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Stainless Steel Grill: In-Depth Shopper’s Guide, And The 4 Best Brands of 2024

By Jayme Muller

January 5, 2024

When shopping for a new grill… There’s a lot to consider!

Of course, you’ll want a grill with enough cooking area…

And whether you’re looking to sear or slow cook… Temp output and BTU are likely also top of mind.

The same goes for special features… Should your grill have a sear burner, a built-in thermometer, a rotisserie kit, or other fancy bells and whistles?

Wait… Slow down!

While these are all important factors… Truthfully, they won’t matter if your grill rusts through shortly after you bring it home.

stainless steel featured image

Point is, material quality should play a significant role in the grill you choose!

And while you might think you’re set with a stainless steel grill… It’s not always that simple.

Not all stainless steel grills are created equal!

That’s why in this article, we’ll reveal how to separate high quality BBQ grills from some not-so-solid selections…

And give you a rundown on the best stainless steel grill brands on the market.

Let’s dive in!

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Stainless Steel Grills Have Some Serious Benefits

Before we give you the skinny on the different types of stainless steel…

Let’s talk about why it’s a great choice for your outdoor grill!

Stainless Steel is Easy to Clean and Maintain

For starters, stainless steel is incredibly easy to clean.

It’s called stainless steel for a reason!

If the outside of your grill gets grimy… Very little effort is required to get it looking good as new.

If you have paper towels, warm water, and are willing to exert some elbow grease… You’re all set!

Wondering how to clean stainless steel grill grates?

With a little water and a bristle-free grill brush… You should be able to get leftovers and buildup cleared out quickly, and with minimal hassle.

And if you have a smaller grill… You may even be able to completely remove the grates and pop them in the dishwasher.

Just don’t use harsh abrasives or cleaning solutions on a stainless steel grill! These may scratch the grates, or introduce nasty chemicals to your cooking.

Because stainless steel grates are so easy to clean… Many would certainly say this material has a leg up over cast iron or carbon steel.

Not only do these require routine cleaning… Cast iron and carbon steel grill grates and cookware also need to be periodically re-seasoned to stay nonstick, and stave off rust.

On the other hand, stainless steel doesn’t require re-seasoning, and over time, it can build up a nonstick-like coating.

And high quality stainless steel grill grates won’t be prone to rust for decades!

We’ll clue you in on how to find rust-resistant stainless steel shortly.

But for now… Onto another benefit!

Grilling on Stainless Steel Is Super Efficient

grilling on coyote built in pellet grill

Since stainless steel is a conductor… It’s super efficient at heating up and transferring heat.

In fact, grills with stainless steel grates can come to temp in almost half the time as cast iron grates!

How does this affect your outdoor cooking?

Well, it allows for maximum efficiency! You won’t have to wait as long to start grilling.

And because stainless steel doesn’t retain heat as well as cast iron or carbon steel… This also means it’ll be easier to quickly adjust temperatures, especially in the lower ranges.

If you’re looking to expedite your outdoor grilling… Stainless steel grates are the way to go!

Stainless Steel (Can Be) Highly Durable

linear outdoor kitchen with mounted wall outlets

Last but not least… Stainless steel is one of the most durable materials out there.

Or, at least it can be.

Depending on the grade of stainless steel used… It may be highly rust and corrosion resistant!

If you know how to identify a heavy duty stainless steel BBQ grill, it’ll certainly hold up better (and for longer). 

So, how exactly do you determine what’s quality (and what’s not) when it comes to stainless steel?

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Not All Stainless Steel is Created Equal: Here’s How To Determine Quality

While some stainless steel grills will last for the long haul… Others may ultimately detract from your grilling experience.

To tell if a stainless steel barbecue grill is quality… You’ll want to confirm the grade (or grades) of steel used. 

So, what’re the different grades… And which is the best?

Types of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is made of an iron alloy, with the addition of chromium, carbon, and other elements such as nickel or titanium… How is it possible that there are different types?

Well, the different grades are determined by slight variations in their elemental make-up.

If the stainless steel has a higher level of chromium and other alloying elements… The more rust and corrosion resistant it will be.

When it comes to grills… There are several grades of stainless steel that are commonly used.

And while some grades are tough as they come… Others simply aren’t cut out to last the long haul.

Let’s take a closer look at the specific types.

430 Stainless Steel

430 stainless steel

First up, 430 stainless steel.

This grade of stainless steel is one of the cheapest available… And it’s common in lower-priced, freestanding grill models. (To give you an idea, brands like Char-Broil and Traeger make grills with 430 stainless steel construction).

Due to its high iron content and lack of nickel… 430 stainless steel is quite susceptible to rusting and corrosion, especially when left in an outdoor setting!

It’s also known for easily losing its luster, developing stress fractures, and it isn’t great at holding up to high temperatures… Which obviously, isn’t ideal for a grill.

If you’re dead set on buying a grill made with 430 stainless steel construction… A high-quality grill cover is a necessity!

Otherwise, it won’t be long before your grill starts to tarnish, corrode, or rust through.

201 Stainless Steel

How does 201 stainless steel compare?

Well, like 430… 201 is rather inexpensive.

This is because it’s high in iron (which is cheap), and low in nickel (which is more expensive)

Now, don’t be tempted by a lower price tag. 201 stainless steel is far from the best option for your outdoor grill.

Though the increased nickel makes it slightly more durable than 430 stainless…. It still doesn’t hold up that well to rust or corrosion, and its resistance to heat is mediocre at best.

Again, if you’re eyeing a grill made with 201 stainless steel… Just be prepared to cover it when not in use.

But at the end of the day, we’d suggest skipping 201… And going for a more durable material altogether.

443 Stainless Steel

polished stainless steel

443 stainless steel construction isn’t all that common… But even so, you may still stumble across some outdoor grills made with this grade.

This grade boasts a high chromium and titanium content… Which means 443 stainless steel is great at holding up to both the elements and high heats.

Rusting, corroding, tarnishing, and warping aren’t as much of a concern with 443 stainless steel… Which is great! 

But it’s still not the absolute best material out there. 

And at the end of the day, there simply aren’t tons of options available for 443 stainless steel grills.

304 Stainless Steel

coyote built in grill in rta outdoor kitchen

304 stainless steel is next up to bat…

By and large, this is considered the best stainless steel for grills! (It’s our top pick!)

Because of the high chromium and nickel content in 304 stainless… It has unmatched resistance to rust and corrosion, even when left outdoors.

Though it still can rust and corrode… It’s not likely to happen for many, many years.

That said, this superior resistance does come at a cost.

The increased nickel content means that 304 stainless steel grills are more expensive.

However, grills made with 304 stainless steel construction will also give you decades of reliable grilling enjoyment… So, the investment is certainly worth it!

Unlike 443 stainless, 304 stainless steel isn’t hard to find!

It’s commonly used for high quality, built-in grill models (stay tuned for some examples)!

316 Stainless Steel

blaze 32 grill open

Like 304 stainless steel… 316 stainless has superior rust and corrosion resistance.

However, its elevated nickel and chromium content means that 316 takes this resistance a step farther.

This makes it a great choice for harsher, coastal environments, where the salty air can eat away at even the toughest of materials.

Of course, the heightened nickel content also means 316 stainless steel is quite expensive.

And generally, grills made with 316 stainless steel aren’t as easy to find. However, Blaze’s Premium LTE Marine Grade grill does feature 316 stainless steel. 

Though you certainly can’t go wrong with 316… Unless you live in a coastal environment, it’s really not worth dishing up the extra dough. 304 will be more than sufficient!

Stainless Steel Gauge: What Does This Mean?

Along with the grade of stainless steel used… Stainless steel thickness will also be a good indicator of quality.

If you’re shopping for grills in person… It’s usually pretty easy to get a feel for thickness.

If the metal dents easily and feels flimsy… The grill isn’t durable.

But when shopping for grills online… You’ll have to take a different approach.

Identifying the gauge of stainless steel will give you a good idea of durability!

Most high quality grills feature 14-18 gauge stainless steel… With lower gauges equating to thicker steel.

So, the lower the gauge, the better! As the numbers increase, expect the steel to be thinner and less heavy duty.

If a grill has a double-walled hood, this also means that construction is thicker, more durable, and will allow for better heat retention during cooking… So be on the lookout for this, as well! 

Alright. Now that you have a better idea of what to look for…

Who offers the best grills made with stainless steel?

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Who Offers The Best Stainless Steel Grills for 2024?

Stainless steel grills aren’t hard to come by… But identifying quality stainless steel construction is a more difficult task!

So… We’ve done the work for you!

Below are some top-rated grill brands who offer high quality, stainless steel grills.

Fire Magic Grills

fire magic logo
24 inch Fire magic charcoal built in grill
Product Highlights

Materials: 304 Stainless Steel

Warranty: Charcoal grill 5 years, electric grills 10 years, lifetime warranty for stainless burners, cooking grids, and exterior housing

Pricing: $2,011.50 – $10,722.60

Fire Magic has a wide range of freestanding and built-in grills. In addition to this, they also offer a few portable models!

This includes stainless steel charcoal grills, liquid propane gas grills, natural gas grills, and even an electric grill.

Across the board, all Fire Magic grills feature 304 stainless steel exterior construction.

And though we can’t confirm that this is the case for the charcoal and electric grills… All Fire Magic gas grills have thick, durable, double-walled hoods.

Fire Magic’s gas grill models also boast 1/4-inch thick, cast 304 stainless steel burners… As well as 304 stainless steel cooking grids!

The Fire Magic charcoal grill is warranted for 5 years, while their electric grill is covered under a 10 year warranty (apart from ignition systems and electrical components, which are covered for one year).

While these warranties leave something to be desired… The warranty for Fire Magic gas grills is more robust!

You’ll get a lifetime warranty on the cast stainless burners, cooking grids, and exterior housing… The stainless steel flavor grids, infrared burners, and flame tamers will be covered for 5 years (these likely aren’t 304)… And all other components are covered for two years.

As you can see, Fire Magic’s gas grills are seriously durable!

If you’re curious about pricing…

Fire Magic’s stainless steel grill models range from $2,011.50 to $10,722.60. 

Blaze Grills

Blaze Logo
blaze professional lux 34 inch 3 burner bult in gas grill with rear infrared burner
Product Highlights

Materials: 304 Stainless Steel

Warranty: Lifetime warranty

Pricing: $1,359.99 – $6,879.98

Blaze Grills are next on our list… How do these compare?

Blaze offers a wide range of outdoor appliances and accessories.

Of course… This includes freestanding and built-in gas and charcoal grills!

Let’s first take a look at the Blaze charcoal grill.

Available as a freestanding or built-in model… This grill features 304 stainless steel housing and cooking grids, with a thick, double-lined grill hood!

To back up their charcoal grill’s quality… Blaze offers a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel housing and cooking grids, with all other components covered for one year.

So, what about their gas grill selection?

This is a bit more extensive… It includes their Prelude LBM, and Premium LTE, Premium Marine Grade LTE, and Professional LUX grill heads and freestanding carts.

The Blaze Prelude gas grill is their least expensive model… 

It boasts 304 stainless steel exterior construction, a double-lined grill hood, stainless steel burners and cooking rods, 14-gauge, 443 stainless steel flame tamers, and 443 stainless steel heat zone separators.

While the exterior is covered under a lifetime warranty, the grill grates, burners, and control valves are only covered for three years.

Their Premium LTE model is next in line. Again, you’ll get a 304 stainless steel exterior, a double-lined grill hood, stainless steel cooking rods, 14-gauge 443 stainless steel flame tamers, and 443 stainless heat zone separators… With the burner made of cast stainless steel.

Here, you’ll have full coverage under a lifetime warranty.

Their Professional LUX gas grill is much the same… The only differences being that you’ll get 12-gauge 304 stainless steel flame tamers, and 304 stainless steel heat zone separators.

Now, their Premium Marine Grade LTE is a bit different…

Here, you can expect a 316 stainless steel double-lined grill hood, commercial grade stainless steel burners and cooking rods, 14-gauge 316 stainless steel flame tamers, and 316 stainless steel heat zone separators.

If you live on the coast… This grill definitely has what it takes to hold up to the salty air!

Again, you’ll get a lifetime warranty.

So, that covers Blaze’s stainless steel grills… As you can see, the quality is without question!

At the time of writing, pricing for Blaze grill models spans between $1,359.99 and $6,879.98. 

Coyote Grills

Product Highlights

Materials: 304 Stainless Steel

Warranty: Lifetime warranty

Pricing: $599.00 – $5,948.00

Coyote Outdoor Living’s selection of outdoor appliances is quite diverse…

In looking at their stainless steel outdoor grill selection, specifically… They offer built-in and freestanding electric, charcoal, gas, and pellet grills! (They also offer a few stainless steel portable grill models, as well as a gas/charcoal dual grill.)

Like the other brands on our list… Coyote brings nothing but top-tier durability to the table.

Let’s break down what you can expect from each type of grill.

Coyote’s C-Series and S-Series gas grills are all constructed with continuously welded, 18-gauge 304 stainless steel housing, with 304 stainless steel cooking grates.

Their gas grill burners are also constructed with heavy duty, 304 cast stainless steel!

Both grills have a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel houses and burners, with the cooking grids covered for five years.

Likewise, their portable gas grill is also constructed of 304 stainless steel, and backed by a lifetime warranty.

Their charcoal grill is just as high quality! It’s completely constructed with 304 stainless steel… With a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel housing, and 5 years of coverage on the cooking grates.

As you can imagine… Their gas/charcoal grill combo is also heavy duty, with similar features across the board!

The same goes for their pellet grill… Which is made with full 304 stainless steel construction.

You’ll get a lifetime warranty on the exterior frame, five years for the interior, and three years for the cooking grid, heat shield, and other components.

Finally, Coyote’s portable, freestanding, or built-in electric grill has a durable 304 stainless steel exterior… With a non-stick, Teflon coated stainless steel cooking surface.

Again, you’ll get a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel frame, and five years on the cooking grids.

You can rest assured, no matter what type of grill you’re leaning towards… Coyote grills have what it takes to last for the long haul.

At the time of writing, these stainless steel grills cost between $599.00 and $5,948.00. 

Twin Eagles Grills

twin eagles logo
twin eagles dometic delta heat
Product Highlights

Materials: 304 Stainless Steel

Warranty: Lifetime warranty

Pricing: $5,189.00 – $16,458.00

Lastly, let’s talk about Twin Eagles.

Twin Eagles offers high-end, freestanding or built-in stainless steel gas grills and pellet grills.

At this point, it’s not surprising that Twin Eagles grills feature 304 stainless steel construction!

On their gas grill models, you’ll find a 304 stainless steel exterior, 14-gauge 304 stainless steel burners and heat zone dividers, and heavy duty, 304 stainless steel cooking grates.

All stainless steel components will be covered under a lifetime warranty!

The Twin Eagles pellet grill also boasts a 304 stainless steel exterior, with heli-arc welded construction, stainless steel cooking grids, stainless steel drip trays, and a 16-gauge stainless steel vaporizer plate.

Twin Eagles doesn’t specify the grade of steel used for their pellet grill’s cooking grates, drip trays, or vaporizer plate, so they may or may not be 304! It’s worth checking on this detail.

Here, you’ll get a lifetime of coverage on all fabricated stainless steel components… Five years on the cooking grates, briquette tray, vaporizer plate, drip pan, and burner pot… And two years for all other components.

Though Twin Eagles stainless steel grills have similar quality to all of the other options on our list… These are by far the most expensive!

The stainless steel pellet grill costs between $8,559.00 and $10,668.00… And their gas grill models range from $5,189.00 to $16,458.00.

The Overall Best Stainless Steel Grills

42 in coyote built in bbq

There’s no denying that all of the brands we listed offer high quality stainless steel grills.

But… Is there a best option?

Construction, material quality, and warranties are all so similar… Honestly, you really can’t go wrong with any of the brands we discussed!

But in our eyes, there is one brand that stands out from the rest.

Though there’s nothing inherently better about Coyote grills in regard to construction… They offer the most product variety!

So regardless of the type of stainless steel grill you’re looking to add (whether it be gas, pellet, charcoal, or electric)... They have an option for you!

But that’s not the only reason why Coyote stands out…

Their high quality grills are also some of the most fairly priced…

Plus, it couldn’t be easier to include a Coyote grill in an outdoor kitchen design!

The Most Durable Backyard Cooking Solution

You already know that your new grill will last for a lifetime…

So why not make that a lifetime of enjoyment, by pairing your stainless steel grill with an outdoor kitchen?

A grill station is the perfect, all-in-one solution for outdoor cooking, hosting, and dining…

And with RTA, you can feel confident that your kitchen will be just as durable as your shiny new grill.

Our kitchen islands are constructed with high performance concrete panels.

These will hold up in any climate… Rain, snow, or shine!

With a limited lifetime structural warranty, a structural guarantee, and a 100-year rating… Your BBQ island will have top-notch durability.

But the good news doesn’t end there…

Our partnership with Coyote makes it easier than ever to factor a grill into your durable outdoor kitchen design.

With our free online design tool… You can whip up your custom kitchen island with a Coyote grill as the star in mere minutes.

Plus, you’ll also have full access to the rest of Coyote’s high quality, 304 stainless steel appliances and accessories.

This includes side burners,  flat top griddles, sinks, refrigerators, storage drawers, and so much more.

In no time, you’ll have a functional kitchen that’s perfectly tailored to your needs! 

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304 stainless steel is the best material for grills and outdoor appliances!

It has superior rust and corrosion resistance, can hold up well to high heats, and won’t lose its shine over time.

Lower grades of stainless steel, such as 430 and 201, are unfortunately prone to rusting and corrosion!

On the other hand, 443, 304, and 316 stainless steel have superior rust and corrosion resistance.

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