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Home Depot Outdoor Kitchen: Detailed Shopper’s Guide on Island Options, Pricing, & More

By Jayme Muller

February 3, 2023

There’s a good chance that if you’ve worked on a home improvement project… You’ve visited The Home Depot.

Home Depot is known for having just about everything you could ask for… And so much more!

They’re a dependable company… So many people turn to them when they need an outdoor kitchen!

But is Home Depot actually the best option for you?

Let’s talk about some of the key considerations for a Home Depot outdoor kitchen… So you can decide for yourself whether their options are right for your backyard!

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Home Depot's Company Overview

Home Depot Logo

Home Depot first opened its doors on June 22, 1979, in Atlanta, Georgia.

They had two stores, each about 60,000 square feet.

This was huge compared to other home improvement stores at the time… And it changed the industry! Some smaller stores, like Lowe’s at that time, began to shift to the “Big Box Store” strategy to compete.

Today, Home Depot is the world’s largest home-improvement retailer.

They also give back to the community in a number of ways… Including through volunteering, a trade school program, and donating hundreds of millions to disaster-relief and US veterans.

So what kinds of outdoor kitchens does this humanitarian company sell? Quite a variety! Let’s look at what options you might find here.

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Variety Of Outdoor Kitchens At Home Depot

Home Depot has hundreds of outdoor kitchen options for you!

You’ll see them divided into two main categories… Outdoor kitchen islands and outdoor kitchen cabinets.

Islands are your typical outdoor kitchens, made of stucco, stone, or other similar materials… While cabinets will have a focus on storage. Most of the front of an outdoor kitchen cabinet will be made up of cabinet doors.

In addition to the islands and cabinets… There are a few outdoor kitchen frames that you can use to build your grill island if you prefer to DIY.

Let’s start off by looking at the island selections.

Cal Flame Outdoor Kitchen

Home Depot Outdoor Kitchen Islands

Starting off with outdoor kitchen islands… Home Depot has about 30 Cal Flame outdoor kitchen island options for you to choose from.

These are your standard, prefabricated grill islands. They will come with a built-in grill and any other necessary outdoor kitchen appliances.

This means that they are pre-built… So you won’t have to worry about building it yourself.

As with any prefab outdoor kitchen islands… They will be delivered to your door in one piece, with little-to-no assembly required.

You’ll have to check online to see if you could pick one up from the store yourself.

4 burner stainless steel propane grill island with 27 inch access door
Cal Flame Outdoor Kitchen

Home Depot Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Set

image of an aluminum newage outdoor kitchen cabinet system
NewAge Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Home Depot also sells about 135 different outdoor cabinet options.

You’ll find a few brands… With the vast majority of outdoor cabinets sold by WeatherStrong and NewAge.

Both brands offer modular outdoor kitchens… So they make small, individual pieces that can be put together to form a full outdoor kitchen.

These islands are similar to a prefabricated island in that they are pre-made… But a modular outdoor kitchen is made up of individual parts that can be arranged in whatever configuration works best for you.

Many of the layouts you’ll find are different combinations of the same individual modular options.

DIY Home Depot Outdoor Kitchen Options

Your final Home Depot outdoor kitchen option is to go the DIY outdoor kitchen route.

They offer five Home Depot outdoor kitchen frame sets by Uniframe Systems.

These are kits that help you create your own outdoor kitchen frame from galvanized steel… No welding needed.

These are not prefabricated islands… But are, instead, a booster for when you want to create your own from scratch. 

Since a frame is the inner skeleton of an outdoor kitchen… You’ll still have to go through all of the outdoor kitchen building steps like adding cement board and applying cladding materials and a finish.

You’ll just get to skip the difficulties that can come from welding your own metal frame.

Now that you know your options… How well will they hold up?

The Brookline Uniframe system
Uniframe System

Quality Of Home Depot's Outdoor Kitchens

If you want your outdoor kitchen to last for a very long time… Good quality is essential.

A high-quality grill island can last for decades… So where do Home Depot’s options fall?

At the end of the day… Home Depot is a distributor, not a builder. This means that the quality of their outdoor kitchens will depend on the individual brand.

It’s safe to say that while prefab islands are convenient… They are not usually made of durable materials.

On the other hand… Home Depot offers some cabinets that may fare better.

How will you know what’s good quality and what isn’t?

There are many possibilities for good outdoor kitchen materials… And they each come with their own set of pros and cons.

So it might be easier to take a look at a few options to avoid.

Home Depot Outdoor Kitchen Quality Considerations

When you’re buying an outdoor kitchen… You want to make sure you aren’t buying something that will fall apart in a few years time.

If you know what materials to avoid for your outdoor kitchen… You can avoid having to pay a lot of money if they break down sooner than expected.

Home Depot Outdoor Kitchen Framing Considerations

prefab outdoor kitchen frames rusting

First up… You want to look at what the frame for the outside kitchen is made of!

Many islands, like Cal Flame’s, are made from steel framing. Unfortunately, this material can rust, corrode, or the structural integrity may be compromised… Especially in humid areas like Florida or Texas.

You might want to avoid Home Depot’s galvanized steel frames, as well, for the same reason. They could rust and corrode… Taking your whole island with them!

Home Depot Outdoor Kitchen Exterior Material Considerations

Next, you might want to take a look at what your cabinets or island’s exterior is made of.

Metal Cabinets
sheets of stainless steel used to build an outdoor kitchen

Some people like the industrial and modern outdoor kitchen look of a polished metal cabinet set.

This is not recommended, as many will rust or corrode, depending on the material.

Polished stainless steel outdoor kitchens may be fine if the grade is 304 stainless steel… As this grade is much more resilient than your other options.

Regardless, metal cabinets will still get uncomfortably hot and reflect the sun into your eyes… Which is never fun.

If you’re sold on metal… Powder-coated stainless steel is a much better option that will come in a variety of colors. It is protected from rust and corrosion… And won’t shine into your eyes or get as hot.

Stucco Islands

Another option you may want to avoid is stucco… Which is what most Cal Flame islands use for a finish.

Stucco is not durable in freeze-thaw or high-moisture climates. It’s susceptible to cracking and flaking off.Not only is this unsightly… But it also causes issues for the lower layers of your outdoor kitchen walls since moisture can get inside. This can lead to issues like molding, rust, and corrosion… Depending on what part of your island is affected.

worker applying stucco
Plastic Cabinets
hdpe plastic sheets used for outdoor kitchen panels

Many people like the clean look of a plastic cabinet set. These can come in a variety of colors… And even be made to look like wood.

PVC is one option… But it may fade or warp in the sun. It is not recommended for this reason.

Alternatively, HDPE is one of the better outdoor kitchen cabinet material options available. You can find some WeatherStrong options made from this.

But even still… There is an even better outdoor kitchen material to consider.

Recommended Outdoor Kitchen Materials
concrete being poured from truck

While Home Depot offers some suitable options for an outdoor kitchen… There are other materials available that will be even more durable.

Concrete is the best material for an outdoor kitchen.

Not only is it extremely durable… But it can also be made without a frame system (which is subject to rust, corrosion, and breaking down).

While you won’t find this at Home Depot… It is something to keep an eye out for while you decide on the best outdoor kitchen for your home.

Now that you have an idea of which options to avoid, and some alternatives… Let’s look at the warranties. This will be a great indicator of the quality.

Home Depot Outdoor Kitchen Warranty Considerations

Your outdoor kitchen’s warranty is not only a good show of the quality… But also assurance that it will be replaced in the event that there is an issue or defect!

While we’d recommend a lifetime warranty for most outdoor living products… You should make sure that the warranty extends for as long as you want to keep your outdoor kitchen.

A warranty will protect it against any manufacturing issues… As well as any wear and tear that may occur.

Some WeatherStrong Home Depot outdoor kitchens will come with a lifetime warranty… And some NewAge products will have up to about 10 years!

Some other options, such as Cal Flame’s, will only have one year of coverage.

Finally, you’ll want to consider the outdoor grill that will be installed in your cook space. This may or may not come with your outdoor kitchen!

Home Depot Built-In Grill Considerations

Whether you’re buying an outdoor kitchen option that comes with a built-in grill… Or if you have to find your own… You’ll want to know what quality to look for.

The quality of grills at Home Depot will vary… So focus on the materials!

To prevent rust… Look for a grill made of 304 stainless steel. Anything else is especially subject to rust and corrosion.

Most, if not all, of the built-in grill options in Cal Flame outdoor kitchens will be made from 430 stainless steel.

However, you can find a few 304 stainless steel built-in grill options sold separately from KitchenAid and Fuego. This will be helpful if you instead purchase an outdoor kitchen kit without a grill included.

In addition… A lifetime warranty is recommended.

While some grills at Home Depot will meet these standards… Others will fall short.

Just be sure to check out the details before you buy!

Speaking of buying… How much will a Home Depot outdoor kitchen cost you?

Cal Flame Outdoor Kitchen

An Outdoor Kitchen Solution

Our outdoor kitchens are made of concrete paneling and 304 stainless steel appliances for a long lasting outdoor kitchen! Use our free design tool to create yours today,

Home Depot's Outdoor Kitchen Pricing

When you’re looking to buy an outdoor kitchen… It’s important to note that the national average cost of an outdoor kitchen is between $12,000 and $13,000.

Purchasing an outdoor kitchen that is too far below this average may imply lower-quality craftsmanship or materials.

The most expensive BBQ island available at Home Depot is a Cal Flame island  for a little over $7,500.

Most of their islands are about $4,000… Including the countertops and grill.

The cabinets are a bit pricier.

Because the cabinets are all sets composed of smaller modules… The price will vary depending on how many items are in the set.

outdoor kitchen cabinets and pizza oven sold at home depot
NewAge Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

The most expensive Home Depot kitchen cabinet is a 20-piece modular set  for about $10,000 from Weather Strong. It does not include countertops or a grill.

This price is very normal for an outdoor kitchen… Especially since it is made from quality materials such as HDPE, and the grill and countertops will need to be purchased separately.

While a smaller price tag may seem like a plus… Some outdoor kitchen options sold at Home Depot may raise a red flag due to how inexpensive they are.

Moving on from outdoor kitchens… How else can a trip to Home Depot benefit your backyard remodel?

Additional Outdoor Kitchen Features From Home Depot

solo stove pi pizza oven with a pizza being inserted in to cook
Solo Pi Pizza Oven
vervor stainless steel access drawers
Vevor Access Drawers
weber summit s 660
Weber Summit S-660

Since its founding… Home Depot has been a fantastic one-stop-shop for your home improvement needs.

So what else does Home Depot supply that could help improve your outdoor kitchen and yard?

All kinds of things!

First of all… You may want more items for your outdoor kitchen… Especially if you plan to build a grill island yourself.

You’ll find outdoor pizza ovens like the Solo Stove Pi… 

As well as outdoor refrigerators, outdoor sinks, side burners, double access doors, countertops, and outdoor kitchen storage.

They also sell a large variety of built-in BBQ grills. There are pellet grills, propane gas, built-in natural gas grills, griddles, and more.

And then, for when you get grilling… You can find propane tanks and cooking accessories!

Finally, for the rest of your backyard… There is patio furniture, pergolas, area rugs, and more. The Home Decorators Collection is an especially popular brand of patio furniture.

The variety is very convenient when you want to be able to shop for everything at one place.

But how will your items arrive?

Shipping Options With Home Depot

home depot shipping box

One of the best things to come out of the Internet is online shopping!

You can find and purchase your new outdoor kitchen right from your computer.

So what are your options?

You can either have your outdoor kitchen and other items shipped for free (as long as the total costs $396 or more)…

Or you can pick them up right from the store! If the item you want isn’t at a nearby store… You will have to have it shipped to you.

And if you aren’t happy with the product?

ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Home Depot's Return Policy

You can either return any unopened products for 90 days in person… Or online!

You’ll receive a shipping label to return it for free.

If you’ve opened your boxes and realized that there is a defect… You must report it within 48 hours to get a refund.

If you need more help… You might want to consult with customer service. How well will they be able to help you?

Home Depot's Customer Service

person wearing home depot apron

If you need customer service… You have two online options!

You could call or text them.

Since Home Depot is a distributor… They will be able to answer questions on things like returns and shipping.

However, Home Depot’s customer support might not be able to answer your questions about certain parts of a grill or summer kitchen. 

They are not the builders for these products, and won’t have the same expertise on them that the company who manufactures them will have.

This is where buying straight from the source is sometimes a better idea.

All in all, this has been a lot of information… So let’s summarize it.

Pros and Cons of Purchasing An Outdoor Kitchen From Home Depot

We’ve gone over a ton of considerations for a Home Depot outdoor kitchen.

Let’s break it down into a few simple points.


  • You can return items within 90 days if you are unhappy with your purchase
  • You can have the islands delivered right to your house for free
  • Many islands will arrive all in one piece, with no assembly required
  • Some options have a lifetime warranty and good materials
  • You can purchase other backyard accessories in the same shopping trip


  • Some islands might use low-quality materials… So these options could fall apart quickly
  • You can’t get a custom island
  • Many outdoor kitchen options do not come with a good warranty
  • Your customer service experience may be lacking since you are disconnected from the manufacturer
  • Some grill island cabinets do not come with a countertop or grill

So with all of that in mind… Should you buy from Home Depot?

Should You Buy A BBQ Outdoor Kitchen From Home Depot?

cal flame linear outdoor kitchen island
Cal Flame Outdoor Kitchen

At the end of the day… It depends on you whether or not a Home Depot outdoor kitchen would be right for you.

Their outside kitchen cabinets are extremely convenient… But you have to do a bit of research to see whether or not each kitchen has an acceptable warranty, was made well and if it fits your outdoor kitchen budget.

If you want a NewAge or WeatherStrong cabinet… It may be a good idea to research them directly on their websites to see if they are a good option for you.

Your customer service experience will likely be better if you order straight from them since there is no disconnect between the product and the team who made it.

And if you just want one of the pre-made frames that Home Depot offers… You might want to think about whether or not metal is a good option for you.

If you live in a humid environment… They will be especially prone to rust and corrosion. This could break your outdoor kitchen down from the inside out!

Lastly, if you want an island instead of cabinets or a frame system… Cal Flame may not be the best option for you due to the low quality materials and short warranty. Unfortunately, this is your only island option from Home Depot.

But if you’d like an island… There is an alternative!

The Best Place to Get an Outdoor Kitchen Island

mike pyles u shaped outdoor kitchen with pizza oven refrigerator and two grills

Home Depot outdoor kitchens can be great. They’re easy to install and can conveniently be bought online.

But they come with downsides, too.

Many Home Depot islands are made of materials that will break down after only a few years… And many have short warranties to boot!

While a Home Depot prefab island may seem like a convenient choice since they come in one piece… This can cause all kinds of problems, too.

In some cases… They could even require a crane to get into your backyard, which is both costly and about as inconvenient as you can get.

Instead, you want something that’s even more convenient… And is also more durable.

At RTA… We offer just that!

RTA Outdoor Kitchens Excel in Quality

So how do we stand out from the competition?

With unbeatable quality!

Our islands are made from concrete that has been rated for 100 years! Because we use concrete… They are also frameless. 

This prevents all kinds of issues like rust or corrosion.

We’re so confident in our islands… That we cover them with a lifetime warranty!

On top of that… Our islands are also the most convenient choice on the market.

RTA Islands Are Extremely Convenient

rta employee helping move a panel for outdoor kitchen assembly

We offer custom-built outdoor kitchens…

But if you want it even easier… We have a wide variety of quick-ship options that are already designed for you.

In addition to being simple to buy… RTA islands are also very easy to assemble!

We build your island in panels… So your island will be shipped to you in smaller pieces that can be easily brought into a backyard.

We can even set you up with an authorized installer to put it together for you.

So, if you want a grill island that is convenient and durable… Visit our Learning Center to find out more about outdoor kitchens!

Need Help With Your Plans?

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Three disadvantages of an outdoor kitchen are how much space it will take up in your backyard; the need to purchase additional features like a protective island cover; and the fact that anything kept inside is susceptible to theft. Of course, the pros far outweigh the cons.

One of the cheapest ways to build an outdoor kitchen is through recycled materials. This may include bricks, rocks, or wood. However, it is recommended that you do not use wood to build an outdoor kitchen for safety reasons.

Home Depot distributes a variety of outdoor kitchen islands and cabinets. One of the most attractive features about them is the convenience. They will arrive fully or partly-assembled, right at your door. Many are also quite inexpensive.

Home Depot distributes a variety of outdoor kitchens, so they use a variety of different materials. Cal Flame islands are made of stucco and have metal frames inside. Some of their cabinet options will use stainless steel or HDPE.

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