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Blaze Outdoor Kitchen Package: Is It Worth it in 2024? Expert Reviews & 3 Must-Know Facts Before You Buy

By James King

January 5, 2024

Which appliances and accessories do you need in your outdoor kitchen?

It’s a huge question… And for many, it’s not an easy one to answer.

If you don’t want to spend countless hours pondering which components would best suit your grill island… An outdoor kitchen package may be calling! 

These are pre-selected outdoor kitchen appliance and accessory kits… Intended to make the could-be-overwhelming planning process less complicated. 

In this article, we’ll be zeroing in on Blaze outdoor kitchen packages, specifically.

blaze outdoor kitchen

Is a Blaze outdoor kitchen package the most convenient appliance and accessory bundle on the market?

Let’s find out.

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What Sparked Blaze Grills?

Blaze Logo

Blaze Grills has been around for a little over a decade… But the company was years in the making before taking on the now well-known name.

As early as 2004, company founders Mike and Ladina Hackley started selling outdoor kitchen appliances and accessories from various manufacturers on a website called “” (Which now goes by

Years later, in 2012… The Hackleys began their own line of outdoor appliances, operating under the new moniker Blaze Grills.

Ultimately, Blaze Grills was sparked by a passion for all things outdoor living… And a deep-rooted desire to share that passion with homeowners of all different ages and backgrounds.

How does Blaze go about making their products available to such a diverse group of homeowners?

Well, they believe that “everyone should be able to enjoy a luxurious outdoor living space without breaking the bank.”

Their company mission is built on offering quality appliances at an affordable price point, to fit the budget of most.

Blaze outdoor kitchen packages are a result of this mission to make BBQ islands more accessible to the masses… But, what exactly do these entail?

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What Are Blaze Outdoor Kitchen Packages?

Each Blaze BBQ island package features a Blaze gas grill, plus various other appliances and accessories.

These packages are meant to make outdoor kitchen planning a bit easier… By providing all the accessories and appliances you need for a functional grill island setup.

Now, let’s prevent any potential confusion.

Blaze outdoor kitchen packages don’t actually include a kitchen island or countertops… They merely come with built-in appliances and accessories for an outdoor kitchen.

When you purchase a Blaze outdoor kitchen package, it’ll be up to you to build the kitchen, get a countertop, and factor in the necessary appliance cutouts.

Though not an all-in-one outdoor kitchen solution… A Blaze outdoor kitchen package may make the decision process less overwhelming.

Blaze offers three tiers of outdoor kitchen packages: Prelude, Premium, and Professional.

We’ll get to the nitty-gritty details of each Blaze outdoor kitchen package later on (warranty, quality, and more)… But for now, let’s take a look at what’s included in each package. 

Blaze Prelude LBM Packages

Blaze’s Prelude outdoor kitchen packages are their most economical. That is, they’re the least expensive option.

Each Prelude package comes standard with either a 25,” 3-burner or 32,” 4-burner natural gas or propane Blaze Prelude built-in grill… As well as 25” or 32” double access doors with a built-in paper towel holder. (The size of the access doors corresponds with the size of the grill)

Blaze’s Prelude LBM grill is their simplest built-in model, with no-frills functionality.

It’s a solid option for those looking for a built-in grill that won’t break the bank, or for grillers who prefer to go without tons of special features.

What you will get with the Blaze Prelude LBM gas grill (and all Blaze grills, for that matter), are heat zone separators, flame-stabilization grids to minimize flare-ups, and push and turn flame thrower ignition.

Now, let’s take a look at what else Blaze’s Prelude packages have in store…

Blaze Prelude 3-Piece Package

blaze prelude outdoor kitchen package
Product Highlights

Price: $1,729.47 or $1,974.97

Grill Size: 25″ or 32″

Additional Components: Double access door, Built-In Grill Cover

This first 3-piece Blaze Prelude package is good for those planning a small, straightforward outdoor kitchen.

As is the case with all Prelude packages, you’ll get either a 25” or 32” natural gas or propane built-in gas grill, along with 25” or 32” double access doors.

The third component included is a built-in grill cover, for some protection from the elements.

At the time of writing, this package is in stock for $1,729.47 (for a 25” grill) or $1,974.97 (for the 32” BLZ 4LBM).

Blaze Prelude 3-Piece Refrigerator Package

blaze prelude 25 inch outdoor kitchen package with refrigerator
Product Highlights

Price: $2,149.97 or $2,389.97

Grill Size: 25″ or 32″

Additional Components: Double access door, 20″ Compact Refrigerator

Blaze offers another 3-piece Prelude package, which has just one variation from the previous option.

Of course, you’ll get the default 25” or 32” Prelude grill and double access doors.

And with this package, you’ll also gain a 20” compact refrigerator! (Though, you will lose the grill cover).

At the time of writing, the total cost is $2,149.97 for a 25” grill package, or $2,389.97 for the 32” grill set.

Blaze Prelude 4-Piece Package

blaze prelude 4 piece package with side burner and refrigerator
Product Highlights

Price: $2,949.96 or $3,189.96

Grill Size: 25″ or 32″

Additional Components: Double access door, 20″ Compact Refrigerator, and a double side burner

Upgrading to a 4-piece set… This Prelude package is exactly the same as the previous option, with just one additional component.

So, you’ll get the Prelude propane or natural gas grill… The access doors… And the 20” outdoor refrigerator…

And this package will also come with the Blaze Premium LTE propane or natural gas double side burner!

With both a refrigerator and a side burner, this kit offers the most outdoor cooking versatility thus far.

At the time of writing, a 25” grill set is priced at $2,949.96… While the Blaze 32” package costs $3,189.96.

Blaze Prelude 7-Piece Package

Product Highlights

Price: $3,084.93 or $3,334.93

Grill Size: 25″ or 32″

Additional Components: Double access door, 20″ Compact Refrigerator, and a double side burner, a grill cover, plus two island vent panels

Lastly, let’s take a look at the largest Prelude package.

This appliance and accessory kit has 7 components!

This includes the built-in Prelude grill and access doors, the 20” refrigerator, the Premium double side burner, a grill cover, plus two island vent panels.

Though this larger package doesn’t necessarily introduce any new outdoor cooking functionality… The vent panels are a thoughtful addition for outdoor kitchen safety.

Blaze suggests installing these vent panels every four to six feet, to effectively prevent gas buildup in your kitchen island.

That said, Blaze’s vent panels probably aren’t sufficient for your island. 

They’re almost entirely covered, with just a few small openings for airflow. 

Ideally, island vents should be completely open, to ensure the utmost safety… So it’s worth keeping this in mind as you build your outdoor kitchen! 

At the time of writing, pricing for this set is $3,084.93 (for the 25” grill) or $3,334.93 (for the 32” grill).

Alright. That’s the last of Blaze’s Prelude outdoor kitchen packages.

Now, let’s upgrade to their Premium line!


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Blaze Premium LTE Packages

Price wise, Blaze’s Premium LTE outdoor kitchen packages are next in line.

What distinguishes the Premium packages from the Prelude?

Well, it’s the grill itself. Each Premium package comes standard with a Blaze Premium LTE 32,” 4-burner or 40,” 5-burner natural gas or propane gas grill. As far as functionality and quality, this grill is a step up from the Prelude model.

The main differences here? You’ll get interior grill lights, a rotisserie burner, a slightly higher BTU output, and more heavy-duty cooking grates.

Also default in this package are larger, 32” or 40” double access doors.

In the Premium line, there are just two options: A 3-piece or 7-piece package.

Blaze Premium 3-Piece Package

Product Highlights

Price: $2,404.97, or $2,957.47

Grill Size: 32″ or 40″

Additional Components: Double access door, Grill cover

The Blaze Premium 3-piece bundle is great for those looking for a straightforward, no-frills BBQ island with a more powerful grill.

With this package, you’ll get the 32” or 40” Premium built-in grill, the corresponding double access doors, and a grill cover.

At the time of writing, the 32” Premium package will cost you $2,404.97… And the 40” grill package is priced at $2,957.47.

Blaze Premium 7-Piece Package

blaze premium 7 piece outdoor kitchen package
Product Highlights

Price: $5,114.93 or %5,667.43

Grill Size: 32″ or 40″

Additional Components: Double access door, Grill cover, double side burner, two island vent panels, 24″ compact refrigerator

On the other hand… Blaze’s Premium 7-piece package is better suited for those seeking a bit more from their outdoor kitchen.

Here, you’ll get the 32” or 40” Premium built-in grill and double access doors… The Premium built-in double side burner… A grill cover… Two island vent panels… As well as a 24” compact refrigerator.

At the time of writing, the 7-piece Premium package ranges from $5,114.93 (for the 32” grill), to $5,667.43 (for the 40”).

So, we’ve parsed out the Prelude and Premium packages.

Now, there’s just one option remaining.

Blaze Professional LUX Packages

What do Blaze’s Professional LUX packages have in store?

These packages fall in the highest price range… And this heightened price has to do with a beefier built-in grill.

With the Professional package, you can choose between Blaze’s Professional 34,” 3-burner or 44,” 4-burner natural gas or propane built-in grill.

Blaze’s Professional built-in grill boasts the most special features… Including a rear infrared burner, hexagonal cooking grates, a removable warming rack, and a motorized rotisserie kit.

You’ll also get the hottest BTU output, here.

With this option, you’ll again get either 32” or 40” double access doors.

As with the Premium line, there’s both one 3-piece and one 7-piece Professional bundle.

Blaze Professional 3-Piece Package

blaze premium 7 piece outdoor kitchen package
Product Highlights

Price: $4,414.97 or $5,272.47

Grill Size: 34″ or 44″

Additional Components: Double access door, Grill cover

The Blaze Professional 3-piece package is much the same as the 3-piece Prelude and Premium options… Just with a higher quality grill!

This means you’ll get the 34” or 44” Professional built in grill… 32” or 40” double access doors… And a grill cover. No surprises here!

At the time of writing, this Professional package costs $4,414.97 (for the 34” grill) or $5,272.47 (for the 44” grill).

Blaze Professional 7-Piece Package

Product Highlights

Price: $7,704.93 or $8,579.93

Grill Size: 34″ or 44″

Additional Components: Double access door, Grill cover, 24″ compact refrigerator, two island vent panels and professional built-in natural gas or propane power burner

Again, the Blaze Professional 7-piece package doesn’t differ all that much from the Premium or Prelude 7-piece bundles.

Everything included in this package is as follows: A 34” or 44” Professional built-in grill, 32” or 40” double access doors, a grill cover, a 24” compact refrigerator, two island vent panels, and a Professional built-in natural gas or propane power burner.

Really, the only variations here are the grill itself… As well as the inclusion of Blaze’s Professional power burner!

This larger burner will give your grill station a bit more versatility, thanks to a higher heat output and the option to add griddle or wok attachments (which you can’t do on the double side burner).

As for price, at the time of writing… The 34” package goes for $7,704.93, while the 44” costs $8,579.93.

Considering a Blaze Outdoor Kitchen Package? Here’s What To Know Before You Buy

Alright. From Prelude, to Premium, to Professional… You’ve seen what each Blaze outdoor kitchen package puts forth.

But before you hit “checkout” on any of these packages, there are a few crucial points to consider.

First and foremost, how will the various components actually hold up in your outdoor kitchen?

Are Blaze Outdoor Kitchen Packages Built to Last?

How will each component in a Blaze outdoor kitchen package fare outdoors?

The answer to this question comes down to materials used.

Blaze Built-in Grills Materials

blaze built in charcoal grill with open cover

To cut to the chase, The Blaze Prelude LBM, Premium LTE, and Professional LUX built-in BBQ grills all have solid construction.

Each model features a commercial quality, 304 stainless steel double-lined grill hood, durable stainless steel burners, and a fully 304 stainless steel exterior grill body.

This is great! 304 stainless steel is a spectacular choice for holding up to rust and corrosion.

Now, the Blaze Prelude LBM and Premium LTE models do have interior components that aren’t 304 stainless steel… The flame tamers, heat zone separators, inner hood, and firebox are made with lower grade, 443 stainless steel. Over time, these components will be prone to rust.

On the other hand, every component of the Professional LUX model is made with 304 stainless steel. No concerns here!

All in all, these grills have some of the best-in-class construction. Just know that the interior components on the Prelude and Premium models may require replacement over time.

Blaze Premium Double Side Burner Materials

If you’re leaning towards a package that includes the Blaze Premium LTE double side burner… How can you expect this to hold up?

Well, there’s a concerning lack of clarity here.

The Blaze Premium double side burner features full stainless steel construction, though there’s no clear information available on the grade used.

If it’s not 304, it simply won’t hold up for the long haul.

Blaze Professional Power Burner Materials

How about the Professional LUX power burner?

Well, we can say for certain that the burner ring is constructed with 304 stainless steel… But that’s about as specific as Blaze gets!

As with the double side burner, there’s a disconcerting lack of clarity on materials used.

Though the power burner does feature full stainless steel construction, the grade used is unfortunately not specified.

Blaze Compact Refrigerator Materials

blaze 24 inch refrigerator

Onto Blaze’s compact refrigerators.

For the 20” model… We again couldn’t identify the grade of stainless steel used on the exterior.

Though Blaze claims it’s durable, it’s hard to confirm that this is the case without the specifics.

As for the interior of the 20” compact refrigerator… It’s white powder-coated steel. Again, the grade of steel used is unknown.

Now, with the 24” model, we were able to pin down some more info.

The exterior features full 304 stainless steel construction, which is great!

And the interior is entirely plastic, with glass shelves. Our only concern here is that these shelves may shatter if you’re not extra-cautious!

Blaze Access Doors & Island Vents Materials

blaze double access doors

Moving onto the other grill accessories: the access doors and island vents.

No matter the size, all of Blaze’s double access doors are of the same caliber. They’re all made with durable, 304 stainless steel construction!

Similarly, Blaze’s island vents are also made with full 304 stainless steel.

For these accessories, rusting really isn’t a concern.

But to reiterate our earlier point… These vent panels probably aren’t the safest choice for your BBQ island. You’d be better off opting for completely open and unobstructed kitchen vents! 

Blaze Grill Cover Quality

Lastly, let’s talk about the grill cover.

This is made with water resistant vinyl, with a soft felt backing.

This cover will keep dirt, dust, and grime away from your grill… But we’d suggest confirming that it’s breathable.

If it’s not… It may trap in moisture, which wouldn’t be ideal for your grill (especially if it has components prone to rust, like the Prelude LBM and Premium LTE models).

Okay, at this point… You have a better grasp on how each component will hold up.

Now, what does Blaze’s warranty look like?

Blaze Outdoor Kitchen Package Warranty

A product’s warranty is a fantastic indicator of its overall quality.

And in the case of Blaze outdoor kitchen packages… The warranty varies quite a bit depending on the product you’re looking at.

The good news is, the Prelude, Premium, and Professional gas grills are all backed by a lifetime warranty. As are the double access doors!

That said, the housing, burners, grids, and control valves on the Prelude built-in grill are only covered for 3 years, and all other components are covered for just 90 days.

Both the double side burner and power burner are also covered by a lifetime warranty, with control valves covered for 15 years, and electrical components covered for one. (This robust warranty leads us to believe that Blaze’s burners are also made with full 304 stainless steel!)

The 20” and 24” compact refrigerators will be covered for just one year.

And the vent panels are also backed by one year of coverage.

Lastly, the grill cover is warranted for only 30 days.

Ultimately, our takeaway here is mostly positive… But it would be optimal if all Blaze outdoor kitchen package components were covered by a lifetime warranty.

Blaze Outdoor Kitchen Package Reviews

As with warranty, reviews are another great point of reference when researching a product.

These will reveal the unbiased opinion of other homeowners, who’ve had firsthand experience with a specific product.

Now, Blaze outdoor kitchen package reviews are admittedly few and far between.

There’s a decent amount of reviews on the 3-piece Premium and Professional sets… But there are no reviews on the Prelude packages.

Reviews on all 7-piece kits are also lacking.

But of the reviews we could pin down… The general consensus is positive! Altogether, the reviews average around 4.5 stars.

The Final Verdict: Is a Blaze Outdoor Kitchen Package Worth It?

So, after going through these considerations, you can see that most of the components in Blaze outdoor kitchen packages are high quality, durable, and will last for years to come.

Aside from some lack of clarity on construction and one or two mediocre warranties… We truly can’t find anything to critique!

But, is a Blaze outdoor kitchen package worth the investment?

Well… We can’t answer that for you.

It depends on what stage you’re at in the planning process, and what you’re looking to get out of your outdoor kitchen.

What we can tell you is that with a Blaze outdoor kitchen package… Your options are sorely limited.

If you’re dead set on a simple and straightforward gas outdoor kitchen package, a Blaze kit may make your grill island project a bit easier.

But if you want more flexibility (perhaps you’re looking for a pellet grill or charcoal grill package…), A Blaze package probably isn’t the best choice.

And let’s not forget… The fact remains that a Blaze outdoor kitchen package doesn’t provide everything you need to get your BBQ station up and running!

Sure, getting all of your appliances and accessories in one cohesive package will save you some browsing time… But as for where they’ll go? Well, you’re kind of left high and dry.

You’ll still have to put in all the work to get your outdoor kitchen built… Which will require a lot of additional time, research, and effort on your part!

And if you’re considering an outdoor kitchen package in the first place… It usually implies that you’re looking for an uncomplicated, convenient solution.

To us, the utmost convenience equates to getting everything you need for a fully functional outdoor kitchen… From the island itself, to the countertops, to the appliances and accessories.

So if you can relate to this sentiment… We have a fantastic alternative for you!

Looking For a More Convenient, All-in-One Outdoor Kitchen Package?

rta outdoor kitchen near swimming pool under pergola

So, you’re looking for convenience… And a Blaze outdoor kitchen package just doesn’t tick off all the boxes.

But don’t despair! There’s another convenient option that covers all the bases…

And that’s an RTA kitchen!

We offer comprehensive outdoor kitchen kits… Which means you’ll get your built-in appliances, kitchen island, and countertops in one bundle… From one source.

And even better? You won’t be limited to just a few preselected appliances and accessories.

In just a few minutes, you can use our free online design tool to customize your island’s layout… And pick whatever you’d like from Coyote’s premium outdoor appliance line, to match your wildest outdoor cooking dreams.

That includes gas, charcoal, and pellet grills… Burners… Refrigerators… Sinks Vent hoods Access doors and double drawersAnd so much more.

Just like Blaze, Coyote is committed to offering high quality, premium appliances at an affordable rate. That’s why they use full 304 stainless construction across the board… And stand behind their products with a lifetime warranty!

But if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the decision process… Don’t fret! We also offer quick-ship kitchen kits, with pre designed layouts, appliances, and accessories. These are like Blaze’s packages, only easier! 

Not only will you get the appliances and accessories you need, but you’ll also have a spot to put them right from the start.

Still unsure what you need? Check out our Learning Hub! This is a wealth of knowledge, containing all the secrets to designing your ideal outdoor kitchen island.

And when you’re ready to get started… Your perfect outdoor kitchen is just a few clicks away.

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Blaze Outdoor Products are manufactured in China, though the company is headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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