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Outdoor Kitchen Smoker: The Top 11 Built In Pellet & Kamado Options in 2024

By Daniel Cdebaca

January 5, 2024

You’re in the middle of planning an outdoor kitchen… And it has come time to decide what smoker you want for your island.

It’s a huge decision!

You may have experience with standalone smokers… But for an outdoor kitchen, it’s a different realm.

There’s a lot to consider.

Today, we’ll cover those considerations… Reveal the best smoker options for your outdoor kitchen… And even provide some ideas for the finished product.

We’ll begin with the two outdoor kitchen smoker types.

grilling on coyote built in pellete

Outdoor Kitchen Pellet Smoker

Also called a pellet grill… This is a true outdoor kitchen built in smoker. They will be a seamless part of your island.

What’s unique about these smokers are the added functionality. You can smoke (of course), grill, bake, and even sear your favorite proteins.

As you can imply… These smokers will be fueled by wood pellets. They do require electricity to function, so this will be an important consideration.

If you don’t want to run utility lines to your island… You may prefer a kamado-style outdoor kitchen smoker.

Standalone Kamado Smoker

tamara day cooking a pizza on a coyote asado smoker

An ever-popular smoker for outdoor kitchen choice… You are likely familiar with (or even own) a kamado smoker.

Unlike a pellet grill, there’s no electricity required!

You just light some charcoal, heat it up, and get to outdoor cooking.

A kamado grill will have slightly less versatility… But what it does, it does exceptionally.

You’ll get a deeper smoke flavor with charcoal compared to wood pellets.

Point is… There’s almost always a place for a kamado smoker in your outside kitchen.

Most often, a kamado will be incorporated into an island by sitting on a stand. In this case, it won’t be fully “built-in”.

However… Brands like Coyote offer an Asado sleeve. This creates a recessed stand in your island for your kamado to sit in.

And while this sleeve is designed specifically for Coyote’s Asado smoker… You may be able to fit another kamado smoker of the same or similar size.

Now that you’ve seen the basic differences between a pellet grill and kamado cooker… Let’s dive in.

design an outdoor kitchen with a smoker

Use our free 3D design tool to bring the outdoor kitchen of your dreams to reality in just a few minutes.

Built-In Pellet Smoker Brands

While regular pellet grills have been around since 1985… Overall, built-in pellet smokers are relatively new to the grilling scene.

As a result, not many options are currently available.

But rest assured… There are plenty of gems here!

Memphis Grills Pro & Elite

memphis pro pellet grill built in to outdoor kitchen unit -

Unlike many grill brands out there… Memphis Grills is a one trick pony. (Not in a bad way!)

This brand specializes in pellet grills, both cart-model and built-in.

Let’s look at the Pro & Elite models.

Both of these built-in pellet grills offer the same features… The only difference is size. The Pro is 28”, the Elite is 39”.

The temp range on these smokers can be set anywhere from 180-700 degrees Fahrenheit.

So you can have that perfect low and slow smoke… With minimal management on your end.

These pellet grills are WiFi enabled as well, for remote temp-checking.

The Pro & Elite grills also come with an ergonomic touchscreen control panel. You can adjust temperatures, connect to WiFi, run self-cleaning, and even run diagnostics.

Featuring complete 304 stainless steel construction… These smokers are top-notch in quality.

Cost will be either $5,299.00 or $6,899.00… Depending on which model you purchase.

Additionally, Memphis Grills offers a 7 year overall limited warranty. However, electronic and electric components are covered for 3 years.

Traeger Ironwood Series

Traeger Ironwood 885 Grill

If you know pellet grills, you’ve probably heard of Traeger. Their founder, Joe Traeger, is the inventor of the pellet grill!

But before we showcase the Ironwood series… There’s no such thing as a true Traeger builtin grill.

However, they do offer options that can be incorporated into your island. It will just look slightly different.

In the case of the Ironwood series… You’ll want to remove the legs and place it on a recessed stand.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way… Let’s take a look at this grill!

Like Memphis, the Ironwood series offers two models. The 650 is 46”, whereas the 885 is 54”.

The max temp on these grills is 500 degrees. While perfect for smoking… Searing at high temperatures will be out of the question.

The Ironwood series will also feature a digital control panel with WiFi capabilities.

As for the exterior material… These smokers are made with powder coated steel. More specifically, 430 stainless steel.

It’s our recommendation to see at least a 304 grade stainless used… So the quality is a bit lacking on the Ironwood series.

For those unfamiliar… 304 grade stainless steel provides superior resistance to rust and corrosion. 430 stainless does provide some, but not as much. Therefore, these grills simply won’t last as long outdoors.

For cost, you’ll pay $1,399.95 for the smaller 650… And $1,599.95 for the larger 885.

The price is very reasonable! However, remember that the materials will impact longevity.

For a warranty… Traeger offers a 7 year limited warranty on the Ironwood series. However, certain components will only be covered for one or three years.

Let’s look at another Traeger smoker outdoor kitchen.

Traeger Timberline Series

traeger timberline xl with food grilling on it

Again, Traeger does not offer a true built-in pellet grill!

With the Timberline series… It’s more of a “slide-in” grill.

The grill is fully integrated into a cabinet. So you can slide the entire unit between two islands. This way, it is “built-in” to your outdoor kitchen.

For sizes, there are two options. There’s the Timberline, and then the Timberline XL.

Grill width isn’t mentioned… But you’ll get 880 and 1320 square inches of cooking area, respectively.

A unique feature of the Timberline series is the induction burners. Each grill comes with a side induction burner. You can use it just like a side burner!

It may be installed into your outdoor kitchen countertop… But it will be difficult to make repairs if something goes wrong.

Otherwise… The specs are similar to Traeger’s Ironwood series.

The max temperature is 500 degrees Fahrenheit… And these BBQ grills are WiFi enabled. You’ll also find an upgraded digital control panel compared to the Ironwood series.

The exterior material is also comprised of powder coated 430 stainless steel. So again, longevity and durability will be a concern here.

At the same time… The warranty on the Timberline series is a bit better than Ironwood’s.

For the Timberline series, Traeger offers a 10 year limited warranty. But still, certain parts will be covered for only one or three years.

For the regular Timberline… You’ll pay $3,659.90. For the XL model, the cost is $3,989.90.

While not an outrageous price… For the cost, we would prefer to see full 304 stainless steel construction.

Speaking of which…

Twin Eagles Pellet Grill

people gathering around an l shaped twin eagles outdoor kitchen

That brings us to the Twin Eagles pellet grill. Yes, it is made of complete 304 stainless steel!

However, there’s much more to this BBQ pellet grill.

The temperature range on this 36” pellet grill is 140-725 degrees Fahrenheit. So searing a steak is possible! (You can also smoke at super-low temperatures, if desired.)

Like the others… The Twin Eagles pellet grill is WiFi enabled. You’ll also find a touchscreen control panel on the front.

Now, there are a couple unique ways you can use this smoker. For one, there’s an integrated rotisserie.

Additionally… You can turn this grill into a pseudo-charcoal smoker.


Over the firebox… You’ll place a tray where you can place lump wood or charcoal. The heat from the pellets will ignite your charcoal.

You can use get both wood pellet and charcoal flavor! It’s whatever strikes your fancy.

For this grill, Twin Eagles offers a lifetime warranty for all stainless steel components. Certain components will be covered for one, two, or five years.

So… What does it cost?

This built-in grill’s MSRP is $10,532.95. Yes, it definitely falls in the luxury price range!

If you’re willing to shell out the extra cash… It might be worth it. However, there are other options with the same quality at a more reasonable price.

Recteq RT-1070

recteq pellet grill built into brick outdoor kitchen structure

Like many of the companies listed… Recteq specializes in pellet grills. They have one built-in offering, the RT-1070.

The first thing you’ll notice are the bull-horn style handles. It’s a signature of Recteq grills!

This 30” pellet grill has a temperature range of 180-700 degrees Fahrenheit.

And you can control the temperature remotely with the Recteq app.

What about materials?

The Recteq RT-1070 features a 304 stainless steel interior… The exception being a cast iron heat deflector.

The exterior is advertised as being stainless steel, too. Although… We were unable to determine if the grade is also 304.

If it’s not… Longevity may be a concern here for your outdoor kitchen cabinets.

The cost of this grill will run you $1,199.00. So in terms of price alone… This is a price tag we would expect to see in the economy grill class.

As for the warranty, the Recteq RT-1070 is covered for six years. Again, we were unable to find the particulars of the warranty. So check with customer service!

Louisiana Grills LG Estate 860BI

louisana grills estate pellet grill in custom outdoor kitchen structure

If you’re looking to smoke and grill for large gatherings… Louisiana Grills’ LG Estate 860BI might be for you.

This 42” grill offers a full 860 square inches of cooking space!

The temperature range on this grill is 180-600 degrees Fahrenheit. So if you’re looking to sear… It may not be optimal.

Unlike all of the previously mentioned grills… The LG Estate 860BI doesn’t offer WiFi capabilities.

For materials, Louisiana Grills claims full 304 stainless steel construction on this model. Good news!

As for cost… $2,299.00 is the price found on their website. Due to the large size… This price would be on the low end for a premium grill.

What’s the warranty?

Louisiana Grills offers a 5 year warranty on this grill. All electrical components are covered for 3 years. So far, this is the shortest warranty in the lineup.

Coyote Pellet Grill

Last but certainly not least… We have the Coyote pellet grill.

This grill is offered in two sizes, 28” and 36”.

The features between the two are identical… Apart from temperature range.

The 28” can hit 175-650 degrees Fahrenheit… Whereas the 36” can hit 175-700 degrees.

So if you plan to do a lot of searing… You’ll likely want to opt for the larger model.

Like Louisiana Grills… The Coyote pellet grill doesn’t offer WiFi capabilities.

A unique feature of these grills are the laser-cut cooking grates. These grates provide a larger surface area… Which leaves you with a more impressive, perfectly charred sear!

Coyote’s materials are top notch as well. Like many of the previous offerings… All Coyote pellet grills feature complete 304 stainless steel construction.

Coyote’s 28” pellet grill rings in at $3,149.00 MSRP… And the 36” at $3,674.00 MSRP. This price range lands them firmly in the premium class.

Both models will fall under Coyote’s lifetime warranty on the exterior frame. The interior frame and housing will be covered for 5 years… And the cooking grids, heat shield, electric/plastic components, and ignition systems will be covered for three years.

So now that you’ve seen all the listings… Which is best?

Best Built-In Pellet Smoker

rta outdoor kitchen with weathered wood finish and pellet grill

The truth is… There’s isn’t a “best” pellet smoker for everyone.

It’s about finding the option best suited to your needs.

All of the above options could be a great choice for your summer kitchen.

Memphis Grills and Twin Eagles are excellent luxury options… But you may not want to pay that much.

When you factor in materials, capabilities, warranty, and price… The Coyote Pellet grill offers the best features for the most reasonable price.

But even still… You might not even want a pellet grill for your outdoor smoker kitchen.

Build your outdoor kitchen around a smoker

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Standalone Kamado Smoker Brands

A kamado might be more your speed!

While there’s a bit less variance with these outdoor grills… There’s still plenty to discuss.

Let’s begin.

Big Green Egg

image of all of the available big green egg sizes together

Reminiscent of a dinosaur egg… Many of you are likely familiar with this iconic brand!

Big Green Eggs are one of the most popular kamado brands out there.

And whether you have a large or small outdoor kitchen… There’s a size to suit your needs! There’s 7 different options, to be egg-xact.

For materials, these charcoal grills are made from ceramic. This is the classic material used in a kamado-style grill.

Ceramic provides superior heat retention, temperature control, and won’t degrade in harsh conditions.

Big Green Egg also offers a wide variety of grill accessories. This will help you increase the functionality of your grill.

Depending on the size you choose… You’ll pay anywhere from $429-$2,199.00. Overall, very reasonable!

As for the warranty… Big Green Egg offers a lifetime warranty on their charcoal smokers. Good stuff!

Kamado Joe

red kamado joe ceramic smoker with meat cooking

Kamado Joe is another smash-hit for this type of charcoal smoker.

And while there are a few variations on their website… Only two models are going to be appropriate for an outdoor grill station.

It’s the Classic Joe Series II and the Classic Joe Series III.

While on the outside, they look identical… There are slight differences between the two.

The Series III comes with a three-tier cooking system rather than two. This means more cooking area in a single grill!

The Series III also comes with a hyperbolic insert to improve smoking ability.

Otherwise… These series are nearly interchangeable!

Both smokers are the same size, with 250 square inches of cooking space for each tier.

They also feature the same high-quality ceramic construction like the Big Green Egg.

For cost, the Series II will run you $1,199.00… And the Series III will cost $1,799.00.

Kamado Joe offers a limited lifetime warranty on the ceramic. Also good to see!

Blaze Cast Aluminum Kamado

While Blaze is well-known for their built-in grills… They also offer a kamado style grill!

And you’ll notice there’s something different here.

It’s made from aluminum rather than ceramic.


Aluminum is more durable in the sense of being dropped or cracking. And being aluminum… There’s virtually no iron. This means you don’t have to worry about rust.

However, aluminum is still susceptible to corrosion! So keep this in mind. (Especially if you live on the coast.)

And by nature… Aluminum is a conductor rather than an insulator. So you may find the heat retention is better with ceramic.

blaze kamado aluminum smoker product image

The Blaze kamado comes in a single size with 400 square inches of cooking area.

Current MSRP for this model is $2,237.49. This is slightly more expensive than Big Green Egg’s largest cooker.

And like the previously mentioned kamados… Blaze offers a lifetime warranty on this grill. Excellent!

Coyote Asado

linear outdoor kitchen with power burner and coyote asado smoker

We meet again, Coyote! As part of their expansive line of outdoor appliances… You’ll also find their twist on a kamado cooker.

The Coyote Asado is right in line with the Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe.

And in all reality… They are all quite similar!

A single tier will offer 254 square inches of cooking space. So, there is less cooking area out of the box. However, you could opt to add a second tier to increase your real estate.

The Asado will come with Coyote’s heavy-duty, laser-cut grill grates. These grates will provide a superior sear!

Like the Kamado Joe and Big Green Egg… The Coyote Asado is made from high-quality ceramic.

For price, the current MSRP is $1,259.00.

And like the aforementioned brands… Coyote offers a lifetime warranty on their Asado.

These cookers are all looking great!

How do you decide which is best?

Best Standalone Kamado Smoker

Just like with the pellet grills… There is no “best” option!

In fact, many of these outdoor BBQ smokers are virtually the same.

It’s really down to personal preference.

The Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, and Coyote Asado are equally great options.

It really comes down to the size you want… And the color!

The only option we wouldn’t be clamoring to recommend is Blaze’s kamado. This is simply due to the use of aluminum… Which may not fare as well in the elements.

After seeing all of these smokers… You might be wondering how one will look in your future custom outdoor kitchen!

a chicken being cooked on a coyote asado

Outdoor Kitchen Smoker Ideas

Now that you have an idea of what smoker you want…

You’ll also want to see some smoker outdoor kitchen ideas!

Built In Pellet Smoker Outdoor Kitchen

Wondering how a built-in pellet grill will look in your outdoor kitchen?

Here’s a prime example!

Coyote’s pellet grill sits in the center of this beautiful stone outdoor kitchen with smoker.

You’ll also find a side burner for extra functionality, refrigerator, access door, and drawer storage.

And on the counter, you’ll peek a portable electric grill! (Just in case you need a little something extra.)

Smoker Built In Outdoor Kitchen

l shaped outdoor kitchen with storage drawers and two kamado cookers

If you’re looking to get the most out of your kamado… This DIY outdoor kitchen with smoker is the way to go!

Here, you’ll actually find two kamado cookers!

In this layout… The Lshaped grill island is providing a vast amount of counterspace.

This is ideal for being able to prep all your favorite smoked proteins… And serve them when you’re done!

There’s also a wide range of outdoor kitchen storage. This will ensure all the necessities are tucked away nicely. (And available when you need it!)

Traeger Smoker Built In Outdoor Kitchen

This one goes out to all the Traeger fans!

Here’s an excellent showcase of an outdoor kitchen with Traeger smoker.

The recessed stand creates that “built-in” look… While maintaining continuity in your island.

You’ll also find some interesting additions here!

That’s right… This design also includes an outdoor pizza oven.

So now you can have ribs and pizza… Or pulled pork and pizza… Or whatever combination your heart desires!

When you have an outdoor kitchen with pizza oven and smoker… The possibilities are truly endless.

Outdoor Kitchen with Smoker and Grill

While it’s true you want built in smoker outdoor kitchen ideas…

You might also want to incorporate a gas grill into your design.

Sometimes… You don’t want to wait for the charcoal to fire up. Propane or natural gas is instant!

So why not both?

Get an outdoor kitchen grill and smoker!

Aside from the built-in grill… You’ll find a side burner, storage, outdoor refrigerator, and pull-out trash for easy clean-up.

Now that you’ve seen some possibilities… How do you get started with your outdoor kitchen smoker grill?

The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen Smoker Solution

So you want an outdoor kitchen island… And you want a smoker.

There’s an easy way for you to kill two birds with one stone… As they say.

RTA Outdoor Living is your one-stop-shop.

We’ve got the easiest outdoor kitchen solution on the market… With some of the best pellet and kamado smokers out there!

Yes, we’ve partnered with Coyote Outdoor Living! So not only do you get access to their complete suite of premium appliances…

It means you can get their pellet grill or Asado in your design! (Or both, we won’t judge!)

We can also make accommodations if you have an existing Trager grill.

But let’s get back to the grill island.

Our islands are made from structural, high performance concrete panels.

This allows for an easy assembly you’ll complete in mere hours… And for an island structure that will last a lifetime.

You won’t have to worry about rust, corrosion, rot, or other environmental-related damage.

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty on the structure… Your RTA outdoor kitchen will look pristine for years to come!

So, how do you get started?

Surely, you’ll be looking for some outdoor kitchen smoker plans.

That’s where our free online design tool comes in!

You’ll create a custom outdoor kitchen design with a smoker in minutes.

Then, you’ll be assigned a Design Expert to carry your project out to completion. They’ll hammer down the details of your design, address your questions, and provide individual support.

Excited to get started?

We look forward to hearing from you!

Need Help With Your Plans?

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Absolutely! Having an outdoor kitchen with a built-in smoker takes your setup to the next level. Consider a built-in pellet grill or kamado smoker.

Yes. However, a built-in Trager outdoor kitchen will look different. It will either be placed on a recessed stand or will slide in-between two islands.

A pellet grill or smoker can be used under a covered porch. However, make sure the grill is away from combustible materials and there is plenty of airflow in the area.

Whatever suits your needs best! But for a general recommendation… A Coyote pellet grill or Coyote Asado would be an excellent option.

Whatever suits your needs best! But for a general recommendation… A Coyote pellet grill or Coyote Asado would be an excellent option.

You get unmatched flavor, tender protein, a wide variety of flavors, and it’s just fun to do!

Wood pellets won’t give you as deep a flavor as charcoal… But Traeger does work well as a smoker.

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