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Outdoor Kitchen Vent Hood: When it’s Necessary, Key Considerations, & Top 7 Brands for 2024

By Daniel Cdebaca

January 5, 2024

When planning an outdoor kitchen project… Safety isn’t always the first thing we think about.

But it’s essential!

Of course, you don’t want to put your family or friends at risk.

Which has likely led you to wonder…

Do you need an outdoor kitchen vent hood over your island?

It’s a worthy question to ask.

If you don’t need one… You can save some cash.

But if you do?

There’s a lot more to consider! But first… Let’s answer the age-old question.

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Does My Outdoor Kitchen Need a Vent Hood?

So, are outdoor kitchen vent hoods absolutely necessary?

It depends on your situation.

At the end of the day… The only time you need a vent hood is if you have a combustible structure above your grill.

So any form of outdoor roof, pergola, or gazebo all qualify! Same goes for 3 season rooms.

Basically, if your outdoor kitchen is going to be covered in any way… You’ll need a vent hood.

Alright. Now that we’ve got that crystal clear… What are the types of vent hoods you should consider?

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Types of Vent Hoods

Believe it or not… There’s more than one kind of vent hood out there!

Luckily, it’s simple to get the hang of.

The type you choose simply depends on the location of your island.

Let’s discuss.

Wall Mount Range Hood

l shaped outdoor kitchen with grill and sink

The first type of outdoor kitchen vent hood you may consider is wall mounted.

And yes, it’s exactly as they sound!

This type of vent hood is designed to be mounted to your wall.

So if you’re planning on having your outdoor kitchen near a wall… This is the type of vent hood you’ll want to look for.

Simple enough!

Island Mounted Vent Hoods

trade wind island mounted vent hood
Trade-Wind Island Mounted Vent Hood

Next up are island mounted vent hoods.

If you’re not planning on putting your BBQ island near a wall… Then you’ll be looking for an island mounted hood.

These hoods will hover directly over your outdoor grill. So it will be dropping down from your outdoor roof!

To properly vent hot air away from your built-in grill… This setup may require a bit more in materials and labor to install.

Otherwise, there are no differences between the two!

So… What are the other considerations for an outdoor vent hood?

What are Some Things to Consider When Buying a Vent Hood?

If you’ve decided which type of outdoor range hood you want… Then it comes down to the details.

There’s specifications, functionality, and cost to consider.

Hood Insert Power

linear grill island next to wall with vent hood

How powerful should your vent hood be?

Great question.

On average, most vent hoods start at 1,000 CFM. (Cubic feet per minute of airflow.)

For most setups… This will be adequate!

When you’re outside, you don’t need as much power to ventilate. Nature takes some of the work off with breezes and gusts!

However, if you’re installing a grill island into a 3 season room like a Florida room… You will want to consider a hood with a stronger blower.

The extra power will make up for the lack of outdoor airflow.

Point is… The more enclosed your area is, the more ventilation becomes important.

The next point to consider is how large your vent hood should be.

Vent Hood for Outdoor Kitchen Size

graphic showing vent hood is 2 inches wider than grill

Everything sounds good so far… But what size should your vent hood be?

Thankfully, the answer to this question is no head-scratcher!

No matter what size your grill is… You’ll want a vent hood that is at least 2 inches wider than your grill.

This extra width will allow you to catch more of the hot air coming off your grill.

So if you have a 36” grill… Your vent hood should be at least 38” wide.

Couldn’t be easier!

Outdoor Kitchen Hood Materials

outdoor kitchen vent hood

Since your outdoor kitchen hood vent is going to stay outside… It must be made of weather-resistant materials!

Just like with the outdoor kitchen materials you choose… Your hood vent must be held to the same high standard.

Drumroll, please!

The best material for an outdoor vent hood is 304 stainless steel.

In an outdoor setting… 304 stainless provides superior rust and corrosion resistance. This will ensure your vent hood is pristine for years to come.

This is especially important for your baffle filters.

Wait… Baffle what?

No need to be baffled! (We’ll see ourselves out.)

Baffle filters are specially designed metal pieces to filter out and capture grease.

Since they will get dirty and have to be cleaned on occasion… It’s essential these parts are made from top-notch materials. (Like 304 stainless!)

Now you know that you need a 304 stainless steel vent hood… What about other ways to ventilate your outdoor living area?

Other Ways to Ventilate

Small linear outdoor kitchen in Florida room next to a pool

While installing a vent hood is essential for a covered outdoor kitchen… There are other types of ventilation to consider as well.

For one, think about installing a ceiling fan! It won’t replace your hood… But it will provide some extra air circulation.

Additionally, make sure your BBQ island is properly ventilated as well.

If you’re building a DIY outdoor kitchen… Make sure there are vents in your island to allow hot air to pass through.

If you’re buying an outdoor kitchen… Most companies should have already accounted for this! But make sure you confirm this before making a purchase.

Functionality of a Vent Hood

outdoor kitchen vent hood sucking in air

You might be confused by this one! Isn’t the function of a vent hood obvious?

Well… Yes and no.

Of course, we all know that a vent hood is designed to blow hot air out of an area.

However… Many homeowners get a little tripped up on the concept of smoke.

Since a vent hood is already removing hot air… It follows that they should also remove smoke from your outdoor grill station.


Well, not exactly.

If you’re in an enclosed area… A powerful vent hood can certainly expel smoke from the grill.

However, this is not the case outside!

Ambient breezes easily blow smoke every which-way… Not even giving your vent hood a chance to remove it.

Of course, this doesn’t make your vent hood any less functional. This is just something to keep in mind so you don’t have false expectations!

Grill Warranty

Here’s another consideration that often gets thrown to the wayside.

If you’re putting outdoor kitchen cabinets under a covered area… The validity of the warranty of your grill never comes into question.

In this case, it should!

Interestingly… Many grill manufacturers will void your warranty if the grill is placed under a flammable structure.

And in some cases… This is true even if there is ventilation installed.

If your covered structure isn’t built yet… Consider constructing it out of non-combustible materials to get around this!

Either way, shop around and get the fine print when it comes to your grill’s warranty. This would be a rude awakening if not planned for ahead of time!

galley style outdoor kitchen in sun room with wall mounted vent hood

Cost & Installation of an Outdoor Kitchen Vent Hood

u shaped outdoor kitchen with vent hood and stone backsplash

Finally… There’s the bottom line.

What is this part of the project going to cost you?

Again, it depends!

For the vent hood itself… You’re looking at anywhere from $1,500-$5,000+ depending on the brand.

There’s also the installation to contend with. While labor costs will vary widely around the country… You can expect to pay your HVAC company around $1,000 for the installation fee.

That’s still not everything, either!

The vent hood you’re purchasing for your outdoor kitchen is only one section. Your HVAC company will have to install ductwork to fully ventilate the area. So this will add more to the final cost.

Overall, expect to pay at least a few thousand for the entire ventilation setup. Of course, this will add to the bottom line of your outdoor kitchen cost.

Everything checking out so far?

Next, you’ll want to know what brand options are out there!

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Outdoor Kitchen Vent Hood Options

While outdoor kitchen exhaust fans might seem like a niche purchase… There are actually quite a few brands on the market!

Here, we’ll review some of the most popular.

Blaze Outdoor Kitchen Exhaust Hoods

Blaze is one of the most well-known grill brands out there… And they offer vent hoods to match their appliance line!

Currently, Blaze offers wall mounted vent hoods in a 36” and 42” size.

Other than the size… The features of these hoods are identical!

Both feature 304 stainless steel construction, 1,000 CFM 4-speed blowers, halogen lights, and 6 baffle filters. (The filters are dishwasher safe, too!)

Blaze offers a one year warranty for both models.

For cost, you’ll pay $2,249.99 MSRP for the 36” and $2,874.99 MSRP for the 42” (or, you can get the 42″ for just $2,299.99 on Amazon)! 

Trade-Wind Island Range Hood

trade wind outdoor bbq grill hood

Trade-Wind specializes in both indoor and outdoor hood ventilation!

Wall mount and island mount options are available.

Trade-Wind offers a large variety of sizes, as well! You’ll find 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60”, 66”, and 72” options.

Depending on the model you choose… The power starts at 1,200 CFM and ranges all the way up to 2,300 CFM. The high performance blowers are 3 speed.

Trade-Wind’s hoods feature 304 stainless steel construction, dishwasher safe baffle filters, and halogen lights.

These hoods are covered under warranty for three years… And the price ranges from $2,718.00 MSRP to $5,556.00 MSRP.

Vent-A-Hood Outdoor Kitchen Exhaust Vents

vent a hood dual blower vent hood

Like Trade-Wind… Vent-a-Hood specializes in, well, ventilation!

Vent-a-Hood also offers wall mounted and island mounted options.

Sizes will range anywhere from 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60”, and 66” wall mounted options for outdoor use. (We were unable to confirm if the island mounted options are suitable for outdoor use.)

All Vent-a-Hood exhaust fans feature their signature MagicLung(copyright) technology. This makes for a quieter, more efficient, and more powerful experience!

Like all of the other brands… These summer kitchen vent hoods are made with stainless steel! Although, we were unable to determine what the exact grade is.

These hoods also feature a 1,035 CFM blower, 4 speed fan, matching stainless steel duct cover, LED lighting, and baffle filters.

Vent-a-Hood covers their outdoor rated offerings for 1 year… And you’ll pay anywhere from $1,621.00 to $4,084.00+ for these hoods.

Fire Magic Vent Hood Outdoor Kitchen

While best known for their BBQ grills… Fire Magic also produces vent hoods!

Like many of the previous offerings… Fire Magic only sells wall mounted outdoor kitchen grill hoods.

Sizes offered are 36”, 42”, 48”, and 60” wide.

Fire Magic features 304 stainless steel construction on their hoods… Except for the baffle filters, which are anodized aluminum.

While the anodized aluminum does provide high corrosion resistance… It does leave a bit to be desired. (They are dishwasher safe, though!)

fire magic vent hood

Other features include a 1,200 CFM blower with 2 speeds and halogen lighting.

Fire Magic also includes a unique thermal safety sensor. When this sensor detects a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit… The vent automatically kicks on!

For a warranty, Fire Magic covers their vent hoods for one year.

Prices will typically range from $4,549.00 MSRP to $5,539.00 MSRP… But you can currently purchase the 42″ on Amazon for just $4,196.70!

Bull Outdoor Kitchen Ventilation Hood

bull 36 inch vent hood

If you’re eyeing a Bull outdoor kitchen… You’ll be happy to know they offer a vent hood to match!

Bull offers wall mounted vent hoods in a 36” or 42” size.

Once again, 304 stainless steel is the material of choice for these vent hoods!

Bull utilizes a 2 speed, 1,250 CFM blower. You’ll also find halogen lighting and stainless steel baffle filters.

The warranty for these vent hoods will last one year.

Current prices are $2,757.00 for the 36”… And $4,199.00 for the 42” version.

Lynx Outdoor Kitchen Extractor Fan

lynx vent hood

Being an ever-popular outdoor appliance line… It’s no surprise that Lynx is also a purveyor of outdoor vent hoods!

Three wall mounted sizes are available. You’ll find 36”, 42”, and 48” options.

All three options feature a 1,200 CFM, 3 speed blower. You’ll also find dimmable halogen lights, and dishwasher safe stainless steel baffles.

Another unique feature of this vent hood is the design. If you want to incorporate a Lynx Sedona grill into your island… This hood is specifically designed to complement the Sedona line!

Unfortunately… We were unable to confirm the grade of stainless steel this hood is made out of.

Lynx offers a 3 year warranty on the stainless steel housing… And 1 year on all other parts.

These hoods will cost you anywhere from $3,539.00 MSRP to $4,349.00 MSRP.

Coyote Stainless Steel Outdoor Vent Hood

Last but certainly not least… We have the outdoor kitchen grill vent hoods from Coyote.

Coyote offers a few wall mounted vent hood options. They also have hood inserts, which are designed to be installed underneath a cabinet.

Both variations are offered in a 36”, 42”, or 48” size.

As with all Coyote appliances… These vent hoods feature complete 304 stainless steel construction.

They’ll also come with a 1,200 CFM variable speed blower, dishwasher safe baffle system, and halogen lights!

Coyote’s vent hoods also come with a Heat Sentry thermostat. This thermostat will automatically adjust the blower speed as temperatures change.

Duct covers are also available, but sold separately.

Coyote’s warranty will cover these vent hoods for one year.

For cost… You’ll pay $2,521.00 MSRP to $3,256.00 MSRP depending on the size and variation.

That’s a whole lot of vent hoods we just went over!

So the question follows… Which one is best?

Best BBQ and Outdoor Kitchen Hoods

In all honesty… Any of the above brands could be a great fit for your outside kitchen!

All of these vent hoods feature high-quality materials and plenty of power for outdoor use.

If you’re planning on using appliances from Blaze, Fire Magic, Bull, Lynx, or Coyote… You might want to use their vent hoods just for simplicity’s sake.

If you want to support the specialists… Trade-Wind and Vent-a-Hood might be more up your alley.

Either way, you can’t really go wrong here!

Now, what should your next steps be?

Get Your Outdoor Kitchen with Vent Hood in One Package

l shaped grill island with vent hood with ceiling fans

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The size of the vent hood you need depends on the size of your built-in grill. Your vent hood should be at least 2” wider than your grill. So if your outdoor kitchen has a 36” grill… You’ll need a vent hood that is at least 38” wide.

There are a few ways to ventilate an outdoor kitchen. Most importantly, ensure that the island itself is ventilated. This will allow hot air from the grill to escape your island… And allow gasses to escape in the unlikely event there is a leak. If you’re installing in an enclosed area, you will also need a vent hood. This will directly pull hot air away from your island.

Not every range hood can be used outside. This is primarily due to the difference in materials that may be used. We recommend searching for a range hood specifically designed for outdoor use.

The type of range hood you want for your outdoor kitchen depends on your design. If you’re installing near a wall… You’ll want a wall-mounted version. If it’s in the middle of an enclosed area, opt for an island mounted vent hood.

If your outdoor kitchen is under a covered area (especially a flammable one!) ventilation is required. So yes, you will want to install an outdoor vent hood.

The primary benefit of an outdoor vent hood is pulling hot air away from your grill. This keeps your outdoor kitchen area safe! If your island is in an enclosed area and your vent hood is particularly powerful… It can also do a good job of keeping smoke out of the area. This will also avoid buildup over time!

There are many brands that are high quality outdoor kitchen vent hood options. Consider brands such as Blaze, Trade-Wind, Bull, Vent-a-Hood, Fire Magic, Lynx, and Coyote.

An outdoor vent hood contains a powerful fan to draw hot air and smoke out of the area. Outdoor vent hoods will also have baffle filters to catch grease and impurities.

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