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Traeger Timberline: Is It Worth It in 2024? Expert Review of 9 Key Features

By James King

January 5, 2024

If you’re thinking about buying a pellet grill… There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of Traeger.

It’s not surprising!

Traeger has been making pellet grills for nearly four decades… And to this day, they remain one of the largest names in the industry.

Today, we’ll be honing in on Traeger’s newest additions to their Timberline Series…

And breaking down the innovative features that set their latest grills apart.

So without further ado, let’s see if the new Traeger Timberline is worthy of a spot in your outdoor kitchen!

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woman using a traeger timberline

Traeger Company Overview

traeger grills logo

Before we dive into our review of the new Traeger Timberline grill… Let’s kick off with some background info on the company.

Traeger has been around since 1985… When company founder Joe Traeger invented the pellet grill.

Traeger patented the pellet grill from 1986 to 2006… So for two decades, they were the sole manufacturer of pellet smokers!

When the patent expired… Other companies quickly jumped at the opportunity to create their own variations of the wood pellet grill.

Though Traeger is no longer the only pellet grill retailer… They certainly remain one of the most popular!

Over their almost four-decade-long history, they have amassed quite a sizable fanbase (the concept of the Traegerhood truly speaks for itself)!

Their long-lasting popularity is largely a result of their innovative approach… They continue to significantly rework and refine their grill’s capabilities and special features as they come out with new models.

And speaking of new models… Let’s shift our focus to their Traeger Timberline lineup!

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What is the Traeger Timberline?

traeger timberline xl with food grilling on it

The Traeger Grill Timberline Series has been around since 2017… When Traeger released the generation one Traeger Timberline 850 and Traeger Timberline 1300 pellet grills.

At the time… These pellet grills worked to significantly advance the outdoor cooking industry as a whole.


Well, they introduced the concept of remote grilling through Traeger’s WiFire Technology.

Essentially, this meant you could control and monitor your grill entirely through a new Traeger app… Even when not in your outdoor space! 

Years later, at the beginning of 2022… Traeger released two new pellet smokers in their Timberline Series.

Traeger makes the bold claim that their latest grills in the Timberline Series are “everything you ever wanted in the most advanced and customizable pellet grill and then some more.”

This sounds pretty impressive… But what does it entail, exactly?

Let’s talk about the most recent models in the Traeger Grills Timberline Series.

New Traeger Timberline (2022) Review

We conducted thorough research on the new Traeger Timberline grills…

And asked a professional in the industry (who just so happens to be a new owner of the Timberline Traeger XL) to detail everything they liked (and disliked)… From initial unboxing through first use.

Here’s the verdict.

Traeger Timberline Configuration

traeger timberline grill spec graphic

What really sets the new Traeger grills apart from the earlier generation lies in the configuration.

Prior to 2022… All Traeger grills were sold as portable, freestanding grills on legs.

To build a Traeger grill into an outdoor kitchen… You would have to modify the grill (or take an alternative approach).

The new Timberline 850 Traeger and Timberline XL Traeger are quite a bit different…

For starters… The freestanding models are sold as full grill carts, complete with storage and cabinets.

Though there are no side shelves for food prep, these do come with a bamboo cutting board.

As well as making drastic changes to their freestanding grills… The new Timberline is the first Traeger grill specifically designed to be built into an outdoor kitchen!

Now, you should take this with a grain of salt.

Traeger Timberline built in models aren’t truly permanent additions to outside kitchens… Rather, the grill cart is simply slid into a kitchen island, and “installed” via Traeger’s built-in trim kit.

It may not be as permanent of an addition as Traeger claims (more on this later)… But with this new built-in option, it’ll certainly be much easier to factor a Traeger grill into a BBQ station!

Traeger Timberline Pellet Grill Size

traeger timberline 850 generation 1
Traeger Timberline 850
traeger timberline xl
Traeger Timberline XL

Let’s talk about grill size.

There are two new Traeger pellet grill models in the Timberline Series… The new Timberline 850, and the Traeger Grills Timberline XL.

In both models, Traeger uses three-tiered cooking grates to maximize the use of space under the grill hood.

Our expert reviewer particularly appreciated this efficient use of space under the hood, which made it easy to cook multiple foods at once.

Now, let’s take a look at the specs of each model…

On the new Timberline 850, there’s actually 880 sq. in of cooking space.

The main cooking rack has 396”, and both smaller racks have 242” of cooking space each.

This is large enough for either 9 chickens, 8 rib racks, or 6 pork butts.

The Traeger Timberline XL dimensions measure in at a total 1,320 square inches of cooking space. The main cooking rack has 594”, and two smaller racks measure in at 363” a piece.

To give you a better idea of size… This is large enough for either 12 chickens, 16 rib racks, or 12 pork butts.

The Traeger Timberline XL pellet grill is Traeger’s largest model to date… It would certainly provide enough space if you’re planning on hosting a large BBQ party!

And the smaller 850 model is far from tiny… You’ll still have sufficient cooking area to work with!

In either case, size shouldn’t pose any problems.

Assembling the Traeger Timberline

So, how does the new Timberline come together?

Well, it took our expert reviewer “over an hour to assemble with two people.”

Others have had a similar experience… And the general consensus seems to be that it’ll take well over 60 minutes to get the Timberline put together.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing… Just be wary that you will have to put in a bit of work to get a Timberline ready to use!

Despite long set up times, Traeger has taken steps to make assembly easier.

Our reviewer said that “assembly instructions were clear on a separate flier, with a QR code that led to Traeger’s app.”

However, the assembly boxes themselves were not labeled… Which could potentially cause some confusion!

All in all, if you want an appliance that will arrive fully assembled, the Timberline may not be a great choice for you.

But if you don’t mind putting in a bit of work to assemble your new grill… Then this shouldn’t deter you!

How Does the Traeger Timberline Cook?

We’ve covered a lot of technical considerations… But we all know the most important factor is how the grill cooks.

So, let’s see what the new Timberline grill has to offer!

Temperature Output & Control

traeger timberline digital screen

We’ll start with Traeger’s temperature output…

As is the case with all Traeger grills… The max temp on both the XL and 850 models is 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is a decent temperature output… But it’s worth noting that other pellet grills can reach temperatures over 700 degrees. Traeger’s max temp doesn’t do much to wow us!

For ensuring consistent, even cooking temperatures… The Timberline grills feature dual wall hoods (though with no spring assist on the hood, this does make it heavy to lift).

Now, for temperature control and monitoring… Traeger’s new Timberline grills still make use of the WiFi control introduced in generation one of their Timberline Series.

This means you can control and monitor cooking temperature remotely, through the Traeger app.

Our reviewer did note that the WiFi app was a bit finicky at times… And “kept disconnecting and saying the grill was offline when away from the home.” This is worth keeping in mind!

If you prefer not to use the app, a useful touch screen and control knob on the grill also works for temperature monitoring and control.

The touch screen controller will provide you with helpful start-up instructions… However, what it won’t show you is overall runtime. You’ll have to make sure you manually set a timer using the control knob!

Also included with the Traeger Timberline are two wired meat probes, as well as two wireless probes, which you can conveniently set target temperatures for.

The meat probes connect with both the touch screen controller and Traeger app to easily monitor internal food temps.

So, what’s our overall verdict here?

Well, Traeger’s temperature output may not be the hottest… But their approach to temperature control remains one of the most innovative on the market (that is, if the WiFi isn’t acting up)!

Super Smoke Mode

Now you have a better idea of how to cook on a Traeger grill… But what will the food taste like?

Well, Traeger’s new Timberline grills feature a Super Smoke Mode and DownDraft Exhaust System… Which will allow you to change the fan speed on demand to create lots of additional fresh smoke.

This should give your food more robust wood-fired flavors!

Our reviewer cooked up some brisket on his new Timberline XL… Here’s what he had to say:

“The brisket came out great, but even in the Super Smoke Mode, the smoke ring was not as thick as I expected.”

It sounds to us like the flavors will be good… But they may not be as smoky as you’d expect, even with the Super Smoke feature.

Induction Burner

We mentioned earlier that the Traeger Timberline only gets up to 500 degrees…

Perhaps that’s why they’ll also come equipped with an induction cooktop!

Like a side burner… This induction burner is located beside the grill.

It has a completely flat surface, a quick preheat time… And can get up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit!

This means it’ll provide some increased cooking versatility… You can use it for searing, simmering, frying, and more!

Though we’d prefer to see the grill itself capable of this high temperature output, the induction burner is certainly a useful addition.

Alright… That concludes our review of the Traeger Timberline’s cooking capabilities.

What other add-ons will you get?

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Other Traeger Timberline Special Features

The new Traeger Timberline models come with a few other special features… Let’s see what they are.


internal lighting for traeger timberline

To illuminate the cooking area… The Traeger Timberline features convenient grill lights, which will come on when the hood is open.

However… These lights are located on the bottom right corner of the grill.

Though Traeger claims this placement prevents the lights from getting “dirty and less effective”... Our reviewer said that this unique placement actually makes it difficult to see the cooking surface at night (which, ironically, is kind of the whole point).

On a more positive note, our reviewer did appreciate the light inside of the pellet hopper… Which does make the hopper easy to check at night.

Pellet Filling & Dumping

Now, let’s talk about pellets.

Traeger’s approach to pellet filling and dumping is also pretty innovative!

Both the XL and the Timberline 850 have a respectable 22 pound hopper capacity.

A release door on the bottom of the hopper makes it super easy to dump pellets into an included storage container (so you can refill it with a different type of pellets for your next grill session).

There’s also a pellet sensor, which makes it easy to gauge the pellet level and determine if the hopper is sufficiently filled.

This feature is useful in theory… Though our reviewer did point out that it wasn’t always correct, so this is worth bearing in mind!

Pop-and-Lock Accessory Rail

Last but not least… The new Traeger Timberlines include a unique Pop-and-Lock Accessory Rail.

This makes it possible to add additional tool hooks, storage, shelves, and roll racks, right on the front of your grill.

This is certainly a thoughtful touch if you have a freestanding Timberline model! With all of your grill accessories in one spot… It would definitely make cooking more convenient.

However… If you have a built-in model, this feature seems somewhat unnecessary (since an outdoor kitchen will provide a prep station that’s even more convenient)!

Alright. Let’s move onto everyone’s least favorite part of cooking… Cleaning up.

Traeger Timberline Maintenance

With their new Timberline Grills… Traeger has attempted to make the dreaded maintenance process a bit less unappealing.

An EZ-Clean drip pan collects ash and grime… Which can then be easily scraped into the EZ-Clean Grease & Ash Keg.

This metal-lined container will collect all grime and ash buildup… And you’ll just have to reach in through an access door to empty and replace.

Unlike with other pellet smokers… There’s no need to disassemble your grill to vacuum out ash buildup!

We have no complaints here… Cleaning the new Traeger Timberline is super convenient.

Traeger Timberline Materials

close up of materials

So, how will the new Traeger Timberline hold up?

Well… All Traeger grills are made with a black, powder-coated 430 stainless steel exterior, including their new Timberline models.

The powder coating on the exterior will provide a bit of additional protection against the elements… But unfortunately, we can’t say the same for the 430 stainless steel.

304 stainless steel is what we normally like to see… It’s by far the best material for outdoor appliances!

Since the exterior isn’t 304 stainless… If the powder coating is chipped or damaged, it will ultimately invite rust and corrosion to your grill.

Now, the new Traeger Timberline models do have 304 stainless steel grates… Which is a step in the right direction!

The inside should hold up better than the exterior.

And while we’re on the topic of longevity… Let’s talk about the Traeger Timberline’s warranty.

Traeger Timberline Warranty

Before committing to a Traeger Timberline… It’s important to understand how long you can expect the grill to last.

Looking at the warranty will give you a good indication of this.

The good news here is that the Timberline XL and new Timberline 850 are covered by Traeger’s longest warranty yet!

But the bad news is… This warranty still isn’t all that impressive.

The external components are covered for 10 years… And the grates, controller, and auger are protected for three years. All other components are covered for just one.

This warranty isn’t terrible… But truthfully, we’d much rather see a lifetime warranty here (especially if you’re looking into their built-in Timberline… You’ll want a built-in grill to last a lifetime)!

Now that you know how long a Traeger Timberline will hold up…

It’s time to see if they’re worth the cost.

Traeger Timberline Price

The new Traeger Timberline smokers undeniably have some great features… And it’s clear that Traeger has factored many thoughtful upgrades into these new pellet grills.

However, we’re still not sure if they’re worth the price.

Timberline XL Traeger price is currently sitting at $3,799.00…

And it costs $3,499.99 for the new Traeger Timberline 850.

This is no small sum! Especially when you consider how long a Traeger Timberline will last… It may not be worth the investment.

As well as this… Many other pellet grills come with similar features, better quality materials, and better warranties… For similar prices (we’ll show you an example of this shortly)

So, that concludes our new Traeger Timberline review.

What’s the final verdict on Traeger’s latest grill?

The Final Verdict: Is Traeger Timberline Worth It?


  • Easy-to-use touch screen and control knob. 
  • Convenient Traeger app for remote controlling.
  • Clear assembly and start-up instructions.
  • Hopper light makes it easy to check at night. 
  • Super Smoke Mode makes it easy to add additional smoke. 
  • Timer was easy to set and use. 
  • Can set target temperatures for temp probes.
  • Lots of cooking space. 
  • Easy pellet dump.


  • Took over an hour to assemble. 
  • Assembly boxes are not labeled.
  • The hood is heavy to lift.
  • The material feels thin and dents easily.
  • 430 stainless steel exterior is susceptible to rust and corrosion.
  • We’d like to see a longer warranty. 
  • The WiFi app kept disconnecting.
  • The freestanding model has no side shelves for prep.
  • Lights are on the bottom right corner, so it’s hard to see food at night.
  • No overall run time.
  • No sear mode on the actual grill.
  • Would like to see a higher temperature output.
  • Super Smoke Mode wasn’t as smoky as expected.
  • Pellet fill sensor was not correct all the time.

To get straight to the point, the new Traeger Timberline XL or 850 may be worth it…

If they came at a more reasonable price.

Sure, the grills have some unique features… And if the WiFi control works, it would undeniably be convenient!

But still, the truth is that there are so many other pellet grills with similar features… That are made with better materials… With longer warranties… And that are sold for a similar price.

If you are still interested in the Timberline… It certainly is the best option you can get from Traeger!

But honestly… There’s an all around better solution here.

A Pellet Grill That’s Worth the Investment

traeger cart next to coyote pellet grill cart

If you can’t justify spending the money on a new Timberline Traeger (we can hardly blame you!)… Allow us to suggest a different pellet grill!

Coyote Outdoor Living offers both freestanding and built in pellet grills… That are definitely worth the investment.

Coyote’s pellet grills will arrive fully assembled and ready to fire up… With no additional effort required on your part.

And as for special features, you’ll get three wired meat probes…

Two internal halogen lights to adequately illuminate the cooking area…

A convenient digital display for temperature control and monitoring…

An easy-to-lift, double-walled, spring assisted hood…

A two-tiered cooking rack…

An impressive 175 – 700 degree temperature range…

Laser cut grates (including an individual smoke and sear grate)

You get the point. There’s a lot of features to love!

But with a Coyote pellet grill… You’ll also get more bang for your buck.

Coyote makes all of their outdoor appliances with full 304 stainless steel construction to hold up for a lifetime!

As well as this… A Coyote pellet grill will be covered by a lifetime warranty.

And the best part?

You’ll get decades of worry-free and convenient cooking… For a similar price to the new Traeger Timberline!

Currently, you can purchase Coyote’s 36” built-in pellet grill for $3,499.00 on BBQGuys… And the freestanding model goes for $4,399.00.

And we can’t forget to mention… Coyote’s built-in pellet grills are also just that… True, permanent built-in appliances (unlike Traeger’s pseudo-built-in model).

But that leaves the question… Where will a built-in Coyote pellet grill go?

An Outdoor Kitchen for Your Coyote Pellet Grill

pellet grill island on deck

For a permanent built in pellet grill… Coyote offers one of the best solutions on the market.

But, what’s the best way to include a Coyote pellet grill in your outdoor kitchen? 

Well, here at RTA Outdoor Living, we’ve partnered with Coyote to make things simple as can be.

When you get an RTA kitchen… You’ll be able to easily include any of Coyote’s top-of-the-line appliances in your kitchen design, including their built in pellet grill!

And since your Coyote pellet grill will hold up for decades… With an RTA kitchen, you can be confident that your BBQ island will, too.

All of our summer kitchens are made from high performance, structural concrete panels.

And these panels have a few unique benefits.

For starters, they allow us to send your kitchen direct to you, 95% complete and ready to assemble…

And once it’s assembled (in just a few short hours)… The structure will last a lifetime! Our kitchens are backed by a limited lifetime structural warranty, and will hold up to the elements no matter where you are.

If we’ve caught your attention… What should you do next?

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Then, you can use our free online design tool to see your custom outdoor kitchen design take shape.

After that… One of our Design Experts will reach out to you personally to get the ball rolling. We look forward to helping you make your outdoor kitchen design a reality!

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The Timberline XL certainly boasts a lot of innovative features for increased cooking convenience… But we’re still not inclined to say it’s worth the price.

It’s priced similarly to many other pellet grills with similar features… That are made with higher quality materials and have longer warranties.

Traeger’s grills have undeniably innovative features… But their grills aren’t made with super high quality materials. This means that they may not last as long as you’d like!

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