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19 Unbelievable Patio Ideas & Trends to Transform Your Backyard Space

By James King

March 4, 2024

Ramping up your backyard always starts with a single project.

Your patio.

Without the patio… Your backyard design literally doesn’t have a foundation to stand on.

But it’s also a lot more than just a mere base.

Your patio creates rooms, adds beauty to your yard, and increases the value of your home.

All these features aside… To get started in earnest, you’ll need to peruse some patio ideas.

stacked stone galley style outdoor kitchen

And we’ve got to tell you… You’re in the right place.

As an outdoor kitchen company, we may not directly work with patio building… But we do know quite a few tricks of the trade from a design perspective.

At the same time, we’re not just relying on our tangential understanding of patios. In this article, you’ll hear from one of the best in the hardscape business.

Are we ready and raring to go?

Let’s kick off with the trends.


The Backyard Patio Trend Everyone’s Jumping On

patio with l shaped island and pergola with seating area and yellow stools

As you begin to ponder what you’d like your patio to look like… It’s worth considering the trends.

And to get our finger on the pulse of the issue… We asked Billy Barron, founder of Bethlehem Hardscapes, what his thoughts are on the topic.

Being one of the best in the business, there’s one single trend he’s been seeing lately.


As Barron put it, “A lot of people want the outdoor kitchen, they want the fireplaces, they want the water features. You don’t want an empty space, you want a feature that you can enjoy or use.”

In recent years, there’s been a significant mindset shift when it comes to outdoor living.

Rather than honing in on just a patio and landscaping to spruce up your backyard… Homeowners are becoming laser-focused on creating an outdoor space they can make frequent use of.

It makes sense.

You’re already investing a good chunk of change to beautify your outdoor space… Why wouldn’t you also want to use it for entertaining?

Your patio becomes the template for a complete outdoor room… Allowing you to make the most of your property, and enjoy it to the fullest.

So when it comes to designing your patio… It all boils down to planning ahead for the features you want.

With that said, let’s take a look at some illuminating patio ideas. (Full of unique features, too!)

19 Striking Patio Ideas for Inspiration

As you begin to prime your mind for what your dream backyard could look like… It’s always good to browse some ideas, and form some foggy concepts.

Hopefully, these ideas will start bringing you closer to full-focus.

1. Charming Garden Patio Idea

patio idea with outdoor kitchen and paver walkway

What should be part and parcel with your backyard patio? Landscaping, of course!

And that’s exactly what this lovely patio has an abundance of.

Flowers and greenery are positively bursting over the edges of the garden… Creating an inviting, whimsical atmosphere we want to soak up all day long.

But let’s take a closer look at the patio.

Although we can’t see the entire thing… What’s pictured is a meandering, paver-style walkway.

This design naturally draws your vision along its path… And provides a nice complement to the landscaping features.

The patio also helps you fix your eyes on the outdoor kitchen, the true focal point of the backyard.

We wouldn’t need much convincing to fire up the grill in this space!

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2. Simple Paver Patio Idea

square patio at the back of the house made from pavers
Photo Credit: Bethlehem Hardscapes

If you’re looking for a simple patio, with a hint of flair… You’ll love this idea, courtesy of Bethlehem Hardscapes.

The actual layout of this patio is actually quite basic.

You’ve got a square patio extending directly from the back of the house… And a wraparound walkway leading into it.


But what we love about this patio design is the “paver-play”, if you will.

Barron’s team put a creative spin on the patio with asymmetric placement of pavers… Creating a look that holds your interest and invites curiosity.

3. Backyard Covered Patio Ideas

backyard patio idea with stone outdoor kitchen and pavilion

Here’s another paver patio, but with a bit of a twist.

While catching rays of sunshine in the summer months is a wonderful thing… There is such a thing as too much sun.

So when those lumens are getting too intense, it’s nice to have somewhere to retreat. (But still enjoy the outdoors!)

Hence, why covered patios remain an immensely popular choice.

And this outdoor patio idea is no different!

The paver patio forms a solid foundation for the space… Accompanied by a matching outdoor kitchen, and gazebo off to the side.

The gazebo has a dining table nestled underneath… Primed and ready for you and your guests to enjoy your delicious grilled meals!

And to tie it all together… Once the sun sets, mosey on over to the fire pit and chat the night away.

Patio Planning Pro Tip:

Want an outdoor kitchen and an overhead structure on your patio? If a structure is directly over your outdoor kitchen, your grill manufacturer may void the warranty for safety reasons. To avoid this issue, you can put your outdoor kitchen next to the structure instead, just like this homeowner did. (Either way, check with your grill manufacturer for details!)

4. Stunning Poolside Patio Idea

patio alongside pool and hot tub with l shape outdoor kitchen against house

To make your patio space truly all-encompassing… Allow it to spill over into your pool area.

This patio design idea is about as perfect of an example as it gets.

It extends directly from the house, and wraps beautifully around the length of the pool.

Even the hot tub’s design is fully incorporated into the patio! The same tiles are used on top… And the natural stone siding provides a subtle contrast.

This homeowner also opted for small areas of matching gravel throughout… Adding a textural component for more interest.

Patio Planning Pro Tip:

Don’t be afraid to play with different textures on your patio. This tile patio idea also doubles as a gravel patio idea… And both textures work well together to keep the appearance of the space from falling flat.

5. Patio Tile Idea with an Outdoor Kitchen

tile patio idea with square outdoor kitchen and pool

If pavers aren’t speaking to you… You might be more enticed by the lush, elegant appearance of a tile patio.

We love the modern vibe it’s giving off in this backyard!

And despite its simplicity… This tiled patio has some distinct zones for each feature.

The pool area blends beautifully into a lounge area… And the patio then tapers off for the outdoor kitchen space.

Each zone is clearly defined by their respective functions… Yet at the same time, retaining a cohesive look.


6. Backyard Patio Ideas: Where Contrasting Patterns Collide

paver patio with contrasting pattern and fire feature
Photo Credit: Bethlehem Hardscapes

Bethlehem Hardscapes is coming in hot with another captivating patio idea!

As you acquaint yourself with the design… You’ll realize there’s actually quite a lot to unpack here.

We’ll start from the right side of the house and work our way around.

First, you’ll find some isolated tile leading you to the next section of the patio.

This section is packed with pavers of different colors… Arranged in a randomized manner.

There appears to be a coffee table in this space as well. This area could easily serve as a set-aside nook, with a private feel… As views to it are blocked off from either side of the house.

And finally, stairs drop down to the remaining section of this patio.

This area has yet another paver design in different colors… But this time, it’s geometric in pattern rather than asymmetrical.

It’s the ideal template for an outdoor kitchen and dining area, but that’s just a suggestion!

Chairs form around the outdoor fireplace, which is the focal point of this patio. You’ll also note that the patio pattern where the coffee table was placed is resumed right around the fireplace.

This effectively “bookends” the contrasting patterns… Creating unity in a space that may otherwise feel disjointed.

Patio Planning Pro Tip:

If you want to play with patterns for your patio area, repeats are your friend. Repeat a pattern or two in different sections of the backyard to maintain a sense of cohesion, and prevent the space from clashing with too many disparate patterns.

7. Outdoor Covered Patio Idea with a Rustic Feel

patio paver idea with pavilion and outdoor kitchen

If you’re a fan of the rustic aesthetic… Take some time to analyze this excellent patio kitchen idea.

Of course, the first thing you’ll be drawn to is the gazebo. Paired with drawn-back curtains… When closed, this can create an intimate, private space for your guests to mingle.

This homeowner also plays with different textures, utilizing gravel for the water feature… And paver stones for the patio.

But for us… The true “wow” factor of this patio paver idea is the outdoor kitchen. (We can’t help it!)

With that rustic stacked stone terra finish and a matching fire pit… This patio is transformed into a complete outdoor living space.

You’ve got the outdoor kitchen for grilling and entertaining… The fire pit for warmth and ambiance… The gazebo and seating area for lounging…

Truly, what more could you ask for?

8. Impressive Minimalist Back Patio Idea

For many homeowners, simplicity reigns supreme.

And if you’re the no-frills type… You’ll be enchanted by this minimalist patio idea from Bethlehem Hardscapes.

Isolated tiles lead you from the side of the home and to the back… Revealing the stunning sophistication of this patio.

Irregularly sized pavers come together in a surprisingly organized way… With a darker paver clearly outlining the boundary of each section.

And while this patio hasn’t been filled with features quite yet… We see a lot of potential already.

We envision an outdoor kitchen sitting near the house… With a set of patio furniture or a dining set on the square area. Possibly even with a pergola overhead!

Point is, the sky’s the limit with this patio design.

minimalist patio with isolated tiles leading from side of house to the backyard
Photo Credit: Bethlehem Hardscapes

9. Unique Patio Lighting Ideas

patio lighting idea with stone white outdoor kitchen

Let’s take things a step further with this example, by also including some patio decorating ideas.

If you plan to keep your parties rolling well into the evening… You’ll need some lighting to illuminate the way.

This idea offers some brilliant solutions, some of which are pretty unexpected!

First and foremost, you’ll notice that slick under-counter lighting on the outdoor kitchen.

Not only does it add a high-end feel to the BBQ island… It also illuminates that spectacular paver patio underneath.

As an interesting contrast, you’ll find some uplighting around the retaining wall near the house.

This results in a well-lit outdoor living room… And no reason to end the party early!

The only thing we’d suggest adding here is a touch of string lighting. Otherwise, it’s a beautiful sight to see.

Patio Planning Pro Tip:

As you iron out the details of your patio design… Make sure to think ahead about lighting and how you want to utilize it. Incorporating lighting into your landscape design in particular can create some dramatic results!

10. Gather ‘Round with this Patio Floor Idea

Bethlehem Hardscapes is coming in clutch yet again with this patio idea.

The truth is, not everyone wants a large, sprawling patio. Some of you are content with a little slice of space to spend your days al fresco.

Enter this small patio idea.

The half moon shape creates the ideal template for gathering around the fire pit… And we love the tasteful pops of greenery lining the outside of the retaining wall.

Natural stacked stone along the fire pit and retaining wall beautifully complement the slate gray patio… And it’s a space we’d have no problem cozying up to. (With a hot mug of cocoa in hand!)

slate gray rounded patio with retaining wall and fireplace
Photo Credit: Bethlehem Hardscapes

11. Patio Ideas for Backyards with a Dining Area

patio idea with dining area and outdoor kitchen

Want to focus on outdoor dining?

Well, you’re in for a treat with this idea! Because in this space… It’s all about creating a great dining experience.

And before we get too in the weeds on all this outdoor furniture, let’s say a word or two on the patio itself.

This minimalist patio design makes fantastic use of porcelain tile. A simple, rectangular layout with a border is all that’s needed to make this space inviting.

Zooming out a bit, you’ll notice how well this patio is optimized for entertaining.

There’s a lovely seating area off to the side, with comfy chairs surrounding a fire pit table.

The dining table offers a full 8 seats… Plenty of space for a full family-style dinner!

As for the outdoor kitchen, where do we start?

The bright stacked stone finish is a stunning complement to the patio… And even offers bar seating, for yet more dining capacity.

It’s all you need for entertaining the perfect evening… Right in your backyard.

12. Stone Patio Idea with a Twist

Chalk up another one for Bethlehem Hardscapes!

This is another fire pit patio idea… But with a little more flair.

You’ve got pavers filling in the center and the border… With natural-looking stone forming a lovely band around the patio.

Further, the asymmetrical shape adds more interest to the space.

There’s a nice little coffee table to enjoy some tableside chats al fresco as well.

All this space needs is some potted plants or landscaping to bring it all together.

rounded patio with fire pit and table in backyard of home
Photo Credit: Bethlehem Hardscapes

13. California Modern Patio Idea

back patio idea with pool and outdoor kitchen

Whether you live in California, or simply want to emulate the style… You’ll be over the moon with this patio idea!

You’ve got a concrete patio with a modern, matte finish… Accentuated by paver tiles lining the pool.

And with a matching modern concrete outdoor kitchen, to boot.

The eye is drawn upward with the metal, slatted pergola… And the wooden planters add a much needed natural element to break up the minimalism.

In our minds, this is a modern patio done right.

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14. Poolside Patio with Chevron Steps

If you’re on the hunt for a complete backyard makeover… This patio idea from Bethlehem Hardscapes is one that commands your attention!

Of course, the pool is taking center stage. Being thoughtfully designed with multi-bordered pavers… We nearly couldn’t resist taking a dip.

Also take a peek at that upper level patio in the top right of the photo. With a remarkable chevron pattern… This space is ripe for more features! (Quite possibly an outdoor kitchen?)

We don’t know about you… But we’d be feeling like kings and queens looking at this backyard from the deck.

patio with retaining wall and plunge pool next to deck
Photo Credit: Bethlehem Hardscapes

15. Jaw-Dropping Brick Patio Idea

mike pyle modern large u shaped outdoor kitchen with pizza oven and bar seating

Brick patios aren’t just relegated to the rustic realm.

This patio idea proves that brick has solid footing with modern aesthetics as well.

In this example, the brick is laid in a chevron arrangement… And perfectly outlines the outdoor kitchen area.

The muted tones of the brick drives more attention to that sprawling, modern concrete BBQ island.

We simply can’t stop talking about it!

But we’ll put a lid on all the outdoor kitchen talk for a moment.

Aside from the brick… This patio makes use of isolated concrete areas with grass in between, further playing with geometry.

And that greenery in the back truly brings all the components of this space together.

All we can say is… Well done!

Patio Planning Pro Tip:

Don’t shy away from traditionally rustic materials if you’re trying to craft a modern look. Any material can be made modern. What’s old is new again, right? This example is no exception. The use of distressed, muted brick solidly brings this space into the modern aesthetic.

16. Small Backyard Patio Idea if You’re Short on Space

Don’t have a ton of square footage to work with?

No need to fret. Your dreams of a gorgeous outdoor patio don’t have to be abandoned.

This patio idea from Bethlehem Hardscapes far and away proves our point!

Although this backyard has a teeny-tiny footprint… This patio is absolutely packed with personality.

The cubed pattern gives off an almost Art Deco feel… And is a complete show-stopper.

It’s so much of a show stopper, we wouldn’t dare cover it up with tons of features!

Point is, a small backyard need not be a hindrance to your outdoor living dreams. With the proper design, you can just about have it all.

small patio space with three dimensional pattern and fire pit
Photo Credit: Bethlehem Hardscapes

17. Flagstone Patio Ideas with an Outdoor Kitchen

flagstone patio idea with brick outdoor kitchen

While not as popular as they may have been in the past… Flagstone patios are still a great way to bring a natural, earthen feel to your backyard.

And in this example, the flagstone patio is executed with a timeless feel.

It’s also the ideal platform for this reclaimed brick outdoor kitchen! Although they’re different rustic materials… Both work well together to create a cohesive look.

We’d also be remiss not to mention the willow tree… Bringing in that easy, breezy, peaceful atmosphere to the space.

18. Patio Flooring Ideas with a Pool

We’ve gone through a ton of patio ideas with pavers… But we’re not stopping now!

This is our last (but certainly not least) patio idea from Bethlehem Hardscapes.

Similar to idea #14, you’ll see a distinct paver outline surrounding the pool.

Being the focal point of the space… This design feature effectively highlights the pool.

And rather than keeping this space one-note with the solid gray pavers… Barron’s team opted to play with shades and geometry near the house.

Not only does this add visual interest… It doubles as creating a separate zone for the dining table.

With some lounge chairs by the pool… We’d have no qualms about soaking up the sun in this backyard.

large patio around pool with table overhead by bethlehem hardscapes
Photo Credit: Bethlehem Hardscapes

19. Maximize Your Space with This Patio Idea

patio bar ideas with pavers and seating area

For our final patio idea of the day… We’re wrapping up with an excellent example of how to maximize your space.

Each section of the patio has a dedicated zone, yet they mesh together seamlessly.

The outdoor kitchen and bar has plenty of space… And forms a natural divider to the seating area straight behind it. (We love the throw pillows for a cozy feel!)

And just mere steps away, there’s a dining table for enjoying meals in the fresh air.

All in all, this checks all the boxes for an excellent patio area.

Now that we’ve whetted your appetite for the possibilities… Let’s get you excited for yet another aspect of your future backyard makeover.

Complete Your Patio Project with This DIY Backyard Upgrade

white l shape modular outdoor kitchen on concrete patio pad

As visions of your future backyard swirl in your mind… We’d like to insert another feature into your vision.

An outdoor kitchen.

Many of the patio ideas you’ve seen today incorporate a BBQ island into their backyard design… And for good reason.

This single feature completely transforms your outdoor living space.

An outdoor kitchen becomes the hub where people gather… Break bread together… And create memories that last a lifetime.

It’s the motivator to spend time with your loved ones, and enjoy the outdoors while you’re at it.

But that’s just scratching the surface of what an outdoor kitchen can provide.

For now, we’ll leave you to dreaming.

And if you’re feeling inspired to draft up an outdoor kitchen design for your future patio… We’ve got the perfect tool to start putting a picture to your vision.

Until then, keep on keepin’ on with planning… And if you’re sold on an outdoor kitchen in the future, we’d love to work with you.

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