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Outdoor Kitchen Gazebo: 11 Impressive Designs, Ideas, & Top Considerations

By James King

December 7, 2023

You’re in the middle of planning your outdoor kitchen area… And you’re wondering how to make the most out of your investment.

Of course, you want to be able to enjoy outdoor cooking as much as possible!

And if you want a fresh burger, no matter the weather… You might be thinking about an outdoor kitchen gazebo.

It could very well be the best way to “top” off your island!

A gazebo will provide you with coverage from the rain… And shade during the blistering-hot, dog days of summer.

At the same time… Gazebos aren’t the only outdoor structure to consider!

In this article, we’ll discuss your options, gazebo considerations, design selections, and ideas.

So let’s begin!

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couple at their rta outdoor kitchen underneath a gazebo structure

What is an Outdoor Kitchen Gazebo?

The answer might seem obvious… But it’s important to define if we are going to compare a gazebo to other structures!

Generally speaking, a gazebo is a type of pavilion structure. The vast majority of the time… You’ll see them constructed with an octagonal shape.

For an outdoor kitchen project, gazebos will often be square. But you can certainly go for an octagon, if desired!

The roof will come to a peak, and the sides will be open.

Now that we’ve cleared that up… How do outdoor kitchen gazebos compare to other covered structures?

l shaped outdoor kitchen with refrigerator and side burner under wooden gazebo for coverage by a pool

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Outdoor Kitchen Gazebo vs Other Shade Structures

While getting a gazebo might be your first instinct… There are also other outdoor kitchen roof options!

By comparing the most popular options to a gazebo… You’ll get a better sense of what structure you’re actually after.

What is the Difference Between a Gazebo and a Pergola?

outdoor bar seating at outdoor kitchen under pergola

When it comes to gazebos and pergolas… There are two primary differences.

You’ll first notice the aesthetic difference. Rather than being commonly octagonal in shape… Pergolas are built in a square or rectangular shape.

Pergolas also have an incomplete roof. Wooden boards run across the top, allowing light to pass through.

It’s this “incomplete roof” that forms the second difference… Functionality.

A pergola will provide you with partial shade as-is. You can also opt for a shade cover for more complete coverage.

And while a pergola allows more light to enter your space… It also means you won’t get full protection from rain and wind.

Fact of the matter is… If you’re looking for a more functional structure, you will likely prefer a gazebo.

What is the Difference Between a Gazebo and an Awning?

linear outdoor kitchen on patio by beach with glass doors connecting inside space to outside

Awnings are another way to shade your outside kitchen area. These structures will extend directly off of the side of your house.

Most of the time… Awnings are made with a waterproof fabric. However, there are metal options if you’re looking for a more permanent option.

Compared to a gazebo… Awnings are more restrictive in terms of where you can place them. They have to extend from the side of your house!

If this isn’t the area you want shaded… Then a gazebo will be a more flexible solution.

What is the Difference Between a Gazebo and a Canopy?

pop up tent at birthday party at park

Canopies come in various forms… But the most recognizable form would be the classic EZ-Up!

Therefore, you’ll know that canopies aren’t permanent structures. They’re easy to set up as needed… But you’ll want to stow them away indoors when not in use.

Effectively, a canopy serves the same purpose as a gazebo. It provides shade and rain protection when outdoors.

When it comes to a gazebo vs a canopy… There’s two things to consider.

For one, do you want a permanent structure or not? If not… A canopy might be an option.

There’s also the cost. You can pick up an EZ-Up for a couple hundred dollars… But a gazebo (or other permanent structure) will cost thousands.

Gazebos are also far more aesthetically pleasing… So that’s a thought to ponder as well!

What is the Difference Between a Gazebo and a Pavilion?

outdoor kitchen on deck under pavillion

You’ll recall that earlier we said gazebos are a type of pavilion. And that’s absolutely true!

Both structures have a full roof with open sides.

The main difference here is the aesthetics. Pavilions tend to have a rectangular construction with a flat or peaked roof.

But even still, you’ll often see the terms used interchangeably. (Gazebos can be rectangular too, right?)

So really… It just comes down to the aesthetic you prefer, and what your contractor calls it!

And should you decide you want to move forward with an outdoor gazebo kitchen…

What are the considerations to think about?

Considerations for an Outdoor Kitchen Gazebo

Perhaps you’re settled on getting a gazebo for your outdoor grilling station.

If so, let’s look at some considerations before moving forward!

Gazebo Safety Considerations

Obviously, you want your outdoor kitchen area to be safe!

Therefore, you have to carefully consider this when installing a gazebo.


Most gazebos are made with combustible materials, primarily wood. Therefore, your built-in grill underneath could contribute to a fire hazard.

In fact, many grill manufacturers will void your warranty if it’s covered by a flammable structure!

Additionally, you will want to check with your local codes about the same issue. Some localities may not allow for this type of setup.

l shaped outdoor kitchen under gondola on patio with refrigerator and storage in stacked stone terra finish

So, what can you do?

There are a few ways you can possibly get around this.

For one, add ventilation with an outdoor vent hood. This will funnel hot air out of the area… And keep the wood from getting too hot!

Also, some homeowners opt for an electric grill rather than gas or charcoal.

But if you don’t want to make concessions on your grill… Consider building your gazebo from non-combustible materials, like stainless steel! This will nullify any concerns about safety.

Before you make a decision… Make sure you check in with your appliance manufacturer and town hall! They’ll make sure your proposed solution works for your situation.

Now that we’re safe… There’s also size to contend with.

What Sizes do Gazebos Come in?

outdoor kitchen with bar seating for entertainment

How big should your gazebo be?

It depends on a few factors.

The size of your outdoor kitchen will play a large role, of course! If your grill island can’t fit under your gazebo… That pretty much defeats the purpose.

You also want to consider how much outdoor entertaining space you want.

Do you want just enough space for your island? Or do you want room for an outdoor dining area, outdoor living room, etc.?

The more entertaining space you want… The more space you’ll need!

To keep things simple, we’ll stick to square measurements on your gazebo. (Most outdoor kitchen gazebos are square anyway!)

On the smaller end, you could opt for a 8’ x 8’ gazebo. However, these are tight quarters! You could only fit a small straight island in here… Without much room leftover.

l shaped summer outdoor kitchen with a chandelier

A 12’ x 12’ size is the most common… And most likely to fit your needs. You can still fit a straight island with a bit more breathing room! You could also work on a modest L-shaped island.

The next size up we commonly see is 14’ x 14’. Again, you get more breathing room here!

With a straight or L-shaped island… You could fit a small dining table or some outdoor furniture.

If you have the space… The largest size you might see is 18’ x 18’.

This will give you plenty of space for your outdoor kitchen and an entertaining area. With this size… You can fit an outdoor kitchen as large as a U-shaped island.

No matter what size you choose… You’ll want to have your island layout planned ahead of time!

Sound good?

Next up, you’ll need to know what this project will cost.

How Much are Outdoor Gazebos?

beautiful gazebo ready for a summer kitchen with new landscaping and lights

Just as you need to deeply consider outdoor kitchen costs… Same goes for your outdoor kitchen gazebo!

You need to know what you’re getting into before making a final decision.

The thing is… Gazebos can vary widely in cost.

Gazebo kits will be less expensive than a custom option… Smaller gazebos are cheaper than larger ones… And wood will generally cost less than metal.

Point is, there’s very little consistency when it comes to gazebo cost.

We can provide you with an average, however!

According to LawnStarter…Most homeowners spend between $5,358 and $9,058 on their gazebo.

But of course, there’s extremes on each end as well! They found homeowners could spend as little as $325 on a modest kit… Or as much as $27,000+ on a fully customized gazebo.

Ultimately, you can easily find a gazebo solution to fit your budget.

Just keep in mind… Cheaper isn’t always better! Investing in the highest quality materials upfront is always worth the additional cost.

At this point, we’ve given you quite a few considerations to chew on! Now, let’s get your creative juices flowing.

The perfect hangout spot

Design your outdoor kitchen to fit under your gazebo and have the perfect shaded hangout spot! Use our free 3D design tool to get started today!

Outdoor Kitchen Gazebo Ideas

At the end of the day… You can’t make a decision on an outdoor kitchen gazebo if you don’t know what it could look like!

So let’s take a look at some beautiful outdoor living spaces for inspiration.

Gazebo Outdoor Kitchen by the Pool

l shaped outdoor kitchen with asado smoker under a gazebo next to a pool

If you want your BBQ island in the middle of the action… Set up your gazebo and island by the pool!

This outdoor kitchen with pool shows what a beautiful weekend can look like with family!

The kids are splashing around in the pool… And you’re grilling burgers and hot dogs just a few steps away.

Looking at the gazebo… The BBQ island is perfectly nestled underneath. There’s even space leftover for a square dining table to enjoy eating alfresco!

We’re also a fan of the string lighting in this gazebo. It adds ambiance… And some visibility on an overcast day!

Gazebo with Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor grill station with bar under pavilion

If you don’t mind your outdoor kitchen peeking out the side of your gazebo… You might appreciate this idea!

This homeowner opted for a U-shaped outdoor kitchen… With partial coverage under the gazebo.

The outdoor bar is fully covered, so guests can enjoy their meal in the shade. The central grill island is protected as well.

There’s only a pizza oven, sink, and some counter space uncovered by the gazebo. And in most cases… A little rain there won’t have any consequences!

Point is, don’t feel like your island has to be completely under your gazebo. You can be flexible!

Outdoor Kitchen with Gazebo and Fire Pit

rta outdoor kitchen in charcoal plank under metal roof structure

Let’s take a look at this outdoor kitchen gazebo design from another perspective.

Yes, from under the gazebo itself! This example gives you a much better view on what’s “under the hood”.

The island under this massive gazebo is quite large as well! There’s a bar island and grill island placed right next to each other.

This extra-long linear island makes for an excellent entertaining space. There’s additional seating on the back half of each island… And plenty of breathing room for cooks on the other side!

These homeowners opted for a ceiling fan as well to help keep the area ventilated.

And of course… We can’t ignore the fire pit off to the side of the gazebo. It’s the perfect place to kick back and relax after a delicious meal.

Outdoor Gazebo with Kitchen

While it’s a bit tougher to see what’s going on with this outdoor kitchen gazebo… We couldn’t keep this stunning view from you!

When you look closer… You can see the space under this gazebo is quite efficiently utilized!

The linear island spans across the full width of the gazebo… And there’s a bit of space left over for a modest dining table.

That said, there’s still plenty of space to cook comfortably! Whether you’re using the pizza oven, grill, or power burner… You have enough walking area to flow between the stations.

Like the previous example, these homeowners added a ceiling fan for ventilation.

And if things get chilly outside… The patio heater off to the right is a nice accessory to have on hand!

Outdoor Kitchen Under Gazebo

If you want a large, expansive outdoor kitchen under a gazebo… Here’s how it’s done!

This huge gazebo leaves plenty of space for a large island… And room leftover for guests to mingle underneath!

There’s also a lovely chandelier in the center to illuminate the area.

Looking at the island… You’ve got a bar island with a pull out trash bin on the left.

There’s a lot more going on with the grill island! You have a power burner, gas grill with combo storage underneath, outdoor refrigerator, outdoor sink, access door, and an outdoor charcoal smoker!

Point is, this gazebo kitchen outdoor design is one to keep in mind!

DIY Outdoor Kitchen Gazebo

galley style outdoor kitchen with combo storage refreshment center and storage on patio under gazebo in stacked stone terra finish

While this covered structure might technically be classified as a pavilion… The point still stands!

The terms are interchangeable, remember?

Either way… This is another example of how expansive the space under your gazebo can be!

This homeowner opted for a galley style layout. Which normally takes up a ton of space… But under this structure, you wouldn’t even notice it!

Even with a complete outdoor grilling station… There’s plenty of room for socializing elsewhere under the gazebo.

In fact, you’ll peek the beginning of a seating area on the left hand side!

If you’re looking for a large, bold outdoor kitchen gazebo area… This idea might be right up your alley!

Gazebo Outdoor Kitchen Plans with Seating Area

gazebo next to outdoor kitchen with seating area

You’ll notice there’s something different about this setup.

That’s right, the outdoor kitchen is not under the gazebo!

This is another concept for you to consider. Your outdoor kitchen doesn’t always have to be directly under the gazebo.

In this case, the homeowner opted to have their seating area under the gazebo… And put the outdoor kitchen under a pergola instead!

While not what you might expect, this creates a beautiful flow in the space.

There’s even a matching fire pit to top it all off!

This outdoor living area is something to keep in mind when planning your own!

Patio Gazebo with Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen under a gazebo with bar seating on patio

Want your outdoor kitchen gazebo on a patio? Well, here’s an option for you!

The homeowner opted for an earthy, natural color palette in this space… And everything matches quite well!

The use of different shades of brown keeps the area from looking muddled, as well.

Looking at the gazebo itself… It appears to be some sort of metal or steel frame. Compared to wood, this is safer to use with a grill island underneath.

You’ll also notice this gazebo is large enough to comfortably fit a galley style island underneath!

There’s even room for outdoor patio furniture to relax after eating.

And if you need some privacy… The curtains are the perfect addition to create intimacy in the space.

Outdoor Gazebo Kitchen Ideas on a Deck

This gazebo outdoor kitchen design has an almost rustic feel to it!

The wood construction, open gable end, and perimeter string lighting all give off a cozy, rustic charm.

And the stacked stone BBQ island only adds to the feeling!

You’ll also notice that this grill island doesn’t have a grill at all! That’s right, it’s strictly a galley-style outdoor bar.

With a sink, refrigerator, and drop in cooler… Refreshing beverages and cocktails are never far away!

And once you have your drink in hand… Mosey on over to the seating area and chat the night away.

Poolside Outdoor Kitchen Gazebo

Wait, where’s the gazebo?

You’ll have to look a little closer on this one… But it’s well-worth it!

This is an excellent, zoomed-out example of what a poolside outdoor kitchen gazebo could look like.

Situated right next to a full-fledged pool house… You can easily transition between your swimming time, and your grilling time.

And of course… The gazebo keeps the sun off of you when you need to retreat to the shade.

This is a backyard oasis we’d never want to leave!

Outdoor Kitchen Gazebo Design Ideas

outdoor kitchen under gazebo with table and seating on patio

We love the aesthetics of this backyard patio design!

You’ve got a beautiful, expansive wooden gazebo… With a simple grill island.

But it isn’t just any grill island!

If you take a closer look… You’ll find Coyote’s hybrid grill in these outdoor kitchen cabinets.

On the left side, there’s a charcoal grill. And on the right, it’s a gas grill.

Talk about the best of both worlds!

Whether it’s smoked meat or regular burgers… You can enjoy the fruits of your labor at the full-sized dining table mere feet away!

Alright, are you starting to feel ready to start your own project?

Let’s talk about the first step toward your outdoor kitchen gazebo!

The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen for Your Gazebo

man cooking at outdoor kitchen and girl jumping into pool

Alright, we’ve already established that you want a gazebo.

But what would be the perfect summer kitchen to pair with it?

Allow us to make a suggestion!

Whether you hire a contractor or choose from a selection of outdoor kitchen gazebo kits… The project is going to take a while! (And disturb your backyard!)

So if there was an outdoor kitchen solution that took the weight off your shoulders… Wouldn’t the whole thing be far easier to manage?

Indeed, it would be!

Enter the ready to assemble outdoor kitchen.

It’s the easiest grill island solution on the market!

You can create a custom BBQ island design online in mere minutes… And a Design Expert will work directly with you to perfect your layout.

From there, we’ll get to work making your island!

Your island panels, countertops, and Coyote premium appliances will be shipped straight to your doorstep.

All that’s left is to assemble!

In as little as a few hours… Your new outdoor kitchen can be ready to use!

And if your gazebo is already put in place… Good times are ahead!

So, ready to get started?

Let’s get your outdoor kitchen project started!

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A gazebo is an excellent way to increase home value! Any addition that increases the functionality of your home is of interest to prospective home buyers.

There are quite a few benefits to an outdoor gazebo. Of course, they’re a beautiful addition to your backyard! But beyond that, gazebos are quite functional. They provide shade on sunny days, and protect the area from rain. So no matter the weather, you can enjoy being outside under the gazebo! Additionally, outdoor gazebos are low-maintenance once set up.

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