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Green Egg Outdoor Kitchen: DIY Solution & 8 Remarkable Ideas

By James King

February 3, 2023

There’s nothing like a Big Green Egg.

They’re a delight to cook with… Have a ton of versatility… And look sharp in any backyard.

The only thing that could make a Big Green Egg even better is an outdoor kitchen.

Countertops, storage for your favorite BGE tools… And maybe even a sink or fridge built right in beside your kamado cooker.

But while we’ve all seen an ordinary gas grill built into an outdoor kitchen… It’s harder to imagine what the Big Green Egg might look like built in.

Well have no fear!

If you’ve been looking for a Green Egg outdoor kitchen… You’re in luck.

This blog will teach you how to make your dreams come true… And offer some inspiration for what that might look like!

a big green egg kamodo cooker sitting on an rta outdoor kitchen

The Big Green Egg Company Background

logo for big green egg kamado cooker company

The Big Green Egg has been around since the 1970’s… But really, the design goes back thousands of years across several different cultures!

If you enjoy Indian food… You’ll be familiar with the traditional tandoor oven! This lid-less kamado cooker was the very first prototype for what you know of as the Big Green Egg today.

It was perfect for cooking meats and naan.

This technology made its way across Asia… And it was used as a rice cooker in Japan and China, where they added a lid.

In the 70’s, the Big Green Egg’s founder, Ed Fisher, came across these rice cookers.

He loved them so much that he exported them straight from China and Japan back to America… But the ceramic was delicate, and many broke on the way over.

Fisher worked with a friend from the Georgia Institute of Technology, who was working on developing a ceramic that would work for NASA’s space shuttles… And they chose the perfect ceramic to help make Fisher’s design stronger while keeping even more heat in.

The design was finalized in the 1990’s.

Now, Big Green Eggs are made in America… And sold to more than 40 countries across the world!

The company offers a few great options for stands… But what if you want to build one into your outdoor kitchen?

You have a few options.

Want to bring your idea to life?

Use our free 3D design tool to bring the outdoor kitchen of your dreams to reality in just a few minutes.

Big Green Egg Outdoor Kitchen Options

When you’re wanting your very own Green Egg outdoor kitchen… It can be hard to decide on how you want your Big Green Egg to sit in your island.

Of course, due to its unique shape… You can’t just build a kamado cooker into an island like you can with a gas grill.

Instead, there are three options for an outdoor kitchen with Green Egg cooker.

Because they’re about the same size and shape… These options will also work for a Kamado Joe, Primo Kamado, Coyote Asado, or any other kamado cooker you want.

Your first choice is a pedestal-like stand.

an image of a freestanding coyote asado ready to be used in the backyard

Pedestal Stand

The first option is very simple. You’ll just put your Big Green Egg on a pedestal!

The top of this stand may be lower than the rest of your outside kitchen island… But the sides will all be open.

This raises the Big Green Egg to a good height for cooking on.

You can think of this almost as a Big Green Egg table or grill table… That blends in with the rest of your outdoor kitchen island!

Because this stand is open on its sides… This stand can house anything from the Mini or Minimax, and all the way up to the 2XL.

Drop-In Stand

If you like the idea of a true built-in Green Egg… A drop-in stand might be for you.

Your Big Green Egg will look more integrated with this option.

Essentially, the walls of your summer kitchen will be built around your Green Egg.

Your Green Egg will sit on a stand… And a circular cut-out in the countertop will allow the countertop to surround the Big Green Egg at its widest point.

The top of your Green Egg will be completely open… But the bottom will be on the “inside” of your island.

You’ll still be able to see the draft door at the bottom through a hole in your island.

These are often custom-made for your Big Green Egg. As a result, you’ll be able to find one to fit any size Big Green Egg!

Recessed Stand

rta outdoor kitchen with stacked stone terra finish with built in asado on stand

If you want something in between the openness of the pedestal stand and the built-in look of a drop-in stand… A recessed stand would be a good choice.

It looks like the inside of the outdoor kitchen island is hollowed out… And the front has been opened.

This gives your Big Green Egg the perfect spot to rest.

It will be nicely surrounded by your island… And you’ll have complete access to the front.

You can even add in a metal sleeve to blanket the inside of the cut-out… This will protect your stand from heat, and give you a storage drawer underneath!

Since these have three closed sides… You need to make sure your Big Green Egg will fit.

Typically, a recessed stand will fit up to a size large Big Green Egg… But an XL or 2XL will be too big.

If you’re buying an outdoor kitchen, you’ll need to double-check the sizing with your dealer… And, if you’re building it yourself, think about the size ahead of time!

Now… What if you want to build your very own Big Green Egg outdoor kitchen? Here are the basic steps!

How to DIY Big Green Egg Outdoor Kitchens

When you want to remodel your backyard… It’s time to research how to build an outdoor kitchen with a Big Green Egg.

You can DIY your Big Green Egg outdoor kitchen to look any way you want… But the basic steps will all be the same!

Step 1: Site Prep

utility lines coming out of patio for outdoor kitchen

First things first… You’ll want to think about the site prep.

If you don’t have one yet… This is a great time to build your outdoor kitchen patio or deck! 

You’ll want a smooth, level surface to put your Green Egg outdoor kitchen on.

Step 2: Construct the Frame

contractor in Florida building an outdoor kitchen

Building the frame is the first step of your actual outdoor kitchen construction.

This is what will hold up your entire outdoor kitchen!

While there are several different materials you can use to construct an outdoor kitchen frame from scratch… The easiest to use is wood or metal. 

We actually don’t recommend using wood to build an outdoor kitchen… So if you’re starting from scratch, you’ll want to cut your own metal frame.

You can weld these pieces of metal together to form the inner structure of your outdoor kitchen… Or buy a frame kit from Home Depot.

You’ll want to make sure you’re leaving space for any built-in appliances you plan to install.

Step 3: Cover the Frame

metal outdoor kitchen frame

Next, you’ll want to cover your frame with sheets of cement board

If you’re doing this from scratch… You will need to cut them to size. 

Then, apply a self-adhesive fiber mesh to all of the seams and corners.

Step 4: Apply Scratch Coat

worker applying stucco

You’re going to make a scratch coat on top.

The scratch coat provides a rough surface for the finishing material (like tile or stone) to adhere to.

To do this, you’ll want to prepare a masonry mortar mix. You can find the dry mix at hardware stores. 

Apply this to every side of your outdoor kitchen.

Keep the lines and notches as straight as possible. After you’re done… It’s time to wait a little bit. 

Allow your scratch coat to cure for 24 hours.

Step 5: Install the Cladding Materials

metal frame outdoor grill island being built

To finish, you could choose stone, outdoor kitchen tile, stucco, and more.

How you apply the cladding material will depend on which you choose.

For example…

With something like stucco… You’ll want to mix it, then spread it on your scratch coat. This is the easiest cladding material to apply.

With a tile or stone outdoor kitchen, you’ll need a bit more skill… You’ll apply each stone or tile one at a time!

Step 6: Install the Countertops

man laying mesh reinforcement on concrete countertop form

The process for installing the countertop varies depending on the outdoor kitchen countertop material you use.

You have a few different options.

You could do a pour in place countertop if you want to go full DIY…

Or order a natural stone or granite countertop.

However, you’ll need to make the appliance cutouts, which you’ll need special equipment for… Or hire a professional to do it for you.

This is necessary if you’re wanting to cut a circular hole out for your Big Green Egg with a drop-in stand.

Step 7: Install Appliances

installing outdoor kitchen appliances

The final step is to install your appliances!

Start with any built-in grill or appliances that will sit on the countertops. 

This will include your Big Green Egg… Whether you’re using a pedestal, recessed stand, or drop-in approach!

From there, you can install your access doors, refrigerators, and other appliances that don’t sit on the countertops.

Then… You’re done!

But what will it look like when it’s finished? It depends on the design! That’s why you need some inspiration!

Big Green Egg Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

While it’s a tricky project… You can make your own outdoor kitchen with a Green Egg.

But where do you even start?

With inspiration, of course!

Here are a few outdoor green egg kitchen ideas so you can create the outdoor kitchen cabinets of your dreams… Functional, beautiful, and perfect for every cookout!

Outdoor Kitchen for Big Green Egg

l shaped outdoor kitchen with asado attachment refrigerator and umbrella stand

When you want a built-in Green Egg outdoor kitchen… A pedestal is one of the best options!

It’s a part of the grill station… But you have plenty of room to open and close the valves at the top and bottom.

On top of that, it’s also shaded! An umbrella is always a great idea to make your outdoor Green Egg kitchen even more enjoyable!

Green Egg Grill Outdoor Kitchen

rta outdoor kitchen kit by pool

If you want to cook on a grill some days and on a kamado on other days… This stone Big Green Egg outdoor kitchen is for you.

The stand is a great way to keep the Big Green Egg with the rest of your outdoor kitchen…

And the Florida room surrounding this Big Green Egg outdoor kitchen island keeps bugs and debris off!

The patio covering blocks out any rain… And the pull-down shade on the side keeps out the sun.

The lights and fan will keep the area perfectly illuminated and cooled down… And you could even add heaters inside… So you can cook on your Big Green Egg no matter what time of day (or even year) it is!

Outdoor Kitchen with Built-In Big Green Egg

This kamado-style drop-in stand is a fantastic Green Egg outdoor kitchen design.

This stand goes above and beyond to give it a full built-in look… While giving you plenty of space to manage the draft door at the bottom.

It looks very natural next to a built-in gas grill.

Big Green Egg in Outdoor Kitchen

If you want modern outdoor kitchen ideas with Green Egg smokers… This is the perfect outdoor kitchen look!

While this example shows a Coyote Asado cooker… You’ll be able to use any kamado cooker you want, including a Big Green Egg!

The concrete finish and granite countertops make this Asado kamado cooker from Coyote stand out even more.

Outdoor Kitchen with Green Egg and Gas Grill Plans

linear outdoor kitchen with power burner and coyote asado smoker

This whole outdoor kitchen with gas grill and Green Egg setup is great!

The chic, dark paneling across this modern outdoor kitchen would look sharp with a kamado cooker… Whether it be the black of a Coyote Asado (pictured) or the green of a Big Green Egg charcoal grill.

This island configuration even allows for a power burner, outdoor refrigerator, and extra stainless steel outdoor kitchen storage… Without taking up space for your Big Green Egg!

Outdoor Kitchen Designs with Big Green Egg and Pizza Oven

pizza oven and coyote asado stand on deck

This small outdoor kitchen is a dream come true for any kamado cooker fan!

Who needs a gas grill when your outdoor kitchen Big Green Egg and outdoor pizza oven can handle it all?

You can swap out the Coyote Asado for the Big Green Egg of your choice.

Since these ceramic grills can work as a charcoal grill, oven, outdoor kitchen smoker, and more… You can get away without installing your typical grill.

This outdoor living space is also an inspiration for outdoor kitchen deck and patio ideas…

The fencing around it makes this area really feel like a showroom for your Green Egg!

Big Green Egg Outdoor Kitchen Plans 

l shaped outdoor kitchen with bar seating on patio with standalone green egg

It’s easy to imagine a Big Green Egg built in outdoor kitchen islands… But sometimes, it’s better if it’s separated!

This space is a perfect example.

The recessed stand perfectly frames the Green Egg… And it’s raised for easy access…

But the gas grill and outdoor bar are on a separate island.

This is a great idea if you want multiple outdoor kitchen appliances… Or more room between your outdoor kitchen Green Egg and the rest of your BBQ grill island!

Double Big Green Egg Outdoor Kitchen

l shaped outdoor kitchen with storage drawers and two kamado cookers

You can never have too many Green Eggs.

If you’re looking for a way to display more than one… This L-shaped outdoor kitchen is for you!

They have their main Big Green Egg on a stand… And another is freestanding on a mobile stand!

The pergola and string lighting is also a nice touch.

If you’re as impressed as we are… You’ll want to get your own outdoor kitchen with Big Green Egg as soon as possible!

There’s an easy solution… A custom outdoor kitchen from RTA!

The Best Way to Get Your Big Green Egg Outdoor Kitchen

image of a built in coyote asado in an rta outdoor kitchen

We’ve gone over several different ways to DIY a Big Green Egg outdoor kitchen… But what if you could cut out 95% of the work?

You still want a custom outdoor kitchen to hold your Big Green Egg… But this is an advanced and time-consuming project to try to do yourself!

At RTA, we have the perfect solution… So you get the perfect island for your needs… Without all the work.

You can work one-on-one with someone from our team of Design Experts to create your very own custom island!

You’ll choose everything from the layout, configurations, sizing, finish, countertops, and appliances…

And then we’ll ship the panels, countertops, and appliances right to your front door.

Instead of building it from scratch… You just need some extra helping hands and a few hours, and you’ll have your very own outdoor kitchen for your Big Green Egg!

Our islands are made of concrete with a 100-year rating and come with a lifetime warranty… So they’ll last just as long as your Big Green Egg: a lifetime!

The process is simple… And your needs will be met in their entirety.

To get started… You can use our easy-to-use free Design Tool! You’ll be able to see a 3D rendering of your Green Egg outdoor kitchen.

You can create your own Green Egg pedestal stand in this program… But you’ll want to speak to a designer for a recessed stand. Unfortunately, we do not create drop-in stands.

We look forward to working with you!

Need Help With Your Plans?

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Yes, you can absolutely build a Big Green Egg into an outdoor kitchen! It goes great with any other appliances you might have… And it also is the perfect appliance to have by itself. There are three ways to build a Big Green Egg into your outdoor kitchen. You can either put it on a pedestal stand, in a recessed stand with an open front, or in a drop-in stand that allows access to the draft door at the bottom.

You can absolutely leave your Big Green Egg outside. Just make sure the cap is in place. It is also best to keep it under cover. You can find covers on the Big Green Egg’s website.

Yes, Big Green Eggs are worth the cost! They’re multi-functional; They can work as an oven, smoker, grill, and more… And should last you a lifetime! While they may cost a lot, they are about the same price as other kamado smokers, and less expensive than many other outdoor grills with a lifetime warranty.

The Big Green Egg is extremely functional. It can sear with extremely high temperatures of over 700ºF… And slowly cook tender meats at 200ºF. It holds heat in like an oven… And can work as an oven, a grill, slow-cooker, smoker, and more. On top of that, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits for a lifetime! They are made of high-quality ceramic that is extremely durable… And have a lifetime warranty.

You can use the Big Green Egg’s accessory, the “Grid Cleaner.” You’ll want to use this to keep your grid completely clean between uses. In addition, you can wipe down the outsides with a wet cloth.

While a Big Green Egg can work like an oven… A Big Green Egg actually holds heat in better! It also stays more moist inside a Big Green Egg. This is great for cooking the juiciest meats! Your food won’t dry out as quickly. On top of this… There will be smoke inside of a Big Green Egg… So your food may come out with a slightly smokier flavor.

The cost of a Big Green Egg ranges from $429 for the Mini… And $2,199 for the 2XL. Their most popular size is the large, which costs $999.

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