By Jayme Muller

August 17, 2020

Humor me for a moment.

It has been a long week. You arrive home on a Friday late afternoon from work.

Normally, what would you be doing?

I imagine it’s usually one of two things…

Order a pizza for the family. The kids may be happy but you’re really regretting those garlic knots. The carb load hits you and all you have the energy left for is putting the kids to bed and falling asleep in front of the TV with your spouse.


Take the family to Applebee’s or another chain restaurant. You wait for a table, eat food you really wish you didn’t, then decide to get dessert anyway. You come home smelling like greasy food, and just like last weekend, that carb load sends you straight to bed. Unfortunately, this sleep isn’t very restful considering your kids are bouncing off the walls from that ice cream sundae sugar rush.

Sound familiar?

Beautiful L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Fitting Into Its Outdoor Space


Space, of course, is an essential step in planning your outdoor kitchen. If you don’t have the space for a certain layout, obviously you’ll have to seek other options.

So, why should you consider an L shaped bbq island for your living space?

If you’re limited on backyard space, an L shaped outdoor kitchen can work. However, you will likely have to sacrifice bar seating and have the kitchen located on the perimeter of your deck or patio. This way, your kitchen does not really intrude on your backyard space at all if you have less to work with.

You can see an example of how this would look below:

Skip Bedells L Shaped BBQ Outdoor Kitchen

As you can see, the L shaped outdoor kitchen fits perfectly into that corner and allows for open space. This placement is best for functional use, rather than entertainment.

Of course, if you have a larger backyard you can realize all the benefits of bar seating and entertainment space. There is no need to limit yourself to a corner.

For full utilization of your L shaped bbq island, you’ll want at least 3 feet of free flowing space at the front and 4 feet at the back of the island. This will ensure full ease of movement for guests and allow them to sit at the outdoor bar comfortably.

Set up this way, the L shaped design can become the center for entertainment.

Ample Space on All Sides of Your L Shape Outdoor Kitchen


Friends And Family Enjoying an L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen

It’s not just about the amount of space you have in your yard.

It’s also about the potential gathering space your outdoor kitchen can provide.

Layout for entertaining and socializing has to be a consideration.

When you have a house party, the kitchen is the focal point where people gather. This is the same when you are having a backyard barbecue.

You want adequate space for everyone at the party to gather and mingle around your outdoor kitchen.

The great news is, L shaped outdoor kitchens are perfect for family and friends to socialize and gather around.

There’s plenty of space for counter seating. Everyone at the party has a place to sit, and the chef doesn’t have to feel left out.

With an L-shaped design layout, you can be both the host and cook with ease. Guests are right in view as you’re grilling an incredible meal for all to enjoy. Plus having guests seated at the counter reduces foot traffic and helps keep you focused on the task at hand.

An L shaped outdoor kitchen creates that “family style” setting where everyone is together, and truly connected.

Bar Island on an L Shape with Seating Space


Of course, we have to consider efficiency and utility when deciding on an outdoor kitchen layout.

You are purchasing an outdoor kitchen to grill amazing food, after all! The layout should make prepping, cooking, and grilling as easy and enjoyable as possible.

L shaped outdoor islands are a wonderful and efficient option to consider.

When you’re cooking outside, you want everything you need right where you need it. Wasted time futzing around for something can be the difference between a perfectly seared steak and an irreparable hockey puck.

Farahs L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen with All the Functionality
Prep Space and Cooking Space

The nice thing is, the very nature of an L shaped bbq island is efficient.

Everything you need can be designed to be within arm’s reach. If you opt for a sink and/or refrigerator, they can easily be placed in a convenient location for use.

Another benefit of this layout?

You don’t have to cook alone!

Because this layout is two adjacent islands, you have two distinct cooking/prepping zones.

While a friend is prepping, you can be grilling burgers to your heart’s content. You don’t have to worry about all the other tasks that need doing, you’ve got space for a helping hand.

With an L shaped outdoor kitchen island, cooking and prepping outdoors doesn’t feel like work at all – it’s play.


Start Designing Your Own L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Today


Obviously, L shaped islands are an aesthetic focal point.

There is something about the simplicity in this design that makes it a popular choice for many. In fact, there are two notable people in addition to Farah Merhi that also opted for this layout.

Skip Bedell of ‘Catch a Contractor’ on Spike TV and Charlie Moore, ‘The Mad Fisherman’.

Skip Bedell has smaller yard space to work with and needed a layout that would fit in his yard without impeding the space.

We custom designed an L shaped bbq island that fit his space, met his needs and looks incredible in his yard. This outdoor bbq island actually elevated the space, rather than taking away.

You can watch the video below to watch how Skip’s kitchen came together in one afternoon.

As mentioned before, Charlie Moore also opted for an L shape design for his deck outdoor living space.

Our panelized construction is one of the only options for building an outdoor kitchen on a deck. Charlie wanted a masonry style to match his New England home and RTA was the perfect match.

We were able to optimize the outdoor kitchen footprint, positioning the grill island on the back edge of the deck. This left plenty of space for counter seating on the bar island. In addition, the placement of Charlie’s outdoor kitchen reveals a beautiful view of his backyard.

You can watch Charlie design his outdoor kitchen using our free online design software in the video below. As you can see, his design comes together exactly as imagined!


For whatever reason, you still may be unsure that an L shape design is right for you.

It could be budget, space, time, etc.

The nice thing is, you can still get started on your outdoor kitchen project without committing to an L shaped layout right away.

With RTA Outdoor Living, you can simply start with purchasing a linear island. Get started enjoying, entertaining, and BBQ’ing while you decide if you want to expand your outdoor kitchen.

Once you decide an L-shape outdoor kitchen is ultimately best for your space you can easily add a matching bar island adjacent to your current one.

This flexibility opens you up to a ton of choices in the future. You could add a cocktail bar, pizza oven, refrigerator, sink, storage, and more.

Starting with a BBQ island allows you to get a feel for your space and help you decide what is most important for you to add on later.

Farah Merhi knew from the start that an L shaped outdoor kitchen was the best choice for her.

Let’s get into the details of her design!

Farahs L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Tying in with Her Whole Space


Farah Merhi of Inspire Me! Home Decor and QVC designer has spent a lot of time thinking about the desired layout of her outdoor kitchen.

As a designer, she takes a close look at detail and not a single feature of her outdoor living space went overlooked.

Farah wanted an outdoor kitchen that reflected the functionality of her indoor kitchen.

She wanted the space practical for time with both family and friends, with everything needed for entertaining at hand. She didn’t want herself or her guests running in and out of the house all the time to get something or throw something away.

Farah also wanted to take advantage of the warmer weather. She lives in Michigan which is too cold for grilling several months out of the year. It was essential to design an outdoor space that would make the most of the warmer months.

As you can see in the video, Farah has created an incredible outdoor living space. Complete with an L Shaped outdoor kitchen, dining area, and matching fireplace.

The space is gorgeous, right?

Farah’s outdoor BBQ area is the focal point that makes this backyard remodel work.

You may be thinking… This is nice and all, but why did Farah choose RTA specifically for her outdoor kitchen?

Well, let’s talk about that.


An outdoor kitchen and dining area has been on Farah’s to-do list for years. With all of the planning and time involved, it was essential for her to make the best possible choice for her space.

RTA was that choice. 


Quite a few reasons!

Why Farah Merhi went with RTA Outdoor Living for Her Outdoor Kitchen
Seating Area Looking to Fireplace

One of the most important was time.

Farah lives in Michigan which has harsh winters, unpredictable weather, and short summer seasons. This makes large building projects incredibly challenging. A project that takes months means you miss the barbecue season.

None of this is a concern with RTA. Our kitchens and fireplaces are delivered to your driveway complete with Coyote Outdoor grills and appliances. In less than a day, your outdoor kitchen will be assembled and ready to use.

In fact, the RTA outdoor kitchen was the shortest install of everything else in Farah’s backyard. The paver patio alone took 2-3 weeks, and there was also landscaping and a retaining wall that had to be put in.

Another aspect Farah had to consider in her climate is durability.

With harsh Michigan winters, it was essential for Farah to find an outdoor kitchen that could stand up to months of snow, wind, and ice.

Most products are unable to withstand bitter cold, northern winters, and harsh freeze-thaw cycles. Deterioration can begin to happen in as little as one or two seasons. We have personally seen rust, stones/tiles falling off, and general deterioration after one season from these offerings.

With the amount of time and effort put into this space, the last thing Farah wanted was an outdoor kitchen that breaks down after one season of use.

RTA outdoor kitchens are manufactured from a special type of concrete that is incredibly durable. Harsh winters, snow, and ice are no match for our island enclosures. Our kitchens will look the same on year 5 as they do on year 1.

Coyote Outdoor Living takes the same approach with their appliances. All of their products are manufactured from all 304 stainless steel.

Farah Happy About Her Outdoor Countertop

The final thing that drew Farah to RTA was the ability to customize her design.

Being a designer, Farah has an incredible eye for detail. She wanted to work with a company that would be able to bring her vision to life.

Her vision required that an outdoor kitchen be functional. She wanted a sink to wash hands and plates, a pull out trash, a fridge to grab cold drinks. Space for family and friends to gather. Farah was thinking about her family’s needs, lifestyle, and how to enjoy her outdoor space to the max.

With all that Farah wanted to accomplish in her backyard space, many companies would not be able to accommodate her wishes.

Due to the nature of our product, RTA can be incredibly flexible with design. This is what enabled us to craft the exact L shaped outdoor kitchen Farah desired.

We can do the same for you. Consumers don’t want cookie cutter designs anymore. You want an outdoor kitchen that is unique to you, your style, and your needs. You’d be hard-pressed to find a company that can bring your desires to reality quite like RTA can.

That’s why Farah trusted us to design her outdoor kitchen and fireplace. We offer the best in assembly time, quality, and customization.

If you’re still not sold, watch the interview Farah gave from the International Builders Show below of Farah discussing why she chose RTA for her backyard oasis.


If you couldn’t tell, we at RTA are passionate about outdoor kitchens and their design.

That’s why we created a free online outdoor kitchen design tool.

This tool allows you to design your kitchen in just a few clicks and even get a free quote on the way.

You can see exactly how each layout will look, from straight, L Shaped, U Shaped, to Galley outdoor kitchens.

It’s the perfect opportunity to see how that L shaped outdoor kitchen will look, and the appliances you choose to fit it with.

No risk, only reward.

So what are you waiting for?

Click down below to get started designing your outdoor kitchen, and have fun!


Start Designing Your Own L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Today