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The 7 Best Electric Grill Brands of 2024, Expert Reviewed

By James King

January 5, 2024

We can all agree, everybody loves grilled food.

But getting your favorite barbecued fare isn’t always as simple as going out back and firing up the ole’ gas or charcoal grill.

For urban dwellers and apartment renters… Fire codes and property restrictions can get in the way of that coveted backyard BBQ experience.

Does this mean you have to give up on grilling?

Absolutely not!

An electric grill offers a fantastic workaround for those facing outdoor cooking restrictions.

Using Electric Grill Island on Roof Top

But oftentimes, these handy appliances don’t get the spotlight they deserve.

That’s why today, we’ll clue you in on everything you need to know about electric grills…

As well as review some of the best electric grills on the market!

Let’s get to it.

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Electric Grills: Are They The Best Solution for Urban Cooking? 

coyote electric grill in a concrete outdoor kitchen on a balcony

What is an electric grill… And how do they differ from traditional grills?

For starters, electric grills are powered by — you guessed it — electricity!

To fire up an electric grill, all you’ll need is access to an outlet and a safe spot to start cooking.

You’ll never have to refill propane tanks or haul around hefty bags of pellets or charcoal to keep the party going!

Like your indoor oven, an electric grill cooks via a radiant heating element.

That’s why they’re such a popular choice for urban grilling. With no open flame, no flare-ups, and minimal smoke… You can grill the day away without stressing out your landlord or violating local codes.

You can even use these nearly-smokeless grills indoors!

But surely… This is no substitute for traditional grilling?

While an electric BBQ grill will never be able to truly replicate open-flame grilling… It can come pretty darn close.

High quality electric grills offer some serious searing power, with some models pushing upwards of 600 degrees Fahrenheit. This is even hotter than many pellet grills! 

As long as an electric grill can reach high temps… The food you cook will still have that delicious BBQed flavor. 

As you can see… If you’re facing outdoor cooking restrictions, an electric grill may be just what you need.

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Outdoor Electric Grill Buying Guide

There are so many electric grills out there… How do you find the best of the bunch?

Let’s run through some important before-you-buy considerations.

What Configuration Do You Need?

standalone cuisinart electric grill on deck

Electric barbecue grills come in a variety of configurations.

Before you start browsing brands… You should consider exactly which of these configurations will best suit you and your space.

If you want an electric grill that you can use both indoors and out, a freestanding, tabletop, or portable model would be best!

But if you want to keep your grilling 100% outdoors, you may consider taking the experience up a notch with a built-in electric grill and outdoor kitchen (more on this, later!).

Electric Grill Material Quality

The material quality of freestanding or portable electric grills isn’t really a major concern… And that’s because electric grills should ideally never come in contact with the outdoor elements!

We strongly discourage using an electric grill outdoors when it’s raining or snowing. Electricity and water don’t mix!

In fact, it’d be best to store portable or freestanding electric grills indoors when not in use. This will ensure the electric components stay dry, functional, and safe to use.

Luckily, most electric grills are lightweight, compact, and easy to transport, which means finding a place to store one should be simple enough!

And taking measures to keep your electric grill out of the rain and snow will effectively eliminate any concerns of the exterior getting rusty or corroded.

Now, if you have a built-in electric grill, it’s a different story.

Storing an entire outdoor kitchen away every time it rains isn’t really a feasible option.

However, you can still take measures to protect your outdoor electric grill!

You should certainly invest in a high quality cover to keep your grill shielded from the elements… And if possible, consider installing an outdoor kitchen roof for extra peace of mind!

Lastly, you should also look for built-in grill options made with durable 304 stainless steel. Although your electric grill should always be covered when it rains, this will give you even more confidence that it’ll hold up to rust and corrosion.

Is The Size Right?

char-broil electric grill with food cooking on it

Another important factor to consider is size.

Generally, electric grills have significantly less cooking area than traditional gas, charcoal, or pellet grills.

Typically, you’ll see options between approximately 150 and 300 square inches… Which is enough grilling space for one to four guests, tops.

If you’re just grilling for yourself… A smaller, 150 square inch model should provide more than enough space.

But if you’ll be cooking for larger groups, don’t hesitate to size up! And even then, plan on multiple rounds of grilling.

What Features Do You Need?

Lastly, think about what features you’re looking to get from an electric grill.

Of course, the most important feature of all will be heat output.

For grills capable of high temp searing… You’ll want to confirm that wattage is at least between 1,000 – 1,500 (which equates to max temp outputs between approximately 500 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit).

You should also consider what you’ll be cooking.

If you’ll be grilling foods like eggs, bacon, or stir fries… A flat top electric grill is worth considering!

But if you’re looking to achieve those classic grill marks… Look for a model with traditional grates.

Don’t forget about cleanup, either! If you want a low maintenance option, you should try to find electric grills with removable cooktops and drip trays, which can be easily hand washed or even run through the dishwasher.

And if you’re willing to spend a bit more on other bells and whistles… You may also consider electric grills with special features such as auto shut-off, warming modes, or insulators for better heat retention (to name a few).

Alright. With these considerations in mind… What are the best electric grills out there?

1. Best Budget: George Foreman Outdoor/Indoor Electric Grill

george foreman electric grill
Product Specs

Wattage: 1,600 Watts

Materials: Ceramic Coated Cooking Plates, Metal Grill Lid, Plastic Stand

Grilling Area: 240 Square Inches

Warranty: 3 Year Limited

Price: $90.81

Starting off our list is a budget-friendly offering from George Foreman.

This electric tabletop grill can be used on its own… Or, it can be paired with the included grill stand for use on your balcony or patio. However, the grill stand is a bit wobbly, so keep this in mind!

This electric grill is on the larger side, with 240 square inches of cooking area.

George Foreman claims that this grill has enough space for up to 15 servings, but this may be a bit of an exaggeration! We’d wager that the cooktop actually has enough space for serving 3-4 guests.

The wattage here tops out at 1,600… And the grill is able to preheat to a max temp of 600 degrees in under five minutes.

With a removable drip tray and dishwasher safe grill plates… The George Foreman electric grill is easy to clean!

These grills are made with a combo of plastic and metal.

Though the grill body is primarily constructed with metal, we have to admit that we’re concerned about the plastic components holding up to high heats! 

For peace of mind, it’s worth checking on the exterior build quality with George Foreman. 

On the other hand, the grill plates themselves are ceramic, with nonstick coating… Which should hold up fairly well with routine cleaning!

George Foreman covers their electric grills under a three year limited warranty.

At the time of writing, this George Foreman electric grill costs just $90.81.

2. Best Electric Grill For Balconies: Cuisinart Outdoor Electric Grill (CEG)

cuisinart ceg electric grill
Product Specs

Wattage: 1,500 Watt

Materials: Painted Steel Exterior with Porcelain Coated Steel Grates

Grilling Area: 145 Square Inches

Warranty: 3 Years

Price: $176.99

Looking to grill from the balcony? This electric grill from Cuisinart may be of interest!

Cuisinart’s portable electric grill has an attached telescoping base with locking legs, which can be slid into three different positions (for tabletop or freestanding use).

With a 145 square inch grilling surface… The compact design should provide enough room to serve one or two, without crowding your outdoor space.

At 1,500 watts, this grill can reach max temperatures above 550 degrees Fahrenheit… And adjustable temperatures are controlled via an easy-to-use knob.

Other special features on this model include a latching lid and spill resistant drip tray, a carrying handle for easy transport, and a stainless steel heat reflector to trap in heat and reduce cook times.

For simple maintenance, the cooktop and drip tray are fully removable and dishwasher safe!

The grill’s exterior is painted steel… And the grill grates are porcelain coated steel.

Unfortunately, porcelain coatings do have a tendency to chip over time, which may leave the steel underneath exposed.

It’s unclear what grade of steel is used for the interior components… But if it’s not 304, it may be prone to rust!

To best prevent rusting, use some extra precaution when grilling… And do a thorough cleaning after each and every use!

Cuisinart offers a three year warranty on their electric grill… Which at the time of writing, you can purchase for $176.99.

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3. Best Electric Patio Grill: Char Broil Patio Bistro Electric Grill

char-broil electric grill
Product Specs

Wattage: 1,750 Watt

Materials: Porcelain Coated Steel Grates and Exterior

Grilling Area: 320 Square Inch

Warranty: 2 Years (Firebox) / 1 Year (All Other Components)

Price: $191.04

As you can infer from the name, the Char Broil Patio Bistro electric grill is an option well suited for patio grilling!

This grill offers the most cooking area yet, with both a 240 square inch main grilling area, as well as an 80 square inch removable warming rack (for 320 total square inches).

The grilling area is powered by a 1,750 watt burner, which can dish out temperatures in excess of 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

And again, you’ll get a pull out grease tray and removable grill racks, to make cleanup easy as can be.

Now, the Char Broil Patio Bistro can’t be used as a tabletop grill.

Instead, it’s attached to a stand on casters, with a built-in storage shelf for your grilling tools.

The stand also features an attached handle for easy mobility, or for hanging tools and towels.

Both the grill body and cooking grates are made of porcelain coated steel… And we’ve already given you the spiel on that! You’ll want to be careful when cooking, cleaning, and transporting your grill. If the steel underneath isn’t 304 stainless… Chipping may leave it prone to rust!

Char Broil offers a two year warranty on this grill’s firebox, and all other components will be covered for one year.

At the time of writing, you can purchase this Char Broil electric grill on Amazon for $191.04.

4. Best Electric Flat Top Grill: Electric Blackstone Grill

blackstone 22 inch electric grill
Product Specs

Wattage: 1200 Watts

Materials: Powder Coated Steel Body and Cast Aluminum Cooktop with Ceramic Titanium Coating

Grilling Area: 223 Square Inches (17”) / 307 Square Inches (22”)

Warranty: 1 Year (Or Optional 3 Year)

Price: $199.00 (17”) / $289.98 (22”)

Perhaps you’re looking for an electric flat grill. If so, this option from Blackstone may appeal!

Unlike traditional grills with open cooktops, the flat grilling surface will be great for whipping up delicious recipes that may otherwise fall through the grates.

Blackstone’s 22” electric griddle has 307 square inches of grilling space… While their 17” model offers 223 square inches.

Both sizes are tabletop electric grills… But if desired, you can purchase a griddle stand separately.

No matter the size, you can expect a 1,200 wattage… A digital display and control knobs… Temperature control between 200 and 500 degrees… And a removable, dishwasher safe grease cup.

These griddles also come with a transparent, removable hood… So even with the lid closed, you can keep an eye on your food!

The flat griddle plate is constructed of cast aluminum with a nonstick titanium coating. Unlike with traditional Blackstone flat top grills, there’ll be no need to re-season the cooktop, and it should sufficiently hold up to rust! However, if not properly cleaned after each and every use, it may be susceptible to corrosion.

Blackstone grills are covered by a one year warranty, though you will have the option to buy an extended warranty at checkout for up to three years of coverage.

At the time of writing, you can purchase the 22” Blackstone electric grill on Amazon for $289.98. The 17” currently goes for $199.00.

5. Best Portable Electric Grill: Weber Lumin Electric Grill

Product Specs

Wattage: 1,560 Watt

Materials: Porcelain Coated Steel with Porcelain-Enameled Cast Iron Grates

Grilling Area: 242 Square Inches (Standard) / 180 Square Inches (Compact)

Warranty: 5 Years on Cook Box, Lid, and Plastic Components, 2 Years on Remaining Components

Price: $519.00 (Standard) / $459.00 (Compact)

If you want an electric grill to take on the go… Look no further than this electric Weber grill!

This portable electric grill can be used on a counter or tabletop… Or, it can be paired with Weber’s collapsible Lumin stand with side shelves (this is sold separately).

There are two sizes available… The standard Lumin has a 242 total square inches of cooking space, while the Lumin Compact has a smaller, 180 square inch cooktop.

In either case, you’ll get a 1,560 wattage, and a maximum heat output of over 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

This portable electric grill has no shortage of versatility! You can grill and sear… And even steam veggies or smoke meats with the unique steam setting or smoking reservoir (this smoking electric grill can be used with your favorite flavored wood chips).

For keeping your meals fresh and ready to serve, there’s also a useful warming setting.

Other special features include a cast aluminum inner hood for heat retention, and a removable drip pan for easy grease management!

This Weber electric grill is constructed with a painted porcelain coated steel exterior (available in a variety of colors)… With nonstick porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grates.

How will the interior components hold up?

Well, the cast aluminum on the hood won’t rust. However, it may corrode if not properly cleaned and thoroughly dried.

As for the cooking surface… The porcelain coating may chip over time, which’ll inevitably leave the cast iron beneath prone to rust.

To avoid this, you’ll want to be super careful not to damage the grates… And make sure to thoroughly clean after each and every use!

A five year warranty backs the Weber Lumin’s cook box, lid, grates, and plastic components… While all other parts are covered for two years.

At the time of writing, this small electric grill costs $519.00 (for the standard model), or $459.00 (for the compact).

6. Best Splurge: Kenyon Frontier Electric Grill

kenyon electric grill
Product Specs

Wattage: 1,300 Watt

Materials: 304 Stainless Steel Exterior, Non-Stick Cast Aluminum Grates

Size: 155 Square Inches

Warranty: 3 Years

Price: $2,950.00

If you’re looking for an electric grill to splurge on… Consider the Kenyon Frontier!

This is sold as a tabletop, freestanding, or built-in grill model.

With a 155 total square inch cooking area, this grill may be the perfect fit for a small outdoor kitchen!

A 1,300 watt heating element allows this grill to quickly reach a max temperature of 550 degrees.

For heat control, there are eight different temperature settings to toggle between.

Also included with the Kenyon Frontier are a removable lid and grill grates for easy, dishwasher safe cleaning…

An insulated lid to trap in heat…

A disposable drip pan below the element…

And an automatic shut off feature, which’ll turn your grill off after 90 minutes of inactivity.

As for construction, the Kenyon Frontier features a fully 304 stainless steel exterior. Looking good!

The interior grates are made with non-stick cast aluminum… Which should hold up well with routine cleaning.

Kenyon warrants their grills for three years.

At the time of writing, the built-in model costs $2,950.00.

7. Best Overall: Coyote Electric Grill

coyote electric grill
Product Specs

Wattage: 1,300 Watt

Materials: 304 Stainless Steel Exterior, Nonstick Teflon Coated Stainless Steel Grates

Size: 156 Square Inches

Warranty: Lifetime on Exterior, 5 Years for Cooking Grids, And Two Years for Electric/Plastic Components

Price: $599.00

Last but not least… Let’s take a look at our top pick!

The Coyote electric grill is an all around fantastic option.

As with the Kenyon outdoor electric BBQ grill, it can be purchased as a freestanding, tabletop, or built-in model.

Regarding the specs… You’ll get 156 square inches of total cooking area, heated by a 1,300 watt element. You’ll also get a removable warming rack for a bit of additional cooking space!

The compact cooking surface can quickly reach temperatures over 550 degrees… And ceramic briquette flavorizers below the cooktop allow for even heat distribution.

Cleaning will be a breeze, with removable grill grates.

And you’ll also get a 60 minute safety shut-off timer!

The Coyote electric grill features a top-notch, fully 304 stainless steel exterior.

The grill grates themselves are constructed with non-stick, Teflon coated stainless steel… Which should hold up to rust and corrosion for years to come!

Coyote offers the by-far best warranty on their electric grill… With a lifetime of coverage on the exterior, 5 years on the cooking grids, and two years on all electric and plastic components.

For all the special features you’ll get with the Coyote electric grill… The value is great! At the time of writing, you can purchase it for $599.99.

Want To Get The Most From Your New Electric Grill?

Alright. You’ve seen the best electric grill options, and at this point… You should have a better feel for what you need in your outdoor space.

But wait… What if you want to take your outdoor cooking to the next level?

If your living situation allows… An outdoor kitchen is the absolute best place for your new electric grill.

And with RTA, getting an electric grill outdoor kitchen couldn’t be easier!

We offer a dedicated electric grill island… Complete with Coyote’s high quality built-in electric grill, plus an outdoor refrigerator.

With a fridge, a grill, and some extra countertop space to boot… Just think of the time you’ll save running in and out of the house!

This small outdoor kitchen proves that you don’t need extensive backyard space to elevate your outdoor experience.

But if you do want something bigger… You won’t be limited! Try out our free online design to easily factor Coyote’s built-in electric grill into your ideal custom kitchen layout.

Even better… Once your kitchen arrives, you won’t have to worry about your outdoor space being disrupted.

In just a few short hours, your grill island will be ready to go! Talk about convenience.

If you want more details… Why not check out our Learning Hub? This is a great resource to help you start planning.

And if you decide an outdoor kitchen is the best spot for your new electric grill… We’ll be here!

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If you live in an urban setting or apartment building with outdoor cooking restrictions… An electric grill is absolutely worth it! It’ll allow you to enjoy outdoor grilling in places where traditional grilling may be prohibited.

While gas grills are fueled by propane or natural gas and cook via an open flame… Electric grills run on electricity, and cook food with a heating element.

Electric grills give off less smoke and reduce flare-ups… Yet many models can still get just as hot as gas grills!

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