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9 Best Outdoor Dining Table Brands in 2024, Plus 3 Dazzling Ideas

By Jayme Muller

January 5, 2024

With all that life throws our way, it can be tough to make sure we’re spending enough time outside.

In fact, research shows that the average American spends 93% of their entire life inside!

It’s clear that we could all benefit from getting some more fresh air… But is there an easy way to do so?

Well, why not consider an outdoor dining table?

When the days are long and the weather’s nice… You shouldn’t have to be cooped up inside while you enjoy a meal.

So, what are your options for eating al fresco? How do you pick the best dining table for your outdoor living space?

In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about buying an outdoor dining table, and give you a better idea of what your options are.

Let’s dive in!

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Outdoor Patio Dining Table Buying Guide

Before you begin browsing for outdoor dining tables… Take a moment to ask yourself the following questions.

How Big Should Your Outdoor Dining Table Be?

l shaped outdoor grill island on deck with dining table

From two person tables to enough dining area for large BBQ parties… Outdoor dining tables come in a huge variety of sizes!

To determine how big your dining table should be… First consider your outdoor space.

How much patio or deck room do you have to work with? Is there anything else you want to reserve a spot for (a grill station, perhaps)?

This will help you gauge roughly how large your dining table can be before it starts crowding your space.

And don’t forget that even if a dining table will fit on your deck or patio, you should leave enough clearance to comfortably maneuver around it, too!

Then, think about why you want an outdoor dining table.

Do you just need space for your family? Or, are you planning to host bigger get-togethers?

Dining tables tend to have space for anywhere from two to 12 or more seats… So make sure to consider who you’ll be hosting before you buy.

But dimensions are just one factor to consider…

What about shape?

Want to bring your idea to life?

Use our free 3D design tool to bring the outdoor kitchen of your dreams to reality in just a few minutes.

What Shape is Best for Your Space?

moks l shaped outdoor kitchen with bar seating and additional seating at dining table

As you ponder the size of your outdoor dining table, the question of shape will also come into play.

Like its size… The shape of your dining table depends on how much room there is in your outdoor space, and how many people you’ll be hosting.

There are four standard shapes for dining tables: round, oval, square, and rectangular.

Square and round dining tables tend to be best for smaller groups and tighter spaces… While rectangular and oval-shaped dining tables are better for seating larger groups, in narrow spaces.

Alright… At this point, your outdoor dining table vision should be starting to take shape.

But something may still be missing from that vision…

Let’s talk about aesthetics.

What Style Appeals to You?

small linear outdoor kitchen on deck by dining table

So you’ve considered how an outdoor dining table will physically fit in your backyard design… But don’t forget to think of how it will mesh visually.

Do you already have a distinctive aesthetic to match?

If not… Take a moment to think of the style you’re striving for.

Whether it be modern, rustic, traditional, or otherwise… You don’t want your table to look out of place!

The style of your outdoor dining table will be largely influenced by its material…

So let’s turn our attention there!

What Is the Best Material for an Outdoor Dining Table?

The material of your outdoor table is arguably the most important consideration of all.

There’s a good amount of variation here… But most commonly, you’ll see outdoor dining tables made with metal, wood, wicker, glass, concrete, or plastic.

Not only does the material you choose influence aesthetics… It’ll also impact quality and longevity.

Ideally, an outdoor dining table should be built to hold up to the elements… But unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

So, let’s see how each material will fare!

Metal Dining Table Outdoors

outdoor kitchen under gazebo with table and seating on patio

There are so many metal outdoor dining tables out there! However, their quality is often hit or miss.

High quality metal dining tables will be made with marine grade aluminum or 304 stainless steel… Though options for these are few and far between.

More commonly, you’ll see metal tables made with an unknown grade of cast aluminum or powder coated steel.

These materials may hold up to the elements for a short time… But ultimately, prolonged exposure to moisture and humidity will lead to rusting and/or corrosion.

If you’re interested in a metal table… Just be sure to do your research and try to locate outdoor furniture made with high quality metals! Otherwise, it may not last as long as you’d like.

Wood Outdoor Dining Table

outdoor kitchen with bar and dining table on patio with additional seating

Wood is another popular material for outdoor patio furniture… With teak, acacia, and eucalyptus outdoor dining tables being particularly in favor.

We get it! Wood is versatile, timeless, and there are so many beautiful finish options available.

Unfortunately, though, wood just doesn’t have great weather-resistance.

When wood gets wet, it runs the risk of swelling, warping, molding, and rotting… All of which are a headache to deal with!

Sure, you can apply oils and stains to wood to extend its lifespan, and you can use an outdoor dining table cover when the weather is poor… But this requires a lot more effort on your part!

All in all, it’s far from the best option.

Wicker Outdoor Dining Table

rattan wicker bar set

Wicker outdoor dining tables are not as in-demand… Though there are still a fair amount out there.

Now, wicker itself isn’t a material… It’s actually a weaving style!

Historically, wicker furniture was made with rattan or bamboo… But today, most wicker bistro tables are made of synthetic plastics.

This makes wicker a solid choice… It’s waterproof, weather resistant, and should hold up for years!

Unfortunately, it’s not everyone’s go-to style.

Glass Outdoor Dining Table

glass outdoor table with bar seating

For a sleek, modern space… A glass outdoor dining table may be calling your name.

These tables feature a glass top, while everything else is generally made with metal (and we’ve already given you the spiel on that)!

It makes sense… Tempered glass may be one of the strongest glasses, but even so, it’s still quite fragile!

It doesn’t take much to damage or nick a glass tabletop…

And let’s not forget that shattering is always a concern!

If you want peace of mind, you’d be better off with a sturdier material.

Concrete Outdoor Dining Table

Though definitely the most durable and weatherproof option, outdoor concrete dining tables aren’t as commonplace.

There are a few reasons for this!

Obviously, concrete is extremely heavy… Which means a concrete dining table will be more difficult to ship and set up.

Plus, concrete tables tend to be more expensive!

It’s also worth noting that as with glass dining tables… Usually only the tabletop is made with concrete. The frame will generally be made with a less durable material, so keep this in mind!

Plastic Outdoor Dining Table

When up against concrete… Plastic outdoor dining tables are on the opposite end of the spectrum.

They’re lightweight and easy to set up… But they tend to get a bad rap for being low quality.

We’re not going to outright dispute this. Many plastic outdoor dining tables are far from the best!

But that being said, there are some plastic tables with exceptional durability… And because it’s synthetic, high quality plastic will outlast many other materials.

Now that you know what to expect… It’s time to look at some outdoor dining table brands!

Top 9 Outdoor Dining Table Brands of 2024

Your table will be the star of your patio dining set… So it’s important to compare your options!

Which are…

Rectangular Polywood Outdoor Dining Table

polywood dining table
Product Highlights

Price: $599.00 – $689.00

Size: 37″ x 72″

Warranty: 20 year warranty 

The first product up to bat is an outdoor rectangular dining table from Polywood.

This 37” x 72”, large outdoor dining table has space for six dining chairs.

It comes with a simplistic finish available in several neutral shades to fit the look of any outdoor living space!

The table is designed with comfort in mind, and there should be more than enough leg room to go around.

Plus, there’s a patio umbrella hole to easily cast some cool shade.

Sounds good so far… But it gets even better.

Polywood constructs all of their outdoor furniture with recycled plastic!

This means this table is highly durable… Weather and UV-resistant… And a sustainable choice!

There’s an impressive 20 year warranty on this rectangle outdoor dining table (and all other Polywood furniture, for that matter)!

At the time of writing, this table costs $599.00 – $689.00, depending on the color you choose.

Phi Villa Black Outdoor Dining Table with Umbrella Hole

Product Highlights

Price: $199.99

Size: 35” x 59″

Warranty: One year

For something a bit less expensive… Phi Villa’s outdoor metal dining table might appeal to you!

This rectangular table measures in at 35” x 59,” which should provide enough space for six chairs.

The tabletop is made from black metal slats, perfect for those who prefer a neutral, minimalist style.

Underneath the tabletop you’ll find an umbrella hole, designed for extra stability.

Phi Villa’s outdoor large dining table is fully constructed with an unknown grade of powder-coated metal… Which may or may not hold up! It’s hard to say for sure without knowing the grade used.

There’s one year of coverage for this dining table, which at the time of writing you can purchase for $199.99.

Christopher Knight Home Concrete Top Outdoor Dining Table

Product Highlights

Price: $631.99

Size: 35.25″ x 70.5″

Warranty: Undetermined

What if you’re interested in a concrete table? Let’s take a look at this option from Christopher Knight Home!

This is another rectangular outdoor dining table, sized at 35.25” x 70.5.” As with the two previous tables, there should be enough dining space for six guests.

The concrete tabletop has a natural stone-like finish, which comes in gray or dark brown. It’s supported by two black iron legs.

Now, the concrete tabletop doesn’t worry us! It should hold up in rain, snow, or shine.

We just wish we could say the same for the legs. Iron is notoriously prone to rust, especially when left outside!

We can’t confirm any warranty details… Though you’ll have the option to add a two or three-year protection plan at checkout.

Speaking of checkout… At the time of writing, this large outdoor patio table costs $552.00 for the gray finish, and $631.99 for the brown.

Hanover Home Outdoor Patio Set with Aluminum Outdoor Dining Table

hanover home dining table
Product Highlights

Price: $2,999.00

Size: 60″ x 60″

Warranty: One year warranty

If you’re interested in a complete furniture set with a table and outdoor dining chairs, here’s a product from Hanover Home that just might fit the bill!

This 9-piece patio set includes eight cushioned swivel rocker chairs and a large 60” x 60” outdoor square dining table.

The entire set has a sophisticated, elegant design for more traditionally-styled spaces.

Each piece in the set has a fully cast aluminum frame, finished with a layer of UV-resistant and moisture-repellant powder coating.

Hanover Traditions claims that this dining set will “bring outstanding quality and style that will last year after year…” But it’s only protected by a one year warranty, so it may not be quite as long lasting as you’d like!

At the time of writing, the full set costs $2,999.00.

The perfect hangout spot

Add an outdoor kitchen to your outdoor dining space to take your hangout spot to the next level. Use our free 3D design tool to get started.

Christopher Knight Home Outdoor Wood Dining Table

Christopher knight wood dining set
Product Highlights

Price: $406.00

Size: 31.5″ x 31.5″

Warranty: 3 – 5 year furniture protection plan

Perhaps you’d prefer a wooden outdoor dining table… So let’s discuss another set from Christopher Knight Home!

This 5-piece outdoor dining set is perfect for those with a small space.

It includes four arm chairs, and a 31.5” x 31.5” acacia wood square outdoor dining table.

The slatted top has a teak finish, for a timeless aesthetic.

What’s not so timeless, though, is the table itself. As we stated earlier, wood simply isn’t cut out to last outdoors!

Though acacia does have some natural resistance to water, it’s unfortunately still no match for harsh weather.

If you want a wooden table (and you want said table to last), you’ll have to take extra measures to keep it protected from the elements year-round.

There doesn’t appear to be any warranty covering this dining table set… But you do have the option to spend extra on a 3 or 5-year furniture protection plan.

At the time of writing, this rustic outdoor dining table and chair set costs $406.00.

Garden Elements Bellevue Round Glass Top Dining Table

garden elements glass table
Product Highlights

Price: $279.99

Size: 40″ diameter

Warranty: Undetermined 

We’ve seen a lot of square and rectangular tables… What if you’re looking for something with rounded edges?

Well, the next selection on our list is Garden Elements round outdoor dining table!

With a 40” diameter, this small outdoor dining table should offer enough space for 2-4 guests.

It has a clear, tempered glass top surrounded by an aluminum ring, and is situated on a mocha-colored, powder-coated metal frame.

Built into the frame is an umbrella hole, and four supporting metal beams which double as footrests.

Unfortunately, the grade of metal used isn’t specified! We can’t say for sure how it’ll hold up long term.

And again, we couldn’t identify a clear warranty for this table… But you can opt to add protection at checkout.

At the time of writing, this table is listed for $279.99.

Crosley Furniture Outdoor Wicker Dining Table

crosley wicker table
Product Highlights

Price: $193.92

Size: 41″ diameter

Warranty: 90 day limited warranty

Here’s another round outdoor dinner table from Crosley Furniture… But this one’s a bit different from the others on our list!


Well, it’s a folding outdoor dining table! It’ll be easy to pick up and pack away in the off-season.

Aside from that novelty… This brown, resin wicker small outdoor dining table has a 41” diameter for more intimate dinner parties.

The tabletop is supported by an alloy steel frame… Which we can confirm will eventually (and unfortunately) rust when left outdoors. It’s a good thing you can easily keep this table shielded from the elements!

Crosley offers a 90-day limited warranty on their outdoor dining furniture.

Currently, this table is priced at $193.92.

Polywood Nautical Dining Set with Outdoor Round Dining Table

POLYWOOD nautical dining set
Product Highlights

Price: $1,695.00

Size: Varies

Warranty: 20 year warranty

Next up is another option from Polywood… This one’s a full set, complete with a round table and folding arm chairs!

Polywood’s round outdoor dining table for 4 has a simple, slatted finish… And is available in several neutral hues, to match your preferred style.

And as with all Polywood furniture, it’s made completely out of durable, recycled plastic… And covered by a 20 year warranty!

At the time of writing, this round outdoor dining table set goes for $1,695.00.

Amazonia Nelson Expandable Oval Outdoor Dining Table

amazonia eucalyptus wood dining table
Product Highlights

Price: $1,582.64

Size: 35″ x 83″

Warranty: One year limited warranty

The final table on our list is part of a bistro set… From Amazonia Nelson!

This eucalyptus dining table set includes six chairs and a narrow outdoor dining table… All of which are finished with a reddish-brown wood sealer.

The large, 35” x 83” oval outdoor dining table is extendable, to easily provide extra room for bigger gatherings!

A free maintenance kit is included with this outdoor extendable dining table set… It comes with everything you’ll need to re-seal and protect the wood from the elements (which Amazonia suggests doing at least every season).

Amazonia offers a one year limited warranty on their outdoor dining table with extension.

At the time of writing, this outdoor dining table with chairs costs $1,582.64.

Overall Best Outdoor Dining Tables

polywood dining table

At this point, you’ve seen a lot of brands… And you may be wondering which offers the best dining table for outdoor use.

Well, we can’t answer that for you! Only you know which table is truly best for you.

However, we can tell you which brand offers all-around solid products… And that would be Polywood!

Polywood makes their dining furniture with unmatched quality… And their eco-friendly approach has undeniable appeal.

There’s no need to stain or seal a Polywood dining table to keep it weather-resistant… And you’ll have peace of mind when it comes to rotting, rusting, fading, or cracking!

Their furniture will last (and look great) for decades, no matter what weather it’s exposed to!

In our eyes, it’s well worth the investment.

Now, whether you go with Polywood or not… Making a final decision will be easier if you take time to picture how your new dining table will look in your backyard.

3 Dazzling Outdoor Dining Table Ideas

Now that you have a better idea of what to look for in an outdoor dining table… How will it fit in your backyard design?

Let’s take a look at a few inspiring setups to get your creative juices flowing!

Round Dining Table by an Outdoor Bar

round dining table on deck with tv mounted on wall of house

This outdoor deck design also has us impressed.

Not only is there a round dining table under a covered pergola… There’s also an outdoor bar island with umbrella-shaded seating just steps away, right next to a barbecue station!

If you’re looking for an interactive backyard design for hosting larger parties… You may want to consider taking a page out of this homeowner’s book!

Outdoor Pool Dining Table

outdoor dining table by pool

Now, this backyard really has it all.

There’s a large outdoor dining table with umbrella, for poolside dining

A fully functional outdoor kitchen with additional bar seating

And a cozy, shaded lounging area to kick back after enjoying a meal!

Really, the only way this could get any better would be by adding an outdoor fire pit!

Outdoor Modern Dining Table and Kitchen

modern outdoor dining table by linear outdoor kitchen on deck

Finally, let’s round out our list with a simple yet stunning modern design.

This private seaside deck has a large, round outdoor dining table for 8… For guests to enjoy the delicious food cooked in the nearby outdoor kitchen!

Alright… Now that you’ve seen some ideas, you may have picked up on a common theme.

All of the dining tables we showed you are right beside an outside kitchen!

If you’re feeling inspired by this perfect pairing… What’s the best way for you to make it happen?

The Perfect Place For Your Outdoor Dining Table

covered linear outdoor kitchen on deck with kitchen table and chairs

Your indoor dining room is likely in close proximity to the kitchen… So why not give your outdoor space the same treatment?

Pairing your new dining table with an outdoor kitchen is a fantastic way to boost your backyard’s functionality… It’s a solution that just makes sense!

With an outdoor kitchen, you can bring all the capabilities of your indoor kitchen (and then some) to your backyard.

Including an outdoor kitchen alongside your patio dining table means you can prep and cook meals, serve food and drinks, and host and dine, all in one spot!

That’s right… You can include an outdoor sink for cleaning up, an outdoor refrigerator for chilling beverages, and a built in grill and other cooking appliances for perfecting your skills as a home chef.

You can even include an outdoor bar island to enjoy some after-dinner drinks!

That all sounds pretty amazing, right?

But hang on, how do you make this happen?

Well, our Learning Hub is a great place to start. It’s full of helpful resources… And will give you an overview on all there is to know about planning an outdoor kitchen project.

And if at any point you feel inspired, we’ll be here to help get you started!

Need Help With Your Plans?

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The average length of an outdoor dining table varies greatly depending on shape.

Rectangular and oval tables average about six feet, while round and square tables generally measure between three and four feet.

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