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Weber Summit Grill vs Coyote Grills: Ratings, Reviews, & Prices

By Daniel Cdebaca

October 6, 2022

Wondering which gas grill to add to your outdoor kitchen?

It’s a heavier decision than you may realize.


The grill you choose should last for the lifetime of your outdoor kitchen.

Cutting corners is not an option here!

In your research… You may have come across Weber and Coyote as potential grill options.

Both are well-established brands in the outdoor living industry. (Seriously, who hasn’t heard of Weber grills?)

Whether or not they are familiar to you… You want to know which option is better!

Today, we’ll be doing just that.

Between discussing the Weber Summit grill line and Coyote grill line… There’s a lot to cover.

Let’s begin.

Note: We do have a partnership with Coyote Outdoor Living. That said, we’ll be treating both brands equally in this article!

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Weber Grills Overview

Based in Chicago, Illinois… It’s no doubt that Weber is a mainstay in the outdoor living world.

In fact, the first Weber grill was invented just over 70 years ago.

The inspiration for the idea isn’t what you would expect, either.

As explained on their website… The first Weber grill was “born from a buoy”.

That’s right. A buoy.

Founder George Stephen was a metal worker. He was making buoys… And the shape gave him inspiration to create a never-before-seen grill.

This prototype ended up becoming the iconic Kettle grill we all know and love!

It’s what earned Weber not only a place on the map… But also a household name.

Since then… Weber has vastly expanded their grill line to include gas, pellet, electric, portable, and more charcoal grill options.

But for today, we’re sticking to the Weber Summit grill line. (We’ll circle back to that in a bit.)

Overall… Weber’s recognition is well-deserved for making family barbecues a classic American past time.

Let’s move onto Coyote.

Coyote Overview

Coyote Outdoor Living was founded in 2010 and based in Dallas, Texas.

While any other grill manufacturer seems like a newcomer compared to Weber… Coyote Outdoor Living brings over 12 years of experience to the field.

And over this period of time… Coyote has created a significant ripple effect in the outdoor living market.

How, you ask?

By meeting your needs. Yes, it’s that simple!

Coyote founder, Jim Ginocchi, recognized a gap in the outdoor grill market.

Back in 2010, there were few options for a built in grill.

More specifically… You had one of two options.

Build the kitchen that meets your needs.

Use our 3D design tool for free and bring your outdoor kitchen idea to life.

A Gap in the Market

linear outdoor kitchen with built in grill and side burner

For one, you could pick up a natural gas grill at your local big box store. Yes, they’re budget-friendly and accessible. The trouble is… These inexpensive options tend to offer lackluster quality. It’s the expectation you will have to replace this grill in a few years.

Your other option was to jump to the other end of the spectrum. There were plenty of luxury brands available at the time. You won’t have any issues with quality or longevity with a luxury model… But you’ll be paying dearly for it!

Point is, the market wasn’t meeting the average homeowner’s needs.

You want quality, longevity, and functionality…. But also at a reasonable price!

This is what Coyote grills offer you. Ginocchi puts it perfectly, calling the category “affordable luxury.”

The team at Coyote Outdoor Living firmly believes you shouldn’t have to compromise on your grill. You can have the feeling of luxury… Without the shocking price tag.

Now that you have an overview of both companies… Let’s dig into their grill lines.

Weber Summit Grill Line

Introduced in 1999, the Summit Series is Weber’s answer to a built-in grill.

There are cart models with swivel casters available as well… But we’re focusing on the built-in versions here.

Currently, there are two options available in the Weber grill Summit line. (Plus an honorable mention.)

We’ll focus on the Weber Summit S-460, Weber Summit S-660, and the Summit Kamado E6.

Before we get into the features… Let’s see what Coyote has to offer.

Coyote Grill Line

Coyote Outdoor is well-known for having an expansive built-in grill line.

They offer a variety of gas grills, charcoal, pellet, and even outdoor flat top grills.

Today, we’re just going to focus on the models that most closely resemble the Summit Series.

For Coyote… That means we’ll cover the C-Series, S-Series, and Coyote Asado.

Time to compare.

Weber Summit Features

When shopping for a grill… One of the first thing that captures your attention are the features.

The more features, the more versatile your gas grill will be.

Sometimes… The bells and whistles (or lack thereof) play a huge role in your purchasing decision.

Let’s see what the Summit Weber grill line has under the hood.

Weber Summit S-460 Features

We’ll begin with the fuel types. The S-460 model is offered in both liquid propane and natural gas options.

Interestingly… The liquid propane version offers an LED fuel gauge. By pressing the button, you will conveniently see how much fuel is left in the tank. (Pretty nifty!)

A unique feature of the Weber Summit grill in general is the cabinets.

Although this is a built in gas grill… There’s a storage cabinet below attached to the grill itself. This is convenient for storing your liquid propane tanks.

Other features include a “Sear Station”. This is an extra burner specifically designed for searing protein. In total, there are 4 regular tube burners plus the sear burner. Each of these main burners provides 12,200 BTU per hour input.

These gas grills also have smoker burners. This is a smoker box integrated into the grill grate. So you will lose some grilling space… But also gain a nice smoke flavor when desired.

In case you were wondering… The cooking grates are 9mm stainless steel rods. There are also flame tamers underneath to prevent flare ups.

The S-460 also includes a built-in rotisserie and lighted control knobs.

So, what about the size?

The S-460 grill head is 34″ wide. This gives you 580 square inches of cooking area.

Let’s see how the S-660 Weber Summit gas grill compares.

Weber Summit S-660 Features

weber summit s 660

Weber keeps it simple with their Summit grills. There’s not much difference between the two at all.

In fact… All the features are identical. Both liquid propane and natural gas options are available as well.

The primary difference is the size.

The S-660 grill head is 42″ for a sizable increase in cooking area. You’ll get 769 square inches instead of 580.

The increased size also means there are six stainless steel burners rather than 4. In total, the Summit grill Weber S-660 comes with 6 main burners plus a sear burner.

Otherwise… No additional differences to point out! Both could be a potential fit for your grill island.

Now let’s take a peek at our honorable mention.

Summit Kamado Features

While not a true built-in grill… The Summit Kamado is worth discussing.

Many homeowners have a kamado-style grill right next to their outdoor kitchen. So this is a potential BBQ island layout idea!

For fuel type, the Summit Kamado uses charcoal.

Therefore… You can smoke food in addition to grilling.

As far as useful features go… There’s not much to report. These grills tend to be straightforward!

This kamado cooker features the RapidFire lid damper. This allows for better temperature control and maximized air flow.

Another feature is the one-touch cleaning system. This collects the ash for easy access when cleaning up.

Alright. Time to see what Coyote gas grills bring to the table.

Coyote Gas Grill Features

If you’re familiar with Coyote Outdoor… You’ll know their gas grills have a ton of excellent features.

The C-Series, S-Series, and Coyote Asado all have a unique set of qualities.

So without further ado, let’s review.

Coyote C-Series Features

cooking food on a c series grill

The C-Series is the standard gas grill line from Coyote.

For fuel types, both natural gas and liquid propane are available.

While their appearance may be unassuming… The Coyote C-Series are solid and high performing grills.

Every C-Series grill is outfitted with Coyote’s classic infinity burners. These are solid 304 stainless steel burners crafted in an infinity shape. Generally speaking, this type of burner is preferable over tube burners.

This allows for full coverage to evenly cook your food. These main burners are powerful, as well! Each one contributes 20,000 BTU to the overall heat output.

Coyote C-Series grills also come with flame tamers to prevent flare ups when grilling.

To top it off, these grills also come with an interior light. This allows you to barbecue with ease, no matter what time of day it is!

For sizes, the C-Series has a wide variety of options. These grills are available in widths of 28″, 30″, 34″, 36″, and 42″.

Now, let’s take a look at the S-Series.

Coyote S-Series Features

tamara days outdoor kitchen idea brought to life

At first glance… These gas grills look very similar to the C-Series!

There are some slight differences though. Mainly, there are more bells and whistles!

Every S-Series model is also outfitted with Coyote’s infinity burners.

Additionally… They come with two infrared sear burners. One is on the main grill head for searing meat. The other is a rear rotisserie burner.

You’ll also find interior lighting and LED illuminated knobs. This is a nice touch that adds to the aesthetic of your outdoor kitchen.

The flame tamers in this series are upgraded to ceramic briquettes. It’s exactly as they sound, too. They’re trays of ceramic shaped into briquette form.

This provides superior heat distribution compared to a regular flame tamer. The more evenly your burgers are cooked… The better they are going to taste!

Finally, there are some other upgrades to increase the functionality of your grill.

The Coyote S-Series comes with a rotisserie kit and smoker box. The rotisserie kit allows you to roast an entire chicken with ease!

And if you’re unfamiliar with a smoker box… This is a neat add-on that allows you to add a smoky flavor to your food. You throw a few wood chips in there, place it near the heat source, and reap the benefits. (The Summit Series Weber grill will also include these.)

Overall, the Coyote S-Series is a strong contender for your outdoor kitchen.

What does the Asado have to offer?

Coyote Asado Features

tamara day cooking a pizza on a coyote asado smoker

The Asado is Coyote’s answer to the kamado style grill.

Of course, this grill is fueled by charcoal as well.

Unlike the Summit Kamado… The Asado can be placed on a stand that matches your custom outdoor kitchen.

What really sets the Asado apart from the Weber Summit grill charcoal are the materials. But we’ll get to that later!

A nice little feature of the Coyote Asado is the bamboo handle. It’s comfortable to use and adds a nice aesthetic to your cooker. It’s the little things.

Here’s where the differences really come into play… Materials.

Weber Summit Gas Grill Materials

Materials for the Weber Summit gas grill S-460 and S-660 are identical… So this section is talking about both models.

And while these grills have a cohesive look… There’s actually quite a conglomeration of materials being used.

So let’s break it down.

The exterior hood and cooking grates are composed of 304 grade stainless steel.

The flame tamers and burners are made with 430 stainless steel.

The cart doors and control panel is made from 429 stainless steel.

Then we have some miscellaneous materials thrown into the mix.

The interior hood lining is regular steel… The firebox is porcelainized steel… And the side caps of the gas grills are made from painted cast aluminum.

Certainly a motley crew of materials!

Although the construction is primarily stainless steel… For optimal longevity, we prefer to see full 304 stainless steel construction.

Let’s see if the Summit Kamado is much different.

Summit Kamado Materials

There are some differences here!

Although… We don’t have specific details.

The cooking grates, band material, and hinge material are all stainless steel. We just don’t know what grade.

The exterior is comprised of porcelain coated steel.

So from what we can tell… The Kamado is made from stainless steel. The grades used are undetermined.

If you’re curious, ask Weber! If these are constructed with complete 304 stainless… This Weber Summit grill could be a solid charcoal grill option.

Now, let’s see how Coyote stacks up.

Coyote Grill Materials

coyote 36 in s series grill built into a moks outdoor kitchen

This section is going to be easy.

Both the C-Series and S-Series grills feature complete 304 stainless steel construction.

Simple as that!

Now, you may be wondering why we prefer 304 stainless steel.

Compared to other grades of steel… 304 provides superior corrosion and rust resistance.

This means you’ll be enjoying a pristine grill for years to come! (And no headache repairs or replacements, either.)

That doesn’t mean that other materials are a poor choice… Just know that they will break down quicker. (Also keep this in mind for your BBQ island materials!)

The Coyote Asado is constructed a bit differently from the C-Series and S-Series… So let’s take a look.

Coyote Asado Materials

The Coyote Asado follows in lockstep with most other kamado style cookers.

Yes, they are made from ceramic!

It’s the ceramic that provides steady heat for hours on end… It’s an excellent insulator!

There are a few metal components on the Asado as well, such as the grill grate. Of course, these are made from 304 stainless steel.

As mentioned earlier… There’s also a bamboo handle that remains cool to the touch during use.

Alright, now you know the details on materials! Let’s see what accessories and extra features each brand has to offer.

Weber Summit Grill Accessories & Add-Ons

Over the years, Weber has added a decent amount of accessories to their line. This can be a great way to add some flair to your grill and summer kitchen.

While there aren’t any accessories specific to the Weber grill Summit Series… There are some gas grill add-ons you could consider.

Recently, Weber introduced a rotisserie skewer set.

This is a great way to barbecue kabobs on the grill without a mess… And leave extra room for all your burgers!

They will also be releasing a rotisserie crisping basket. Similar idea here, except for roasting vegetables. Think of it like an air fryer for your Weber Summit grill center!

You’ll also find grill covers, reversible prep boards, and cutting boards with a catch bin.

There are a few accessories specific for the Weber Summit charcoal grill as well.

You can find covers, chimney charcoal starters, fire starters, lighter cubes, char baskets, and a charcoal rake.

Broadly speaking… Weber also offers a variety of outdoor cooking accessories such as utensils, oven mitts, aprons, gloves, woks, and grilling stones.

Finally… Weber offers a cleaning brush and other products for those who like to keep their grill spic and span.

So what does Coyote have for options?

Coyote Accessories & Add-Ons

While Coyote doesn’t have quite as many accessories and add-ons as Weber… There are certainly many that will interest you!

Some have already been discussed.

Many of the upgrades in the S-Series are sold separately as well. This means if you purchase a C-Series grill… You can add these upgrades to it.

Ceramic briquettes, smoker boxes, and the rotisserie kits are an example.

Additionally… Coyote offers signature grates, drop in griddles, and charcoal trays for either gas grill.

These add a lot of functionality to your outdoor appliances. Charcoal trays add a nice, smoky flavor… And drop in griddles allow you to cook veggies and breakfast favorites.

Further, the Asado has its own set of accessories.

You’ll find a pizza stone, heat deflector, grate gripper, cover, and chicken throne. For the completionist at heart… All are available as a bundle.

Additionally, Coyote sells lump charcoal to fuel your Asado.

Everything’s looking good so far… But what is this all going to cost?

Weber Cost

Weber summit s-460
weber summit s-660
weber summit s 660
summit kamado

Cost for the Summit Series is fairly straightforward.

Since there are only three options… There’s only three prices to keep track of! (For the built-in grills, anyway.)

The Weber Summit grill 4 burner S-460 currently costs $2,999.00.

The Weber Summit grill 6 burner S-660 currently costs $3,749.00.

And the Summit Kamado?

The standalone model will run you $1,249.00.

Overall, this pricing fits mostly within the premium grill price range of $1,500-$3,500. (Remember, this will factor into your overall BBQ island budget!)

And yes… The Weber Summit 6 burner is slightly out of this range. It’s not a hard and fast rule!

Let’s see how Coyote compares…


Coyote C - Series
$1,469.00 - $2,677.00
Coyote S - Series
$2,939.00 - $4,567.00
Coyote Asado

Nailing down prices on Coyote grills is a bit more complicated. But that’s only because they offer so many sizes!

Let’s take a look at the C-Series first.

With gas grills ranging from 28″-42″… The price range is anywhere from $1,469.00-$2,677.00 in MSRP.

Let’s compare with the grill sizes offered in the Summit Series.

A 34″ grill like the S-460 will cost $2,152.00. And the 42″ grill like the S-660 will cost $2,677.00.

Overall, the C-Series is more budget-friendly in comparison to the Weber Summit built in grill.

What about Coyote’s S-Series?

The price range here is from $2,939.00-$4,567.00. This covers the 30″ size all the way up to 42″.

Compared to the Weber Summit… The S-Series will cost quite a bit more. (You also get all of the upgrades!)

There is no 34″ model in the S-Series to compare with the Summit S-460. The closest is the 36″ model at $3,464.00 MSRP. This is just shy of $500 more. (There’s also more grilling space.)

The 42″ S-Series will cost you $4,567.00 MSRP. This costs just over $800 more than the Weber Summit S-660.

Finally… The Coyote Asado costs $1,259.00 MSRP. Only $10 more than the Summit Kamado!

To decide which grill series is right for you… Let’s take a look at the warranty.

Weber Warranty

Like cost… Weber’s warranty information is easy to review.

Both the Summit S-460 and S-660 fall under a 10 year warranty.

On their website, they do list a caveat stating “excluding normal wear and tear and subject to additional terms and conditions in the warranty.”

So, you’ll have to read the warranty in detail to see exactly what this means! You want to get clear on this before building your outdoor kitchen with one.

The Summit Kamado warranty is a bit more detailed.

The bowl, lid, and center ring are covered for 10 years.

The one-touch cleaning system and plastic components are covered for 5 years.

All remaining parts are under warranty for 2 years.

Is Coyote much different?

Coyote Warranty

Yes, Coyote is much different!

The main structure of the C-Series, S-Series, and Asado are under a lifetime warranty.

For the C-Series and S-Series… That means the stainless steel frame, housing, and burners are always covered.

The cooking grates are warrantied for 5 years.

The flavorizer bars, electric components, and plastic components are covered for 2 years.

Finally, the ignition system and valves are covered for 1 year.

It’s a similar concept for the Asado.

The Coyote Asado ceramic parts are all covered under a lifetime warranty.

All metal and cast iron parts are warrantied for 5 years. The wood parts and thermometer are warrantied for one year.

Sounds pretty good… But what do actual customers have to say?


You can find reviews on these bbq grills wherever they are sold. We’re not going to cherry-pick them for you…

You need the full context.

You’ll find plenty of reviews on the Weber Summit grill built in at Weber’s site and BBQGuys.

Between the two sites… Weber’s series is currently rated between 3.2 and 4.7 stars depending on the model and website.

Same goes for Coyote. On BBQGuys, the ratings are anywhere from 3.83 to 5 stars depending on the model.

Again, we’ll leave you to complete your own research. This just gives you an idea of the ranges to expect!

Now that the Summit Series and Coyote grills have gone head-to-head… Which is better for your DIY outdoor kitchen?

Quick Comparison Summary


$2,999.00 – $3,749.00

$1,469.00- $4,567.00


34″ – 42″

28″ – 42″


Mix of 304, 430, & 429 Stainless Steel

Complete 304 stainless steel


Rotisserie skewer sets, a rotisserie crisping basket, grill covers, reversible prep boards, cutting boards, catch bin, and more.

Signature grates, charcoal trays, drop in griddle, ceramic briquette, smoker box, and rotisserie kits.


Both the Summit S-460 and S-660 fall under a 10 year warranty.

The main structure of the C-Series, and S-Series are under a lifetime warranty.

The Best Built in Option

mina starsiaks outdoor kitchen with bar and pizza oven island

Here’s the thing.

Either brand could be a great choice for you.

The Summit Series is Weber’s answer to a built-in grill… Which is a new concept for them.

Based off of all the information we’ve seen… We’d say their materials and warranty fall into an economy class grill. However, they are asking for a premium price point.

If you’re looking for a cart style grill… Weber could be a great option for you.

But if you want a high end grill for your outdoor kitchen?

That’s where we’d recommend Coyote for a built-in option.

We don’t just say this out of the blue. Our recommendation comes from years of experience.

RTA x Coyote

image of a built in coyote asado in an rta outdoor kitchen

Early on in RTA’s development… We knew we wanted to provide a complete solution to homeowners.

That meant including appliances in our outdoor kitchen kits.

However… They couldn’t be any old appliances.

You needed premium, built-in appliances that will last a lifetime.

In order to ensure that your outdoor kitchen project is a success… We needed to work with an appliance company that shares our values.

That’s where our partnership with Coyote Outdoor Living begins.

There’s no doubt that Coyote’s product quality is stellar. With full 304 stainless steel construction, a lifetime warranty, and fair pricing… You couldn’t ask for more!

But even still, Coyote goes above and beyond.

Should anything go wrong with your grill… (Not likely!)

Their customer service is there to assist every need. Truly.

Curious to see how our outdoor kitchen system works with Coyote appliances?

Getting Started

The best place to start is to check out our Learning Hub.

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You’ll learn everything you need to know (and more!) about all things outdoor kitchens.

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Even better?

It will be digitally rendered right in front of you! Your dream of an outdoor kitchen will be that much closer to becoming reality.

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No one can say for sure! Unexpected things happen.

However… Grills in the Weber Summit line are warrantied for 10 years. So the expectation is that they will last at least this long.

To get a better sense of lifespan, check the reviews on these propane gas grills.

Absolutely! Both the Summit S-460 and S-660 are Weber’s built-in models.


None of the grills in the Weber Summit line are ceramic. This includes the Summit Kamado, which is made from steel.

It appears that Weber’s largest option is the Ranch Kettle grill. This large grill boasts over 1,000 square inches of grilling area!

Currently, the Summit Series is touted as Weber’s top of the line offering.

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