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Small Gas Grill: The 5 Best Options of 2024, Plus In-Depth Shopper’s Guide

By Daniel Cdebaca

January 5, 2024

Don’t have room on your patio to squeeze in a gargantuan grill?

Well, don’t worry!

Limited space doesn’t mean you have to swear off outdoor cooking.

With a small gas grill, you don’t need an enormous backyard to enjoy the BBQ season to its fullest!

And with a king-sized selection of small gas grills out there… You’ll quickly find the right grill to make your tight outdoor space feel larger than life.

To help you get started, we’ll cover how to identify the best small gas grills…

And review some of the top brands on the market.

Let’s dive in!


coyote portable grill

Small Gas Grill Shopper’s Guide

Your small gas grill will be taking up precious real estate on your patio

So, you should make sure it’s well-deserving of that space!

Here are some considerations to keep in mind as you shop.

Consider Size (Your Small BBQ Gas Grill Shouldn’t Be Too Small)

man cooking at standalone gas grill

It may seem obvious… But, taking size into account is particularly important when shopping for small gas grills.

You don’t want a model that’s going to crowd your deck or patio… But you also don’t want to go too small.

How do you find a grill that’s just right?

To best answer this question, we spoke with one of our Design Experts, Jason Bunch.

In his time in the industry, Jason has designed over 5,000 outdoor kitchens. It’s safe to say that he knows a thing or two about selecting the right grill size!

Generally, small gas grills have between 200 and 450 square inches of cooking space.

To select a grill in this size range, there are a few considerations to bear in mind!

Of course, you’ll want to factor in how much outdoor space you have to work with.

And you should also think about how many people you’ll be cooking for.

According to Jason, “roughly 100 square inches per person is the minimum you’d want to comfortably cook.”

So, if you’ll only be cooking for two… You could realistically opt for a model as small as 200 square inches!

That said, if you’re planning on building your small gas grill into an outdoor kitchen We’d always suggest sizing up (space allowing).

Chances are, you’d rather have too much cooking area than not enough… And the last thing you’d want to do is regret your decision once it’s too late!

Want to bring your idea to life?

Use our free 3D design tool to bring the outdoor kitchen of your dreams to reality in just a few minutes.

Is Portability Important?

standalone cuisinart electric grill on deck

Want a small gas grill that you can take on the road?

For a small gas barbecue grill that can come along on your next camping or tailgating trip… Look for compact models that are easy to pack up and transport.

Portable gas grills may come with collapsible legs or rolling casters

Or, you could even bring along a tabletop model, paired with a portable appliance stand!

Either way… Don’t forget to factor in weight.

If it’s super heavy, you won’t want to lug it around for long. A good small gas camping grill shouldn’t weigh more than 50 pounds, at the most. 

Finally… If you’ll be taking your gas grill on the go, you may prefer a model with side shelves! These’ll give you a spot to set your tools, plus some much-needed prep space.

Fuel Type: Is Natural Gas or Propane Better?

woman showing her propane tank in her outdoor kitchen

When it comes to gas grills, you have two options: natural gas grills, or propane gas grills.

Which fuel type is right?

Well… It depends.

If you’re operating off a balcony, or you’re planning to take your small gas grill on the road… A propane tank is really your only option.

But if your small gas grill will be part of a more permanent setup… Natural gas may make more sense.

You’ll have constant access to a fuel source, and you won’t have to refill or replace propane tanks.

But if you’re not already hooked up to natural gas… You’ll have to pay to have gas lines run!

All in all… If your small gas grill isn’t getting a permanent setup, sticking with propane may be the more practical choice.

But if it will be included in a summer kitchen… It may be worth investing the time and funds to run gas lines.

What Materials are Best?

sheets of stainless steel used to build an outdoor kitchen

If you want your small gas grill to last… Don’t overlook material quality!

As is the case for all outdoor appliances… Small gas grills made with full 304 stainless steel construction will be best.

If you go for a grill that’s not 304 stainless… It won’t have great rust and corrosion resistance, and it may quickly tarnish and lose its shine.

Now, you may find a plethora of small gas grills made with 430 stainless steel or unknown grades of porcelain or powder coated steel. Proceed with caution, here!

Unfortunately, these materials aren’t a great match for the harsher outdoor elements.

That said, if you’re set on a grill made with lower quality materials… Make sure to invest in a high quality grill cover to extend its shelf life.

But by and large, going with 304 stainless steel is your best bet!

Other Important Features To Keep In Mind

coyote sear burner

Though your outdoor grill may be on the smaller side… This doesn’t mean you should make any sacrifices when it comes to cooking power!

For unmatched high heat grilling and searing capabilities… Look for grills with higher BTU outputs. (Good-quality gas grills will dish out about 100 BTUs per square inch.)

That said, BTU output isn’t the only BBQ grill feature you should consider.

If you want other special bells and whistles… Consider grills with interior or exterior lighting, dedicated sear burners, rotisserie attachments, ceramic briquettes, removable warming racks, or built-in thermometers.

And don’t overlook maintenance! Especially if you’re planning to take your small gas grill camping or tailgating… You’ll want a model that’s easy to clean up.

In this regard, removable grates and drip trays are good to look for!

Alright. With all of these considerations in mind… Let’s look at some brands. 

Perfect home for your small grill

Design the perfect space for your gas or propane grill. Get started using our free 3D design tool today!

The Best Small Gas Grills for 2024

With tons of options out there… It can be hard to find the small gas grill that’s right for you.

So, we’ve cut through the noise for you! Here’s what made our list for the best small gas grills:

  1. Best Budget: Char-Broil Tru-Infrared Small Gas Grill
  2. Best Splurge: TEC Sterling Patio Infrared Propane Gas Grill
  3. Best For Road Trips: Weber Traveler Propane Gas Grill
  4. Best Tabletop: Coyote Portable Gas Grill
  5. Best Overall: Coyote Outdoor Living Small Gas Grill

1. Best Budget: Char-Broil Tru-Infrared Small Gas Grill

char-broil signature cart style
Product Highlights

Cooking Area: 325 Square Inches

BTUs: 20,000

Materials: Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Grates, Stainless Steel Exterior

Warranty: 10 Years on Burner, 3 Years on Firebox, 1 Year on Other Components

Price: $433.12

  • This is a good budget-friendly, short-term option for beginners.
  • Side shelves, lighting, and other special features may make patio-grilling more convenient!
  • Porcelain coated cast iron grates aren’t the most durable option.
  • Char-Broil doesn’t specify the grade of stainless steel used for the exterior.
  • Would like to see a longer warranty.
  • Would like to see a higher BTU output.e

Don’t have a big budget for your small outdoor gas grill? This option from Char-Broil is a practical choice!

This two burner propane gas grill is available as a freestanding cart model.

With a 325 square inch grilling surface… This small gas patio grill has enough room to cook for three, without crowding your outdoor space.

The two burners crank out a total 20,000 BTU output… Which does skew towards the lower side.

But, what else can you expect?

The grill cart itself has two folding side shelves, for additional prep room…

And other features include LED lighting, easy electronic ignition, and Tru-Infrared technology to prevent flare-ups and ensure even heating.

Curious about construction?

Well, we’ll preface this by saying we’re not blown away by material quality.

The cooking grates are constructed with porcelain-coated cast iron… Which isn’t ideal!

Porcelain coating is notorious for chipping… Which’ll leave the cast iron beneath susceptible to rust.

As for the exterior, Char-Broil claims “premium stainless steel construction.” However, they don’t specify a grade!

The lower price point leads us to believe it’s not 304 stainless.

Char-Broil offers a 10 year warranty on the burner, three years on the firebox, and one year on all other components.

At the time of writing, pricing for this small patio gas grill is set at $433.12.

Though this grill admittedly isn’t cut out to last the long haul… If you’re a beginner with a small space, (or if you’re just testing the waters with a short-term grill) it may be a good fit!

2: Best Splurge: TEC Sterling Patio Infrared Gas Grill

TEC Sterling patio
Product Highlights

Cooking Area: 296 Square Inches

BTUs: 30,000

Materials: 304 Stainless Steel

Warranty: Lifetime on Exterior, 10 Years on Burner and Cooking Grids, 1 Year on Other Components

Price: $3,800.00

  • Wide temp range and high BTU output.
  • Small, compact design is good for small spaces.
  • Durable, 304 stainless steel construction and a robust warranty!
  • Definitely on the pricey side for what you get.
  • Cooking surface may prove to be too small in the long run.

Let’s shift our focus to the other end of the spectrum…

If you’re looking for a small gas grill to splurge on, TEC’s 26” Sterling Patio may appeal!

This grill is available as either a freestanding or a built-in model.

You can also buy it as a natural gas or propane grill, depending on your needs.

Total cooking area here measures in at 296 square inches. This is enough space for up to 14 burgers!

One infrared burner dishes out a whopping 30,000 BTUs… And the temp range here is between 300 and a piping hot 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

And as for other special bells and whistles? You’ll get radiant glass panels to eliminate hot spots, cold spots, and flare-ups…

U-shaped stainless steel cooking grates…

Easy electronic ignition…

And a self-cleaning cooking surface, which burns all food residue off the grill for you!

If you do opt for the freestanding model, you’ll also get two fold out stainless steel side shelves.

TEC’s small gas grill is constructed with full, durable 304 stainless steel construction.

They offer a lifetime warranty for the exterior stainless steel housing, the burners and cooking grates are covered for ten years, and all other components are covered for one.

At the time of writing, the freestanding TEC small natural gas grill is on sale for $4,725.00… And you can get the built-in model for $3,800.00.

3. Best For Road Trips: Weber Traveler Propane Gas Grill

weber traveler portable gas grill
Product Highlights

Cooking Area: 320 Square Inches

BTUs: 13,000

Materials: Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Grates, Porcelain Coated Steel Exterior

Warranty: 5 Years on Interior and Lid, 3 Years on Burner and Cooking Grids, 2 Years on Plastic Components, 1 Year on Other Components

Price: $394.99

  • Hood gives more cooking versatility.
  • Circular design for 360 degree cooking.
  • Smaller cooking surface.
  • Lower heat output.
  • Limited warranty.
  • Made with materials susceptible to rusting. 

For a grill that you can take on all your expeditions… We’d suggest Weber’s small portable gas grill!

Though compact, this little grill actually has 320 total square inches of grilling area.

You’ll only be able to use this model with propane… But rather than bulky 20 pound tanks, it actually works with one pound disposable propane cylinders (these are sold separately).

So, you won’t have to lug around a propane tank on your camping trip! This is for the best, since the grill itself weighs in at 47 pounds.

On the topic of portability… The Weber Traveler also has a folding stand, a handle, and casters to make it easy to maneuver.

And for easy cleanup… It has a removable drip tray.

Other special features include a built-in thermometer, a fold-out side shelf for food prep, and one-touch electronic ignition.

As for cooking power, this small propane gas grill has one stainless steel burner, with a 13,000 BTU total output.

Though this is on the low end, it should be sufficient for cooking hot dogs and hamburgers (at the very least) at your camping or tailgating cookouts.

Turning our attention to build quality… Well, as with the option from Char-Broil, you’ll definitely want to keep this grill covered when it’s not in use.

You’ll get porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates, which are far from the most durable choice.

And the exterior is constructed with an unknown grade of porcelain coated steel. If that porcelain coating chips… The Weber Traveler will likely take on rust.

While it’s a great choice to take on your trips, we have to say that it’s not something we’d recommend for your home cooking setup.

There’s a five year warranty on the interior and lid, the burner and cooking grates are covered for three years, the plastic components are covered for two, and all other components have one year of coverage.

At the time of writing, you can buy this small Weber gas grill for $394.99.

4. Best Tabletop: Coyote Portable Gas Grill

coyote outdoor living portable propane
Product Highlights

Cooking Area: 200 Square Inches

BTUs: 20,000

Materials: 316 Stainless Steel

Warranty: Limited Lifetime on Exterior/Burner, 5 Years on Cooking Grids, 2 Years on Flavorizer Bars & Electric/Plastic Components, 1 Year for Ignition Systems

Price: $598.00

  • Lightweight, compact design makes this a great portable grill. And it’s easy to store when not in use!
  • Super durable 316 stainless steel construction.
  • High max temp of 700 degrees, and an impressive BTU output.
  • May be on the expensive side for some budgets.

In the market for a small tabletop gas grill?

This option from Coyote is a great choice!

Their 25” portable tabletop grill has a 200 square inch cooking area… And it only weighs 20 pounds!

You can easily place it on a side table or other surface… Which means you don’t need to commit to using up precious outdoor space with this grill. When it’s not in use, just put it in storage… Simple as that.

Now, this is the smallest grill on our list… But that doesn’t deter from its cooking capabilities!

One burner cranks out a total 20,000 BTUs… And it can preheat to a max temp of 700 degrees!

You can use this model with a standard 20 pound propane tank… Or, like the Weber Traveler, it can be used with a smaller propane tank.

With this little grill, you’ll also get a removable drip tray, a ceramic heat control grid for even distribution, and Coyote’s stainless steel signature cooking grids, which allow you to cook your typical grilled fare, as well as foods like fish and veggies.

Concerning construction… We can’t complain!

Coyote uses durable, 316 marine grade stainless steel. As far as rust and corrosion-resistance go, this is actually a step above 304 stainless!

Coyote backs up this durability with a well-rounded warranty. The stainless steel frame, housing, and burner have a limited lifetime of coverage, the cooking grids are covered for five years, the flavorizer bars and electric/plastic components are covered for two, and ignition systems are covered for one.

At the time of writing, you can buy this small liquid propane grill for $598.00.

5. Best Overall: Coyote 28” C-Series Gas Grill

Product Highlights

Cooking Area: 640 Square Inches

BTUs: 40,000

Materials: 304 Stainless Steel

Warranty: Limited Lifetime on Exterior/Burner, 5 Years on Cooking Grids, 2 Years on Flavorizer Bars & Electric/Plastic Components, 1 Year for Ignition Systems

Price: $1,599.00 (Freestanding) / $1,349.00 (Built-in)

  • Deluxe quality at a practical price.
  • Durable 304 stainless steel construction.
  • Impressive warranty.
  • High BTU output.
  • The cooking area truly maximizes the use of space under the hood.
  • Could be on the expensive side for some homeowners.
  • As far as small gas grills go, this is on the larger side.

So… What’s the absolute best small outdoor gas grill?

To adequately answer this… We again enlisted the help of our Design Expert, Jason Bunch.

With years of experience working across all grill and outdoor appliance brands… Jason singled out Coyote’s 28” C-Series as one of the best small gas grills on sale today.

Here’s what he had to say: “The 28″ C-Series is a REALLY good deal for what you get, and is perfect for a couple that just wants a nice grill without the extras.”

Let’s break down the details, shall we?

This small gas outdoor grill is available in built-in or freestanding configurations.

Despite being only 28”… This propane or natural gas grill truly maximizes the use of under-hood space.

The main grilling area measures in at 497 square inches… And a secondary warming rack brings another 143 square inches!

Two cast stainless steel burners dish out 20,000 BTUs apiece, for a total 40,000 BTU output.

And these burners light up easily, with push-and-turn flame thrower ignition.

You’ll also get internal halogen lights for nighttime grilling… Flame tamers spanning across the entire cooking area… As well as heat control grids for even distribution.

If you opt for the freestanding model, you can also expect a grill cart with double doors, for additional storage space.

And for both built-in and freestanding models… You’ll get durable, 18-gauge 304 stainless steel construction.

Similar to their portable gas grill, the Coyote C-Series is backed by a great warranty. 

You’ll get a lifetime of coverage on the exterior frame, housing, and burner… Five years on the cooking grids… Two years for the flavorizer bars and electric/plastic components… And one year for ignition systems.

At the time of writing, Coyote’s 28” small gas BBQ grill costs $1,599.00 for freestanding configuration, and $1,349.00 for built-in. 

For all the great features you get, you really can’t beat this price!

Want To Make The Most Of Your Small Space?

Alright. Now that you’ve gotten a taste for some great small gas grills… What’s next?

Well, if you have any patio room to spare… We’d say the absolute best way to maximize your small space is with an outdoor kitchen!

That’s right… An outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to be huge! There are plenty of custom designs that fit perfectly in tighter areas.

So, let’s go over exactly why a summer kitchen is a solid choice.

First things first… You can certainly make your new small gas grill the star of the show. But, you can also easily bring your outdoor cooking up a notch.

If you can, squeeze in another griller (charcoal grills, pellet grills, electric grills, and kamado smokers are all great choices!)

Or, a different type of outdoor appliance may appeal. Sinks, side burners, flat top griddles, refrigerators, and more can make your cooking setup feel like an extension of your indoor kitchen!

And did we mention the extra counter space you’ll get? This will surely make food prep more enjoyable!

Wondering how to make this happen? 

Here at RTA… We’ve made it easy!

Our partnership with Coyote gives you full access to their line of premium outdoor appliances and accessories, so it’s easy to pick and choose what works for you…

As for the kitchen island itself? You can customize your small BBQ station layout in mere minutes, using our free online design tool!

And if you have any questions about the process, our Learning Hub is a treasure trove of outdoor kitchen info.

Ready to get started? We won’t keep you!

Start designing to see what’s possible for your space.

We’ll be in touch!

Need Help With Your Plans?

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You absolutely shouldn’t use a small propane grill indoors!

Not only is it a potential safety hazard (you could start a fire!)… You don’t want to fill your home up with toxic propane fumes. Inhaling those fumes can make you seriously sick!

Coyote’s 28” C-Series gas grill is one of the best options out there!

Despite the smaller size, you’ll still get plenty of cooking area… The BTU output is impressive, and the quality is undeniable! These full 304 stainless steel gas grills are built to last for the long haul.

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