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Is an Evo Flat Top Grill Worth It in 2023? Expert Review of 6 Key Features

By Daniel Cdebaca

April 7, 2023

If you’re in the market for a flat top grill, you’ve probably noticed just how many options are out there.

Whether you’re a flat top novice or a seasoned outdoor cooking pro… There’s likely a griddle that’ll meet your needs!

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at an option on the luxury side of the spectrum…

Evo flat top grills.

What exactly makes these griddles luxury?

And more importantly, is an Evo flat top grill really worth the splurge?

Without further ado, let’s jump into the review!

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Evo Company Overview

evo logo

Evo was founded in 2001, by “innovative food people with a passion for cooking and entertaining.”

They specialize in manufacturing commercial food service griddles, as well as luxury indoor and outdoor residential flat tops… All of which are made in the USA.

Evo is a particularly eminent name in the commercial food service sphere.

They’re best known for their Evo EVent, which uses innovative technology to create a ventless cooking station for restaurants and other commercial indoor cooking settings.

They may be renowned for their commercial cooktops… But today, we seek to see if a residential outdoor Evo flat top grill stands out from the competition.

So, let’s take a look at what’s available!

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Evo Flat Top Grill Outdoor Product Lineup

Evo offers four outdoor flat top gas grills, including two drop-in models, a tabletop griddle, and a portable grill cart.

All Evo outdoor grills have a propane or natural gas fuel type… All come with a removable lid… And all have a unique, circular shape.

All in all, the models seem quite similar! And for the most part, this is true.

However, there are some subtle differences.

To give you a better idea of these differences… Let’s take a closer look at Evo’s Affinity and Professional griddle lineups.

Evo Affinity Flat Top Grills

Product Highlights

Price: $4,695.00 – $5,295.00

Cooking Surface: 25″ and 30″ diameter cook top

Temperature Output: 225 – 550 Farenheit

Total BTUs: 31,600 – 37,638

The Evo Affinity line includes two outdoor gas griddles: the 25G and 30G.

Both of these Evo flat top gas grills are built-in models… Which means they’re designed to sit in a cutout on the countertops of an outdoor kitchen! (Both models are sold with a trim kit, to make installation easier)

The Evo Affinity 25G is the smaller of the two drop-in griddles, with a 25” diameter circular cooking surface… And the Evo Affinity 30G has a larger, 30” diameter cooktop.

The 25G also has a slightly lower temp output, of 225-525 degrees Fahrenheit… While the 30G can reach 550 degrees.

BTU output on the 25G is also a touch lower. When used with propane, it’ll total 27,600 BTUs, while natural gas will boost this to 31,600 BTUs.

On the other hand, the 30G propane griddle will have a 37,638 BTU output… And natural gas will allow for 36,267 BTUs.

But aside from these minor differences, all other features are the same across the board!

Well, except for price. At the time of writing, the 25G goes for $4,695.00, and the 30G for $5,295.00.

Evo Professional Flat Top Grills

professional wheeled cart flat top
Product Highlights

Price: $4,395.0 – $4,995.00

Cooking Surface: 30″ diameter

Temperature Output: 225 – 550 Farenheit

Total BTUs: 48,000

Along their Affinity griddles, Evo also offers two professional outdoor flat tops.

This includes a portable tabletop model, as well as the Evo Professional Wheeled Cart.

Both the Evo Professional Tabletop griddle and cart models have a 30” diameter circular cooking area…

A 48,000 total BTU output…

An easy-to-remove cooktop…

And both can heat up between 225-550 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aside from the obvious difference in configuration… There’s no variation between these models!

And other than a more impressive BTU output (which means speedier preheat times)… There really aren’t many functional differences between Evo’s Professional and Affinity lines.

At the time of writing, the tabletop griddle costs $4,395.00, and the Evo 30” flat top grill cart costs $4,995.00.

Everything You Need to Know About Evo Flat Top Grills Before Buying

So you’ve seen what Evo offers in the way of outdoor griddles… But there’s still much to know before you proceed to checkout.

For starters, what are Evo grills made of?

Evo Grills Material Quality

All Evo residential gas grills are made with a black seasoned steel cooking surface and a stainless steel exterior.

Let’s first take a look at the black seasoned steel cooktop.

This solid black steel plate is pre-seasoned with oil, giving you a non-stick cooking surface right from the get-go.

Similarly to cast iron or carbon steel griddles (like the well-known Blackstone), you’ll have to periodically re-season this cooktop as the protective layer of oil wears down. This will allow you to maintain that non-stick surface indefinitely (more on this, later).

Now, the black steel cooktop isn’t ideal. 

Normally, we like to see 304 stainless steel… It’s the best at holding up to rust, and requires no additional maintenance!

That said… If you’re diligent with maintenance and re-seasoning, the protective layer of oil should effectively shield the black steel cooktop. 

But even so, black steel is still susceptible to rust! This means proper maintenance and re-seasoning are crucial to ensuring an Evo cooktop’s longevity. 

Concerning Evo grills’ exterior, on the other hand, we really can’t complain!

Evo uses full heavy gauge 304 stainless steel construction on all of their outdoor models.

This means that for as long as you own an Evo griddle, you shouldn’t have to worry about the exterior rusting!

Cooking on an Evo Flat Top Grill

So, it looks like an Evo grill will hold up fairly well… But the real test comes down to how it actually works.

All Evo grill models have two inner and outer gas tube heaters, which fire up the grill via convenient electronic push buttons.

As well as this, all Evo grills also have two, individually controlled inner and outer cooking zones.

This means you can crank one zone up to high, and simultaneously keep the other burner on low heat… Making it easy to cook multiple different recipes at once!

Now, the distinctive shape of Evo’s round flat top grills isn’t just for the unique aesthetic…

In fact, it’s actually designed with heat retention in mind! Evo claims that the round cooking surface will be able to retain even, “edge-to-edge” heat “without the hot spots and temperature problems prone to traditional square griddles.” As a reminder, all flat top Evo grills have variable temperatures between 225-550 degrees Fahrenheit (with the exception being the 25G, which only heats up to a max of 525 degrees). This wide temperature range means that you can use an Evo griddle to saute, sear, braise, stir fry, and toast... And the included stainless steel lid will fit perfectly on a round Evo flat top grill, allowing you to effectively trap in heat while cooking. This means steaming, roasting, and baking are also possible! Ultimately, Evo grills have a good amount of versatility! And as with any flat top grill, cooking should be a breeze. But what about when you’re done cooking? Is an Evo grill easy to clean and maintain?

In fact, it’s actually designed with heat retention in mind!

Evo claims that the round cooking surface will be able to retain even, “edge-to-edge” heat “without the hot spots and temperature problems prone to traditional square griddles.”

As a reminder, all flat top Evo grills have variable temperatures between 225-550 degrees Fahrenheit (with the exception being the 25G, which only heats up to a max of 525 degrees).

This wide temperature range means that you can use an Evo griddle to saute, sear, braise, stir fry, and toast…

And the included stainless steel lid will fit perfectly on a round Evo flat top grill, allowing you to effectively trap in heat while cooking. This means steaming, roasting, and baking are also possible!

Ultimately, Evo grills have a good amount of versatility! And as with any flat top grill, cooking should be a breeze.

But what about when you’re done cooking? Is an Evo grill easy to clean and maintain?

Evo Flat Top Grill Maintenance

As with any flat top, an Evo grill should be cleaned after each and every use.

Now, routinely cleaning a flat top grill is a pretty straightforward task… And the Evo griddle is no exception to this!

In fact, Evo grills are designed with easy maintenance in mind.

A stainless steel drip pan surrounds the entire cooking surface… And it funnels drippings into a removable stainless steel waste container.

To keep grime buildup under control, you can clean out the drip pans while you cook using a long-handled tool and a towel (to avoid burning yourself on the hot cooktop).

However, you should also be prepared to do a final, thorough cleaning of the drip pans after the griddle has fully cooled.

This should be easy enough… All you’ll have to do is wipe up any leftover debris with soap, water, and a sponge.

Then, the removable waste container can be hand washed, or you can pop it in the dishwasher.

To maintain the cooktop, the process will be a bit more involved.

To make things easier… All Evo grills are sold with a stainless steel scraper and a cooktop cleaning kit, which includes a handle, a polishing pad, and a grill screen.

After every use, you should remove debris and stuck-on food leftovers from the cooktop with the scraper.

Then, when the cooktop is still warm… Simply use the polishing pad and handle to spread a layer of oil on tougher-to-clean areas, and scrub in a circular motion to loosen up any stuck-on grime.

If the debris is really tough to get off, you can use the screen in addition to the pad and handle. Just make sure you’re careful when using the screen, as it can scratch the cooktop (which may leave it more prone to rust)!

Once all the grime is removed, simply wipe the surface down with a paper towel, and spread a thin layer of cooking oil across the cooktop… And that’s it!

For routine cleaning, you shouldn’t use soap and water on the cooktop! Stick to oil only, otherwise you’ll be washing away the layer of seasoning and leaving your grill more susceptible to rust. 

Of course, you’ll still need to periodically re-season an Evo flat top as the protective layer of oil wears down to ensure the cooktop remains non-stick and rust resistant. This extra step is worth bearing in mind! An Evo grill is certainly not the lowest maintenance solution out there. 

Lastly, to keep your Evo protected from the elements when not in use, they also ship with a heavy duty vinyl grill cover.

Making sure your flat top is properly maintained will ensure it looks great for years to come… But how long can you expect it to last?

Evo Flat Top Grill Warranty

Looking at a product’s warranty is one of the best ways to tell how long it’ll hold up.

What’s the warranty on Evo Flat top grills, then?

Well… It’s a bit muddled. On their site, they never clearly state that they have a lifetime warranty.

But reading through the fine text, it seems like they do offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of their outdoor models.

That said, electronic and gas components are only covered for one year.

Compared to many other outdoor griddles, this warranty is pretty solid! But for clarity’s sake, we just wish it was more to the point.

Evo Flat Top Grill Reviews

Another great indication of a product’s quality are customer reviews.

These will reveal other homeowner’s experiences, important takeaways, and honest thoughts.

Before committing to an Evo grill, you should definitely dedicate some time to comb through reviews!

We won’t get into the specifics here… But we’ll give you a general idea of what to expect.

Firstly, there aren’t a lot of reviews on any outdoor Evo grill models!

But of the few reviews we were able to pin down, the overall consensus seems to be quite positive. Nearly every reviewer left five stars!

Now, this is a great sign!

But before you see what others had to say about their Evo grill… It’s finally time to address the elephant in the room.

Which is…

Evo Flat Top Grill Price: Why Are They so Expensive?

Evo grills are significantly more expensive than many other flat tops on the market.

Their four models range from $4,395.00 to $5,295.00… Which is certainly not a small sum!

But, why is this?

Well, Evo claims their flat top grills are built to last for decades. 

They appear to be covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

And they come with a couple useful special features that many other outdoor flat tops lack… Including the 360 degree drip trays, the stainless steel hood, and the innovative round cooktop and burners.

But now that you’ve seen what they have to offer, are they truly worth the price?

Are Evo Grills Worth the Money?

Honestly, an Evo grill may be worth the money… As long as you don’t mind putting in some extra effort for upkeep!

They have many great features… The BTU output is impressive… And the exterior material quality is certainly better than many other flat tops on the market. 

If you have the budget and don’t mind the more involved maintenance process… You really can’t go wrong.

However, the truth is that the average homeowner just doesn’t have endless funds to splurge on a flat top grill at this price point. 

Or, you may simply be searching for a more low maintenance solution. 

So, is there a high quality flat top Evo grill alternative?

people standing by their evo flat top grill

A More Affordable Evo Flat Top Grill Alternative

close up of coyote flat top griddle

If you’re looking for a durable flat top grill that’ll last a lifetime (but you don’t want your wallet to suffer)… Allow us to suggest a more affordable alternative.

Coyote Outdoor Living offers high quality, fairly priced outdoor flat tops… That are an all-around great alternative to an Evo grill!

Coyote’s flat tops have many of the same great features as Evo grills… Including two individually controlled burners, a 30” cooktop, full 304 stainless steel construction (including a 304 stainless steel cooktop), and a clear lifetime warranty.

These are also available as propane or natural gas grills… And they’ll power up to 17,000 BTUs per burner (the 34,000 BTU total is comparable to the Evo Affinity models).

Now, Coyote grills are rectangular rather than round.

You won’t get that 360 degree cooking experience (and the cooktop won’t be fully enclosed by a drip tray).

However, the two individually controlled heating zones have impressive accuracy… And the heavy gauge cooking surface allows for even heating across the entire grill.

The Coyote flat top isn’t without its own set of special features, either.

It comes with a built-in temperature sensor that lets you know when the grill is up to temp… And it also has LED-lit control knobs that glow orange when the grill is hot!

For easy cleanup, it includes ridges to prevent spillover, and a removable grease trap.

And since the cooktop is made with 304 stainless steel… You won’t have to worry about re-seasoning! There’s no need to add a protective layer of oil to hold rust at bay. 

Lastly… Like Evo, Coyote offers both freestanding and built-in flat top grills.

The freestanding model costs $3,098.00… While the built-in is priced at $2,099.00.

And the best part? 

With a flat top grill from Coyote… It’s super easy to take your outdoor cooking to the next level!

The Next Step to Elevate Your Outdoor Cooking

So… How do you take your outdoor cooking to the next level, exactly?

With an outside kitchen, of course!

From extra storage, counter, and prep space… To a BBQ grill and other handy cooking appliances to diversify your dishes… To an outdoor kitchen bar with seating for dining in the fresh air… A summer kitchen will allow you to get the absolute most from your new flat top grill!

Sound good so far?

Well, it gets even better!

When you have a Coyote flat top, it couldn’t be easier to include in an outdoor kitchen design.

That’s because here at RTA, we’ve partnered with Coyote Outdoor Living for all of our outdoor kitchen cooking appliances…

Which means you’ll have access to their full line of premium appliances, including built-in grills, refrigerators, sinks, and, of course, their flat top grill!

This makes factoring a flat top into your grill island super seamless!

And speaking of the grill island… RTA has one of the most convenient and longest lasting solutions on the market.

Our BBQ islands are made with high performance concrete panels… Which come together in just a few hours, and will last a lifetime (they’re also backed by a limited lifetime structural warranty).

So, if a Coyote flat top sounds like a solid alternative to you… Why not check out our Learning Hub or online design tool to see exactly what you can expect when you include it in an outdoor kitchen?

And if you decide to take the plunge… We look forward to talking!

*DISCLAIMER: This post contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you when you purchase through links on our site.

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The Evo cooktop is made of solid plate black oil-seasoned steel. The grade of steel used isn’t specified… If it’s not 304 stainless, it may not adequately hold up to rusting!

The main differences between the Evo 25G and 30G are size and heat output.

The Evo 25G has a 25” cooktop, and the 30G has a 30” cooktop.

While the 25G has a temp output between 225-525 degrees Fahrenheit, the 30G can reach 550 degrees.

The Coyote flat top grill is a worthwhile investment! It’ll hold up for decades, it’s extremely versatile, and it’s easy to build into an outdoor kitchen!

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