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Outside Kitchen: 22 Incredible DIY Ideas & Inspiration

By Jayme Muller

August 1, 2022

Have you been thinking about building an outside kitchen, but don’t quite know where to start?

We get it… It’s a big project with a lot of possibilities!

There are so many ways to build them… Where do you even begin?

You’ll have to think about the size, the layout, the appliances, the aesthetics, the perfect place in your backyard to put it… And so much more.

But don’t stress!

Yes, there’s a lot to think about… But this part is actually super fun! You get to look at all kinds of beautiful outside kitchen spaces and get ideas on how you can design the perfect space.

4 outdoor kitchens for inspiration

We’ve compiled some awesome inspiration from our customers to help you out.

They’ve been kind enough to share some of their own outside kitchen images with us… So that you can be inspired!

But first things first… What is an outside kitchen?

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What's An Outside Kitchen?

outdoor kitchen with wood fired pizza oven and fridge

An outside kitchen is just like your indoor kitchen… But outside!

You’ll typically have a grill and at least one island… Plus whatever else you want to cook with.

Just like in an indoor kitchen… Many people will put countertop prep space, a fridge, an outdoor sink, and more in their outdoor kitchen cabinets.

An outside kitchen is a wonderful spot to entertain on your patio… And it has so much potential!

Yours can be as unique and creative as you want!

You’ve probably been doing your own research to figure out the best way to make yours…

And you might have noticed that different people call them by different names, like “outside kitchen” or “outdoor kitchen.” Why is this?

Want to bring your idea to life?

Use our free 3D design tool to bring the outdoor kitchen of your dreams to reality in just a few minutes.

What Do People Call Outside Kitchens?

Well, as you research, you’ll come across different names for outdoor kitchens because they’re regional terms!

If you live in America, you’re probably most familiar with the term “outdoor” kitchen… But there are actually several different ways to talk about them!

Outside Kitchen

mike pyle at his rta outdoor living grill station equipped with a pizza oven

The term “outside kitchen” is less popular here in North America…

But you’ll hear this one if you go to the UK, South Africa, New Zealand, or Ireland!

Outdoor Kitchen

reclaimed brick outdoor kitchen on patio with built in pellet grill

Worldwide, “outdoor kitchen” is the most popular term!

If this isn’t the most popular way to describe these kitchens in a particular country… It’s the second-most popular.

Garden Kitchen

adding flower beds around patio and outdoor kitchen

Next is “garden kitchen.”

This is the second most popular term worldwide.

If you find yourself in the UK, Russia, Pakistan, France, Kenya, or India… This will be the most popular term you’ll hear!

It’s just about tied with “outdoor kitchen” in Spain, South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Netherlands.

Summer Kitchen

an outdoor summer bar kitchen underneath a pergola in texas

Summer kitchen” originally referred to a small house that was separate from the main home. It would have everything one needed to cook and do other household chores.

These days, it can refer to any outdoor kitchen… But especially those that are covered.

This term is most popular in Florida. You won’t really hear it as much outside of the south.

Patio Kitchen

outdoor kitchen on back patio with pool

Lastly, people sometimes call them “patio kitchens.”

This term is most popular in the United States and Canada… Although it’s also sometimes used in South Africa, Ireland, Australia, and occasionally India.

Of course, this is typically in reference to outdoor kitchens that are specifically placed on a patio… While you can actually put a BBQ island anywhere you want outside!

But why is this a worthwhile project?

Why Should You Get an Outside Kitchen?

modern bbq island with combo storage and refreshment center

This is an easy question to answer.

First of all, it’s practical. You can use outside kitchens all year round to cook delicious food for your family and guests.

Secondly, an outside kitchen is the perfect place for entertaining. Everyone can gather around for easy access to food. It often comes with a bar island so people can sit down and socialize.

Third, outside kitchens take center stage and give your outdoor space a cohesive look. They bring the entire backyard together.

Outside kitchens are beautiful and practical!

So let’s get started and look at some outdoor kitchen ideas and inspiration for outside kitchen designs!

Outside Kitchen Ideas

If you’ve been looking for outdoor kitchen ideas… We have just the right solution.

You won’t believe how gorgeous these outdoor cooking spaces are!

Tiered Outside Kitchen Countertops and Bar Seating

tiered outside kitchen countertop with bar seating

We love how functional this outdoor kitchen is… It has a grill and a beautiful beverage center sink from Coyote!

As you can see, it also has lots of storage, which we love…

But what makes it really cool is that the outdoor kitchen countertops are at different heights! Perfect for a chic and modern BBQ island.

It’s also different to see a kitchen that faces the house… But that’s because the bar seating faces out towards beautiful water!

What a peaceful place to grill and have a meal. Not to mention that it’s all under cover… This is a great outdoor space, rain or shine!

Outside Patio Kitchen with Dining Table

outdoor kitchen on patio with dining room table

The first thing we noticed about this outdoor patio dining area was how well the kitchen island matched the wood siding on the walls of the house!

The second thing is that they’ve not only created a nice area to cook… But it’s a true backyard living space with a big, wood table!

This is a place where friends and family can gather and spend time together.

You won’t have to stay inside cooking while your guests socialize outside… Everyone can enjoy the outdoors together.

When you’re creating your outdoor kitchen plans… You can put your island on a patio like this one!

This patio is covered… So it’ll be comfortable to grill and eat outside even when it’s hot or rainy.

L-shaped Outside Grill Kitchen with Sink

l shaped outdoor kitchen with grill and sink

It’s always a good idea to have an outside BBQ kitchen near your pool… But we love how well these two go together!

It has a nice L-shape… Which is beautiful to look at, and very practical to use.

It also has an outdoor sink… Which makes it even more practical! You won’t have to run back inside to wash your hands in your indoor sink while you grill.

The style of this space is beautiful… With the lighter bricks on the outside kitchen grill island and surrounding the pool… A hood vent that matches the stainless steel of the appliances and storage access doors… And the pastels on the walls of the house under the lanai.

Outdoor Kitchen and Entertainment Center

outdoor kitchen with bar seating for entertainment

Why eat indoors when you can have an entertaining and dining area outside?

This spot is beautiful, from the integrated lighting… The potted plants… And LED lighting on the grill knobs! The side burner is also always a welcome touch.

We really like how there are two islands… A grill island for cooking, and one with bar stools and a TV!

This is the kind of open air kitchen you can really relax in and watch a show or game.

Or, if you can connect your phone to the TV… You could even watch videos on how to make new recipes while you’re cooking!

Outside Kitchen on the Patio Back Wall

linear modern concrete moks outdoor kitchen with pizza oven

The placement of this outdoor kitchen is very nice… Putting your BBQ island against a back wall is always a good look, especially in small spaces.

A wall gives your island a background and makes it stand out more… Even in a more spacious backyard!

This outdoor kitchen has a beautiful wood-fired pizza oven. The dark colors go nicely with the fence behind it and the rest of the stainless steel appliances and storage doors… And it has a beautiful style that makes the entire island pop.

Versatile Outdoor Kitchen Dining Area with a Fire Pit

patio idea with dining area and outdoor kitchen

We’re amazed by how beautiful this yard is… And how well the patio space complements it!

This patio has everything you could possibly need for entertaining or a quiet evening at home… A fire pit and chairs for cold nights… A long table to share a meal… And a gorgeous outdoor kitchen!

Another great aspect of this kitchen?

No matter what kind of food you’re feeling… This outside kitchen can make it.

Between the awesome outdoor kitchen appliances… The grill, the pizza oven, and the Asado cooker… You’re set!

Outside Kitchen with a Refrigerator

l shaped outdoor kitchen with combo storage and refrigerator

L-shaped kitchens are made for utility!

This L-Shape refrigeration island is the perfect example.

You’ll have plenty of space to prep food on the outdoor kitchen countertop… And this one even has a fridge for extra practicality!

Having a fridge is always a great idea in an outside kitchen… You won’t have to go back inside for your ingredients or condiments!

As far as outdoor kitchen ideas go… A fridge is always a great one.

Outdoor Kitchens with Lots of Storage

l shaped outdoor kitchen with lots of storage drawers

There are so many things that you’ll want to keep outside in your island. Your grilling utensils, your fuel, and more.

If you’re someone who likes to keep your space tidy and neat… Having a place to put your supplies isn’t a bad idea!

You can get drawers, access doors, a pull-out pantry, and more.

This picture shows a gorgeous outdoor kitchen kit with plenty of storage for anything you can think of!

What a great use of space.

Build the perfect outdoor kitchen

Use our free 3D design tool to build an outdoor kitchen that fits your needs. The possibilities are endless!

U-shape Outdoor Kitchen by the Pool

One of the coolest outdoor cooking experiences is using a U-shaped outdoor kitchen.

You’re surrounded by space to prep your food… And your friends and family can hang out on the other side of the bar.

You have room for both cooking and serving!

This U-shaped outside kitchen is especially cool… You can see the pool and the water while you grill!

It’s a good way to relax and watch the kids swim while you have fun cooking.

u shaped outdoor kitchen by covered pool near the ocean

Summer Kitchen with a Chandelier

l shaped summer outdoor kitchen with a chandelier

No one likes to grill in the dark! You want to be able to see what you’re doing.

That’s why lights are a great idea for a covered outdoor grill station.

We especially like how this summer kitchen uses a chandelier!

It gives the space much more personality… And helps you cook outdoors whenever you want!

Summer Kitchen with a Refrigerator

l shaped outdoor kitchen next to house with combo storage and a refrigerator

As nice as it is to grill in the sun… It’s even nicer to do it under a covered patio in a summer kitchen!

You’ll still feel the breeze… And you and your outdoor kitchen will be protected from the elements.

The arch and tile backsplash make this space really special… As well as the stainless steel sink and refrigerator in this stone outdoor kitchen.

A space like this also gives you the best of both worlds for lighting. During the day, you can use the natural sunlight… And during the night, you can turn the overhead lights on!

Resort-Style Outdoor Kitchen Oasis

This outdoor kitchen has “resort” written all over it.

From the L-shape, to the big umbrella, to the rounded pool, and even to the chairs… It makes you want to kick back and relax!

Why not make your outdoor space into your own vacation spot?

Patio Pizza Oven with a View

linear outdoor kitchen with side burner refrigerator and pizza oven

If you have a yard with a nice view… Then you’re in luck. An outdoor kitchen will be perfect for your space.

Of course, outdoor kitchens are extremely functional and give your family a place to gather… So it’s all the better when you can look out and enjoy the scenery while you’re cooking!

You can already imagine getting to peacefully gaze a nice view while you’re grilling a steak.

This kitchens is really special… You can make pizza in it with an outdoor pizza oven!

The only thing that can make a view better is eating pizza while you look at it.

Outdoor Kitchen under a Covered Patio

linear outdoor kitchen under a covered patio

This outdoor kitchen has been transformed into a living space.

Just like with indoor kitchens and living rooms… It has a place to make food and a beautiful area just to relax in.

It’s protected from the elements… And the patio almost looks enclosed! How cozy!

We love that this outdoor kitchen has a fireplace.

You can imagine cooking good food and taking it to eat in front of the fire with your family on a chilly winter day.

Two Kamado Cookers in One Garden Kitchen

l shaped outdoor kitchen with storage drawers and two kamado cookers

There are so many cool things about this outdoor kitchen… But the most important message to take away from it is that you can do what you want for your outdoor space!

This kitchen has two Big Green Egg kamado cookers… For double the cooking fun!

If you enjoy an alternative to the classic gas grill… You can do that! A kamado cooker or outdoor pizza oven are fantastic options for any outdoor kitchen.

Another thing that stood out to us was the pergola over the garden kitchen. It’s thin, and the lights hanging down from it will look amazing at night!

One last feature that stands out… Using plants as a backdrop! The pinks in that foliage are bright, and they make the island pop.

Two Built-In Grills in One Kitchen

hybrid grill built into a linear grill island

If creating amazing dishes outdoors on the grill is your passion… This might be the solution for you: a hybrid grill!

One side works as a gas grill… And the other side uses charcoal!

The hybrid grill is the best of both worlds.

Even with what is essentially two built-in grills, there’s still plenty of room for a side burner, access doors for storage, an outside kitchen sink, and a refrigerator!

This can give you the extra room to grill something really special.

And if you’re someone who enjoys hosting… It would be great to have extra space to grill!

Outdoor Kitchen with a Fire Pit

l shaped outdoor kitchen at night with a lit fire pit

This outdoor space is perfect for nighttime use, as you can see.

If you’re a night owl… You should consider lights for under the countertops!

If you want light and heat… You can look into a fire pit, too!

Your kids (and everyone else) will love making s’mores over it.

The kitchen and the fire pit in this picture have the same style… So they blend together so well for a nice, cohesive look.

Wood Gazebo for Coverage

No one wants to stand outside in the heat or the rain. A gazebo is a great way to stay outside… Without having to deal with the elements. Your outdoor kitchen will thank you too.

You really can create a dream DIY outside kitchen area just by adding some shade.

This wood gazebo will protect the outdoor kitchen from bad weather and the sun.

l shaped outdoor kitchen with refrigerator and side burner under wooden gazebo for coverage by a pool

Outdoor Kitchen on a Deck

l shaped outdoor kitchen with open grill side burner and refrigerator on a deck

If you’re looking for outdoor kitchen ideas on where to put your island…

You aren’t limited to a backyard or patio for your outdoor kitchen. You can create a beautiful outdoor kitchen space on a deck!

This can make utility lines like natural gas or water lines difficult to run to your kitchen… But it isn’t impossible, so if you would like a sink or ice maker, it’s within your reach!

In this picture, the style of the boards looks great with the long panels on the kitchen island.

Outdoor Kitchen on a Raised Space

outdoor kitchen built on a raised section of patio

This photo shows an outdoor kitchen on a raised section of a patio… Which is an amazing idea.

Not only does this section off the outdoor kitchen from the rest of the patio space… It makes the area feel more compact and the placement more purposeful.

When you have an entire yard to put an outdoor kitchen in… It can be hard to find the perfect spot.

This makes wherever you place it look intentional and set apart.

Separate Stand for Kamado Cooker

What can we say? We love a good kamado cooker.

Having a recessed stand that the Big Green Egg sits on is a cool style.

It might even make your patio kitchen look larger since it’s taking up a bit more room!

In this picture, the Big Green Egg is much lower than the rest of the countertops… This makes it the perfect height to use!

linear outdoor kitchen with refrigerator and grill with a kamado stand on a patio

Overhanging Countertop with Fun Bar Stools

l shaped outdoor kitchen with pizza stand and bar seating on patio

Fun furniture always adds an element of style to an outdoor space.

This patio kitchen is great for a number of reasons, like the wood-burning pizza oven and beautiful Coyote grill… But also the nice bar!

The green from the bar stools brings in the green from the rest of the backyard.

It’s a great place for people to eat at… And the overhang on the bar makes it that much easier. It’s just like a normal dining table!

How to Get Your Own Outside Kitchen

We hope that you feel inspired and get some good outdoor kitchen ideas from all those photos!

We can’t blame you if you’re ready to create an outside kitchen of your own after seeing these.

Fortunately, it’s a super easy process to get exactly the style you’re looking for when you shop through RTA.

Between our easy-to-use design tool and our team of Design Experts… You can get the perfect outdoor kitchen space for your backyard.

When you build an outside kitchen with RTA, you’ll have the opportunity to choose the size, layout, finish, countertops, and appliances.

You will know that the outdoor kitchen island you design will be perfect for your backyard space… Because we’ll help you through the design process to make sure you get exactly what you need!

After that, it’ll be delivered right to you along with your appliances. Just grab some friends… And you can assemble your outside kitchen island in a few hours!

If you’re looking for more information on our process or the materials we use… You can visit our Learning Center!

We can’t wait to work together to design the perfect outdoor cooking zone for you.

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There are a lot of different names for a kitchen that is outside!

They are most commonly called “outdoor kitchens,” but can also go by “outside kitchen,” “garden kitchen,” “summer kitchen,” or “patio kitchen.”

The national average cost of an outdoor kitchen in America is about $12,000 – $13,000. This is just a sweeping average, however.

It can vary depending on a number of factors.

Really, the possibilities are endless! Some people go very simple, while others like to go more extravagant.

You’ll definitely want a grill to cook on, counter space to prep food, and some storage for your cooking utensils and fuel.

Some people also upgrade their kitchens to feature appliances like a sink, refrigerator, and more.

A kitchen can absolutely be outside! The island and appliances will need to be made out of materials that are durable for the outdoors… And it’ll do great!

You’ll be able to enjoy cooking and eating in the fresh air all year round.

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