gas grill costs $1,749.99… And their 5-burner costs $2,299.99.

Their other products also vary in price.

The cheapest item is the bar top add-on at $459.99… And the most expensive is the outdoor kitchen entertainment module, at $1,899.99.

This means that your outdoor kitchen could be fairly pricey if you want to go large… Or, it could be only a few thousand dollars if you want a small outdoor kitchen.

The national average cost of an outdoor kitchen in America is about $12,000 – $13,000.

On average, a straight 3-piece Char-Broil outdoor kitchen will only cost you about $3500. This is drastically below the average.

Outdoor kitchens have to be built out of high-quality materials so that they can withstand all kinds of different climates and elements. If your outdoor kitchen is inexpensive… It may be a poor testament to the quality.

When you’re looking at prices… Something else to consider is the warranty.

Char-Broil Outdoor Kitchen Warranties

A good warranty is always important to have for an outdoor kitchen.

You should search for a warranty that lasts as long as you hope to use your outdoor kitchen for. You’re spending thousands of dollars on this… It’s an investment!

We always recommend that you search for outdoor kitchens with a lifetime warranty.

Not only does it mean that the product is actually built to last that long… It also means that your outdoor kitchen will be protected regardless!

So what does Char-Broil offer?

The warranty for their products depends on the item.

Built-In Gas Grill and Stove Top Module Warranties

The burners for the gas grills and stove tops are under warranty for 10 years

The firebox is protected for 3 years

And all other parts are under a 1-year warranty.

Built-In Gas Grill and Stove Top Module

The burners for the gas grills and stove tops are under warranty for 10 years

The firebox is protected for 3 years

And all other parts are under a 1-year warranty.

Griddle Module

The griddle has a 10-year warranty on its burner.

The grates, lid, firebox, and emitter are all ensured for 3 years.

All other parts are protected for 1 year.

Smoker, Refrigerator, Bar Top, Corner, and Entertainment Module

These options only have a 1-year warranty on their parts.

If you want your outdoor kitchen cabinets to last for a very long time… These warranties do not necessarily bode well for that.

The next part of your outdoor cooking experience to consider is the reviews. What are other people saying about them?

Built-In Gas Grill and Stove Top Module

The burners for the gas grills and stove tops are under warranty for 10 years.

The firebox is protected for 3 years.

And all other parts are under a 1-year warranty.

The griddle has a 10-year warranty on its burner.

The grates, lid, firebox, and emitter are all ensured for 3 years.

All other parts are protected for 1 year.

These options only have a 1-year warranty on their parts.

If you want your outdoor kitchen cabinets to last for a very long time… These warranties do not necessarily bode well for that.

The next part of your outdoor cooking experience to consider is the reviews. What are other people saying about them?

Char-Broil Modular Outdoor Kitchen Reviews

Char Broil has been making innovative grills and grill parts for a very long time… But their outdoor kitchen reviews are a bit of a mixed bag.

While often rated fairly high (4-ish stars is the usual) most of the positive responses discuss how it looks when it’s first delivered.

However… When you search through the lower ratings, you’ll find that many of them express the same two concerns after they’ve had the outdoor kitchens a bit longer.

First of all, many people report rusting on their islands and outdoor kitchen appliances.

Even when stored under cover and cleaned regularly… Many people are sharing that their islands and appliances rusted in under a year or two. A few report as soon as a few months.

This brings us to the second issue.

While Char-Broil is quick to respond to each of these complaints with a pre-written message explaining how to contact customer support… Many reviews complain that the customer support was little-to-no help.

At the end of the day, don’t just listen to us summarize the reviews. We would recommend you look at the reviews for each module you’re considering for yourself!

You can find reviews at the bottom of each module’s product page… So you’ll be able to see how each individual module holds up!

Now that we’ve gone over a good bit of information… Let’s look at the positives and downsides.

Quick Summary

To summarize, there are a few good things about Char-Broil’s outdoor kitchen selection.

Unfortunately, there are also several downsides.

  • Granite countertops

  • Casters allow you to level your island

  • Inexpensive


  • Questionable quality and longevity

  • Short warranties

  • Limited customization options

  • Lack of finish options

  • Lack of countertop options

  • Mixed reviews

So are Char-Broil’s outdoor kitchens the right choice for you?

Of course, there’s no “right answer” here.

Maybe you really just want something temporary and a bit less expensive for your outdoor cooking space…

In that case… Char-Broil’s outdoor kitchens might be okay.

In the end, whether or not a Char-Broil outdoor kitchen will be right for you depends on what you’re looking for.

However, if you’d prefer to consider a long-term option…

An Alternative Solution

rta outdoor kitchen in new jersey with grill and pizza oven

We’ve just gone through a lot of information about Char-Broil’s outdoor kitchens… But what if they just aren’t speaking to you?

We have another option… A truly customizable outdoor kitchen that will last a lifetime!

RTA outdoor kitchens are at the crossroads of fantastic quality and incredible customization.

Convenience is important… So you’ll start the process with our easy-to-use free design tool.

You’ll get to choose the size, configuration, countertops, finish, and the appliances… So you can design your outdoor kitchen to fit your lifestyle perfectly.

On top of making sure that your outdoor kitchen is a perfect match for you… We also guarantee quality.

Our islands are all built out of high-performance concrete in our factory in Indiana… And personally inspected at every stage of the manufacturing process!

You know that your island will be perfect in design and quality… And just to ensure that, we have a lifetime warranty!

But it isn’t just our islands… We’ve proud to have partnered with Coyote Outdoor Living for our appliances.

Coyote’s grills are made of premium-quality 304 stainless steel and are also backed by a lifetime warranty… So you can trust that you’re in good hands for decades to come.

If you want to find out more about how you can create the perfect outdoor cooking experience for you and your family… You can visit our Learning Hub!

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After you have the fuel set up… All you have to do is light the grill by opening the lid and turning the LED knobs to the “On” position. Then, press the igniter button until you hear the burners light.

Technically you can use a freestanding grill in an outdoor kitchen, but we’d highly suggest you don’t.

There are built-in specific grills. If you use a freestanding grill, your island could block the vent. This could cause an explosion, ruining your grill and your island.

ron plates and skillet pans. They have recipes on their website for meats, vegetables, and fish.

There are several ways to keep an outdoor kitchen cool! Consider building shade over it. A pergola or gazebo are great options. You can also bring out a fan!

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