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Outdoor Kitchen Accessories: 25 Cool Ideas for Your Grill & Bar Island

By Jayme Muller

December 7, 2023

It’s no surprise that outdoor kitchens are one of the most functional outdoor living features.

You can use it for grilling… Serving refreshments… Hosting… And even dining!

But in order to serve any of the above purposes… You’ll need outdoor kitchen accessories.

For many, this is the most exciting part of your BBQ island project!

It’s enjoyable to browse and discover what’s possible in your backyard space.

The trouble is… The amount of options available is overwhelming!

Consider this article your buying guide for outdoor kitchen accessories.

Let’s begin!

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men grilling food at outdoor kitchen on patio

Outdoor Kitchen Accessories vs Appliances

Before we dive into the best BBQ island accessories… There’s something we need to clear up.

In your research, you might find the term “accessories” and “appliances” used interchangeably.

What gives?

It may seem strange… But outdoor kitchen appliances can be considered accessories as well.

If you think about it… In a sense, the appliances are the accessories for your grill island.

So it makes sense to see both terms thrown around. The same will be done in this article!

Now that we’re on the same page… We’re going to walk you through a ton of outdoor kitchen appliances and accessories that aren’t directly attached to your island.

Sound good?

Let’s discuss the essentials!

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Essential Outdoor Kitchen Accessories

No matter what your preferences are… Some BBQ island accessories are simply an auto-include.

They’re crowd pleasers… And for good reason!

Built in Grill

tamara day cooking on built in grill

Is it really an outdoor kitchen if there’s no built in grill?

It’s not only the focal point of your outdoor kitchen island… It’s the primary feature that brings you outdoors!

The built in grill you choose says a lot about the type of griller you are, as well.

Gas grills offer you quick-fire convenience… Charcoal grills offer you slow-cooked, smoky flavor… And pellet grills offer you a little bit of everything!

Regardless of the type of built-in grill you choose… It’s a must-have outdoor kitchen accessory.

Outdoor Refrigerator

outdoor rated refrigerator door open to show insulation of coyote fridge

So you’ve got the grill for making food on lock… What about refreshments?

You can’t have a burger without a beverage in hand, after all!

And no matter what your drink of choice is… It’s never enjoyable to have a warm beverage on a hot summer day.

Nor do you want to run in and out of the house to keep refreshments on rotation.

Enter the outdoor refrigerator.

Not only will you have frosty, refreshing drinks always at the ready… You won’t have to miss a moment by cycling in and out of the house. (Unless you want to hit your daily steps, of course!)

Simply put… An outdoor refrigerator is one of the best ways to improve the convenience of your grill island.

Outdoor Sink

outdoor kitchen sink

Indulge us in a thought exercise for a moment.

You’re at your outdoor kitchen prepping burgers… And your friend asks you to hand them a drink.

Easy enough. You reach your hand down to the fridge… But wait a second!

Your hands are covered in raw beef. Before you can complete your favor… You have to run inside and wash your hands!

But what if you didn’t have to?

That’s exactly what an outdoor kitchen sink is for.

As needed, you can wash your hands throughout your prep work. It’s also perfect for washing and rinsing dishes!

An outdoor faucet adds both utility and convenience to your outdoor kitchen!

For that reason… It’s a must-have in your island!

Outdoor Kitchen Storage

dry pantry being used in outdoor kitchen

It’s not the most glamorous BBQ island accessory out there… But outdoor storage is a requirement for your island!

There’s nothing more annoying than having everything you need to cook outside… Except your grilling utensils.

At the very least… Make sure you have an access door to your grill and storage drawers for the necessities. Anything beyond that is up to your discretion!

Now that you’ve got the essentials… What are other outdoor kitchen accessories to consider?

Best Outdoor Kitchen Cooking Accessories

Since your primary objective with an outdoor kitchen is to cook… There’s plenty of extra cooking appliances you should consider for your project!

Not only will this increase your cooking space… It will also add more variety to the cuisines you can cook!

And while there’s an endless amount of options… Let’s review the outdoor kitchen must have accessories!

Kamado Smoker

tamara day cooking a pizza on a coyote asado smoker

While you can use a kamado as your primary outdoor grill… Many homeowners opt to get one in addition to their built in grill!

And since kamado cookers make excellent smokers… It makes sense to have that extra versatility in your outdoor kitchen.

You can have burgers going on your gas grill… While a nice brisket or ribs are smoking on the outdoor kitchen smoker!

All in all, a kamado is always a worthy contender for your grill island.

Outdoor Flat Top Grill

tamara at coyote built in griddle grill

Consider a built-in outdoor griddle for a unique outdoor cooking experience!

It can accomplish all the same cooking tasks as a grill… And so much more!

Due to its flat cooktop, the sky’s the limit.

We’re talking a full breakfast with eggs, bacon, pancakes, and french toast… Or hot sandwiches… Or even hibachi!

Speaking of hibachi… Owning a flat top grill is a great way to get your guests involved!

They’ll love watching their meal sizzle on the griddle… And you’ll be part of the conversation!

Whatever your reason may be, a flat top grill could be a great addition to your BBQ island.

Outdoor Pizza Oven

alfa 5 minuti pizza oven

What better way to enjoy pizza alfresco… Than with an outdoor pizza oven?

You can get everyone in on the fun, too!

Your guests can create their own personal pizzas… With all of their favorite toppings. (Maybe even the ever-controversial Hawaiian pizza!)

And we can’t speak enough about the flavor.

With an outdoor pizza oven… You’re getting that authentic, wood-fired flavor at a searing hot 900 degrees!

That means a crispy crust, bubbling cheese, and toppings cooked to perfection.

There’s no other way to say it… An outdoor pizza oven is a crowd pleaser!

Outdoor Side Burners/Power Burners

coyote power burner with wok accessory

Side burners and power burners are the perfect accessory to bring your indoor stove… Outside!

Side burners are just like the burners on your indoor range… Use them for whipping up side dishes, sauces, or whatever you’d like!

Power burners can do the same thing… But they are far larger!

They’re made for boiling large stock pots of shellfish, corn, pasta, and other summer staples. It can even be used for outdoor deep frying!

If you like to serve classy meals outdoors… A side burner or power burner is a great way to level up your grill island.

Outdoor Kitchen Tools & Utensils

set of bbq tools on a table

It might seem obvious… But it’s pretty hard to grill without a BBQ tools set!

And when you’re getting yourself a nice outdoor kitchen… This is another area where you can treat yourself!

These days, BBQ tool sets aren’t just tongs and a spatula.

Also consider basting brushes, skewers, meat probes, grill gloves, and meat injectors!

You could even get cool outdoor kitchen gadgets like a bluetooth wireless thermometer. That way, you can check how your proteins are doing even when you’re away from the grill!

All of these will make it easier to grill… And the results are far more delicious!

Outdoor Kitchen Grill Accessories

coyote s series grill with rotisserie attachment

Yet another accessory to consider are built-in gas grill upgrades.

These upgrades add functionality and improve the quality of your grilled foods!

The top three BBQ grill accessories you’ll see are smoker boxes, ceramic briquettes, and rotisserie kits.

Smoker boxes allow you to add some smoky flavor to your food! All you do is throw some wood chips in the box… Get it super hot… And let the smoke do the rest!

Ceramic briquettes are an upgrade to the metal flame tamers on your grill. They retain heat far better and lead to a more even cook on your proteins.

Finally, there’s the rotisserie kit. If you’re a huge fan of rotisserie chicken… You’ll definitely want to pick up one of these kits!

Just make sure that your grill is equipped with a rear infrared burner. Otherwise, the rotisserie won’t have as good of an effect.

At this point… We’ve covered a ton of cooking accessories. But that’s not the only reason you use a BBQ island!

Outdoor Kitchen Solution

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Best Bar Accessories for Outdoor Kitchen

Many homeowners don’t just have a grill island as part of their outdoor kitchen… They also have a bar island!

So if you’re planning the same thing… You’ll also want some outdoor kitchen bar accessories to improve functionality!

Outdoor Drop in Cooler

While an outdoor refrigerator is the most popular way to keep beverages cool… You might want to avoid installing outdoor kitchen utilities.

In this case, a drop in cooler is the perfect alternative!

It will sit right in your countertop… And keep beverages cool with the power of ice!

You can also throw in some condiments, if desired.

Outdoor Ice Maker

portable ice maker for outdoor kitchen countertop

It’s one thing to have a refrigerator for a constant stream of cold beverages… It’s another to have ice on demand!

If you’re planning on making cocktails at your outdoor bar… An outdoor ice maker will be right up your alley!

Most machines can hold many pounds of ice at a time… And some will even make unique shapes!

You can get an ice maker that creates nugget, cube, crescent, or even gourmet ice!

No matter your preference… These machines will ensure you’re well-stocked with ice 24/7.

Outdoor Cocktail Station

tamara day outdoor kitchen idea brought to life

Speaking of cocktails… Why not incorporate an entire cocktail station into your bar island?

While often large and sprawling… There are ways to incorporate one into a smaller outdoor bar.

Take for example, the Coyote refreshment center.

It’s a mini cocktail station, all in one unit!

There’s a small sink, drop in cooler, caddies for garnishes, integrated cutting board, caddy for drink mixes, and even a towel holder!

Cheers to that!


If you’re already planning on having a dedicated outdoor bar…  It’s a great idea to have some glassware stored in your outdoor kitchen!

Wine glasses, flutes, martini glasses, high balls, and beer mugs are all great contenders!

As long as you have plenty of storage… You’ll be good to go.

tamara day cottage x product launch hero image right side


kegerator built into outdoor kitchen bar

If you’re a serious beer enthusiast… Consider a kegerator!

It’s an excellent way to enjoy microbrews, right in your backyard.

And with the large capacity… Serving up beer for your parties couldn’t be easier!

Not a beer drinker?

Well, you don’t have to use a kegerator just for that! While most commonly used for beer… Kegerators are general beverage dispensers.

Also consider using it for kombucha, carbonated water, soda, or even cocktails!

No matter what beverage you choose… A kegerator is a worthy addition to your summer kitchen!

Wine Cooler

If wine is your drink of choice… A wine cooler is simply a no-brainer!

Many coolers will store up to 20 bottles of wine! So you can have all your favorite varieties in one place. (And have the perfect excuse to host a tasting party!)

Not only will your wine remain perfectly chilled… A wine cooler is a beautiful fixture in your outdoor kitchen!

Many coolers come with a glass door, which creates a classy aesthetic for your bar island.

That’s a wrap for bar island accessories… What about options for hosting?

l shaped outdoor kitchen with wine cooler and storage and sink in stacked stone terra finish

Best Outdoor BBQ Kitchen Accessories for Hosting

More than likely… Your outdoor kitchen is also going to be used for hosting gatherings!

In which case, you’re going to need some outdoor kitchen items specifically for hosting!

Outdoor Lighting

new jersey outdoor kitchen by rta at night with lighting

Planning on hosting parties well into the evening?

Well, you’re going to need outdoor lighting!

String lights, sconces, lanterns, and lamp posts are all popular choices for your outdoor space.

Not only will they allow you to enjoy your backyard well into the evening… They also add a beautiful ambiance to your outdoor living space!

Outdoor Television

For the sports fans out there… An outdoor TV is a must-have for your grill island area!

It’s the perfect way to spend a game night.

Just think about it.

You can make all your favorite game day foods (wings, sliders, etc) right at the comfort of your outside kitchen!

And with the outdoor TV set up… You won’t miss a beat!

Even if you’re not the biggest sports fan… You could also have an outdoor TV to host movie nights!

Point is, an outdoor TV is a serious contender.

linear refrigerator and storage island on patio with plank charcoal finish

Stereo System

Outdoor speaker

Music is one of the most powerful ways to create ambiance. Whatever atmosphere you’re looking to create… There’s a genre of music to accomplish that.

So if creating ambiance when hosting is important to you… Getting a stereo system should be near the top of the list!

Throwing on your favorite playlist is the perfect way to take your party to the next level.

And even if you’re just using your outdoor kitchen solo… It’s nice to have your favorite tunes cheering you on in the background.

Patio Heater

florida room furniture next to a pool and l shaped outdoor kitchen

In many areas of the country… Temperatures drop significantly when the sun goes down!

And if you’re planning to extend your party well into the evening… Guests won’t be willing to stick it out while shivering cold.

Enter the patio heater.

As the sun sets, crank on the heater… And your guests can continue to enjoy the evening comfortably!

It’s a great way to extend the use of your outdoor living area well into the fall months, too.

Warming Drawer

woman opening warming drawer in outdoor kitchen

Speaking of staying warm… It’s not just about your guests!

If you host large parties… You’ll know the struggle of keeping all of your food warm.

Getting a warming drawer for your outdoor kitchen is the perfect solution!

It will keep all your grilled foods at the perfect serving temperature… For as long as you need!

A warming drawer is a must-have for an effortless barbecue!

And when it comes to food… There’s an entire category of dining accessories to consider as well!

Best Outdoor Kitchen Accessory Ideas for Dining

While there are many ways you can utilize your outdoor kitchen… The primary purpose is to cook food outdoors!

So being able to dine outdoors goes hand in hand with your grill island. And of course… There’s plenty of outdoor kitchen add ons to consider as well!

Bar Stools

outdoor bar with stools on patio

If you’ve got a bar island… Bar stools are a natural companion!

You can have a dining area fully integrated into your outdoor kitchen.

If you’re working with a small area… This is a great way to save space as you won’t need a separate dining table.

Plus, it’s a great place to hang out and enjoy a drink or two.

Pull Out Trash & Recycle Bin

woman opening pull out trash in outdoor kitchen

No matter how clean you try to be… There’s always going to be some waste when you use your outdoor kitchen!

Whether it be plastic cups, paper plates, paper napkins, food packaging… You’re going to need somewhere to put it all!

While you could easily opt for a large outdoor trash can… Adding a trash and recycle bin accessory is far easier on the eyes.

Trash won’t be out in the open… And can easily be stowed away until you’re ready to dispose of the bags.

For outdoor dining, a combo trash and recycle bin is a shoo-in!

Silverware & Dishware

tamara day serving her kids at her outdoor kitchen bar seating

While you could just bring your indoor silverware and dishware outside… It’s nice to have a dedicated set sitting in your outdoor grill station!

You’ll always have a clean set ready to go… Which means you’re prepared for anything!

A simple set for four people doesn’t take up much space. If you’ve got a few drawers, you should still have plenty of space leftover!

You can keep more silverware and dishware on hand, of course. It will just take up more space in your island!

Outdoor Kitchen Utensils & Serveware

plated shrimp skewers on counter of outdoor kitchen

While you could just bring your indoor silverware and dishware outside… It’s nice to have a dedicated set sitting in your outdoor grill station!

You’ll always have a clean set ready to go… Which means you’re prepared for anything!

A simple set for four people doesn’t take up much space. If you’ve got a few drawers, you should still have plenty of space leftover!

You can keep more silverware and dishware on hand, of course. It will just take up more space in your island!

Cloth Napkins

decorated kitchen with cloth napkins

Generally speaking… Most grillers employ the use of paper napkins for their gatherings.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this! They’re easy and convenient to use.

However, if you’re already planning on having a nice dining table and dishware… Cloth napkins are the ideal final touch!

They’ll elevate the aesthetic of your dining area… And are easy to store in your outdoor kitchen! You’ll just want to ensure you put your napkins in a sealed drawer to keep moisture out.

Alright. At this point, you’ve seen a ton of outdoor kitchen accessories.

But if you don’t have your BBQ island yet…

What’s your best option?

The Easiest Outdoor Kitchen & Accessory Bundle

mike pyle with his family at their custom outdoor kitchen with a modern concrete finish

Outdoor kitchen accessories are exciting to shop for… But of course, you need an island to put them all in!

And lucky for you, there’s a one stop shop right under your nose.

It’s the ready-to-assemble outdoor kitchen.

These outdoor kitchen kits come complete with premium appliances from Coyote Outdoor Living.

Coyote’s entire suite of appliances feature 304 stainless steel construction and a lifetime warranty.

Likewise, all RTA islands are built to last and come with a lifetime structural warranty.

So, what makes these outdoor kitchen packages easy?

Well first of all… You get everything you need in one go!

Many grill island companies will not provide countertops and accessories with their kits… Which leaves you stuck sourcing it all yourself.

Not so with RTA!

We’re the single source for all your outdoor kitchen needs.

Additionally, the experience is tailored to your requirements.

If you need your island fast… We offer a line of Quick Ship kitchens that can be shipped in as little as a couple weeks!

The designs offered in this line are the best sellers we see over and over again!

But if you have some time and want a custom grill island… We can do that, too!

We have a free online design tool you can use to design your island to your heart’s content.

In just a few minutes… You’ll have a 3D rendering of your dream outdoor kitchen on your screen!

From there… One of our Design Experts will reach out to you and perfect the details of your design.

They’ll become your primary point of contact… And assist you with every need!

Point is, you’ll be fully supported from start to finish.

So if you’re ready to start your outdoor kitchen project… (Complete with accessories!) We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Some of the most popular outdoor kitchen accessories you will encounter are flat top grills, pizza ovens, outdoor refrigerators, refreshment centers, and pull out trash cans.

Yes, a BBQ lighter or stove lighter can be considered an outdoor kitchen accessory! It’s something you want to keep on hand to be able to use your island.

To be able to use an outdoor kitchen, there is some site preparation required ahead of time. First, you’ll need a surface to put your island on. This is most often a deck or patio. Depending on the appliances you choose to install… You may also need electric, water, and gas lines installed by an electrician or plumber. Otherwise, your outdoor kitchen can be used once installed!

There are many ways to look at outdoor kitchen accessories. Essential accessories include appliances like a built-in grill, refrigerator, sink, and storage. Beyond that, outdoor kitchen accessories fall into four categories depending on function: cooking accessories, bar accessories, hosting accessories, and dining accessories.

Some of the most popular items to incorporate into your island are built-in grills, outdoor refrigerators, sinks, pizza ovens, side burners, storage, pull out trash bins, and ice makers.

Whatever meets your needs best! If you’re focusing on grilling… Consider having multiple cooking appliances and accessories that improve convenience. Things like a smoker, pizza oven, flat top grill, side burner, and outdoor sink for cleanup. If you want a bar island, refrigerators and cocktail stations make it easy to provide beverages to your guests. The bar island can also double as a seating area!

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