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Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion: Buying Guide, Best Brands of 2024, and 5 Stunning Ideas

By James King

January 5, 2024

When planning an outdoor kitchen project, you’ll want to get the most out of your design!

And if something feels like it’s missing from your backyard remodel…

Why not consider an outdoor kitchen pavilion?

An open structure with a roof… A pavilion would be a fantastic addition to your outdoor entertaining space!

Not only will it make outdoor cooking possible rain or shine… It’ll also make your backyard patio more cohesive.

We’ll go over everything you need to know about outdoor kitchen pavilions…

Beginning with the basics. 

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patio paver idea with pavilion and outdoor kitchen

What is a Pavilion?

rta outdoor kitchen with string lighting under a pavilion

Pavilions are roofed outdoor structures with open sides.

They’re often confused for pergolas or gazebos… 

But while a pergola has a lattice or slatted roof, a pavilion’s roof is solid. 

On the other hand, gazebos are actually a type of pavilion!

Typically, a gazebo is a freestanding octagonal or square structure with a solid, peaked roof… Whereas pavilions tend to have rectangular construction with flat or peaked roofs.

All in all… There’s not much difference between a pavilion and a gazebo! The terms are often used interchangeably.

Both are popular choices for covering outdoor patios… Let’s discuss why. 

Want to bring your idea to life?

Use our free 3D design tool to bring the outdoor kitchen of your dreams to reality in just a few minutes.

Benefits of an Outdoor Pavilion

galley style outdoor kitchen with combo storage refreshment center and storage on patio under gazebo in stacked stone terra finish

You can place a pavilion above a grill station to make your outdoor cooking space feel more like your indoor kitchen…

Or over a seating area and fire pit to create an outdoor dining or living room for lounging.

Whatever you do, a backyard pavilion is a fantastic choice for creating an indoor outdoor space!

You can even take your pavilion to the next level by installing electricity.

This means you can use outdoor lighting for late night hosting…

Include an outdoor TV…

Or even install a ceiling fan.

Really… Nothing bad will come from adding an outdoor kitchen pavilion. 

Well, as long as it’s properly planned! 

Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion Planning Considerations

Before committing to an outdoor kitchen pavilion, you’ll need to make sure you’ve properly planned your covered patio project.

Pavilion Size

Do you want a fully protected outdoor bar or dining area?

Or do you just want a small roof to catch a little shade?

Point is… You need to think about what your outdoor pavilion will be covering to determine how large it needs to be.

Standard backyard pavilion kits range anywhere from 8×8 feet to 20×40 feet… Though a custom built pavilion could be scaled to any size you like.

Before purchasing a pavilion kit… Make sure you’re familiar with the dimensions of your outdoor kitchen. 

If your pavilion is too small, your BBQ island will stick out… And if it’s too large, you won’t be able to affix it to your paver patio.

outdoor grill station with bar under pavilion

Pavilion Materials

Just as you need to decide which materials to use before building an outdoor kitchen… You’ll need to consider what your pavilion will be constructed of.

There are two important material considerations for pavilions — The structure itself, and the roof.

Pavilion Structure

Pavilion kits are commonly made with wood or vinyl.

Let’s discuss each. 

Wood Pavilion
outdoor living space with outdoor kitchen, firepit and gazebo

Wood is an inexpensive material… And with so many different types and finishes, a wooden pavilion would look great in any outdoor space! 

Unfortunately… As with a wood outdoor kitchen, a wooden pavilion comes with a sizable list of downsides.

Firstly, any outdoor wooden structure will need to be periodically re-stained so it continues to look great and hold up.

But still… Wood that is exposed to the elements will eventually swell, warp, and rot.

Most importantly, wood is combustible (flammable). Having a built in gas grill underneath a wooden pavilion could pose serious safety risks! In fact, if a grill is covered by a flammable structure, many appliance manufacturers will void your warranty.

Furthermore… Local building codes may not allow you to construct a wooden pavilion over an outdoor kitchen, so this is worth checking! 

Despite these roadblocks… There are workarounds.

Opting for an electric grill in your BBQ island will reduce the risk of combustion.

And no matter what material your pavilion is made with… Any outdoor kitchen under a roofed structure should be properly ventilated via outdoor vent hoods. 

But if you’re looking for a material that will hold up better… Let’s discuss vinyl.

Vinyl Pavilion

Vinyl (also called PVC) is a durable plastic commonly used in outdoor pavilion kits.

This material tends to be a bit more expensive than wood.

And though less visually versatile… Vinyl is maintenance free. It won’t be easily damaged by the elements (though over time it may fade or warp), and it’s easy to keep clean.

Its simplicity may also make a vinyl pavilion a great choice for a modern outdoor kitchen.

Furthermore… Vinyl is much more fire resistant than wood. All in all, it’s a safer choice!

However… Many vinyl pavilions are still made with wood that’s simply covered by PVC. So despite vinyl being fire resistant, you’ll still want to be wary of potential safety issues.

And we’d like to reiterate that even with a vinyl pavilion, you’ll have to make sure your outdoor roof is properly ventilated.  

Alright… We’ve covered the two common materials for pavilion structures.

What about the roof?

Pavilion Roof

There are two materials commonly used for pavilion roofs: shingles or metal.

While shingle is the less expensive option… It’s not necessarily the better one.

Shingles can be damaged by high winds, are prone to mold, and typically need to be replaced within 15-20 years.

Metal is more expensive up front… But it’s more durable! You won’t need to worry about replacing a metal roof for 60 years or more.

Really… The roof type you choose really depends on your preferences, and how much you’re willing to spend.

Pavilion Location: Attached or Freestanding

Your pavilion can be freestanding anywhere in your backyard… Or it can be directly attached to your house.

Most pavilions are freestanding, and can be placed by a pool, fireplace, or outdoor kitchen that doesn’t abut your home.

But if your patio is right outside the back door.. You should consider a porch pavilion!

Porch pavilions have two legs to support the roof, while the other side is supported by the home’s exterior wall.

Just be wary that placing a porch pavilion will also cast shade on your house, which could limit interior natural light.

No matter where your pavilion is in relation to the house… Another important consideration is how it will look.

Outdoor Kitchen and Pavilion Aesthetics

beautiful gazebo ready for a summer kitchen with new landscaping and lights

Are you looking to complement a rustic space? Or do you want your pavilion to be styled similarly to your home?

There are so many options for your outdoor pavilion that cater purely to aesthetic appeal.

First, many pavilion kits give you the choice to add a cupola. This is simply a smaller roof adorning your pavilion that will give it a farmhouse aesthetic (as well as provide some ventilation)!

Next, consider roof style.

Do you want a gabled roof with two sides sloping from a ridge… A hip roof with four sides… Or a flat roof?

Don’t forget to think about color! 

If you opt for a metal roof… Chances are you’ll have a wide variety of shades to choose from.

And if you want a wooden pavilion, you’ll have to determine which stain and wood type will complement your backyard.

Plus, many custom outdoor kitchen pavilion kits also give you the option to add decorative trim.

Point is, there are lots of aesthetic considerations! 

Outdoor Pavilion Kit Brands

Pavilion kits are ready to assemble options that you can customize, order, and have shipped directly to your home.

Most kits give you plenty of customization options!

Of course, if you’re looking for something super customized… You’ll be better off hiring a builder.

But if you’re looking for an easier solution… An outdoor pavilion kit may be the way to go!

Let’s talk about some of the best brands.

Forever Redwood

forever redwood pavillion
Product Highlights

Materials: 5 wood grains

Warranty: Reclaimed Douglass 10 years, Mosaic Douglas Fir 10 years, Mosaic Redwood 12 years, California Redwood 15 years, and Mature Redwood 20 years.

Price: $7,850.00 – $28,300.00

Forever Redwood offers handcrafted DIY outdoor wood pavilion kits.

These should be easy to assemble yourself… Though they have an installation team in all 50 states should you need it!

As far as selection, they offer 30 distinct pavilions.

These include porch or patio coverings, freestanding pavilions, pavilions for large or small spaces, hot tub pavilions, outdoor kitchen pavilions… The list goes on and on.

The primary differences between their kits are style and roof shape.

They have options with hip, gabled, or flat roofs… Roofs with cupolas and multiple peaks… As well as square, round, or rectangular pavilions (and more).

With any of Forever Redwood’s backyard pavilions, you can choose between five wood grades.

The least expensive is reclaimed mosaic Douglas fir, which is covered by a 10 year warranty.

The next expensive option is mosaic Douglas fir, also covered for 10 years.

Mosaic redwood is a bit more expensive, with a 12 year warranty.

Their most popular, California redwood, is the next in line. This has a 15 year warranty.

The most expensive option is mature redwood, which is covered for 20 years.

You also get your choice of roof type (asphalt shingles or metal), pavilion length (ranging from 8 to 60 feet), pavilion width (from 8 to 22 feet), and post height (from 7 to 16 feet).

Finally, you can add curtain rods or stainless steel hangers, ceiling fan bases, TV mounts, shelving, electrical wiring, decorative trim, privacy panels, post anchoring, and sealant.

To give you an idea of price… Their Del Norte Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion starts at $7,850.00. Of course, pricing will vary depending on wood grade, size, style, and add ons.

But if none of their kits appeal to you… They also offer fully custom wood pavilions starting at $28,300.00.

Sounds like they’ve covered pretty much all the bases!

But if you’re not keen on a wooden pavilion… Let’s talk about another brand.

Country Lane Gazebos

Country lane gaebos
Product Highlights

Materials: Wood & Vinyl

Warranty: 10 year limited warranty

Price: $6,370.00 – $21,490 for wood, or $7,585.00 – $26,060 for vinyl

Next up… Country Lane Gazebos. This company offers both custom wood and vinyl pavilion kits that ship directly to your home in an easy to assemble kit (including screws, hardware, brackets, and a step by step manual).

From the start… They’ll make customizing your kit easy with their online pavilion design tool!

They offer 5 options for both their vinyl and wood kits… With standard sizes ranging from 10’ x 10’ to 20’ x 40.’

The primary difference between models is roof shape… They have options with hip, gabled, or flat roofs.

Their wood pavilion kits are made with treated southern yellow pine, which can be painted or stained.

All of their wood pavilions have a ten year limited warranty… And are laminated to resist warping.

Their maintenance free vinyl pavilions are made from southern yellow pine covered in high quality almond or white vinyl (also covered by a ten year limited warranty).

For roofing, you can choose standard asphalt shingles… Or pay extra for standing seam metal, rubber shingles, or cedar wood shingles.

Their wood kits range from $6,370.00 to $21,490.00, while the vinyl kits  cost between $7,585 and $26,060.

These prices will vary as you customize.

You can add a cupola, electrical package, or anchor brackets to any design.

But if you want an even easier solution… Country Lane Gazebos offers five quick ship pavilions 

All of their quick ship designs are white vinyl with asphalt shingles and a hip roof… They come in sizes between 10’ x 14’ and 14’ x 18.’ Pricing is unclear on their quick ship kits… It’s worth checking with Country Lane Gazebos on this!

Let’s move onto the next option.

Yardistry Structures

Product Highlights

Materials: Cedar wood

Warranty: 5 year limited warranty

Price: $1,654.99-$2,754.99

Yardistry Structures is next on our list.

Yardistry offers three DIY wooden pavilion kits… All with two sided gable roofs.

Their freestanding pavilions have a premium cedar frame and rust-proof, coffee brown colored aluminum roof (and they’re backed by a five year limited warranty).

All of their designs ship directly to you in a ready to assemble kit, which includes heavy duty mounting hardware.

Should you need help with anything… They have a dedicated customer experience team ready to answer any questions!

As for price… Their 6’ x 8’ Meridian Grilling Pavilion (just big enough to cover a grill or small outdoor kitchen) costs $1,654.99.

The 10’ x 10’ pavilion costs $2,254.99…

And their largest 11’ x 13’ pavilion is $2,754.99.

Unlike our previous options… Yardistry Structures doesn’t give you a lot of room for customization.

But if you’re looking for an easy, no-frills option… They’re not a bad choice!

Onto the final contender…

Pergola Kits USA

Product Highlights

Materials: Wood & Vinyl

Warranty: 10 year warranty

Price: $6,414.00 – $10,488.00

Last but not least… Pergola Kits USA. 

This company offers eight ready to assemble pavilions (two vinyl and six wood)… Each comes with post anchors to easily affix to a patio.

The key difference between their designs is roof shape. They have options with gabled, hip, or flat lean-to style roofs.

Their wooden pavilions are made with either cedar, red cedar, or pressure treated pine… No matter the type of wood, there are seven stains available.

Their vinyl pavilions are made with pressure treated yellow pine beams wrapped in Wolf Trim high density cellular PVC.

Both their wood and vinyl kits are covered by a ten year warranty.

They have pavilions from 8’ x 12’ to 20’ x 40,’ to fit outdoor living spaces large or small.

Whether vinyl or wood… You have your choice of architectural shingles or metal for the roof (though metal is the only option for their lean-to pavilion).

And for all designsYou’ll have the option to adjust post height (between 8 and 12 feet) and post width (6” x 6” or 8” x 8”).

You can also add a cupola or electrical package.

Pricing will vary depending on how you customize… But to give you an idea, their smallest pavilion starts at $6,414.00… While their largest starts at $10,488.00.

Alright… All of these brands are solid contenders.

But which is the best for your outdoor kitchen pavilion design?

The Best Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion Kit

forever redwood pavillion with seating on patio

We’ve talked about some great brands… It’s hard to pick the best.

If you’re looking for an easy solution… Yardistry Structures or Country Lane Gazebos have simple, straightforward outdoor pavilion kits.

But if you’re looking for an option that’s highly customizable… Pergola Kits USA or Forever Redwood are great choices! 

Just remember that if you go for a wood pavilion, you should check local codes before building, and confirm that your appliance warranty won’t be voided! 

And no matter what material you choose…  You’ll need to be extremely wary that proper ventilation is installed. 

As long as you keep these considerations in mind… You really can’t go wrong with any of these brands! 

If you’re having a hard time deciding… Compare company reviews and see how other homeowners felt about their customer experience (and the product itself)!

And of course… Before you make any decisions, it will help to know how you want your pavilion to fit in your backyard design!

Let’s look at some inspiring design ideas. 

The Perfect Hangout Spot

Incorporate an outdoor kitchen under your pavilion for the perfect hangout spot! Get started using our free 3D design tool.

Outdoor Pavilion Kitchen Ideas

How did other homeowners incorporate a pavilion into their backyard design?

Let’s have a look.

Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion With Fire Pit

gazebo next to outdoor kitchen with seating area

This outdoor kitchen with pavilion setup is quite unique!

The beautiful L-shaped kitchen with granite countertops is under a pergola… While the pavilion itself is off to the side, providing shade to a seating area.

This is a wonderful idea! Especially if you can’t decide which type of outdoor kitchen roof to include in your design… Why not include two?

And let’s not forget the matching fire pit that pulls it all together.

Pool Pavilion with Outdoor Kitchen

l shaped outdoor kitchen with asado smoker under a gazebo next to a pool

Let’s take a look at this makeshift pool house…

This stunning backyard design features a poolside outdoor kitchen and pavilion!

Both the grill island and outdoor dining area fit perfectly under the roof…

And the best part is, it’s only steps away from the pool!

When you’re done swimming… Dry off in the shade (and enjoy some delicious grilled food, while you’re at it).

Outdoor Pavilion with Dining Area

outdoor kitchen under gazebo with table and seating on patio

A convenient walkway leads right out of this homeowner’s back door… Right to their outdoor kitchen under a pavilion!

Complete with a small linear BBQ island set up and ample room for outdoor dining… This looks like the perfect space to host.

The pavilion won’t only cast shade on your outdoor kitchen… But it also has a ceiling fan to keep you cool!

What else could you really need?

Attached Outdoor Porch Pavilion

attached porch pavilion

Here’s a vinyl pavilion that looks like a seamless extension of the home…

There’s a ceiling fan, TV, string lighting, and outdoor seating just steps outside the back door.

And let’s not forget the summer kitchen! Though not completely under the roof… You’ll still enjoy shade while standing over the hot grill.

This homeowner has truly maximized the space on their back patio.

Outdoor Pavilion with Lighting

galley style outdoor kitchen under gazebo with bar lighting

Take a look at this incredible pavilion outdoor kitchen design!

We love the string lights (and ceiling fan light) in this space.

The comfy seating area coupled with the convenient galley style outdoor kitchen under pavilion would make this the perfect evening hangout spot.

Plus… Take a look at that beautiful view!

Alright, we’ve gone over some great pavilion and outdoor kitchen ideas.

What’s next?

The Best Outdoor Pavilion with Kitchen Solution

outdoor kitchen under a gazebo with bar seating on patio

You’re looking to add a pavilion to your space…

If you want the perfect outdoor kitchen to pair it with… You may be wondering where to start.

When it comes to giving your backyard a makeover, the last thing you’d want to do is take on too much.

Between planning an outdoor kitchen and putting together a pavilion kit… It can be a lot!

But what if we told you your outdoor kitchen project doesn’t have to be an additional stressor?

With an RTA outdoor kitchen… Setting up your grill island will be easy as can be!

You’ll start by creating a custom BBQ island using our free online design tool… Here you’ll pick from your choice of panel finishes, countertops, premium Coyote appliances (we’re talking built in grills, outdoor refrigerators, sinks, side burners…), or even an Alfa pizza oven!

And after consulting with one of our design experts… Your kitchen will be customized to fit your wants and needs, and shipped straight to you.

Once your kitchen arrives… All that’s left to do is put it together. But don’t worry! This will only take a few hours. The assembly process truly couldn’t be easier.

And if you haven’t already… Put up your pavilion, make sure everything is properly ventilated, and get to grilling!

That’s it! Simple as can be.

If you’re ready to dive in, check out our Learning Hub to start brainstorming ideas…

And start planning!

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An outdoor kitchen pavilion will create an indoor outdoor space in your backyard that’s protected from the elements… Which will make outdoor cooking and hosting more enjoyable!

An outdoor kitchen pavilion is a structure with a solid roof and open sides that provides shade for your BBQ island and protects it from the elements.

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